Best Spring Ever Ch. 08

Female Ejaculation

Chapter 08

Hilda may have only been in the bathroom for a few minutes but to Dennis, who was lying nude on the bed, it seemed an eternity. He had positioned himself to get a full length view of her when she stepped into the room. When the door finally opened and Hilda stepped out his jaw dropped and his semi went to full in an instant.

Her makeup, as usual, was simple and not over done. Hilda’s hair was straight and down to her shoulders. She wore a semi-transparent royal blue bra and matching french cut panties and heels the same color. She stopped and turned in the doorway for his approval.

“You are a Goddess.”

“I’m your goddess, only yours, and here to make our dreams come true. For the first hour I’ll be in charge. There’s something I want to do. After that I’m here to make love with you. I want us to go places neither of us has ever been. This room will be our universe and we its only inhabitants.” She put pillows up at the head of the bed. “Lie back and relax now. Let me give you a gift.”

Dennis did as she said. Hilda climbed onto the bed and sat crosslegged then slipped off her shoes. “Sorry, they’re poking me in the legs when I sit like this. I’ll put them back on later if you want me to.”

“I love your feet.”

“Now, lie back and let me play.”

Hilda’s hands were warm as she began lightly stroking the insides of his thighs from the knees to almost his groin then sliding over the top of the thighs and back to the knees. Her eyes never left his. The pressure slowly increased as she continued. Then she reversed direction up the outside of his thighs across the inguinal crease and down the inside of his thighs. With each pass she turned just a hairs breadth short of touching his groin. Again she changed the pattern as one hand went up the other went down sliding her hand just barely touching the base of his cock and balls. Both hands cupped his scrotum as her fingers teased and rolled his balls ever so gently. This continued for at least five minutes before she changed again. Now her fingertips slid up and down his shaft. The fingers seemed to work independently of each other and never touched the sensitive head.

“Now we start again with a minor change,” she said softly.”

When her hands moved up the inside of his thighs her tongue traced upward on the shaft of his cock. As she went through the entire cycle her tongue teased him. Softly at first and then with more pressure. Pre-cum was oozing from the tip onto her tongue and being spread. When that cycle ended her hands encircled his shaft and slowly stroked him. It began softly and very slowly her grip became more pronounced. She was milking his pre-cum and lubricating him. It felt wonderful as his cock was seemingly worshipped. One hand cupped his balls as the other continued to stroke his length. Her tongue began to almost dance on the head.

“In a few minutes you’re going to cum. Try and hold it as long as you can then when can’t hold it any more release into my mouth. I want all your cum. Not just part but push it out. Tighten your muscles and feed me.”

Her hands never stopped moving but now the head was in her mouth and her tongue was driving him crazy but never quite enough to push him over. Her lips went down on his shaft as about five inches went in her. Even with her lips stretched taut her tongue never stopped. She moved up and down at an almost imperceptible speed then matching her hands she began going faster. He held off as long as he possibly could before erupting in her mouth. Her movement continued as he emptied into her warm, wet mouth for what seemed to Dennis like minutes. He knew he had never cum that hard in his life. Her mouth and hands were suddenly no longer on his cock they began stroking his inner thighs then after a few minutes she stopped and sat smiling at him.

“My mother taught me that a long time ago but told me to save it for a special occasion. Today was the first time I’ve done it in over twenty years. I’ve never done that with Richard. You are the only man I will ever do that for. Did you like it?”

“That was out of this world.”

“When we leave tomorrow I’ll still owe you a blowjob. I won’t do this in front of spectators. When I give you that blowjob I’d like to do it like this again if you’ll allow me.”

“I will.”

Dennis had a lot more in his mind that he wanted to say but his energy and synapses had abandoned him. Hilda got off the bed and returned a moment later and washed his cock then using her own hair she dried it. After several minutes he spoke.

“Kiss me, please?” he asked.

Hilda laid beside him and they kissed, exploring with their tongues and hands as they did.


The girls, while going through a closet at the cabin, ran across their old video recorder. The battery was dead and they had charged it overnight. It seemed to hold the charge fine. Richard had driven to town on Wednesday morning for donuts and stopped at the CVS where he found the small DVDs it required. bayan esmer escort bursa After testing its ability to actually record the four sat down and discussed making a movie. Gretchen suggested actually creating scripts but no one else wanted to get that elaborate. They finally agreed on just playing things by ear but each of them would get a turn selecting what they wanted to record. Lina was given the first crack at it. She told each of them their roles. Debi would be in charge of the filming for this one. After getting ready and taking up positions Debi gave them the go ahead.

Lina and Gretchen were wearing only panties and lying together in bed pretending to be asleep. Their father came into the room wearing only his boxers. Seeing Gretchen’s breast as she slept got him excited and he began playing with himself. He carefully pulled the sheet off Gretchen and looked at her body then carefully began to touch her breasts and pulled aside the gusset of her panties to look at her pussy. He began jacking off. As Gretchen lay there sleeping he put his cock in her mouth which woke her. She smiled and began sucking him. Gretchen slipped off her panties and her father mounted her. The movement of the bed woke Lina who then took off her panties and straddled her sister’s face. When Richard came he shot on Gretchen’s breasts. Lina licked it up and then shared it with her sister. Debi stopped recording.

Richard connected the recorder to the TV and watched it. Everyone got a laugh at how unconvincing it was but Debi, who watched a lot of porn, showed them on her phone that theirs actually was better than some on Pornhub.

Debi would be the deciding force on the next video and since Richard would be needing recovery time they decided to go waterskiing for a couple of hours.

Debi wanted a video with just herself and Lina. Gretchen would be recording. Richard would discover them accidentally and wind up joining them. Everything was going well until Richard was cued. He had been having so much sex with his daughters and Debi that he couldn’t get it up. They finished the video with him watching his daughter and her best friend making love with Richard sitting on the bed watching. They watched the finished film then had lunch and agreed to let Gretchen decide on their next production in a few hours. The girls went down to the beach and Richard took a nap.


“It’s my turn now,” Dennis whispered.

“What would you like, lover?”

“For you to lay back like I did and relax. You’re way overdressed for what I want.”

He unhooked Hilda’s bra and spent a while kissing, licking, sucking and massaging her breasts before slipping off her panties. She was already wet. Dennis went to his bag and returned with a small bottle of oil.

“Am I getting a massage?” Hilda asked.

“A special massage. I’ve read about it but never done it. Just lay back and relax.”

Dennis sat between Hilda’s legs then lifted her legs over his. Hilda watched him in anticipation. He poured a small amount of oil into his hands and rubbed them to warm the oil before touching her.

“Thanks for warming it first,” she said.

“Shush, close your eyes and relax.”

Hilda smiled and closed her eyes. His hands touched her lower abdomen and began massaging. He worked his way to within about three inches of her vulva. Being so close but not actually touching it was really getting her hot. It did feel wonderful and relaxing. He continued for a long time before changing his massage. He moved his area of massage to just the very top of her slit, down the outside of her labia and considerably less thigh and abdomen. Dennis could see her moisture. His movements were slow and kneading as he moved and he continued for about ten minutes. As his hands moved over her he began including her labia and she responded with soft moans and a gentle movement of her hips. Again he continued for a long time. His next change was using mostly his thumbs and included soft strokes over her anus and perineum and inside her labia, pulling them apart as he went but still not touching the inner lips or clit. Her movements and sighs increased with his tease. After several more minutes he included her inner lips but still left her clit untouched. Hilda gasped a few minutes later as she felt the head of his cock enter her a few inches. He advanced only so far and stopped. She began moving to cause him to go in and out.

“Not yet. We’ll get there. Just feel the fullness for now,” he told her.

She slowed her movement as he rested inside her and continued with his thumbs and fingers sliding up and down her from her asshole to just next to her clit. He smiled seeing how red and swollen her clit appeared. She was close and he wanted to keep her there. As his hands moved up touching and spreading her he would occasionally brush the side of her clit causing a moan and reflexive elevation of her hips. She was so close but that’s exactly where he wanted bursa ucuz eskort her. Her face and upper chest flushed as her breathing became more rapid. Dennis only grazed her clit every tenth time he neared it and it was holding her close to the edge. He changed to every fifth pass but even more gently. Then every third and her moan was near continuous. When her clit softened he slid himself fully inside. Hilda gasped.

“Oh, oh, God! Yes.”

He moved one finger tip into her asshole and his thumb moved continuously along the side of her clit. In just seconds she arched and her knees tried to come together. Her hips rocked on his cock. Her entire body trembled as the powerful orgasm spread over her. He moved his hand away from her sensitive clit but continued moving his cock and fingering her asshole. When she relaxed he removed his finger and lifted her legs apart then laid on top her thrusting his cock in and out of her stretched pussy. Their lips met and her legs wrapped around him holding him in her and pulling him fully inside. She began trembling again.

“I’m going to cum again. Love me,” she whimpered.

“I do love you, Hilda. Cum for me.”

“Uhhhhhhh!” she moaned as she came.

Her hands grabbed his head as her tongue met and intermingled with his. Dennis came hard inside her and she felt every throb. In a moment they both collapsed and lay there together panting.

“I love you,” she whispered as she fell asleep exhausted still holding him.

Dennis fell asleep a few minutes later.


Gretchen had decided early what she wanted to record. She wanted to see her father seduced by Debi. The only instruction she gave them was that Debi would begin her seduction and they would do whatever they wanted from there.

Richard sat on the couch by himself. Debi came in wearing shorts and a tank top. As they chatted she moved a little closer, finally sitting right next to him. Richard was fully dressed. They kissed a few times before Debi’s hand began rubbing his cock which was now fully recovered. His hand went up under her shirt and teased her breasts. He pulled her shirt off over her head then as he toyed with one breast he sucked the other. Debi unfastened his pants and pulled out his cock and began stroking it.

“Take off your pants,” he told her.

She slipped off her pants and laid back on the couch. Debi put one leg on the back of the couch and put her other foot on the floor offering herself to him. Richard knelt on the floor between her legs then began licking her labia. He gradually began exploring her wet hole with his tongue then moved to her clit. Debi came quickly and pulled his face hard onto her as she did. In a moment she sat up.

“You cum quicker than anybody I’ve ever seen,” Richard told her.

“I’m one of the lucky ones. Stand up let’s get these pants off.”

She knelt in front of him and pulled off his pants then took his cock in her mouth. Debi started on the glans then worked her way to the base. Deepthroating him was simple compared to her brother. Richard made her stop before he came. Richard sat on the couch and Debi mounted him cowgirl style. When he was about to cum she got off and changed to reverse cowgirl. He quickly neared again so she knelt over the back of the couch for doggie. Richard was close quickly.

“Pull out and cum in my butt,” she told him. “Just get the head wet and do me. I like it rough.”

Richard spit on the head of his cock and lined up. It slipped in easily. It only took a few strokes and he came in her ass. When he pulled out his limp cock she squeezed and let the cream pie ooze out. Gretchen stopped filming and Lina licked her clean.

“That’s our best one yet,” Lina said as she licked her lips. “Dad what are you going to do?”

“Nothing for a few hours but then I’d like three mouths, three pussies and three asses then cum on three faces.”

“That’s gonna be fun,” Lina said.

“Dad, why don’t you take your three cum sluts to Lakeside Cafe for dinner?” Gretchen asked.

“What do you say, cum sluts?” he asked.

“I’m good,” Debi replied.

“Me too,” Lina added.


Hilda woke at the first stroke of Dennis’ tongue across her clit.

“Oh, you’re much better than an alarm clock.”

“I’d love to be able to wake you up every day like this.”

“What a life that would be. Are you going to finish that or tease me again?” she asked smiling.

Dennis licked her from asshole to the top of her clit right up the middle.

“Ohhh, that was nice. Keep doing it just like that.”

He did but more slowly this time and kept repeating it. As she began responding with wetness she got up and got on her hands and knees. Dennis got behind her and put the head in. Hilda pushed back hard and took him the rest of the way.

“Oh fuck, that’s big,” she sighed as she moved herself on him.

They continued their slow in and out rhythm bursa anal yapan escort as Dennis held her hips.

“I like this much better than last time,” he said.

“That was wonderful but this is pure heaven.” He began teasing her pink sphincter with his thumb. “You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.”

“That’s a good thing.”

“A very good thing. Put in in me.”

Dennis put his thumb in his mouth to get it wet then slipped it into her ass and worked it in and out. Hilda was moaning and came moments later pounding him hard then relaxed for a moment.

“Stretch me. I want your cock in there.”

He removed his thumb and wet two fingers. She relaxed quickly. Dennis pulled his cock from her and lined up slipping just the head into her ass. She pushed back and took a couple more inches then stopped. In a minute she pulled away slightly then propelled herself onto him.

“Stop, stop. I went too fast. Give me a chance to catch my breath.”

In a moment she pulled back then began slowly riding him. As her pace increased so did her breathing and soon he joined her by thrusting into her.

“Yes, yes, fuck my ass. Oh, oh, ohhhhhh,” she cried as she came and squeezed him so hard he couldn’t move. Then she started moving again. “Cum for me. I want to feel you throb in there.”

Dennis gripped her hips and drilled her. As he came he pulled her hips to him as hard as he could. As his cock throbbed and spewed stream after stream into her she moaned. Finally spent, they both fell forward onto the bed and lay there.

“I’ve never cum from just that with anyone but you. I thought it was your cock originally but it isn’t. It’s you. You make things happen to me that I never imagined,” Hilda told him.

“Making love to you is better than anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s different when you really care about someone,” he replied.

As he felt himself deflating he rolled off onto his side. Hilda turned facing him and their bodies intertwined. They laid there looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. Her hand was stroking his cheek.

“Hilda, I love you.”

Her smile grew. “I told myself I wasn’t going to say that to you. I couldn’t. Earlier I did say it and I meant it. I love you. Dennis, I love Richard too. He’s my husband, the father of my children and I won’t leave him.”

“I understa….”

She put her finger over his lips. “Let me finish.” He nodded. “Richard and I have made a life together. Neither of us has ever cheated on our marriage vows. In the past few weeks he and I brought you and Debi into our marriage. Richard’s happy. He’s got more women now than he ever hoped for. I’m happy for him. He’s given you and I the freedom to be together alone at the cabin and if we don’t mind company and an audience we can be together anywhere. I want to be with you. Not just in bed but with you. I can live with those restrictions if that’s what it takes. Can you? Are you willing to share me with Richard?”

“I thought it was just me that had fallen in love. I had no idea you felt this way. My plan was to not see you anymore after tomorrow. I don’t want to do that. Really, I never did. Sharing you with Richard isn’t my first choice. I’ll be honest, I’d like to have you all to myself. If sharing you is what I have to do to keep you, yes. I can do that. I love you, Hilda.”

“We can never tell the others about this conversation, especially Richard.”

“I know.”

“Richard’s my husband. I have to think of him first in everything. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, and if what you and I have is interfering with your relationship I’ll get out of the picture.”

“I don’t think it’ll come to that but thank you. We’ll also be sharing ourselves with Debi, the girls, possibly my Mother and hopefully your Mother.

“You’ve got the hots on Mom, don’t you?”

“She got my juices flowing the moment I met her. I’d love the three of us to get together sometime.”

“That would require prior approval and an audience.”

“Yes, it would,” she replied. “And Richard wants her too. Are you up to a shower?”

“Can I wash you?” he asked.

“If I can wash you.”

They took a shower then decided to try out the jacuzzi tub afterward.


After returning from Lakeside Cafe the girls sat outside talking and planning their final video. Richard was concerned that he may have bitten off more than he could chew this evening. He sent his wife a text.

‘The girls and I are playing with the video camera. The four of us are making a video shortly. Any chance you could send me a video of the two of you to help me get motivated?’

His reply came a few minutes later. ‘If you mean us having sex the answer is no. This is a no audience meeting. If you’d like, we’ll send you a video of us singing ‘Oh Lord it’s Hard to be Humble.’

‘No fair! There’s two of you. I have three to keep happy.’

‘Rick, this is Dennis. At our first meeting you and I made several bets over how many times you could cum. I don’t remember how many times you came but it was at least six. Why then and not now? Think about it.’

It was several minutes later when Richard replied. ‘Mind and attitude. Thanks for reminding me. I owe you one.’

Dennis showed the last text to Hilda. She grinned and took the phone and typed in a reply.

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