Best Spring Ever Ch. 02


Dennis turned his body toward Hilda and took her face in his hands. He moved his face toward hers and was almost touching her luscious lips.

“Oh my God,” she whispered.

Their lips touched softly. Richard sat forward for a better view. Both girls watched every move. The kisses deepened and Hilda’s fingers ran through his hair and pulled him in harder. Their tongues met and began the dance of lovers. They kissed for several minutes before parting. Hilda looked at her husband for reassurance. His smile and nod showed his approval.

She took Dennis’s face in her hands this time and began kissing him again. Her hand went to his bare chest. She could feel his heart beating. Dennis slowly undid her top button and then the second. She gasped and let out a soft moan as his fingers touched just the very top of her breasts. His movements were slow. With each new button he explored just a tiny bit more. Hilda felt her husband unbuttoning her cover up from the bottom up. When he unfastened the last button he pulled it open fully. Richard put his hand on her blonde hair.

“Take the cover up off, baby,” Richard told her.

She sat up as her husband pulled it off her shoulders. She looked into his eyes and smiled as he pulled it down then lifted her hips as he pulled it away. Dennis was taking his time. Although he had only been with three women, one had taught both he and Debi a lot. And in the four years since it had begun he had become a master at foreplay. In her mind Hilda was pleading for him to go farther. His hand moved to her abdomen and fingers touched and teased everywhere that was uncovered. When he slid his finger through her inguinal crease her hips rose and she moaned out loud.

Richard was rock hard watching his wife. She frequently looked at him as Dennis explored her body. When Dennis hand began sliding ever so gently along her thighs Richard untied the strings holding her top in place. He pulled it away. Hilda let out a long moan as Dennis sucked her hard nipple into his mouth. Richard saw Dennis untie the right strings from her bikini bottom so he untied the left. Dennis slid his hand up the inside of her thigh and her hips reflexively lifted. Dennis pulled the bottoms out from under her. Richard looked at his nude wife as her body was being explored by the young man next to her. As Dennis slid three fingers over her labia with the center one brushing her clit she gasped.

“Yes, touch me there, please.”

Richard got off the couch and knelt on the floor to get the full view. Hilda’s body was on automatic now. Dennis dipped his finger into her moisture and began long strokes from the back of the labia to the front. Each time just grazing her clit. Her movement was continuous and her breathing was rapid.

“Richard, kiss me,” she said.

As soon as their lips touched Dennis put two fingers in her and used his thumb to circle her clit. She came almost immediately arching her back and burying her tongue deep in her husband’s mouth. Her body shook and as she came down, her legs were trembling. Dennis eased back from the clit but continued working his fingers in and out. Richard sat up and looked at her.

“I love you,” she told him.

“I love you too. Feel more relaxed now?” Richard asked.

“Yes, but if he keeps finger fucking me I’m going to cum again.”

“Then cum again. Dennis and I both want that.”

She closed her eyes. “Mmmm,” she sighed.

Dennis knelt between her legs and pulled them up. His tongue licked her from her pink puckered asshole to just above her clit. He moved down again just concentrating on her asshole. She squirmed as he drove his tongue in and out. Richard watched every move he made. Dennis licked his way up the inside of her thighs then along the outside of the labia. He nibbled and kissed the labia both inside and out. When his fingers entered both her vagina and asshole she grunted.

“Oh yes! Richard he’s going to make me cum again.”

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all you want,” Richard said.

Dennis sucked her clit in his mouth and thrashed it with his tongue. It only took a few seconds before she arched and screamed.

“Richard! I’m cumming!”

This one lasted a long time. Hilda had no control as her hands grasped Dennis head and pulled him in harder. Her legs clamped together tightly around his head as her pelvis ground on his face. Dennis didn’t stop when she finished.

“No more, it’s too sensitive.” He still didn’t ease off. “Please, you’ve gotta stop!” He worked even harder. “Richard! Richard!” she screamed as the spasms began again. She was bucking and moaning but the orgasm overtook her. It seemed to last for minutes. Dennis eased off. Her whole body was trembling then she stopped moving. Dennis sat up and smiled.

“She’ll probably be out for a few minutes. Keep an eye on her. I’m going to get a drink of water.”

He stood and walked to the kitchen. Richard looked back at the girls. They were kissing again. Their bikini bottoms were gone and they were finger fucking each other. Dennis returned and sat on the couch.

“She’s Kars Escort never done this before,” Richard said.

“She’s fine. Sometimes they cum so hard they lose consciousness for a few minutes. When she wakes up she’ll be a happy but exhausted lady.”

“But she is alright?” Richard asked.

“Yep, she’ll need about thirty minutes to recover. When she wakes up we’ll move her to the other recliner and we’ll all watch while you and Debi have a little fun.”

Hilda started to stir. When she opened her eyes she looked at her husband.

“It wouldn’t stop. The orgasm would start to ease then start again and again. Did I pass out?”

“You’ve been out for about five minutes,” Richard told her. “That was the most intensive orgasm I’ve ever seen you have.”

“It was that. I’m exhausted though.”

“You need a little recovery time. Wanna watch my little sister make love to your husband?” Dennis asked.

“I’d love that.”

Dennis and Rick helped her to the empty recliner. Dennis raised the foot and spread her legs.

“Oh no. You’ve gotta leave her alone for a while,” Hilda said.

Dennis laughed. “You’ll be playing with it yourself in a few minutes.”

“Not likely,” she grinned.

“Wanna wager on it?” Dennis asked.

“What’s the wager?”

“You’ll be touching yourself within ten minutes. If I win we do this again another day but Richard and I both dominate you.”

She looked at Richard. He smiled and nodded.

“What if I win?” Hilda asked.

“What do you want?”

“You teach Richard how to give me an orgasm like that.”

“That’s all?”


“You’re on. He’s already seen how to do it. He just needs to get lots of practice. You’ll lose anyway.”

“We’ll see,” Hilda replied.

“Debi, if you can free up your fingers from Lina’s pussy her father could use a little action,” Dennis told her.

It took the girls a minute to untangle but Debi finally got up and walked to Richard. She put his hands on her breasts then held up two fingers to his mouth.

“Here, taste your daughters sweet pussy.” Richard smelled her fingers then took the fingers into his mouth and licked them clean. “Delicious, isn’t she?”


“Glad you like it. In a little bit I’m going to have her put that tiny pussy on your face.”

He looked at Hilda. She was grinning. “Go for it.”

Debi pulled his shirt off over his head, then put his hands on her breasts.

“Kiss me like you mean it,” she told him.

They stood there making out for a long time. She unfastened his shorts as they did then let them fall to the floor. She knelt and pulled down his shorts and helped him step out of them.

“Now look at your wife and tell her you love her.”

He turned his head toward Hilda. “I love yuuuu!” he said as Debi swallowed his entire cock.

It only took about two more bobs before Richard exploded. She pulled off and used her hand to direct the stream to her face. Between watching his wife with Dennis and this hot little eighteen year old sucking him he was primed.

“Sorry, I don’t usually cum that fast.”

“I wanted you to. The next one will take a little longer. Lina, come here for a minute.” Lina walked to her. “Want some Daddy cum?”

“I’d love some.” She licked all of her father’s cum from her best friends face then opened her mouth to show her parents and swallowed. “Thanks, Daddy. Can I have more later to share with Mom?”

He nodded, speechless. Hilda’s fingers began exploring her pussy. When Lina knelt and took his still erect cock in her mouth Hilda moaned as she came again.

“Eight and a half minutes. I win,” Dennis said.

Lina went back to the recliner. Debi had Rick sat on the couch. She straddled him with her back to Hilda and looked back over her shoulder.

“Can you see everything?”

“Perfectly,” Hilda replied.

Dennis was sitting in the chair between the recliners. He reached out to each and began fingering pussies of the mother and daughter as his sister rubbed the head of the father’s cock between her labia.

“Hilda, would you like to guide your husbands cock into my wet pussy?”

Hilda walked over and knelt between her husbands legs and took hold of his cock then made sure she got lots of pussy juice on it from Debi. She licked it clean then put the tip at Debi’s vagina.

“Anytime your ready, Debi,” Hilda said.

Hilda had never dreamed that seeing her husband’s cock going in and out of another woman’s pussy could be so erotic. Then the feeling doubled when Hilda felt her daughter’s fingers enter her pussy.

“Raise your hips, Mom. I want to taste you,” Lina told her.

Hilda raised her hips and Lina slid her head between her legs. Lina began tonguing her. Debi sat up and leaned over.

“Look down there, Rick. Your daughter is kissing her Mommy’s pussy.”

Rick sat up and looked down. Hilda leaned back so he could see. His daughter’s tongue was feverishly licking her Mother’s clit. Hilda was already flushed and her Kars Escort Bayan breathing rapid. He watched as his daughter triggered his wife to another orgasm. When Hilda was finished Debi lifted off and had him lie down on the couch. She straddled him again and began slowly riding him.

“Hilda, I think he needs a kiss,” Debi told her. Hilda moved to his face and kissed him deeply. He could taste Debi’s pussy on her lips. “Rick, ask her if you can eat your daughter.”

He looked at Hilda. “Can I?”

“Can you what? Say it,” Hilda told him.

“Can I eat our daughter’s pussy?”

“Will you eat Debi’s too?”

“Yes, and yours too.”

“Okay, eat Lina’s pussy. Lina, come and give your Dad some pussy to eat.”

“Can I cum on his face?”

“Uh huh, Daddy would like that.”

Lina straddled her father’s face. Hilda laid her head on his chest to get a better view. Dennis came up behind Hilda and began fingering her pussy. He wasn’t trying to make her cum he just wanted to keep her motor running. Debi rode his cock nice and slow. She didn’t want him to cum yet either. It didn’t take long for Lina to hit the mark. She ground her pussy into her father’s face as she rode out her climax. Debi got off first then Lina.

“Hilda, it’s your turn to ride his face.”

Hilda straddled him as Lina used her hand to just keep him hard. Hilda came quickly then gave up her seat to Debi. Dennis had been fingering her and she was almost ready when she sat down.

“Don’t let him cum until Debi’s out of the way so he can watch his daughter suck him,” Dennis said.

Debi only lasted a few minutes. Richard looked down and watched as Lina sucked him. Hilda was playing with his balls. He lasted no time and watched as Lina guided his cum into her mouth. When he was done Lina offered the cock to her mother who sucked out the last couple of drops. Lina and her mother kissed sharing his cum between them. They turned to show him their cum filled mouths then both swallowed.

“How about quick showers and a short break before round two?” Dennis asked.

“I like that idea. God, I’ve never cum so much in my life,” Hilda said.

“How many so far, Mom?”

“I lost count at six.”

“Not bad considering you haven’t had any dick yet,” Lina said smiling.

“Poor Dennis. We’ve neglected him,” Hilda said.

“I’ve had a ball. I plan to fuck all three of you before we’re done. Richard is too.”

“I don’t know about that. Twice in a day is pretty well my limit,” Richard replied.

“Was your limit. I’m betting you’ve got another two loads in there,” he replied.

“I doubt that.”

“One when I fuck your wife and another when it’s Lina’s turn. Would you care to wager?”

“Not a chance,” Richard replied.

“What’s the wager?” Hilda asked.

“I get a blowjob on another day from you.”

“Not counting the domination day?”

“Right, this would be a different day.”

“And if Richard wins?”

“He gets a blowjob from me on another day,” Debi replied.

“Richard?” Hilda asked.

“It’s tempting,” he replied.

“Go for it, Dad,” Lina told him.

He looked at his wife. “I’m game,” she said.

“You’re on, shake on it.”

Dennis and Rick shook hands. Richard and Hilda showered together first and they were followed by Debi and Lina. Dennis was the only one still wearing any clothes and all he had on was Speedos. They all sat around relaxing for about fifteen minutes.

“Dennis, you’ve been pretty well the director so far. What are your plans?” Richard asked.

“I’m going to let your wife use my cock. Then my sister and finally your daughter. You can help me with a double team with each. After that I’d really like to she the three women together. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me, ladies?”

“I’m in,” Lina said.

“Me too,” Debi threw in.

“Why not?” Hilda said smiling. “Ready to get started?”

Hilda walked to the living room. Everyone went to their initial starting positions.

“Hilda, your chance to run the show,” Dennis said.

Hilda straddled him and they started making out again. His hands fondled her breasts and ass as she rubbed her pussy over his package. After several minutes she knelt between his legs and rubbed him with her hands. As he continued to grow she questioned if she could handle it. She finally got up the nerved to pull down the Speedos. His cock seemed to go on forever before the material was finally low enough to release him. He stood straight up.

“Holy…Richard, look at this. It is the size of Lina’s forearm,” Hilda said incredulously. She held it up to her face. “It reaches from my chin to my hairline. There’s no way this will fit in my mouth. Jesus!”

Richard was smiling. “Surely you’ve named it.”

“No but it has it’s own zip code,” Dennis replied.

“I don’t doubt it. Girls, while I’m getting acquainted with it why don’t you come up with a name for it?” Hilda began stroking him. “Holy shit! It’s still growing.”

“Mom, it’s an Anaconda,” Escort Kars Lina said.

“I like that. What do you think, Dennis?” Hilda asked.

“That works for me,” he replied.

“I never thought I’d kiss a snake but here goes nothing.” Hilda licked it from the base to the tip several times. “Someone get me a glass of water. I don’t have enough spit to get the whole thing wet.”

Debi ran to the kitchen and returned quickly with the water. Hilda took a large drink then returned to her task. As she worked him with both hands she got him fully erect and leaking pre-cum. She licked off the first few drops then began using it for lube. She took the tip into her mouth and used her tongue in circles. Her mouth felt stretched to the limits by the time she had taken a third.

“Nobody could deep throat this.”

“Debi can,” Lina announced.

Hilda turned to Debi. “Care to demonstrate?”

“Sure.” Debi walked over to them. “First you have to get the angle right. It has to go down the throat when it’s straight. Dennis, stand up for a minute.” He stood. “Your neck needs to be in line with your chin up.” She took him about seven inches in her mouth. “Step two, once he’s in you have to use your lips to swallow a little more each time.” She demonstrated that. “You may have to do that several times to get your throat use to it. Kind of like how your butt relaxes when you take him there. Remember, after about six inches you can’t breathe. So take a few deep breaths beforehand. When your hot it suppresses your gag reflex and when I started out I had to be almost ready to cum. I don’t now but it helps starting out. Dennis, I’ll need your help for the last couple of inches.”

“No problem. Give me a signal,” he replied.

Debi started again and when she had about an inch and a half left she held up a finger. Dennis pushed her head down onto him and held her there. When she tapped his hand he let go. She raised her head and smiled.

“The Anaconda has been tamed,” she announced.

“If I hadn’t just seen that with my own eyes I never would have believed it,” Richard said.

“No kidding,” Hilda replied. “My turn.”

Hilda was a trooper. She gagged several times but kept at it.

“Richard, I’ll give you the signal and you push me onto it.”

She worked her way down again and finally had about two inches to go. She gave the signal and Richard pushed her down. She gagged and tried again but the gag got her.

“Richard, finger fuck me while I do this.”

He finger fucked her for a couple of minutes before she tried again. Still the gag occurred.

“Put your dick in her and try it,” Dennis said. The dick did heat her up. “Now try it.”

Hilda went down again. She gave her husband the signal. He pushed her head down hard. Her lips hit the base as she came. Richard came inside her. Hilda held on to Dennis’ legs and rode the orgasm to it’s finish before coming up. She gasped as he came out of her mouth.

“Wow, that was a first. Nobody’s ever done that through an orgasm,” Dennis said.

“Bitch,” Debi said under her breath.

Everyone laughed at the comment.

“Debi, you still have my favorite mouth,” Dennis told her.

“You’re not just saying that?” she asked.

“It’s a fact. Your mouth is my all time favorite.”

Debi grinned.

“Richard, I believe you’re one cum shy of losing our bet,” Dennis said grinning. “Hilda, what’s next?”

“My pussy,” she replied.

“How would you like it?”

“Let me ease my way on first and get used to it. Then I want doggy.”

Hilda stood and straddled him. Richard got off the couch for a better view. Hilda slid him back and forth to get him good and wet then lowered herself onto him. She stopped.

“Fuck! Give me a minute.” She sat there for a moment then began a slow rise and fall. At about five inches she stopped again. “Oh my, God. How much more is there?”

“About five more inches. Take your time,” Richard told her.

After a short rest she started again. This time she made it the entire length. She paused again.

“It feels like it’s up to my navel.”

She slowly began long deep strokes boing from the head all the way down. Everyone could see she was getting ready to cum. Dennis grabbed her hips and began slamming her down. Her orgasm came on suddenly and the spasms squeezed Dennis hard. She grunted with every impaling then when her shaking stopped she collapsed forward onto him.

“Rick, sit down there on the blanket. When she recovers she can suck you while I take her from behind.”

Rick moved onto the blanket. He was semi-hard already as she got on her hands and knees and started to suck him. Dennis got behind her and grabbed her hips then gently began sliding inside. Once he was all the way in he began to pump her. Slowly at first then harder. Dennis was pounding her. She pulled off her husband.

“Richard! Richard, I’m cumming.”

Richard grabbed her head and shoved his cock in her mouth. She shuddered and her back arched but with Richard holding her head and Dennis pounding her from behind she had no choice but to ride it out. Richard came in her mouth and with several loud grunts Dennis filled her pussy. She finally collapsed on the floor. Dennis and Richard let themselves slip out.

“Dibs on the creampie,” Debi said.

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