Best of Enemies Ch. 02


Mark looked down at Sue.

“Coffee?” he asked.

“That would be good,” she replied.

He got up and walked across the room. “Stay there, I’ll bring it back in. Get under the quilt before you get cold.”

Sue nodded and got off the bed. Mark turned back in time to see her round bum disappearing under the quilt.

A few minutes later, Mark came back into the bedroom to find that Sue had swapped sides and was looking at the contents of his bookshelf, her head cocked to one side. He stood with a mug in each hand and watched her face as she read the contents of the shelf.

Sue turned her face to find him standing watching her and laughed as she blushed.

“Not your run of the mill bookshelf,” she said.

“No, you could say that,” Mark replied smiling. Walking over he handed her a mug and turned back to the bookshelf.

“Do you know any of these?” he asked.

“No, not really. Dita Von Teese I know and I have heard of The Erotic Print Society but I don’t know any of their publications,” she replied.

“Ah, EPS. Not bought any of their stuff in a while, but what I do have is very good.” Mark turned and looked directly at Sue. “You are welcome to look at them if you want.”

Sue blushed again. Mark laughed. “A little bit of what you fancy does you an amazing amount of good.” Sue smiled and buried her face in her mug. Mark sat on the side of the bed and looked at her.

“Whatever it is, don’t worry.” Sue squirmed as she listened to him. “I said we could go at your pace and I meant it. But you can trust me, and that is the first step, trust.” Sue nodded and Mark lifted the quilt. “Come on shortarse, move over.” She stuck her tongue out at him and moved to let him in.

“Oh you bugger, you did that so you would get the warm spot!” Sue laughed.

Mark grinned and put his arm around her, “Of course I did.” They sat in silence as they drank their coffees, Sue thinking about the bookshelf, Mark stroking Sue’s arm with the tips of his fingers, thinking his own ideas about the contents of the bookshelf and Sue all rolled into one. He had the distinct feeling that if he delved deeper, he would find what he was looking for.

Finishing his coffee he sat with his head back, looking at the prints on the wall at the end of the bed. The bedroom was his personal space and Mark had chosen to fill it with subtle erotica, with authors such as Tom Poulton. The Dita von Teese book had been a present the previous Christmas but it fitted the bill and Mark did find her incredibly sensual.

The pictures he had found were by Jack Vettriano, he wasn’t his favourite artist but he did enjoy the pictures he had. It had taken a lot of searching to find the large prints, but he had managed it. ‘Game On’ and ‘Passion Overflow’ complimented each other well. He still had to hang ‘The Perfectionist’ in the newly-painted living room. The print he really wanted called “Scarlet Ribbons, Lovely Ribbons’ was not available so ‘Perfectionist’ currently had no partner.

“Oh goodness, are they Vettrianos?” Sue said, suddenly noticing them.

“Yes, do you like them? Mark asked.

“I’ve always loved ‘Game on'” Sue replied smiling, “So much better than all his beach ones as far as I’m concerned.”

Mark looked at Sue with a raised eyebrow, maybe this was going to be easier than he thought. He loved passion but a little tinge of fetish completed it. He wondered if Sue was going to trust him enough.

“They both seem so willing, so, so…….” Sue laughed, “Slutty.”

Mark laughed. “I think that’s how he wants them to look. Personally I think he’s great at conveying it perfectly.” He looked at Sue grinning.

Sue smiled. “Hmmmmmm, I’ll be right back. I need the loo,” and she threw the quilt back and swung her legs out of bed, looking over her shoulder at Mark as she went. Mark watched her arse as it disappeared out of the door towards the bathroom.

Mark put one foot on the floor and reached for one of the books from his shelf. As Sue walked back through the door he started flicking through it. Sue climbed back into the big bed and curled up next to him again, looking over his shoulder as he leafed through the book.

“Wow, these are good. Who are they?” Sue murmured.

“These are Tom Poulton and yes they are good. Here, have a look.” Mark handed the book to Sue and turned to watch her reaction, his hand resting on her thigh. Sue looked through the book and then started reading the stories that were dotted through it. She soon immersed herself in them and was squirming as she read, her knees coming up, her thighs pressing together as her cunt reacted to what she was reading.

Mark trailed his fingers over Sue’s skin. She opened her thighs with a sigh and Mark moved his hand up, still watching her face as she concentrated intently, chewing on her bottom lip. He slid one finger in between her cunt lips and she glanced at him, a small smile ghosting her mouth as she turned back to the book. Mark’s finger brushed her clit gently and Sue moaned and parted her legs allowing Mark to slide a second finger esc şişli into her, dipping into her hole, sliding across her clit.

Mark pinched Sue’s clit, she moaned and raised herself towards him. He pinched harder and she drew in her breath sharply but made no objection. His finger-nail raked deeply across her clit and Sue moaned, her knees coming up, her thighs gripping him. Mark removed his hand and placed it back on her thigh, pushing her legs down again to slide his hand back once more, his fingers probing. She opened her legs again as she resumed reading. Mark continued to play with her, fingers probing as Sue slid down the bed slightly to allow access to her wet hole, he slid his long fingers in while his thumb toyed with her clit. Sue’s eyes closed and she let the book fall.

Mark picked the book off the floor. “No, carry on reading. Just concentrate on that,” Mark said firmly and was pleased to see that Sue obeyed. He moved his fingers in and out of her, watching her face as she moaned and tried to concentrate on reading the book.

“Read it out loud,” Mark commanded. Sue looked at him. He knew she had read the same line more than a dozen times. Her voice faltered as she read, Mark pumping her cunt slowly and deeply. The reading interspersed with moans as he brought her closer to the edge of her orgasm.

“Now, you do not cum until I tell you to,” he said. “I know it’s going to be difficult to begin with, but when you are close, you tell me. Don’t leave it too late or I will be disappointed. Do you hear me Sue?” Mark looked at her intently.

Sue nodded. “Yes, I understand,” she said nervously, not entirely sure of what was going on but willing to try it. Instinctively trusting Mark.

Mark continued to watch Sue, listening to her read, feeling her wetness grow as she read and he slid in and out of her. He bent his head to her breast and pulled her nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue and biting it, her moans becoming more intent, her reading less so. She faltered, reading the same line twice and Mark lifted his head from her nipple.

“Concentrate,” he said, knowing the signs, the flushed face, the rose blush on her throat, her breath coming in short gasps.

“Stop,” Sue said breathlessly. “Oh god stop or I am going to cum.” Mark eased his attentions and lay with his fingers in her tight hole, not moving, just letting her cunt ripple gently around his fingers. His mouth gently brushed her breast, as he watched her breathing return to normal. As soon as Sue took her first deep breath, Mark started to move his fingers again.

Sue moaned and put the book down again. Mark took it off her and dropped it gently onto the floor. Turning back to her he ran his fingers over her stomach, before sliding them back into her again, crooking them slightly to fill her even more and ensure that her G-spot was included. She moaned and closed her eyes, settling herself more comfortably, losing herself in the sensation that was already distinctly him. He moved in the bed, his fingers still buried in her until he was in between her legs. Making himself comfortable he worked on bringing Sue as close as possible to her orgasm. His free hand moving over her skin, her stomach, her thighs, making her shiver and moan louder. Her hands came up her stomach and to then her breasts. She pinched her nipples hard and pulled them, biting on her lip as Mark bent and kissed her belly. Looking up her body, watching her face, judging, wanting her.

“Don’t cum,” he said and she moaned in reply, one leg lifting, knee bent, toes pointed, her fingers continuing to pull on her nipples, pinching, back arching, as she writhed, each movement bringing her closer once again.

“Stop!” she said breathlessly, “Oh god, I need to cum.”

“Not yet, not until I say, not until you need to beg me, not until you DO beg me.” Mark replied. Sue took a deep breath and Mark started to move once more. Moving over her he stopped at her nipples, pulling on each one, taking over from her fingers as she held them up to him.

He continued to pay attention to her breasts, his hair brushing her throat, a smile breaking slowly on Sue’s face as it tickled her sensually. She sighed as she lost herself in his touch, her orgasm still hovering, concentrating on keeping it at bay as Mark let go of her nipple. He kissed his way up her neck, his fingers still working her, his thumb gently flicking and scraping the hood of her clit.

Mark’s face finally hovered over Sue’s. Her eyes looked lazily into his. He bent and kissed her. Sue wound her arms around his neck and kissed him back hard. Mark reciprocated and pushed his fingers deep and hard, Sue lifting one leg, hooked it over his hip, raising her own, moving on his fingers, bucking and writhing. Mark lifted his head and looked at her, his eyes hard and lustful.

“Do you want to cum?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yessss,” Sue hissed.

“Tell me, ask me,” Mark replied.

“I want to cum, let me cum. Oh god please,” Sue pleaded.

“No.” Mark answered harshly.

Sue şişli esc let out a whimper, shutting her eyes tightly. Mark knew she could not hold out much longer, he could feel her cunt rippling around him, the precursor to her orgasm. Removing his fingers he raised himself to her and guided the head of his cock into the opening of her narrow, tight cunt.

“Look at me,” Mark demanded.

Sue looked at him, panting heavily, her voice almost a sob, pleading.

“Ask me again,” Mark said, wondering how far he could push.

“Please, oh Christ, please,” she said.

“Wait,” she was told.

With one massive lunge, Mark sank his cock deep into her. “Now” he hissed.

The sudden intrusion into her took Sue’s breath away. Her legs grasping Marks hips, she let out a loud scream as they both came, Mark filling her as her cunt clamped him once more. Sue’s back arched so high that only her shoulders and head were against the bed.

“Fuckkkkk,” she gasped. Mark bent and flicked a nipple with his tongue, taking it between his teeth and pulling, no longer gentle, driven by lust and passion, wanting more of her. Sue’s arms were suddenly pinned down by him, his hands around her wrists as he drove himself deeply into her. The only sound from him, a slight grunt of effort as he continued to push into her.

He pulled out of Sue and let go of her wrists.

“Turn over,” he commanded. He watched as she manoeuvred herself onto her knees, her breasts swaying gently. Slowly stroking his juice-covered cock, he took his free hand and ran it over her backside, her skin soft and smooth, pale pink and round, Mark drew his hand back and a resounding slap echoed around the bedroom. Sue squealed and started to sit up.

“Stay there, do NOT move.” Mark commanded and watched as Sue moved back into a kneeling position. Still stroking, he drew his hand back and smacked the other buttock, leaving a bright red hand mark to match the first one. Sue writhed but this time did not squeal. Mark alternated between her cheeks, each smack leaving her backside even redder. She moaned as his hand made contact, his long fingers slowly finding their way towards her cunt lips, initially, his little finger making contact, eventually becoming his whole hand as he smacked her cunt and lips.

Sue moved back against his hand, she didn’t know it could feel so good, so sensual, as his long-fingered hands made contact all around her bum cheeks. She looked over her shoulder to find Mark intent on his work. His hand continued to make contact with Sues buttocks while his other hand slid up and down his re-hardening shaft. His features were hard and chiselled as he watched his work, the red prints on Sue overlapping each other.

Moving forward, Mark knelt in front of Sue’s soaked and reddened cunt and ass. His fingers guiding, he slid back into her tight, very wet and cum-filled hole. She moaned and pushed back, her shoulders dipping to the bed.

“No,” Mark said, “Keep your arms straight, I want to watch you.” Sue straightened and her breasts swung gently. Mark held her hips and started to slowly slide back and forth. A shudder went through her as she drove back onto him, feeling the full length of his cock as he slid into her, his balls slapping gently against her arse as he stroked slowly, his fingers digging into her ample backside, leaving white marks as he pushed down.

Sue continued to move back onto him, hyper flexing her spine, keeping her shoulders in line with her hips, pushing back against him, hard, turning her hips and pelvis outward, exposing more of her, her moans becoming louder as his strokes became harder. Mark moved one hand from Sue’s hip and wound her hair through his fingers, pulling her head back gently but firmly. Sue surrendered to him and gasped as his balls hit her clit over and over again.

“Ohhhh Fuck,” she moaned. “Ohhhhhh godddddddd, Mark. OHHHH!” She moaned, driving back onto his cock, feeling the head hitting her cervix as he filled her over and over, his balls slapping loudly as she got wetter, her clit feeling his every movement. Sue could feel her orgasm approaching but pushed it back as much as she could. Mark’s other hand moved from her hip to her shoulder, pulling her in, needing her; animal instincts, lust and need kicking in. Mark’s nails scraping over Sue’s shoulder, eliciting a deeper grunting moan from her.

Pumping into her, Mark could feel sweat starting to stand out on his back. He needed this. The tenderness would come later, he would make sure of it, make it up to her. Wanton lust was driving everything in his mind right now. Lust and desire, the need to see her helpless.

As he pulled out of her suddenly, she moaned at the sudden loss and looked over her shoulder at him, a look of worry crossing her face, confused that she may have displeased him in some way.

Mark got off the bed and stood up. He looked at Sue, her juices drying on his cock as he moved across the bedroom to a small chest of drawers. Opening the middle drawer, he brought out four lengths of silk rope and turned back to şişli bayan escort the bed. Sue watched him as he moved back towards. His face was hard and she knew she had little choice in what was to come.

“Turn over,” Mark commanded. Sue sat with her knees under her chin, wary but interested and excited.

“Put your legs out,” Mark ordered. Sue obeyed and lowered her knees. Mark took the ropes and looped them around her ankles. “Lie down,” came the short, curt, command. Sue again obeyed and he then fixed the rope around the bed. He had chosen this one especially for its design, protrusions that allowed for rope to be fixed to it. He tied them to the foot of the bed, still aware of the dampness of his cock and balls drying in the cool air.

“Wrists,” he growled. Sue held out her wrists and Mark looped the rope around both. Sue lay still on the bed and Mark fixed the ropes to the head of it. Slipping the knots until the ropes were taut and Sue was spread eagled on the bed. Mark stood at the side of the bed and then knelt at Sue’s head.

“Suck me,” he demanded. His still-hard cock now dry, Sue turned her head to the side and took his swollen shaft into her mouth. Mark immediately thrust his hips forward, sliding as deep into her mouth as he possibly could. She gagged slightly and tried to pull back but Mark’s hips followed her.

“Relax,” he said. Sue looked up at him, a shadow of fear on her face. Mark slowed slightly but did not ease away from the depth he was delivering to her. Sue took a deep breath and tried to relax, willing her throat muscles to become less tense, sucking on him. She could taste herself on his cock, making her wetter, her forgotten orgasm suddenly on the horizon once more. Mark moaned very softly, almost inaudibly, as she ran her tongue over his swollen head, tasting his precum, her own gentle moans joining his almost silent one.

Mark took time to look at the woman on the bed, her long, straight, dark hair tousled and spread across her face and pillow Her lips forming an ‘O’ as she slid up and down his shaft.

Her tied wrists and ankles pointed towards the four corners of the bed, her mound trimmed and glistening, waiting to be used. He reached over and slid his finger in, pleased that he found her so wet. Mark ran his nail over her clit. Sue bucked, pulling against her restraints. She sucked him deeply, deeper than the previous times as her lust took over once again. As he watched her, eyes travelled over her, almost detached and dispassionate, taking in all the contours of her face and body.

He pulled himself from her mouth and moved down her body, pinching her nipples, pulling and twisting, them taking pleasure in the pain he was inflicting. Sue pulled against the ropes and let out a scream, her hips lifting from the bed.

“STOP,” Mark commanded, “Stay flat.” Sue stopped and looked at him. She wanted to explore this side of Mark, but was really tempted to tell him to go fuck himself, she was not used to this. It was new but it really made her wet and she wondered what would happen in the future as well as today.

Mark had already decided that today the ropes would be enough. There would be time for other things. He was sure he was going to see her again.

Mark pulled his cock from her mouth and stood at the side of the bed, his cock waving around, looking for somewhere to go. He bent and kissed Sue harshly. She moaned and lifted her head towards him, wanting more. Not prepared to give, he pulled away and moved down her, stopping only to bite once again on her nipples, pulling at them, making Sue moan loudly again.

Mark got back onto the bed in between Sue’s legs. He pushed his fingers roughly in between her lips, sliding down until he reached her hole, easily sliding two fingers into her, he thrust his long fingers up hard, making Sue jump as she felt his nails dig into the soft folds of her cunt. Unable to wait any longer he moved himself until he was at the entrance to her cunt. Removing his fingers, he pushed into her. Sue moaned and tried futilely to lift her legs to him.

Although Sue’s legs were spread, they were not as wide as she wanted them to be. Her thighs were closer together but she gasped as Mark slammed into her, her clit squashing against her pubic bone, grinding as Mark bore down on her. He reached above her and wrapped his fingers around the head of the bed, using it to pull him into Sue with almost brutal force. She yelped as Mark rammed into her but he ignored her pleas and continued his assault. Sues yelps turned into moans once more as she gave herself to him totally.

Mark’s strokes lengthened as he neared the end, Sue’s moans becoming sobs as, unable to hold back any longer she came, her entire body convulsing under him, an animal scream leaving her mouth. Mark felt her cunt contract around him as he continued to fuck her, holding back, wanting more, Sue’s thighs were pressing together, squeezing him harder, almost painful, the feeling sending a shiver down his spine. He let go of the bed and raised himself on his hands, watching but not seeing, concentrating on what was to come. As Sue calmed down her thighs released their grip on him and Mark pushed against her, each hard stroke bringing fresh moans from Sue as he slid in and out of her hypersensitive cunt wrapped tightly around his cock.

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