Best Friends Pee on Each Other Pt. 02


Hello Friends! This is part two of the story “Best Friends Pee On Each Other”. It’s important or at least suggested, that you read the very first story so that it makes sense.

Disclaimer: This story contains group sex, oral sex and activities related to the topic mentioned. And no watersports this time but enjoy.

Thank you so much for your support and love.

I hope you enjoy!


“I was just…” I tried to explain. “Meg! Get your fingers out of me!” Embarrassed, I said.

Meg removed her digits out of my asshole and pussy rapidly with drops of fluid gushing out from my holes along with her saliva. I turned around and lowered my red dress trying to cover as much as I could. Then I stood up trying to calm down my breath.

“Do you even have permission to be here?” The sexy stranger grunted.

Even though I felt scared because we just got caught, I also was beginning to feel aroused again because of him. He just had a striking presence, and an aura that was dark, mysterious and intriguing. Something about him drew me in, like a moth to a flame. Was my friend feeling the same? Probably.

What I couldn’t explain though, was how did he get in here? My friend locked the door, I saw her. So how did he get in here? He had to have a key. That meant that he paid for the space or he must be someone very important. What if he’s security? Coming to kick us out.

I needed to keep my calm.

“Ah… listen, buddy.” Meg started talking, getting up and putting her clothes back in their place. “We do not, but that’s fine. We’ll go, we’ll be on our way and you’ll forget about me fingering my best friend’s pussy and asshole.”

“Meg!” I stopped her with discomfort.

My cheeks were flushed and I wanted the ground to swallow me whole.

“Ciao, adiós.” My best friend took my hand and we were heading towards the doors but the stranger stood in our way with his big arms crossed.

“No, you do not get to leave.” He stood his ground.

“What?” Meg said inspecting the stranger and then looked at me.

“You were here, having sex without any permission.” His stare penetrated us with icy blue eyes. “If you want me to tell the club owner who is my personal friend about the things you two were doing and where, then sure, leave.” The fucker even stepped aside. “But if you stay and do what I say then nothing will happen to you.”

I looked at him with shock and my friend just started laughing in his face like crazy.

“Yeah? And what type of shit would you like us to do huh?” She left my hand and got closer to him. “Are you some sex freak? Did seeing what I did to Avril excite you?” Meg grabbed his huge bulge then and there without any guilt. “Mmm, it’s hard and big.” She began to caress it and squeezed it through his pants.

My friend had absolutely lost her mind. I’m still staring at him without knowing what else to do. What was going to happen next?

“Get on your fucking knees.” The stranger commanded and by some miracle, my friend did just that. “Now, since you have such a dirty mouth why don’t I shove my dick inside you to teach you a lesson. Since you wanna be so fucking loud and smart, it’s better to shut you up with my cock.”

The stranger then proceeded to slide his zipper down and get his pants off just to take his big, thick, long member out. The thing was massive! It was already erected and its head was red. It looked so hot and heavy, angry too. My pussy couldn’t help but get moist and my clit began throbbing.

“You.” He looked at me. “Get on your knees and join your little friend.”

“I don’t even know your name or who you are.” I made this up as an excuse to give myself a chance to back out but deep down, I wanted this.

I desperately wanted this. I looked at my friend who only nodded, basically telling me to do it, to join her on the floor and partake in this madness.

“I’m Ashton, the actual owner of this club.” Said the man and it all made sense. He did in fact have a key. “Now, do as I say.”

I felt compelled to obey as I got on my knees. Meg was the first one that took his cock in her hand and gave it a long lick on the side. I joined after a couple of seconds, licking the other side just like she did gaziantep eskort bayan and then we licked the tip with our tongues bumping into each other from time to time. We kissed the tip making out with it and with each other too.

“You two are such good whores.” He praised and I felt excited. “Keep licking.”

Meg spat on his cock and catched her saliva as it slid down. My best friend took the tip and started to suck bobbing her head and I focused on licking and sucking the sides as best as I could. His groans grew louder and louder as we kept going and I felt comfortable enough to stroke his balls with both of my hands feeling how heavy they were becoming. I massaged these and squeezed them slightly. His cock was absolutely amazing and we both loved it. The look on this man’s face was priceless as we worked together to bring him pleasure.

Meg let his tip slipped out and I took it from her just to suction it like she did before. I offered her a ball and she took it in her mouth making circles around it with her tongue and then she managed to get it completely inside.

“Get the other one, get both of my balls inside your needy mouth.” Ashton ordered and Meg slipped his other ball in having the pair fulfill her cheeks.

I didn’t know that she had such a big mouth, so big that would fit an entire ball sack inside. It was arousing and impressive. I moved my head, taking his hard cock in and almost out sliding my hot warm mouth throughout his length and veiny penis. His dick was covered in both of our droola and then he held my head tight just to fuck my mouth fearlessly making me gag everytime when his tip touched the back of my throat.

Meg licked Ashton’s balls with huge trails of saliva stretching out when she got both balls out of her oral cavity. I got his cock out and offered it to her as she got by my side. My best friend took it and he fucked her mouth even harder than he fucked mine.

“Fucking shit!” The man moaned. “You look so fucking hot with my cock in your mouth”. His breath was hot while we were crying and choking on his precious hard erected member.

With my hand, I stroked the base of his manhood with a tight fist being fast and then I licked and sucked his stuffed milky balls again.

“Fuck, holy shit.” At this point, Ashton was groaning like crazy. “I’m about to fucking cum. I’m gonna empty my load on both of your faces because that’s what you whores deserve.”

Meg moaned on his dick and I sucked one ball and then the other, switching between them constantly and as fast as I could. Pre-cum was already leaking in Meg’s mouth coating her lips nicely.

“Fuck,” He moaned with a hoarse tone of voice. “Both of you open your mouths wide.” Ashton said and we both left his cock alone to open our mouths.

He took his huge cock with one hand to stroke it quickly, spreading his clear pre-cum all over his length with our saliva. Ashton looked so fucking hot giving himself pleasure in a more than a thousand dollar suit since he only took his pants and shoes off. This man looked powerful as we both were on our knees horny and willing.

My hefty tits felt hard and sensitive. I wanted them to get sucked so bad and my snatch was damp and needy again.

With groans, he started squirting his milky cum all over our mouths. I’ve never seen so much cum before. He finished after loads and loads of his seed ended in our oral cavities, chins and boobs.

Ashton stopped stroking and his cock started to get flaccid. “Fucking hell, show me.” With his chest rising and dropping he said. “Open wide and show me that you catched a good amount of cum. Based on what you catched, you will receive a prize.”

We each opened our mouths and I think that I catched the most based on how little Meg had inside her mouth.

“You, Avril.” He pointed to me with his head. “Swallow and you Meg, you will assist by giving your little friend here a good cunnilingus with my seed on it.”

I swallowed his thick cum hard and loved the salty taste. Ashton removed his suit off, ending up being completely naked and we saw how hard and muscular his chest was. The man was absolutely sexy in every sense and I couldn’t eskort bayan gaziantep stop staring at him.

“Take both of your dresses off and Avril, you will sit down on my cock so your friend can lick your precious little cunt and also play with your tits.” It was like he was conducting the whole thing from the way he was grunting the orders.

Ashton sat down on the love seat and he tapped his lap. I took my dress off with Meg’s help who couldn’t talk because she had his sperm inside her mouth. She turned around and I slid the zipper down and slid her dress for her until both pieces of clothing were on the floor along with the heels. We were all bare in a private balcony that I wasn’t supposed to be on in the first place but somehow, it all felt right.

I wasn’t used to being treated this way. Usually, I had sex with vanilla men who only liked to fuck me in missionary. But I found that I was beginning to like this. I liked it a lot. It was exciting, it was something that I wanted and didn’t even know about. My friend had a sensual smile and something told me that this wasn’t her first time doing something like this.

I walked slowly towards him and straddled his lap with my back to his chest. He grabbed his cock and I slipped it in slowly feeling how every inch was impaling me. Even though he was huge, thanks to the previous activities, I was very wet and lubricated. Ready, for him.

“Ahhh…” A deep grumble fell from his lips. “Your tight pussy feels too good, squeezing my cock like that.”

“Yeah?” I moaned, throwing my head back looking him in the eyes. “You like my little cunt choking your huge cock?” I even contacted my pussy walls to press against him even harder.

He slammed his lips against mine and we kissed burying our tongue together. When I had him completely inside, I felt how easily he found my g-spot. He kissed me one last time and then took my head to make me look at Meg, who with a wicked smirk, got on her knees in front of us.

“Ride me and you my little bitch, lick her good and nice for me. You might just get a treat yourself.” Ashton offered and we both smiled with a little giggle.

I started to ride him by moving my hips up and down and Meg opened her mouth over my pussy letting his semen spill onto my vulva, getting it wet with his cum.

“Shit! Shit! Fuck!” I said when my best friend licked my clit with her warm tongue.

The club owner grabbed my right breast with such a brute force that made me squirm. He pulled my hard nipple just to twist it with his fingers while I was trying to keep my rhythm.

I could feel his length sliding in and almost out of me with each push. Ashton also held me still by grabbing my waist firmly and fucked me hard and good by moving up and down his hips. Meg spread my pussy lips and tried to keep up with our movements by licking from side to side then up and down my entire labia. She wrapped her lips around my clitoris but it would slip out every time so she would take it back in and give it sucks that would leave me gasping and demanding more.

“Meg! Fuck! Suck my clit, harder baby!” I said and she lifted a hand to my left tit to squeeze it and then circle my nipple with her thumb.

“You like my huge cock fucking your tight little pussy like this, huh?” Ashton grunted in my ear and bit my earlobe driving me even more insane. “You like your best friend licking your pretty clit with my cum on it?”

“Yes!” I screamed. “Oh God, yes!” I answered and he only pounded my pussy harder.

Meg sucked faster too and I could’ve sworn that I was about to lose my mind. I was seeing stars and not the ones in the sky tonight. My breath was heavy and I was sweating. Meg got my sensitive nub out and stayed licking it up and down.

As Ashton pounded my pussy roughly, the tip of his gorgeous cock kept hitting my g-spot to the point where I was crying and shaking in pleasure intensely. My friend looked amazing licking my clit nicely and I knew that I was going to cum when my body started to convulse and shake. My toes began to curl and my hips rose up as Ashton kept slamming into me without mercy. My breath was shaky and heavy and then I gaziantep bayan eskort started cumming with a huge gush of squirt.

“God! Fuck!” I said and Ashton just twisted my right nipple as he took it in between his fingers.

“Shit Avril! Come for me. Cum all over my cock!” The handsome man commanded and I let myself loose all over him and my best friend’s mouth.

She kept licking, driving me crazy and he kept pounding my pussy like I’ve never had it done before. I began trembling even more and in his arms, I came again making a mess on his cock and on my best friend’s face. I came undone so good that I didn’t want it to stop.

“Oh god!” Fuck, you’re pussy is so damn good I feel it milking my cock out.” Just then, Ashton also started coming and we came together with our fluids making a unique concoction.

I felt his warm sticky milk coat my walls and it was so much that it also slipped out of me. Meg licked our release and then I fell back into the stranger’s arms.

Meg got up and kissed me, sharing the flavor that lingered on her lips and mouth. We kissed and kissed until we were both out of breath and then she slammed her lips against Ashton’s in a loud and sloppy kiss over me.

I lowered one hand and found my best friend’s pussy wet as fuck. She left Ashton and spat on my hand when I offered it to her and then I started to stroke her pretty little cunt.

“Mmm, fuck.” She moved her hips in contrast to my hand and Ashton looked at us.

My best friend leaned down and caught one nipple in between her lips and sucked it, provoking little noises of pleasure to escape from my mouth. She then licked up and down the other one and latched on it while I stroked her clit rubbing it from side to side. Ashton stared at us with purr lust and I smiled at him.

“You girls are very fucking naughty.” He said with a dark laugh. “Since Meg was so good now it’s your turn to ride my dick while your friend licks and fucks your asshole and only then, will I let the two of you go.”

My friend and I split and then, Meg walked slowly towards him. Her body was so fucking sexy. She was skinny but had wonderful curves that were amazing to caress. Her tits were medium-sized and her snatch was small and tight. Meg got on top of the handsome stranger and rapidly got him in her. I could tell she was desperate as the cock fastly slipped in. It was such a hot sight seeing my best friend’s pussy swallowing that gigantic cock that just finished fucking me, it was erotic.

I got on my knees and spread her ass and started to lick up and down her puckered brownish asshole. Her behind was cleanly shaven and it tasted amazing. I circled her rim and she moaned as she rode Ashton’s cock. I decided to play and lick her anus and then licked the base of his cock and switch each time doing that as their fucking was getting faster and faster. The pair were groaning and moaning with deep arousal and my pussy somehow was getting wet all over again. I was nuts if I was getting this ready again after several intense orgasms.

I passed my tongue over her rectum and then started to penetrate her with my tongue. That only made my friend louder but Ashton shut her down a little with a loud smack on her right ass cheek. Everything was too much in a good mesmerizing way. So hot, so dirty, so sinful. I slid my tongue in and out of my best friend’s anus while I was listening to the loud sounds of Ashton’s balls smacking my best friend’s pussy and ass.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Avril! Ashton!” My best friend started repeating over and over again both of our names constantly and this only motivated me to keep going.

Her asshole squeezed my tongue and she started shaking uncontrollably in Ashton’s arms having the orgasm of a lifetime. I’m pretty sure the whole city could hear them just as they probably heard me. My tongue slid out just to lick her rapidly up and down and when the pair were done fucking with his cum getting everywhere too. Their releases that got on my mouth I swallowed and licked away.

I got up with a smile. They were restless and I sat down tired on Ashton lap while my friend was sitting down on the other leg when she got his cock out of her. We all smiled at each other.

“We’re not in trouble anymore?” Meg asked innocently.

“Mmm…” He looked in between us. “You’re pardoned as long as you girls come back here and every time you find me.”

“We have a deal.” I agreed with a slight giggle.

“Thank God for long restroom lines.” Meg blurted out.

“What?” Ashton asked, confused.

“Nothing!” My friend and I said at the same time.

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