Best Friend to Lover in 24 Hours


“Oh, that virgin, that sweet innocent virgin,” I thought to my self.

I looked up and there she was standing their. I looked into her beautiful eyes I knew I had to have her. She had long brown hair and eyes you could get lost in. She wore an outfit that defined all her best features. Her shorts hugged her ass showing its perfect roundness. She had then turned around giving me a perfect view of her perky breasts they weren’t very large, but highly noticeable. I had turned away in a hurry before she could notice me staring at her breasts. She was around the same height as me, which was always a great advantage when I got to hug her. Every time we said hello and goodbye and hugged I could feel her breast pressing against mine. As she walked away, all I could say was “God is she sexy?!!”

The next day I came to her house to work on some math. I had intentionally forgotten the book to study from, because I obviously had an ulterior motive then to study. As I walked in she was wearing a shirt of leather showing little cleavage. Her pants were very low cut, if she bent the wrong way her virgin pussy would be exposed to my eyes. She told me to relax while she goes and changes in to something more comfy.

As I waited on the sofa I realized this was my chance of a life time. I could see Cassie, the women I lust, nude. As I walked towards her room, Anadolu Yakası Escort with dirty images in my mind, I realized it would be easier then I thought. She had not fully closed the door. Quickly, I went to peek in the room. I couldn’t see her, but was able to view her threw a mirror in her room that was facing me. I watched her remove her clothes, the way she removed her clothes was so sexy and seductive as if she knew there was someone getting pleasure out of watching her. After she put on her silky night gown, I startled. I thought to myself “What if she sees me?” In a panic I was going to go back to the sofa, but my sex drive was on a high and I needed to see more.

Slowly, I opened her door.

“Cassie?!” I questioned.

“I’m finished; now let’s go see what we can do with the math.” She said.

I had to tell her how much I wanted her tight pussy, but I fought myself. As we went into the living room, I told her I had ‘forgotten my book.’ She told me that we could make do with what she had. As we were studying I glanced down her nighty, I wanted her bad. I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. She quickly pushed me and said “Amanda I’m sorry, you know I’m involved with someone right now.”

I responded by saying “I’ve been waiting so long for this moment I don’t care.”

I Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan begun to kiss her passionately, this time she didn’t push me away. She told me that she felt the same about me for a long time now, but didn’t know how to express her feelings towards me. Again I began to kiss her luscious lips. I stuck my hand slowly up her nighty. Her nipples got hard almost instantly after brushing my hand against them. I removed her nighty, her breasts looked so beautiful. Her nipples were a pretty pink shade and not all that small.

She told me that it was only fair that I removed my shirt as well. So doing what I was told I removed my shirt and bra exposing my breasts to her. My nipples stood at attention. My breasts were quiet larger then hers. I hugged her tightly as our breasts brushed together; I heard a low moan coming from her mouth. I kissed her neck and slowly made my way down to her breasts. I rotated my tongue around her nipples. Her soft moans kept my pussy sopping wet. While I was caressing and licking her breasts I took my free hand and begun removing her silky shorts. Exposing a black, what looked like pleather G-string? She took my arm and showed me back to her room.

I took out a strap on I had brought with me. Her eyes opened wide as if she had never seen anything like it before, Escort Anadolu Yakası in her life. It was a 7inch clear dildo with about a 2 inch diameter. I removed my jeans. Since I wasn’t wearing any panties, my smooth shaven pussy was exposed to her eyes. I put on the strap on and lay next to her. She pulled in and kissed me. After a long kissing session she looked over at me and said “Amanda, I want you to fuck me now.”

She removed her G-string; she had a small bush of wet hair. Her pussy was a bright pink, and was in desperate need of a good fucking. This was not my first lesbian experience but I didn’t want to jump into just fucking her… I mean she was a virgin. “Oh, Amanda fuck me now, Amanda fuck me.” She pleaded.

Completely forgetting my thoughts, I began to go down on her. When I reached her pussy I could smell the aromas of her wanting snatch. I began to tease her clit with my tongue and gently rubbing her at the same time. I slowly inserted two fingers in to her cervix. A loud moan came from her mouth, as she induced her first climax. I licked up all her warm juices.

I slowly inserted my rubber dick into her tight hole. Her pain lessened, and she began to moan louder. The faster I went the more she kept asking for “Amanda harder, harder!!”

I did as she wished. I felt her shake as she reached her second climax. I turned her around and took her from the back. Her juices were dripping down my legs. After her third climax, she looked at me and said “Study again tomorrow?” I responded to her by giving her a wink.

Ever since then, we have been seeing each other 3 to 4 times a week. And as for her boyfriend, they broke up two weeks after.

The End

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