Bernard, A French Photographer Ch. 2


Bernard you may remember is the French amateur photographer that Chris and I met in 1989 at the Naturist resort of Agde in the South of France. He took some very sexy nude photos of me and said that a girl is not naked until she has shaved away all of her pubic hair so that when she strips the lips of her cunt are always on show. A sentiment that both Chris and I heartily endorse.

We met him again in 1991 and had kept in touch with him for most of the time since but eventually we seemed to lose contact and as he had changed his address a couple of times we thought that he had gone completely. However Chris wrote to tell him that we were once again going to Agde and got a reply. We told him where to find our apartment there and left it at that. Bernard said that he would call on Tuesday.

We were sitting naked in our apartment eating lunch of baguette, cheese and pate when the doorbell rang, we answered it and there on the doorstep stood Bernard also naked. We invited him in and offered him some of our lunch which he accepted. We chatted about what he had been up to since our last meeting two years ago and of the ladies that he had photographed. Then he asked if he could take some more photos of me. As always in the past he had enthused about my floppy sex lips and my large clitoris, saying that they were the loveliest and largest that he had seen and I can assure you that Bernard has seen and photographed hundreds close up.

He suggested that he could take us out to a local theme park not very far away from the naturist complex to take photos of me exposing my breasts and my shaven sex in public, but knowing that Bernard likes to take photos that expose everything, and although we liked the idea, even in France we thought that this was too much even though I had previously lost all my inhibitions with Bernard. He had previously seen me opening my vaginal lips for his camera. He had seen me slip my fingers inside myself and I had even allowed him to pull my lips open himself to show me just how he wanted me to pose. He is also well aware that I don’t wear either a bra or knickers and of course he would have loved to photograph me showing everything, with Onwin my legs spread wide in a public, possibly even to strip naked in a very public place, as far as that goes so would Chris and even though the thought of exposing my naked shaven sex in such a way excited me, I just could not be that outrageous so I declined his suggestion. In retrospect maybe we could have done the photos in the naturist town as perhaps I could have posed there with my cunt blatantly on show with people about and able to see me posing so lewdly. That was the way I sat when at the various bars anyway, with my legs wide open showing my shaven pussy so it would only have been extra outrageous because people would see Bernard photographing me exposing myself.

He asked me if I had brought any sexy, revealing, clothes which of course I had, plenty, as at Agde I can wear the most revealing clothes out in the town. I put on my braless basque and stockings so that my breasts, nipples and shaven sex were fully exposed and excited, my juices were already starting to flow making my lips glisten.

I posed for him while Chris, looking on, was taking photos of Bernard taking photos of me on our balcony just two floors up from the busy street below. I was leaning over the balustrade with my legs spread so that he could photograph my pouting, bald cunt and the naked dark rose of my arsehole. All the time he was taking pictures of my “peche” as he said a bald cunt is sometimes called. I put on my black totally transparent kaftan that I had brought to wear in the evenings with just stockings and suspenders, that showed my breasts, nipples and bald pussy bare and on view under it. He had me lay on my back, legs spread wide open.

He put his fingers between my swollen labia pulling them apart to open my cunt wide to show me just how he wanted me to open myself in order to expose every detail of my vagina and my swollen clitoris for his camera. He said that he would love to be able to kiss and suck it. Perhaps we should have let him. I lay on my back with legs wide apart my fingers pulling my swollen, pink lips wide open to show absolutely everything to his camera just as if I were waiting Onwin Giriş for someone to slip a cock between the lips and fuck me as he took close ups of my bare and wide open pussy and my bumhole.

His camera could see right into my wide open quim and the tight dark brown rim of my arsehole, my sex lips were throbbing, I rubbed my clittie as he photographed me, making it grow really large and stand up from it’s sheath, then I slipped my fingers right up inside myself whilst he watched and photographed me finger myself. I was so aroused holding my sex open wide like this and blatantly masturbating in front of a man I hardly kew so that he could photograph my fingers slipping in and out of my cunt. Chris was loving it as he loves to see me displaying myself especially like this. Watching me being so horny with another man who was photographing me had given him a rampant hard prick with a string of pre cum dribbling from it.

We asked Bernard if he ever got an erection when he took these photos but he said that he didn’t unless, as often happened, the lady invited him to join in and play with her naked body, letting him suck, finger and often, fuck her. It really was a shame that his prick didn’t get hard I would have loved to have seen him aroused. Chris would have loved it if I had caressed Bernard’s cock and wanked him, even sucked him deep into my mouth. Perhaps if he had become hard I might have done something about it.

I was so excited having a virtual stranger see and photograph me as I displayed myself in such a blatant and outrageously sexy way. It felt so sensual letting Bernard touch and open my shaven lips and take such intimate photos of me, his camera lens so close that at times it seemed as if he was fucking me with it. Some of his photographs show nothing but my wide open quim with my clit almost an inch long and protruding out of it’s little hood like a tiny cock. I had never felt so hot for some real sex it seemed to be on fire.

By this time Bernard had run out of film but Chris told him to carry on photographing me using his camera to photograph us as he went down on me and kissed then licked and sucked my dripping Onwin Güncel Giriş sex, then I got on my knees and took Chris’ cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked as his prick fucked my mouth, while Bernard was photographing us sucking, until Chris came off into my mouth. I swallowed most of the cream but with some dribbling out of the corners of my mouth. I felt so wanton but so thrilled performing like this in front of a third person while he photographed us enjoying sex and all the time with my legs spread wide displaying every detail of my naked shaven and open pussy in all it’s glory. We only wish now that instead of me sucking him to orgasm we had let Bernard photograph Chris’ rampant prick slipping into my well lubricated cunt.

A week later Bernard turned up again and brought us a set of the photos. They were of course quite pornographic as well as photographic but we loved them. We kept up correspondence for a while with Bernard but have since lapsed. Maybe when we go to Agde next we will try to contact him again.

Chris wishes that we could meet a “Bernard” in England to take more photos of us together but when at Agde it seems so different and I am then completely uninhibited and become a total exhibitionist. However when we are home although I frequently wear short skirts and see through blouses but never bras or knickers but I cannot bring myself to be as blatant as I am in France.

At home or abroad I love the freedom that being knickerless brings, to know that my pussy is never completely covered and to feel the breeze constantly carressing my hot, naked vaginal lips and between my legs. Chris would love me to be more blatant and frequently display the knickerless split between my legs, accidentally, if you know what I mean, to other people. Sometimes it does happen but that really is an accident.

I often go out in the town wearing just a coat with nothing but stockings and suspenders under it and there have been many occasions when I have been photographed and videod, completely naked in public places. It gets the adrenalin flowing for us both.

Perhaps if we were to meet Bernard again I would be much more outgoing and pose openly for him in public places. If only he had got an erection I might have let him suck and finger me and maybe I would have wanked his prick for him. That is something else that Chris would like to see me do, maybe one day.

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