Bending Her Over


It was Friday evening. Most of the office lights were already out. Kabir sat hunched over a budget report; his specs perched on the bridge of his nose and the glare from the computer reflecting of its glasses.

Kabir let out a frustrated sigh. He removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes, leaning back on the chair. No matter how he looked at it, it made no sense. There was something amiss in the report. The digital data did not match with the reports in front of him. After working on it for three whole hours, he could come up with only one plausible explanation that someone, somewhere had intentionally manipulated with either of the two reports. But who could it be? It was only his first week in the office and he had no intention of making enemies already.

In all honestly, after the laborious week he had had, he could just dump the report and join his gali friends for a round of beer and poker, their ritual of Friday night. But the report wasn’t going anywhere and neither was he.

Running his hands through his already messy hair, he stood up and strode purposefully towards the only other lit cabin in the office. He had to get answers before it was too late and he had no choice other than to ask Ms. Boss.


Alisha startled as she heard a soft rap on the door. It was late and she hadn’t realized that anyone else was in the office. She worked late every day, often being the last person to leave.

She had a merger on Monday and she sooo did not want to be interrupted. Letting out an irritated breath, she permitted the person to come in.

Kabir…Kabir Desai. Great! Just great! The one person she did not want to see shows up.

“Mr. Kabir, unless it’s not very important, can we discuss whatever you want some other day? Thank you very much. You can see your way out now.” She dismisses him with a casual air. Sensing no movement towards the door she sneaks a glance at him and the change in his expression from utter confusion to palpable anger almost made her laugh.

“The door is that way, Mr. Kabir”, she says pointing the tip of the pen towards the closed door. Kabir stands there rooted to the spot, breathing heavily. Obviously trying to control his anger, she notices with glee. It felt like ruffling a baby bird’s feather, the most that it would do is peck you back. And that is exactly what Kabir Desai was, a baby bird in the field of marketing, an amateur.

Her gaze lingered on his face, slowly going to his ruffled hair, and down to his tie at his neck so carelessly loosened. She noticed the tautness of his plain, white shirt across his chest and the snugness of his trousers across his thighs. Mmmmh….she subconsciously escort bayan şişli nibbled on the tip of the pen in her hand. She had forgotten how her body reacts to his presence. She squeezed her thighs under the desk trying to ebb the sudden flow of wetness and a wave of pleasure racked through her body. The sudden thrill breaks her out her trance and she looks up.

Kabir could sense her heated gaze on him. Her eyes slowly going south to his crotch. His cock hardened almost immediately seeing the tip of her pink tongue darting out and grazing the pen between her soft succulent lips. The soft clearing of a throat made him look up.

He approached her desk and slowly placed the file on it. His movement so controlled that it reminded Alisha of a robot. Hmmm…so he wasn’t completely unfazed by her presence either. It gave her a sense of dark gratification and she realized that she rather liked putting him out of his elements.

“Actually…” he continues,”it is rather important. And I don’t think it could wait another day. Umm… the budget report in the database is different from the one in the file”, he says enunciating each word and glaring at her pointedly.

Alisha looks at him with an air of nonchalance.”So?”

“So?” Kabir says looking perplexed, “So?…There is a large amount missing from the company’s account and all you have to say is so?” He huffs out a breath of air and continues, “You don’t understand. Someone has been tampering with the account”, he says as if explaining to a child.

Alisha stood and walked to the other side of the desk where Kabir stood. Her annoyance shone through her eyes. “Mr. Kabir, remember this once and for all, you do not tell Alisha Ahuja what she does and does not understand. Now get out of my office.”

“Ms. Alisha”, Kabir flexed his jaw and stepped forward, towering over her menacingly. “I am only doing my job. So, no. I am not leaving this office without an answer”, he says with his lips merely inches from hers.

Alisha glared back at him. Kabir inched closer and she felt a light brush against her hardened nipples. He looked down gazing into her eyes, her arousal clearly visible in them. His hardness rubbing against the juncture of her thighs. He swallowed hard and turned around to walk out.

Alisha grabbed him by his tie and pulled him closer, locking her lips fervently to his, using her tongue to part his lips. Her hands raking through his hair and pulling him closer as if she couldn’t get enough. Kabir responded in frenzy, sucking on her tongue and biting her bottom lip. He slid his hand to her back while his other hand slid inside her shirt to cup her pert boobs making her groan in response.

Suddenly eskort şişli her mouth left his and he heard a ripping sound as she tore off the shirt he was wearing. “It’s not a good idea to defy me, Kabir”, she whispered next to his ear before she took the lobe between her teeth and softly bit down, raking her nails across his back. Kabir’s body shuddered in pleasure. He gave her nipples a hard squeeze before lowering his mouth down to her cleavage. Looking into her eyes, he tore her shirt, with buttons flying everywhere and ran his nose down her cleavage inhaling her scent. He nipped on the soft mound before he yanked down her bra, the strap snapping from the clutches and striking her soft skin, making her actions more desperate.

Kabir took a pebbled nipple into his mouth, biting it hard while pinching the other. She threw her head back and screamed, clutching his head tightly against her breasts, her hips arching and rubbing wildly against his thick hardened staff. He slid his hand down her stomach, further down to her knees and pulled up her skirt bunching it over her stomach. He turned her around and nipped her shoulder, softly suckling on the skin.

“You were saying something…” He pulled her head back onto his shoulder and bit her lips “…about defying you?” his pulsing erection pressed up behind her, resting on the crack of her butt.”Can you feel your body growing hotter—wetter—tighter, Alisha?” he asked as his hand slid down the curve of her hip, then slid around and glided inside her.

“Kabir…” she groaned. She gasped as his finger moved in and out of her. She strained to take his fingers deeper, but he pulled out, leaving her panting.

“Oh no, baby, not so soon.” He throws her onto the desk on her back and walking rapidly to the other side, pulls her further down so that her head was at his crotch and her luscious lips nearly touching his rather hard cock. He spanked her boobs, pinched her nipples and threw her legs wide open for his inspection.

Alisha writhed on the table, desperate for relief. She reached up and licked his pulsating, throbbing erection, sliding her hands to his ass and pulling him deeper into her mouth. She grazed her teeth along the length of his shaft earning a shudder and a groan from him.

Kabir nearly collapsed on top of Alisha as she took his throbbing member into her mouth. This woman could drive him over the edge like no other. He almost growled like an animal because of the ferocity with which she was sucking his cock. He leaned over, with his hands pushing her thighs apart and ran his tongue over the wet patch on her panty, making her arch her back. He hastily pushed her panty aside and pinned her arching hips down. He nudged her escort sisli wet pink folds apart with his nose and inhaled her deeply. His tongue swirled around her swollen bud. He felt like a starving man after finding her pussy and dove into her folds, licking her along her slit and nipping her nether lips. So warm, so wet.

Alisha used his cock to stifle her screams. The more he tormented her with his tongue, the more she pulled his thick staff inside her mouth. When he nipped on her folds, she devoured him, taking him deeper with each bob of her head. She couldn’t take him all in, but her greed to taste him made her attempt to. She wanted him deep in her throat, wanted to feel his warm pleasure slide down, to know she’d sent him over the edge. She was so close to her own orgasm. The burning need inside her body made her movements frantic and she sucked greedily on the head of his erection, her lips coated with his warm pre-cum.

She couldn’t take the torture anymore. She felt like she could combust any moment, such was her heat. She had to have him inside her…Needed to feel his rock hard cock ramming into her again and again and again until the ache in her subsided. She pushed him away and rose from the table. She pushed him to the glass wall behind him and removed his tie; the only bit of clothing left on him and rubbed it over her wet cunt, sliding it back and forth across her slit. She then pushed it into his mouth, gagging him.

Alisha wrapped her one leg around his hips and took his cock in one hard deep thrust, the heel of her stiletto biting into his back. He was buried deep inside her, stretching her warmth. “So, as I was saying…” she squeezed his cock in her tight cunt. “You…better…not…defy…me” she grunted as his cock slammed into her again and again, hitting her in the oh-so-sweet spot repeatedly. She growled at the escalating pleasure, pulled his head back and removed the tie from his mouth with her teeth.

Kabir turned her around, pinned her against the glass wall and slammed his mouth down on hers, still buried deep inside of her. Her cry of pleasure echoed in his mouth as one hand moved down to her hip and he gripped her, holding her in place as he frantically sunk inside her. He felt her walls convulse around him as she reached her peak, her scream filling the room. With a deep thrust, he buried so deeply that not a single place on their bodies remained unconnected.

Her body gripped his manhood, ripping a cry from him, pulling every bit of pleasure from him one pulse at a time. They both screamed as the pleasure tore through them, their sweat-slicked bodies trembling. For the briefest of seconds, her hands caressed the nape of his neck and their eyes met. Kabir bent forward to softly kiss her lips as he slowly pulled out of her. For the briefest of moments…they were oblivious to everything, the loud traffic, the slow humming of the A/C and the erratic beating of their hearts… as they held each other.

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