Belles of the Ball – draft

April Oneil

Hi all, this is my first attempt at a story, so hopefully people will be gentle with me :-).

It’s intended that this is the first chapter of a longer story/series, so it may be a bit wordy, but trying to set the scene and I personally like longer stories where the characters are believable and rounded, so this is the style I prefer to write in, too.

I’m grateful for any comments, criticism, thoughts and other input from people here.


As he surveyed the ballroom, Marcus Lancaster’s thoughts were alive with possibility as he espied the many young debutantes and their similarly attractive doting mothers. As the dancers twirled past him, he caught sight of familiar faces –not to mention bodies- as he recalled several of his own former lovers: Alice Carlisle, redheaded beauty of a dozen soirees and her infamous four poster bed where she entertained all of her men; Nadine Clochet, a spirited aristocrat from the houses of France who was not afraid to show the young men of England what their continental cousins could do; not forgetting Bella Frobisher, his latest flame which had burned so brightly, yet for too brief a time…at her insistence, their passions had been expended in chance meetings and hurried liaisons, yet in the end rushing things had proved to be to neither of their long-term tastes.

Genuinely pleased to see most people at this event, Marcus thought that he saw promises of later ‘chance-meetings’ in the eyes of some…smiles which he returned with a replying glance of intention of fulfilment. Yet, despite the numerous dancers and distance between them, another figure caught Marcus’ attention this evening: the haughty smile of Lady Louisa de Montfort seemed to reach out and snare the roaming attention of his deep blue eyes.

The region’s soirees were usually attended mecidiyeköy escortları by ‘the great and the good’ from many miles away, so nearly everyone attending knew each other in passing and also had some idea of each other family’s businesses and interests. However-though the svelte lady in the pale yellow dress was vaguely familiar to him- Marcus sensed that tonight something different was taking place and he could not tear his sight from her body’s small rounded curves, no matter which other ‘belles of the ball’ passed by him. The delicate skin of her cheek seemed to speak of softness as yet untouched by his knowing fingers; the way that the corners of her mouth turned up slightly as she laughed at her friends’ jokes almost invited a kiss, yet also hinted at decadence and dominance; the way her slender digits played with the edges of her wine glass and an occasional ‘dark’ look at several guests intimated that she knew how to manipulate in both senses of the word.

Grabbing hold of a couple of glasses of wine from a nearby waiter, he drained them both in quick succession in an effort to keep a hold of his senses, yet he could not deny the grasp that this unknown lady already had over him. Though he classed himself as ‘not exactly virginal’, Marcus kept an open mind and was always looking to further his experience, so he hoped that there may be a chance to be even more under Lady de Montfort’s power.

Feeling a presence at his side, Marcus turned partially to see the deeply sun-kissed brunette figure of his Spanish half-sister, Madgalene, clad in a deep scarlet dress that had been especially ordered for this event.

A knowing smile played upon her tender lips as his eyes followed her gaze past his shoulder back to the subject of his attention.

His half-sibling’s etiler escort delicate hand rested on his shoulder, gently squeezing the firm flesh beneath his immaculate suit and he only just managed to suppress a gasp at her touch, but the tensing in his strong muscles told her al that she needed to know about his burgeoning aroused interest in Lady Louisa.

Leaning into her half-brother’s side, her sultry voice whispered I can see that you like her, Marcus; I will agree that she does have a certain attractive quality. Do you see the lady she is talking to in the blue dress?” Marcus eyes shifted slightly to the young woman at Lady Louisa’s side…long blonde hair held in place by a sapphire and diamond tiara cascaded along her shoulders and down her back, framing her youthfully innocent face, resting almost casually on the large rounds of her bosom that threatened to spring out from their blue confines. Unable to believe how Lady de Montfort’s spell had meant that he had barely registered her companion’s beauty before, Marcus was speechless, but could only nod slowly, waiting to hear Magdalene’s next words, trying to not give too much away with his intentions to the others in the room.

“That is Miss Arabella Falstaff…is she not winsome? You may suspect that there is a lot more to her than just the demure figure that she presents here: in this case, you would be correct. Both my eager husband Daniel and I certainly found this to be true during the party that her father held last week in her honour. Well, it was her party, so we wanted to make sure to give her a couple of extra presents…she is very delicate, yet knowing in equal measure. Perhaps Lady Louisa will prove to be just as eager for the same licentious behaviour as her confidante? Should I ask her to accompany me to one of the backrooms, şişli escort my half-brother? Or would that spoil your own intentions towards her?”

Unaware that he had been holding his breath, Marcus let out a breathy exhalation at the thought of his half-sister and Arabella –then Louisa- entwined upon pristine sheets, Magdalene’s darker fingers wrapped in their contrasting hair as each woman made her sigh whilst suckling on his half sister’s dark brown nipples.

Unbidden, an afterthought entered his head that perhaps Daniel had watched the women engaged in Sapphic play too, before entering proceedings himself. Marcus had no wish to encounter another man in lovemaking, yet the idea of watching others making love had always enthralled him. Amongst the high society lifestyle he inhabited, such encounters came readily and were not hard to engineer, either.

Magdalene’s own breathing had become a little more rapid too, and she gripped his shoulder more firmly now, sensing his rising lusts and able to read from his body language the effect that her words were having on him as well as feeding off his attitude to fuel her own ardour. Her soft luxurious voice washed over him again:

“I know that you want her, Marcus. Do not try to deny it, as it is written on your face as well as in the way that you stand. If Lady Louisa is even half as attentive as I am, I am sure that she will be able to see your state of discomfiture and keenness for her as well.

“There are rumours that her father may be looking for a husband for her, yet she is spirited and -as his only child- he gives her all that she asks for, so I do not think that he will push this matter too far.”

“Perhaps tonight is the time for someone who is eager to make their move and to experience the delights that Lady Louisa has to offer?

Slowly removing her hand from Marcus shoulder, teasingly trailing her long fingers over his suit, Magdalene began to shift away from her half-sibling, whispering: “If someone like you does not, then maybe it is up to someone like me to do so..?”

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