Being Jim Ch. 03: Barbra’s Reawakening

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Life is a tapestry, a cloth woven of many different threads that create the whole. This story is a thread, a part of Barbra’s story, contributing to the waft and weave that is the Whole cloth, being Jim.

Being Jim Ch03 Barbra’s Reawakening-Exploration

By Frodov

This story is based entirely on true experiences from my past. Names and a few details have been changed to provide anonymity for those involved. Discretion is a precious commodity and is becoming rarer and rarer every day. I reached a way back to relive this story for everyone; I was the ripe old age of twenty eight years old at the time. Bear in mind that Cell phones were barely a novel idea at that time. The internet was taking its first baby steps and people were discovering the likes of A0L and to a lesser extent local messaging or electronic “bulletin boards”. How many of you out there remember dial-up modems? Cable TV was still mostly commercial free. Ah, good times. So in that frame of mind enjoy the memory. ***

I was just sitting back down at my desk in front of my computer with a hot cup of tea when I heard my dial up modem finally connect with Night friends Bulletin Board. My throat was feeling sore and I was finding it hard to swallow. “Great” I thought…” Just what I need, the freakin’ flu.” Well, maybe it wasn’t the flu but until I went to the doctor all I knew is that I had a nasty t sore throat and was feeling feverish, What a way to start my three days off. I had started feeling rough yesterday morning when I got home from working all night at the plant. I took some Nighttime cold medicine and went to bed, hoping I would feel better later that day before I had to go to work. Day (or rather night) three of three. When I woke up yesterday afternoon I knew I was in for a long long night at work. Now, this morning, after making it through my shift and getting home I was waiting for my doctor’s office to open up so I could see if I could get in to be seen today. Looking at the clock on my computer I saw that it was 8:30 now, still a half an hour before the office opened. “Might as well see if anyone is online while I wait” I thought.




I entered my password after the prompt and waited to be logged on. Wonder if Wildone is on this morning, probably not, it’s Thursday morning, she’ll be at work by now I would think. I check my messages and then see who’s online. I see Todd has just logged off but there are a couple of other night owls online in trivia. I decided to pop in and chat a bit while we play.

Angelica: “Hi Frodov! Just getting home?”

Frodov: “Yeah, long night and going to be a longer day I think.” I typed in while picturing Angelica in my mind. A vivacious ample redhead with a million dollar smile, a mischievous bent and a heart of gold. She could flirt with the best of them.

Angelica: “Why is that, you got a hot date Romeo? I heard you’ve been sniffing around the ladies again, even took one to dinner not too long ago. Hmmm?” She baited me, trying to get the low down on the gossip I’m sure was going around the board.

Frodov: “A gentlemen does not kiss and tell.” I typed trying to take the high road. She wasn’t having that though.

Angelica: “Ho Ho Ho Ho… Just who are YOU trying to fool? I know you better than that… I just got to dig a little deeper and I’ll get the story out of you.”

Frodov: “Normally I would say give it your best shot but I’m really not up to it today. I need to go see my doctor, I think I might have or might be catching the flu. UGH! My throat is so sore I can hardly swallow.” I typed knowing that she’s just pulling my chain.

Angelica: “Awwww, poor baby boy, you didn’t catch anything from one of your secret hot dates did you? You bad bad boy you.” She continued to tease.

Frodov: “Honestly I don’t know where I caught this, but sounds to me like you might just be jealous” I typed and sent a raised eyebrow action to emphasize.

Angelica: “Me? Jealous? Hardly! I don’t have time for games and dating”. She typed a little too quickly.

Frodov: “You working too much too huh?” I commiserated.

Angelica: “Fuck yeah… If I don’t get laid soon I’m going to lose my mind!”

Frodov:”Well! Just let it all out in public why don’t you?” I sent with a grin.

Frodov: “Angelica I’m sorry girl, I’m just cranky, I know you’re just blowing steam. I thought you were pretty tight with what’s his face recently?” I hinted… knowing that she was kind of seeing another user from Night Friends but that no one was supposed to know about it because he was actually dating someone else.

Angelica: “Why I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She quipped a little too quickly.

Frodov:” Oh the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive…” I typed just digging her a little knowing she would get a giggle out of it. She knew I wouldn’t tell anyone about it, in fact, other than the guy she was hinting at I was the only one besides her that even knew about it. I had Bostancı Escort become her confidant somehow over the last few months. Of course we were pretty close as friends go, closer than most sometimes.

Angelica:” Yeah, I wouldn’t know anything about that. Seriously though, are you okay?” She asked earnestly.

Frodov: “Cold, Flu, I don’t know. I’m waiting on my doctor’s office to open up so that I can get in and get checked out, today hopefully.”

Angelica: “I could call someone I know at the Kentucky Clinic and maybe get you in to be seen.” She offered. Working for the University had its benefits; unfortunately they didn’t accept my health insurance so I’d have to see my doctor. I’d learned that she fully utilized her health benefits working for the school, she’ d literally had thousands of dollars of work done on her mouth, her teeth were a photographers dream. You couldn’t find a prettier smile if you wanted to.

Frodov: “Thanks babe, I know you would but it’s the same old story, no insurance, no service. I’ll get in to see my doc. What are you still doing up anyway. Hoping to make a connection maybe?” I had to get in another little dig.

Angelica: “Oh I don’t know, kind of wish I had a friend who could help me… relax… and get to sleep.” She typed coyly knowing I would take the bait.

Frodov: “One of these days someone is going to take you up on that and it may not turn out nicely.” I admonished like I really meant it.

Angelica: “Yeah Yeah, I’ve heard that before, just before you come knocking on my door, right?” She sent with a giggle.

Frodov: “If I didn’t feel like death warmed over, I’d come over and help you “relax.” I mean hey, what are friends for, right?” I sent with a wink.

Angelica: “I get the feeling neither of us would get much sleep though.”

Frodov: “Yeah might have to make it a night off in that case. Rain check?”

Angelica: “You mean ANOTHER rain check? I believe you have several outstanding as it is Romeo. What are you going to do if I ever call those in?” She huffed and sent a grin.

Frodov: “Probably sleep for a LONG time… afterwards…” I sent with a wink, noticing the time I went on to tell her I was getting offline to call my doctor’s office. I’d send her a message later if she wasn’t online to let her know how it turned out. Often times it was the easiest way to communicate as if I’d try to call her either her line would be busy from her being online or her roommate would be online or using the phone. If only there some way to send messages independent of the phone or computer.

I finally got a hold of my doctor’s office and was actually able to get in to see him that morning. I got dressed and headed on over to the office. I still ended up waiting for nearly an hour and a half in the waiting room before getting called back to an examination room. The nurse took all my vitals, weight, temperature, blood pressure, and then left me to wait in the examination room. At least this wait wasn’t as long. My doc came in and took one look at me and said I didn’t look so good. Well DUH!

It turned out I DID in fact have the flu. I got a prescription for medicines and was told to drink plenty of fluids and rest. Wonderful. I stopped at my pharmacy and filled the prescriptions and then the grocery store to grab some soups and crackers and some ginger ale to drink. Then on home I went. I finally crawled into bed sometime around 1:00 in the afternoon. I’d been up for almost 24 hours at this point and I was worn out.

I woke up about an hour later to the phone ringing. Groaning I got out of bed and swore to myself that I absolutely had to get an extension and a second phone so I could have one in my bedroom beside the bed. Fumbling through my black out curtains to get to the kitchen I finally picked up the phone.

“FRO! How’s it hangin’ man?”

“Todd? What time is it man? Jesus!” I all but growled.

“I’m sorry, did I pull you away from someone?” He chuckled into the phone.

“Fuck you man! I just got to sleep.” I lamented shaking my head.

“Well did I? Or are you just hung over from too much pussy?” He asked sounding all too cheerful for my mood.

“Todd…” I sighed and then continued ” No man, I just got to bed, I had to stay up to go to my doctor’s office only to find out I have the flu and should be in bed resting… where I was… until the phone rang.” I grumped.

“Aww man, I’m sorry Fro, really. Well hell, I don’t guess you’d be interested in coming down for dinner tonight. Anne was going to put out a spread… and she’s cooking dinner too.” He chuckled knowing that I would NOT pass up a chance to visit if I could.

“You’re a bastard sometimes Todd…” I said with a grin. “I’d love to man, for both reasons, but I would just make all of you sick too and you don’t need that. You, Anne or the kids. I’ll just stay holed up in my apartment and ride out the bug.” I lamented.

“You check with Barb and see if she’s feelin’ okay too?” He Ümraniye Escort asked seriously.

“I looked for her online this morning but she was at work so that was silly… I’m not supposed to call her at home, she calls me. It’s a thing until she gets divorced. I’m trying not to rock the boat man.”

“I hear ya brutha. Play it smart. I told her you were cool.”

“Oh did you now?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Oh hell yeah. I know she’s been lonely and lookin’ for a spell now. I knew you were alright guy, so I might have nudged her in your direction a little. Not that she needed it. She asked me about you actually.”

“And what did you actually tell her?” I asked wondering just how deep he was in this little bit of matchmaking.

“Ah now I didn’t say much. I told her you let Judy spend the night during that big snow storm a while back. I told her she should speak to Anne.”

“And did she? Speak to Anne that is?” I asked.

“Well since Anne was sitting right here with me I put her on and they got all talky and stuff. I had to go watch TV for a while.” He said laughing.

“Well I wondered how Barb knew some things that I hadn’t told anyone about so I knew it had to come from either you or Anne… but I never thought that they traded notes and stuff.” I admitted.

“OH BRUTHA!!”Todd laughed out loud. “You got a LOT to learn man, women talk! And if you treat them right, your name gets around. But if you do one wrong! Oh son, you might as well just up and move, cause that shit gets spread even faster!” He laughed again.

“Sounds like the voice of experience to me.” I quipped and then added. “Todd I’m going back to bed. Tell Anne that my heart is breaking that I couldn’t come down tonight, truly, but I gotta crash till this bug has finished with me my friend.”

“All right Fro, rest easy my friend. I’ll break the bad news to Anne, but you’re gonna have to give her a rain check.” He said before we hung up. “Great… another rain check. “I thought to myself and smiled as I trudged back to my bed and collapsed.

I woke up sometime later that evening, burning up but shivering at the same time. When I stood up to go to my bathroom I nearly fell over from the wave of dizziness that swept over me. Luckily the toilet was rock solid and the world wasn’t spinning so much after I’d done my business. I knew I was dehydrated so I got some ginger ale and a handful of crackers from the kitchen before going back to my bedroom. I pulled the comforter off of my bed and wrapped myself in it as I sat at my computer and dialed up to get online. Logging on I saw a few of the regulars were in trivia, while I checked my messages. I did have one from Wildone, so I opened it.

Jim, hi. Sorry I missed you tonight, I had to meet with my sister and her husband this evening. One of our aunts has passed away and they were in town helping with arrangements. I didn’t have to do anything but I am family so I’m there with everyone else. I don’t know what time I’ll be home tonight so I might not see you online tonight at all. But if you think of me, smile. I certainly do when I think of you, and that is very often lately. A girl at work asked me what’s changed, that I seem happier than usual. Wouldn’t she like to know? I heard that you were not feeling very well this morning. I hope you’re not catching anything. I’ll call you tomorrow morning sometime from work. If I recall correctly you are off tomorrow. We can talk then. For now, rest up… And thank you for being you. Barb.

I had to smile reading this, in the three weeks since our first meeting in person we had managed to see one another, quietly two or three times a week. Always at a restaurant or simply right here at my place. I’ve cooked for her, but then I’ve cooked for many ladies over the years. Apparently my cooking is at least okay because they never complain and are all willing to come back again. I look at the cracker in my hand ironically as I recall barbecuing my most recent dinner in for Barbra. Just then I got a private message from Angelica.

Angelica: whispered “So you’re still amongst the living? I thought you were going to call me and let me know what you found out at the doctor’s office.”

Frodov: whispered “Yeah well when are you or your roommate NOT on the phone or online?”

Angelica: whispered “Oh okay, there is that. So? What’s the prognosis?”

Frodov: whispered “I have the flu. Bed rest, plenty of fluids, yada yada yada.”

Angelica: whispered “Poor baby. I’d offer to cuddle but I don’t want to get sick too.”

Frodov: whispered “You’re all heart sweety.”

Angelica: whispered “Yeah yeah… it’s not my heart that… uh… never mind…you’re sick right now anyway.”

We carried on flirting and jibing for a while longer then I felt the need to lie down again, I guess the medicine was kicking in or the flu was kicking my ass, either way I was going back to bed.

I woke up again around four in the morning, or rather my bladder woke me Anadolu Yakası Escort up. After stumbling to the bathroom to relieve the pressure I made my way to the kitchen and opened a can of soup to heat up in the microwave. With a mug of soup and a handful of crackers I parked myself on my couch and turned on the boob tube to see if there was anything on to watch. I ended up on the history channel watching a documentary about letters home from soldiers at war over the years. Although I usually would have found it interesting, that night I was still pretty out of it and it made for good snoozing material at best. As I lay there on the couch covered up with my blanket in a fog. I heard them talking about often soldiers in world war two would ask their wives or girlfriends at home to send them a pair of “soiled” underwear. “What?” I thought… and opened one eye to see the TV and paid closer attention. I watched and listened to how they would ask for the girls to excite themselves and wet their panties thoroughly then mail them. The soldiers would of course smell them and be reminded of what they were fighting for. I got a chuckle out of that. I guess I dozed off soon after that though. Later I moved back to my bed.

Around eleven, later that morning I was again awakened to the phone ringing. Upon answering the phone in the kitchen thinking it was going to be Todd again I was pleasantly surprised to hear Barbra’s voice instead.

“Hi there.” She said, a little shyly. “How are you?”

I turned the receiver away as I coughed a moment or two then spoke. “I’ve definitely been better. I’m down with the flu.”

“Awww poor baby, have you been to the doctor yet?” Barb asked.

“Yeah, I went yesterday morning, I’ve got prescriptions and soup and a warm blanket, and I’m supposed to rest and take my meds.” I lamented.

“I wish you felt better, I’m getting off a little early today because I’ve got funeral leave. I thought I might swing by and… see you.” I could hear the disappointment in her voice and I felt it myself as well.

“I wish I felt better too, I would much rather spend time with you in bed than be alone with this bug instead.” I pined.

“Is there anything I could bring you or do for you?” Barb asked sweetly. “You have food and something to drink?”

“Well… “I paused, thinking of that segment I saw on the history channel last night and wondered if I should ask Barb. “I’ve got plenty of soup and ginger ale, but there might be something you could do for me though.” I paused again thinking if I should dare.

“What then? ” She asked sounding hopeful.

Crossing my fingers I went on to give her a brief description of the segment I watched talking about how the soldiers would ask their girl back home to send them a pair of their underwear soaked with the juices of their pussies. I sheepishly told Barb that since I would be down for a few days and she was going to be attending to family matters, maybe she could leave me something to think about each time I sniffed.

“So you want me to get myself wet while wearing my panties and then bring them to you?” She asked hesitantly but with a hint of interest or perhaps excitement.

“Very wet, very very wet.” I said. “I want to smell your sex almost as if I had my nose in it for real. I would much rather smell it that way but the panties would be a wonderful reminder. “I said blushing even though I was by myself in my own apartment. I could hear Barb chuckle in a low breathy way as if she were looking around to see if anyone overheard her conversation.

“Alright, I can do that… for you… I get off at noon and will stop by not long after that. See you soon.”

“See you soon then, bye.” I said and smiled as the line was broken and I hung up.

“Wow!” I thought. I couldn’t believe I asked that of Barb, or that she actually agreed to it! Smiling I grabbed a can of ginger ale from the fridge and went to lay down on the couch to await Nurse Barbra and her care package.

I must have dozed off because it seemed like only a moment before I heard the knocker on my door rattling to get my attention. Groaning I got up and went the door. Looking out the peep hole I saw a distorted view of Barb standing there holding a plastic grocery bag and a nervous smile on her face. I opened the door and smiled and asked her in. Barb’s smile faded a bit as she saw me up close and raised her beautiful hand up and felt my forehead and cheeks with the back of her hand.

“Well you’ve certainly got a bit of a fever still, are you feeling any better?” She asked with concern.

“Yeah, my throat isn’t as sore as it was two days ago or even yesterday, so I guess I’m on the mend.” I told her and tilted my head quizzically looking at the grocery bag. She noticed and smiled that million watt smile again and said.

“Rainbow sherbet. My mom use to feed it to us as kids when we were sick. Yeah, Chicken soup, saltines, sprite and rainbow sherbet if we finished our soup.” She said as she took it to my kitchen and put it in the freezer.

“You really didn’t have to do that Barb, but thank you.” I told her standing leaning against the door frame from the hallway into the kitchen. She reached out and took my right hand into hers and squeezed it reassuringly. I smiled and said.

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