Bedroom Surprise


This story is a follow up to the ‘Bedroom Research’ stories.


I think my minds been messed with; a few months back I would not have dreamed of dressing up in girls clothes but now I was looking forward to a special delivery. Mandy had told me what to order and I had been busy on line picking out a nice pair of frilly pink panties and a pretty sissy dress. During the order process I had been rubbing my cock and I had a nice hard on. The choices I made seemed to be very good and I finalised the order. I also finalised my wanking and enjoyed a sticky climax.

Now, in the hard light of day, it seemed the order was silly and I was very embarrassed to think that I had been shopping on line for panties and dresses. Just what had Mandy turned me into?

The necessary ‘five working days’ passed and it was Thursday. I took the day off college and waited in for the parcel to arrive. After a nervous wait through till ten the doorbell finally rang and my parcel arrived. I grabbed it and ran upstairs to my room. Embarrassment was replaced by excitement and I ripped the package open.

I turned my attention to the panties first; glorious, glorious pink panties. This was the description on the packaging:

‘Our shiny satin panties feature a smooth front, with a deeply ruffled rear! Made in soft satin, they have an elasticated waist and leg openings with a ribbon at the centre. They are also double lined in satin, and have a double lined satin gusset.’

I dropped my trousers and pants and pulled the panties on. The front panel was nearly see through and the shape of my hard cock was visible in the mirror. I turned round and looked over my shoulder at the rear view. Oh so lovely; row upon row of frilly pink lace ran across the back of the panties; I was longing to parade in front of Mandy and Beth but that pleasure would have to wait.

Now I turned my attention to the dress. This was how it was described:

‘It is made from high quality shiny satin that is so soft to the touch. It features a wind satin neckline that is trimmed in stunning pleated chiffon. The upper part of the dress from the neckline to above the bust-line is in matching semi-see through chiffon that continues to the upper back of the dress.

Stunning puff ball sleeves that are also trimmed in chiffon at the top that follows through the bust line and around the back of the dress, and trimmed at he hem of the sleeve in beautiful lace. The skirt is full and has an elasticated waistline for your ease and comfort, and Mardin Escort trimmed in lace at the hem of the dress.’

I repacked the clothes and hid the parcel behind the heavy wardrobe. The weekend was fast approaching and my parents were going away for two days so I would be alone in the house with the two girls. It was reasonable to expect some action. I penned a note and put it under Mandy’ bedroom door.

Hi Mandy, my parcel has arrived and I am ready in case you should need me this weekend.Felicity.

Friday came and I attended my lectures at college. I spent the day in a state of nervous apprehension. As soon as I could I rushed back home and checked the mail; nothing for me there. After briefly passing a few minutes with Mom I went to my room. Sitting on my dresser was an envelope for me; I ripped it open and read the following note.


Beth and I would love you to come and visit us at 10 am tomorrow. We need you to have no body hair so that it will be easy for us to prettify you. Bring your new clothes along and don’t be late. No need to dress, just wear a bath robe. We have some lovely surprises for you!

xx Mandy

I think I must have spent nearly ninety minutes in the bathroom that evening. It was a struggle but I managed to remove all my body hair. My penis looked sort of isolated and exposed with out the cover of pubic hair. I slept restlessly and was up early the next morning. I heard Beth slip out of the house around nine thirty; I couldn’t imaging where she was off to that early but hoped she would be back soon.

Ten o’ clock found me outside Mandy’s bedroom with my new knickers and dress tucked under my arm. I knocked and was rewarded with an instant reply. “Come in Felicity,” invited Mandy. I entered the room to find Mandy sat on her bed, she stood up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, “Hi Sis. Put the clothes down and hang the robe on the door.” As I complied she said, “Let’s see what sort of a job you did with the body hair.”

I made a slow turn for her and I think she was pleased with the result. Now I stood facing her as she sat back down on the bed. My cock was hard and pointed in her direction. I couldn’t help it being hard because Mandy was sat there with just panties and bra on; her hair was swept back in a pony tail and she looked very sexy.

After looking at me for a minute she reached forward and gently held my cock. “Felicity dear, this thing could be a problem. Most young ladies don’t have a bloody tent pole Mardin Escort Bayan up their skirts.” She gave it a gentle squeeze. “Let’s see what we can do about it shall we.”

She started a slow rhythmic squeezing of my prick; my legs felt like jelly and I thought I would sink to the floor. “Don’t move,” she instructed. Her hand moved up and down my shaft. The blood started to pound in my head, I felt as though my whole body wanted to explode, I wanted this to last forever. “Hands on head,” said Mandy “And keep them there.”

I closed my eyes and then opened them again immediately as Mandy’s lips slipped over the end of my cock. I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me. As I looked down my penis disappeared into her mouth and then slowly appeared again; this happened several times and then her head moved back and just the tip of my cock stayed in that warm loving mouth. Her tongue played on the underside of my cock; I wanted to hold back my climax to prolong the experience but I could hold on no longer. The orgasm that followed ripped through my body; it blew my mind apart and transported me to a place far removed from this earth. I pumped string after string of cum into Mandy’s mouth as she expertly held my cock in place. When I thought there was no cum left she sucked even more out till I felt totally drained.

I settled back on my haunches and looked up at Mandy; she ran her finger across her lips and then sucked it clean. “I hope you enjoyed that Felicity dear; it might be the last time you come for quite a while. Come and sit next to e I have a surprise for you,” saying this she reached into the drawer by her bed and pulled out a strange plastic object that resembled a see through penis. “Lie back on the bed.”

I lay back and watched with fascination and trepidation as Mandy slipped the object over my limp penis. My cock fitted inside the devise perfectly and after a bit of adjustment Mandy snapped a padlock in place. “That’s it, you can pee and wash but you can’t get a hard on. So now you really can be a Felicity.”

By way of proof she leaned across me and initiated a deep French kiss. My cock struggled to become erect but there was room only for a placid penis and anything else caused pain and discomfort. Mandy was pleased with the outcome and pushed me away from her.

She followed up by saying “Put on your pink knickers Felicity dear, and your pink dress. I know you’re dying to wear it. We’ll also have you in the white frilly socks, flat shoes and Escort Mardin brunette wig please.”

I dressed but it was difficult; as I put on the pretty clothes my cock kept trying to enlarge but this would double me over with discomfort so I would have to will it to relax each time. Five minutes later and I was fully dressed. Mandy was pleased with the result and I was pretty chuffed as well.

“Pop downstairs now love and get the vacuum and while you are there get some polish, a duster, some window cleaner and a feather duster. Hurry along now,” instructed Mandy.

Feeling quite ridiculous but at the same time sexy I hurried downstairs as ordered and collected the various items. Just before I was ready to go upstairs again I realised there was someone at the front door. I had a panic attack. I knew it should be Ruth but there was a part of me that was terrified that it might be my parents. The door bell rang insistently. I had no choice. I opened the door; my sense of relief when I saw it was Ruth was extreme.

She came into the hall, “Oh Felicity what do you look like?” Ruth stood there and inspected me. “Let’s have a little curtsey when you see me please Felicity.” I did as I was told and bobbed down whilst holding the sides of my pretty skirt up. I picked up all the gear and set off upstairs. Beth slapped me on the backside and followed me up.

I set my cleaning equipment down on the floor when I reached the bedroom. With a wave of the hand Mandy instructed, “Get cleaning Felicity; I want this room spotless.”

As I cleaned and polished and dusted Mandy and Beth lay on the bed side by side. It was as if I wasn’t there. They chatted quite happily about the boys they had met, the boys they fancied and what they hoped the boys might do to them. Every time the conversation turned to a naughty sexual topic my penis strained against the restraint and I’m sure the girls were aware of my discomfort.

After a while I was not really aware of the clothes I was wearing as I had become engrossed in my cleaning duties. I was standing on a chair cleaning one of the top windows when I heard Beth say, “Look at Felicity’s cute bum in those pretty pink panties. I do love my little sister.”

Mandy called out, “Turn round poppet and show Beth your new restraint.”

I turned and lifted my skirt and pushed the front of my panties down. In an effort not to get excited I closed my eyes tight shut. Beth came over to me and had a fiddle with the chastity devise. Of course I reacted instantly to her touching me but I just stood there and suffered the humiliation and pain.

“I’m thinking that will keep my little sister in check. Do I get a key to the padlock Mandy?”

“Oh yes,” intoned Mandy, “We two will hold a key each to. A key each to her life and destiny!”

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