Bedroom Pet – Part 2


Bedroom Pet (Part 2)
Written by Cerberus
Edited by Droid447 and Silverman.

Chapter 1

Monica sat in her office staring at her computer. Any one looking at her would think she was hard at work….but that was the furthest thing from the truth. She was thinking about her owner back at her house. How much she loved it, how much she wanted to be with it. For the last month, her, Sandra and Jenny had been spending almost every night with the bug, their Master. Getting to know him better, letting him get to know them. She hated being away from him, sitting in her office doing a job she used to love but now hated because it kept her away from home. But right now, her Master needed her here, to keep up appearances until she could leave to do her owner’s bidding in more concrete ways.

The only consolation was that now those beautiful green and purple colors it had first used to lure and entrance her were always running in her mind, behind her eyes. It was so beautiful the way He had made sure she could always feel his presence even when they were apart. Right now she sat still, pretending to work while the hypnotic swirl captivated here completely, making her pussy run hot and her brain tingle with vibration. It was so nice to be owned. She found it was not a bad thing at all. In fact, it actually felt very liberating. She found it allowed her to think and feel all kinds of new, delicious things. To be a pretty puppet on a pretty string filled with it’s thoughts and desires and those lovely relaxing colors. Monica couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She understood it was just a fun, harmless situation that pleased both of them. Her pussy spasmed at the thought and she could feel her legs moisten. Again.

Suddenly the swirl became stronger in color and motion. She knew from experience that it had new commands for her tonight. The bug wanted to give her instruction. A shiver ran through her spine down to her pussy and up to her brain simultaneously. She smiled softly as she came to orgasm. A moan escaped her wet lips.

Near the end of work, Bob Talbot made his way over to her. Bob had been hitting on the gorgeous brunette for weeks, ever since he had gotten a job at Monica’s company. The fact that she had a long time boyfriend never seemed to faze his aggressive but polite pursuit. “Hey pretty girl,” he started in his smooth, unctuous voice, “it’s Friday night. What say you and me hit the clubs tonight and work some stress off on the dance floor? You won’t regret it.”

She smiled at him, flattered by his never-ending determination for a date. “Bob,” she said, “You know I am dating Tom. I’m sorry but I just don’t cheat on guys I date. I never have and I never will. You’re a great guy but it just can’t happen.”

Bob shook his head wistfully, “Well Tom is one lucky guy. If I had you I would hold on tight. If I ever get lucky and you leave him, I would love to go out with you.”

Monica laughed, “If me and Tom ever do break up, you will be the first to know.”

Driving home, Monica thought of Bob. He was a good guy to work with and a nice man. If she weren’t dating Tom she most certainly would go out with him to see what he was about. Her thoughts drifted to Tom. They had dated since she was a sophomore in college. They had hit it off in a huge way. He was handsome, funny, smart and the connection with him was unlike any other she had ever experienced with a man. It was true love. He felt the same way. She knew that marriage was in the cards for them. She smiled as she imagined her life with him. At 22 their whole lives were ahead of them. She had been ignoring Tom lately. She wasn’t sure why. Just busy with work, spending time with her pet and all she supposed. She planned to make it up to him.

Monica entered her house and poured a glass of water. She was still thinking of Tom. Suddenly she felt a buzz in her brain. She blinked several times, holding the glass of water stock still, just before she was going to put it to her lips. She could begin to see purple and green lights swirl in her mind. Her skin started to tingle. She dropped her glass to the floor where it shattered. She didn’t even notice. Her arms dropped to her sides as her eyes widened and dilated. She gasped softly, smiled, turned and sashayed sexily slowly to her bedroom. He was ready for her and she was more than ready for him.

Her ‘bug’ was sitting on her bed. It had grown bigger since feeding on her, Jessica and Sandra’s bodies for the last month. Monica quickly removed her clothes. Lately she found she enjoyed strutting her stuff around her house naked, especially when she was with the pet. She approached it and her legs began to shake. The bug was on her bed, waiting as always. It looked so commanding. It was all she could do to get to the bed before dropping on her knees. She remembered now that at work the bug had signaled its desire to ‘talk’. Sometimes she felt as if she were two separate people; the old Monica and some new emerging one. She knew this new Monica was very suggestible, easily manipulated, and very different than her old self. But weeks ago she had slowly begun to understand that she kind of enjoyed giving up some of her autonomy, her will to the pet. It was kind of nice to let it solve some of her problems. Give her some fresh ideas she never would have had on her own. It was kind of a tradeoff. Life was so much simpler and easier if she just thought less and listened more. Lately, she loved being this Monica. She stayed on her knees, hands caressing her swollen nipples, her back arched. She stared at the pretty pet as it glowed so perfectly. She just couldn’t get enough of it. Her pussy started dripping on the carpet. Soon a wet stain was there. Her heart beat like an out of control drum with lust, her breathing was husky and hard, her firm chest heaving. Sweat started to trickle from her naked body, down her neck and chest, her flat stomach, her sculpted back and smooth thighs. She stayed that way for a long time as the bug asked her questions and started giving her nice, new ideas.

On Monday, Monica had dressed particularly sexy for work. She had on a very tight, short miniskirt and sleeveless blouse that clung snugly and accentuated her abundant curves. She didn’t know why she decided to dress that way, but it felt great and she knew she looked delicious. All day she flaunted her body in front of Bob and flirted with him. She felt so alive and fresh and available. At lunchtime she sat at Bob’s desk as he ate his sandwich. “Hi Bob,” she said flashing him her hundred watt smile as she pulled up a chair.

“Hey gorgeous” he responded between a bite of his food and a wink. She was going to ask him how his day was going but suddenly she felt new, fun thoughts enter her mind mixed with pretty colors. “What are you doing tonight?” she cooed. She put her hand on his arm. Bob swallowed hard.

“Um, do you have something in mind?” he stuttered.

“Yeah, why don’t you come over to my place and we can go over some of the advertising ideas for the Becker commercial. I seem to have a brain lock going on. Maybe you can help…. unlock me.” She licked her lips and gave him a cute, adorable, pleading pout.

“Won’t Tom mind?” he asked, shocked by the invitation.

“Naw, its just work. Besides, if he doesn’t know about it, what will he mind?” she replied in a sultry voice. Her hand ran up and down his arm slowly.

Monica sat in a chair in her bedroom naked. Her bug was on the bed, glowing more fiercely than ever. She had masturbated for the last two hours staring at the precious thing. Her room smelled like pussy overload. Her head was tilted back and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes were glued to the pretty dancing colors as she approached climax. One hand was mauling her breasts and the other was jammed as far up her pussy as she could get. Suddenly, her eyes rolled up in her head and her breath gasped out. All she could see were purple and green lights shooting behind her eyes and in her mind, she could feel purple and green flow down from her brain to her tits and cunt. Her toes curled up and her legs started to jump and twitch. Her pussy gushed like never before. It was the most telling orgasm of her life. She moaned and fell off the chair, her body kept twitching and shaking, as she lay helpless on the floor, still staring up at her pet. She wished she could just drown in the colors. She wished it would eat her mind and body all up. Now that would make her so sexy. A sexy, fucking bitch. And more than anything lately, she dreamed of being a sexy, fucking, used bitch; just some very needy, warm, fleshy object. It was such a turn on.

After a long relaxing shower, Monica got dressed for Bob. She had on very short jean shorts and cut off tee shirt that exposed her perfect, tanned midriff and exposed plenty of her firm, round cleavage. She just stood in front of her large bedroom mirror, staring at herself with colors swirling in her mind. She looked so hot, so sexy. Bob would really love how she looked. Who the fuck wouldn’t? The thought made her hot. She could feel her nipples tingle and swell. She could feel her pussy start to warm. She looked at her reflection and grinned, a detached, lazy, dreamy smile. “You are one hot piece of ass,” she murmured to herself, one hand running over her flat tummy, the other kneading her left breast. No wonder every guy and so many girls wanted to do her, she thought. She laughed into the mirror. It was a hollow, empty laugh.

Bob and Monica had been sitting in her kitchen talking for half an hour. Bob was being a gentleman but Monica could see his eyes follow her bodies every move the whole time. He wanted her so bad, and why not? She knew she was hot stuff. She was the shit. She was made for sex. To be used. And men could tell it too. She got up to get him another glass of wine. She went behind him to the fridge. Suddenly a thought occurred to her. She reached not for the wine but to something long wrapped in silver foil that she had placed in the refrigerator earlier. It was heavy. Her eyelids closed half-mast and soft, pleasant smile came to her full lips. She picked up the object, turned around and swung it hard at the back of Bob’s head. He moaned briefly and fell over onto the floor. Monica stared down at him. Suddenly she dropped the heavy wrench that was hidden in the wrapping and fell to her knees. Her eyes widened at what she had done. She reached out and cradled Bob’s head in her hands. She couldn’t believe what she had done! “Oh my god! Bob, Bob, are you ok?” she said to him as she stroked his cheek. He was out cold. She gently turned his head over. There was a bloody gash on his crown.

Monica started to scream. “What the hell is wrong with me!!?” she cried. “I need to get help. Something is so wrong with me!” She got up and ran to her purse and cell phone to call 911. Just as she flipped it open, she heard a noise. She looked up and saw her pet coming into the kitchen, its legs scrabbling on the floor. The hand with the cell phone dropped to her side. What was she just about to do? She tried to think. Suddenly she felt calm, good even. She began to see the pretty colors in her head and soon the bug was glowing too. She felt her pussy start to heat up like an oven and her mind begin to pulse with a wicked joy. She looked down at Bob again and smiled. She had done well. She grinned at his prostrate figure then looked at the bug. Then from the bug to Bob, then back again. She laughed. She loved how she was being used. She loved how she was going to help her pet use Bob. It made her so wet and horny all over.

Monica sat in her chair and watched the bug. She had put Bob’s unconscious body on the bed. The bug was on his head, glowing like mad. Monica was jilling her pussy non-stop. It was so hot and sexy to watch her master have complete use of Bob. She moaned again and again as one climax after another rocked her naked body and open mind. Her pet had told her what was going to happen. It had fed now for weeks on her and Sandra’s and Jenny’s pussies. That had made it physically bigger and stronger. But now it needed more, a different sustenance for its mental side. It needed to get stronger mentally, to increase its power, it’s control on her and others. Control. The thought of control made Monica groan. The thought of being controlled was so pleasant, so sexy. The desire to be totally controlled, both mind and body thrummed through her brain like some irresistible, guiding current. She was controlled. Every inch of her sexy hot body had to eventually come under her pet’s control. She wanted to have no say in anything she thought or did. Her ass, her boobs, her legs, her pussy, it should all just be an extension of him. She moaned again at the thought.

And that’s how it should be, she realized. A new, very fun idea grew in her mind like a pretty, flowering plant; just the latest in long stream of fresh, interesting very appealing thoughts she had been having recently: She was born to be a shell. An empty, pliable shell to be used, fed on and eventually discarded like so much trash. Her pussy jolted with a huge orgasm at this new, erotic vision of her life. Her life before finding the bug had been so boring with thoughts of independence and jobs and dating and family…and Tom. What had been wrong with her back then? Why had she been so attracted to such ridiculous, boring notions?

Monica blinked. Tom. She loved him…didn’t she? Didn’t she want to marry him, have a family, experience life together, grow together, and grow old together? Suddenly she felt scared. Didn’t she have plans? Wasn’t it good to have plans? Isn’t that why she got a college degree? To be able to enjoy the best life had to offer? Did she really want to be a shell? A piece of meat that did only what its master wanted, only think what it was told to think? Monica tried to shake the lights from her head. An empty shell…a piece of meat to be used…Mmmmm. Yah. A beautiful, sexy, empty piece of meat to be used….So hot and horny. So docile and willing. Monica closed her eyes as the colors came back. She moaned and smiled. She was so lucky to be a hot piece of flesh that lived to be used. It had always been her dream. The bug had made her understand the lies she had lived before. The bug had made her realize her real purpose, the real reason she was alive for. It was so nice not to think, to have no desires except those imprinted on her brain from her pet. Her pussy exploded in orgasm.

Monica watched the bug vacantly while it did its thing. She understood now. It needed stronger food for its mental half. Bob would supply that. She sat on one side of the bed, mesmerized by the colors as it did what it needed to do. Like some kind of virulent, totalitarian regime, the bug had to keep getting stronger, to keep expanding in order to survive, to carry out its purpose…to live. Once it had taken over everything, everyone, then it could relax as master of this planet. This planet was perfect for its kind and human girls were perfect vessels to carry out it’s commands, it’s desires. And humans were also a perfect food source for the pets to grow and thrive and take control. She was a perfect food source.

The bug used one hard leg like a saw and cut along the back of Bob’s head. It pulled a flap of his skull back and soon attached itself to exposed brain. Monica smiled at Bob as it happened. Her pet was using Bob to get stronger, just as it used her. And that was always a good thing.

Suddenly Bob sat up, his eyes opening wide. The purple/green colors appeared in his eyes, calling to her. Monica knew what it wanted. She leaned over and took it’s head in her hands and kissed it. Their tongues intertwined ferociously as Bob’s hands took hold of Monica’s swollen breasts. Soon she was straddling him, his cock had risen, rock hard. She lowered herself on him. Man, this is what I always wanted, she thought as she settled her burning, hot pussy over his cock. I should have done this so long ago. Me and Bob just fucking hard all night.

Soon her pet….Bob, was reaming her out like she was a rag. His strength was amazing and his cock felt like hot concrete in her soaked pussy. She had never been fucked like this before in her life! Every part of her body was just reamed with pleasure. Her nipples were distended and engorged. Her eyes kept fluttering back in her head. His hands were running roughly all over her needy body.

He was controlling her. Turning her body as he wished. He fucked her hard as she bounced up and down on him. Soon she exploded with a heavy, hazy, perfect orgasm. As soon as it happened, he withdrew his cock and moved her around. Now she was on her hands and knees on the bed. He approached her from behind, his dick, still solid as ever, straining for yet more entrance. He rubbed in on her bare, round hard ass. Then to her ass crack. He grabbed her head by her hair and jerked it back. She looked at Bob, with lust and utter devotion in her eyes. She was drooling. Then he rammed his cock hard up her cunt. The feeling was overwhelming for her. Her pussy grabbed and clinched at his pole like it’s life depended on it staying in her forever. Her body shook with a brand new blast of chills and sensations as he started fucking her brains out doggy style.

The door to her bedroom opened and Jenny and Sandra entered. They were naked. Both girls looked as vacant and happy as Monica felt. They slowly approached the bed and soon turned to each other and began to kiss. Both fell into the double bed. Jenny started to suck Monica’s tits and Sandra started to lick her ass around Toms thrusting cock. Both entranced girls began to rub their clits furiously.

As Monica looked back at her lover, could see her pet had entrenched itself deep in Bob’s skull. It had almost, completely hidden itself there and pulled the exposed flap back in place. She thought it was so cool how the bug completely controlled Bob’s body. It was lodged in his head like it was now his brain. That was a major turn on for her. She kind of wished it would crawl in her head and become her brain. She was nearing orgasm. Her friend’s ministrations and Bob’s cock were bringing her to a huge boil. She was panting and sweating and her tits were heaving like pink, jello boulders. Suddenly she felt something happen to Bob’s cock. It expanded like an air hose. Her brain hummed with new instruction. She knew what to do, like a good puppet. She disengaged her hot pussy and quickly brought the swollen cock up to her face. It had a large swelling in it. Something was inside the cock! Something she knew she wanted desperately. She fondled it with her hand gently, lovingly, her face just inches away from it. She opened her mouth into a perfect O and slid it inside her panting hot mouth. She felt it spring down her throat like it had a mind of its own.

Immediately it began to spasm, shooting tasty junk down her throat. It was like heaven. Her pussy responded to every vibration of the cock and each blast of cum with its own identical cadence of pleasure. Her body exploded with orgasm as she swallowed the never-ending flow of jism. Then, she felt something else come out of the cock. It felt like a small, hard, slimy egg exited the dick and slid down her throat. Monica shivered at the thought that something from her pet had entered her beautiful body. An electric buzz shot from her brain to her breasts, along her nerves and blood vessels. She could feel it hit her stomach, which contracted wildly, then to her thighs and calves. Then it curled back up to her swollen pussy. She screamed in pleasure. The master was giving her a whole new taste of pleasure. The whole room seemed to be bathed in green and purple light. She felt like her pussy and brain were going to split apart and explode. Her mind was buzzing, dizzy and disoriented. She couldn’t catch her breath. Spit and jism were flowing out of her open mouth and then her body shook as though electrocuted. Then she passed out.

Monica woke up. It was several hours later. The pet was screwing Jenny as she stood against the wall, her back arched and her face in total bliss. Sandra stood at attention, watching them with a blank, hungry stare, masturbating like a wild animal in heat. Monica smiled. She never felt so relaxed or calm. She felt like a sexy, used slut who was mindlessly serving her purpose. And she realized she was. She realized how much she loved her life. She realized how much she adored her pet. She knew it really, really loved her deeply. She looked down at her body, so perfect, so tight, and so curvy. She smiled again. She was born to be used up by her pet. It was heaven. She couldn’t wait for more. Her pussy started to twitch again. It seemed like it always twitched now. She looked at Bob. He was lying on the bed. The flap on his head was open. There was no brain inside! Monica couldn’t take her eyes away. She felt a deep, atavistic fear run through her head. She felt sick, on the verge of throwing up. She had to call the police. Something was horribly wrong. What the fuck had she been doing? She looked at her friends. Jenny was getting the shit fucked out of her by the pet and Sandra was jilling herself silly watching them. “What is going on here?!” she screamed. Her friends did not even look at her.

As soon as Monica got up from her bed, the pet disengaged from Jenny and moved quickly to the room’s center. It started to glow. Monica couldn’t help but take one quick look at the light…then another. Soon all three girls faced it, sighing and moaning, their pussies moist; there stares blank, their soft, empty smiles stuck on their faces. Monica looked at the bug for a while and then turned to her close friends, then at Bob. As she looked at him, she began to calm down. Soon she giggled. Bob had been used. Just like her and her friends. Everything was all right. She had been so silly to get scared. The pet was telling her that so she knew it had to be true.

She looked back at the pet. It’s light was stronger than ever. She knew why. It had gotten the food it needed; its mental capacity for control growing ever stronger, ever nicer for her and the others. A nice, soft, warm, naughty thought bloomed in her head. “We have to bury this body in back. I have lots of room down by the creek. If someone finds him, everything will be ruined for us,” she said to the other girls. Her two gorgeous, naked friends looked at her, still smiling. “Ok, Monica,” said Jenny. Sandra licked her lips. “Was he good in bed?” she asked as her lips twitched. “Oh my god, yes,” replied Monica. “Best fuck I ever had. The Master made him sooo good. I wish he could have just eaten me up.” The girls all laughed.

Chapter 2

Four weeks after Bob’s visit Monica was getting ready for her big night. Today was her 23rd birthday. She also had a sneaky suspicion that Tom would pop the question tonight. It would be her present. The best possible present he could give her. She was so excited. She loved him so much and couldn’t wait to begin their married life together. She stood staring at herself in the mirror. She had on a lovely strapless dress. Not to gaudy but tasteful. The straps and low cut showed off the top of her smooth back and pert, full breasts. It was a perfect dress for a perfect night. She started to think about her future life as Tom’s wife. All their plans would begin tonight. All the great things they had talked about and shared for years. It was like a fairy tale. It was all going to start for both of them tonight! Her pet sat on the bed behind her…and slowly started glowing. She could see the pretty, hypnotic colors in the mirror. She could feel her mind opening up, just as she liked it to. Her pussy rocked and her nipples expanded with blood. She began to receive the thoughts she so deeply craved lately. She just couldn’t seem to get enough great new things to think from the pet. She wanted more and more instruction about how she should live her life. She now so embraced the feeling of having her thoughts and desires fed to her from the pet. She realized she did not want to have a single thought of her own anymore. She was just a pretty little toy to be filled with better, stronger thoughts of her pet. She reached out and clasped her engorged tit and grinned. “You’re such a docile, easy slut,” she said to her reflection. She kept thinking of more, pretty thoughts as her brain continued to marinate with pleasure.

The evening had gone just as Tom planned. He had taken Monica out to dinner at a very ritzy restaurant. Then they had gone to the cultural district to see a play Monica had wanted to watch for quite a while. She loved it. He kept watching her pretty heart shaped face all through the performance. Her big, beautiful, brown eyes, her pouty, pretty, full lips, her smooth cheeks and upturned nose. Her perfect little chin. Her long, curvy neck. She had to be the most perfect girl in the world. And her personality was just as great as her appearance. Never stuck up, never mean, always kind and considerate with others, and so smart and funny. He knew he was the luckiest man alive.

And after, things went even better. He had driven up The Hill, a romantic spot overlooking the city. He had pulled out a box and gave it to her: her birthday present. She beamed at him and opened it up with the smile and enthusiasm of a high school girl. She looked just adorable: so young, so alive, so pretty, so in love. Soon she got the box open and saw what was inside: a huge expensive engagement ring. She looked up at him in a way she never had before; nothing but complete and utter adoration in her eyes. Before he could even ask her the question she was smothering him in kisses as she kept saying “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Monica was floating on cloud nine. She felt like a teenage girl who’s Prince Charming had arrived!

The perfect night adjourned to Monica’s house. She quickly sat Tom down in the living room and retreated to her bedroom. Discarding her dress, she quickly donned a tight, sexy bustier that showed off and inflated her gorgeous breast. She also had on a tiny micro skirt that barely covered her panty-less bottom. She felt like this was going to be the best night of her young life, except of course for her wedding night. She was beside herself with excitement and anticipation. After she changed she stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself with a critical eye. She stared at herself, admiring what she saw. She was hot. She was so very hot. Another pleasant new thought seeped into her fuzzy mind. A wicked smile creased her full lips. Her eyelids dipped. She thought about how her pet used her to use Bob for food, to make it stronger. So it could tighten its control on her even more. That had been so erotic. Seeing the pet suck the brains right out of his head. Her cunt started to hum. Her hand involuntarily rubbed it slowly as she watched herself in the mirror. “You are such a bad, naughty little slut,” she murmured. For a moment, the thought surprised her. She was not bad, naughty or a slut. She was nothing like that at all. But then the idea came again, stronger, more insistent, riding like an intoxicating, irresistible drug and she knew it was true. She was a bad, naughty slut; really capable of anything. She wanted her pet to tell her what to do, what to think. Nothing was sexier to Monica than to think of herself as an empty, beautiful piece of flesh that needed to have thoughts pumped into her; just as the pet often pumped its strong hard limb into her waiting, begging cunt and ass. Just as Bob had pumped his cock in her pussy and filled her mouth with cum. She moaned. She licked her lips. She just wanted her body filled with sex and her mind with pretty colors.

She thought about Bob again…then Tom. Tom would never know what she had done. He didn’t need to know. It was her body that had enjoyed Bob’s cock…her mind that had had been controlled. It wasn’t any of Tom’s business and he could fuck off if he thought it was.

She took her hand out of her pussy, blew the mirror a lusty kiss and walked seductively, crossing one leg over the other, making her ass sway, to the living room where her fianc?aited. She knew she was hot, sexy and full of great ideas that the pet would use to control her dull mind and horny body all night long. Monica glanced at the mirror one last time as she moved. She looked as soft, obedient and controlled as she felt. The image gave her pleasant goose bumps. She was more than ready to be with Tom. She couldn’t wait.

Tom and Monica had engaged in a bacchanalia of lovemaking. As always, he was an expert, gentle, patient love maker, hitting all her spots on queue and bringing her off over and over. She nestled in his arms, glowing with enjoyment. Suddenly she had an idea. An idea for a surprise that she had almost forgotten. She turned to Tom, kissed him and smiled. He smiled back.

Tom was tied up to the bed; his hands to the post and feet together. He had been shocked when Monica had suggested it. She had never before expressed an interest in bondage. But she looked so very sexy, so alluring, he realized immediately that this would be a fun new turn in their relationship. Monica leaned over him and kissed his stomach, then his face. “Baby, you made me the happiest girl alive tonight. Made my dreams come true. And now I am going to return the favor,” she husked. She stood up and bent down under the bed. Tom was smiling, wondering what surprise waited. When she came back up she had a huge, odd-looking thing cradled in her arms. It looked like some kind of overgrown bug with three legs. Tom’s mouth dropped. Monica had a lazy smile on her face and her eyes were half lidded. She looked like she was mired in an ecstatic, waking dream.

“What the hell is that?” said Tom in shock. Monica smiled at him then looked down at the pet with tender desire. She stroked it gently and it started to glow. He noticed that she shuttered slightly and her eyes closed for a moment.

“It’s my bug,” she replied dreamily. “I found it a couple months ago by the creek. Isn’t it just the very best?”

“Jesus Christ Monica, that thing is big. It might be dangerous!”

She smiled at Tom. “Oh no Tom, it’s not dangerous at all. Just the opposite. All it does is make my body feel ever so fine. It does all kinda cool shit to my pussy, my ass, my boobs. Gets my shit the fuck off. It makes me think things too. More and more it thinks for me. It tells me what I need to know and do to help it control me even more. I love that feeling when it fucks with my brain…how it is making my mind disappear…oh man, you have no idea how nice it feels, baby.”

“Monica, put that thing down and untie me right now, please!” Tom was sweating bullets. He felt fear like he never had before.

Monica wet her lips with her tongue and ran her hand down her side. “I can’t do that baby,” she purred. “Not unless it tells me to. And it won’t do that.”

Tom pleaded with her, “Please, Monica. Put that thing down! I don’t know what this thing is doing to you, but I love you. You can stop this. It’s me, Tom, we’re going to get married. Please fight this. Help me! We can do it together! I love you!”

Monica hesitated. She slowly bent over and put the pet on the ground like Tom had asked. When she stood up, her face was braced with emotion, fear. Tears sprung to her eyes. “I…love you…I love you, too.” She ran to him and hugged him hard, sobbing uncontrollably. “Tom, I need help! Something is wrong with me. That…that wants to control me! Do things to me! Make me do horrible things!”

Monica ran over to him, hugging him hard.

Tom kissed her face, “Its ok baby. That won’t happen. I won’t let it. We won’t let it. Just untie me. I will stop that fucker. I will deal with it for both of us. I will protect you. I’ll kill that god damn thing!”

Monica kissed him again holding him tight, crying heavily. “Oh god, I love you so much!”

She reached out and grabbed the knot holding Tom’s left hand to the post and started to untie it. The bug leapt on the bed and started to glow, its colors so much stronger now since the night with Bob. Monica could sense a tingle in her head; that old, familiar, warm, siren call to the basest, primitive parts of her brain. The parts of her brain that now loved and craved the pet’s voice. She could feel the first soft, sweet strokes of her pet’s desires tickling the animal side of her mind that the bug had dug into over the weeks and had expanded in her ever so craftily. She stopped untying the knot and glanced back at the bug. She blinked and shook her head. She had to think this out. She had to figure out how to help Tom and herself get out of this nightmare…get away from that thing. Her clit tingled at the same time her nipples did. She bit her lip softly. She stepped back and looked at the pet closer. She had to think about this hard and carefully. She couldn’t afford to make a mistake that would jeopardize her or the man she loved and wanted.

Tom shook his head, “No Monica! Don’t look at it, just untie me! Can’t you see it’s scared? We can kill it!”

Suddenly Monica thought of Bob again. As she did, her mind felt like it was a ripe fruit being peeled and opened by loving, caring, knowing, warm hands. How cool it had felt to let the pet use him for food; just like it used her pussy for a different type of food. How hot and sexy she felt when Bob/pet had fucked her brains out. How much she enjoyed having it shoot cum and that seed in her mouth. She remembered that incredible orgasm it had given her. The best she had ever had. Stronger and better than anything someone Tom could ever give. And a mindless slut like her needed that. She needed it hard like that. And often. She needed it rough and uncaring, not love and foreplay that a wimp like Tom would do. To get it rough like she deserved and longed for, to feel used and cheap and beat. She shook her head. Why did she think that? It just was not true. But once again the thought came to her, more insistent than ever, more appealing and seductive. Suddenly she knew what she had to do. The right answer came to her out of the blue. She was so grateful she had taken a minute to think this through. That she hadn’t rushed to any stupid decision. She fully understood how to best help herself out of this mess and help her fianc?oo. kağıthane escort She had to act fast to help the both of them. She smiled at the pet and reached out and stroked one of its limbs. She had a small orgasm just from the touch.

She turned to Tom. “Baby, I know you are scared. I was maybe a little at first too. But this thing, it makes me feel so fucking good. Makes me feel like the no good, obedient stupid slut I am.”

No, Monica, your not!” Screamed Tom. “It’s making you think that shit. You are the smartest, nicest person I have ever met! We can make this stop!”

Monica slowly took off her bustier. Her round, firm boobs jiggled then stood out at attention. She grabbed both tits in her hands and ran her tongue over her plump red lips. She giggled, and then smiled. “But I don’t want it to stop baby. I love it. I want it to get stronger! I want this feeling to get better. I want to think only what it tells me. I want to feel only what it lets me.”

Tom shook his head in disbelief. “No, no” he muttered. “You have to think, Monica! It’s what makes us human, what we are! That’s how you can beat it! You can do it honey, I know you can.”

Monica sashayed sexily around the room in a slow, blissful haze, running her hands over her hips, her sides as she walked. Funny how her brain felt like that all the time now; all stuffed with pretty cotton. She had thought about seeing a doctor for a while but then she realized that she just enjoyed that fuzzy, warm feeling too much. Anything that felt that nice had to be good for her. She listened to what Tom said, but it didn’t sound like the truth. It sounded like he was trying to trick her. To make her give up something she enjoyed so much. Why would he do that to her? A new thought came to her: He wouldn’t if he really, truly loved me.

She looked at Tom and knew everything would be ok. “Oh sweetheart, why should I think when I have found something so much smarter and better than me to do that for me? It has the right to think for me.” She ran her hands over her body slowly. “It is so smart, so caring, so superior to me. And all I am is a very hot, sexy body with no thoughts of my own. My Master is teaching me what I really was made for…and that’s way more than anything you ever did for me” she said snidely. “You don’t know how easy and fun life is when all you need to do is what it makes you want to do.”

Monica bent over and licked the pet with slow lascivious strokes of her tongue. “Yes baby,” she cooed softly, “it has put me in heaven. I know exactly what my life should be now. I just want to belong to Him. I really do need that now, you know. I need Him way more than I ever needed you.”

She picked it up and put the bug on Tom’s chest. The glow flowed into his eyes and soon he became docile. Soon it crawled behind Tom’s still head. Monica knew what was coming. Just the thought sent warm chills down her spine. She leaned over and kissed Tom on the lips. “Don’t worry baby,’ she whispered in her most sultry, seductive voice. “You will love this. We will fuck each other’s brains out like we never have before. We’re going to get off like you won’t believe. It’s like we will both sacrifice our bodies in worship of it. Just like me and Bob did last week.”

Tom stared at her in disbelief. “Bob?” he asked numbly.

“Yes,” she laughed haughtily. “Bob from work. What a great fuck he was. Made me cum like crazy all night. He knew just how to play with my body,” she continued, running over her sides and stomach, then her ass with her hands.

By now Tom had given up. Monica’s sexy taunting and revelation of her affair, his hopeless situation and pet’s glow had reduced him to a state of immobile pacification. Only his open eyes and the agonized look on his face signaled that he was awake and still thinking.

Monica watched the pet slowly slice into the back of Tom’s skull. As she sat and watched, tears ran down her face. But a pretty, joyful smile was on her lips and she kept rubbing her wet pussy, cumming again and again while she watched the pet begin to work on the man she had loved so much.

Soon the creature had burrowed into the back of Tom’s head. His eyes flew open and he sat up. “Untie me,” he commanded. Monica, her hands and arms shaking did as she was told.

As soon as he was free, Tom roughly threw Monica on the bed. He quickly began to tie her up, just as she had been. When he was finished, he stared down at her coldly. “You want fucked, don’t you bitch?” he sneered.

“Oh god yesss….” She moaned. “I need it so bad..”

“You love being tied up and helpless, controlled, don’t you slut? Love how it feels?”

Monica’s shaking body twitched in a small orgasm just hearing his words.

“Mmmm….fuck yah I…d……”

“Tell me how you love being helpless and controlled!” Tom directed.

Monica’s head was rolling side to side in ecstasy, her eyes fluttering.

“I..I…l… it so..f……much! I need t……feel like this.”

“How?” he demanded, pressing the issue.


Tom’s blank face smiled cruelly. “I know you do, bitch.” And then he pounced.

Tom’s cock was in her face before she knew it. She opened her full, wet lips greedily, desperate to have Master’s/Tom’s cock deep in her mouth. He began to face fuck her with a fury. His cock slapping and jamming into her lips as she tried to lick and suck him off through his frenzy. She couldn’t stop her body from twitching and shaking with his every thrust. It was heaven. Soon he exploded with a massive orgasm. His jism flooded her mouth and throat as the gorgeous young girl swallowed like mad trying to ingest every drop of her man’s cum. After a moment, he pulled back and blasted her sweaty face and heaving tits with warm, white jism. She purred and groaned as her pussy baked and shook with her own intense orgasm. After he was done, he left his cock dangling by her panting, moist mouth. She watched in blessed out haze as once again, the swelling she had seen in Bob’s dick started in Toms. A swelling that moved slowly up his shaft to its head.

Tom grabbed the cock with one hand and held it right up to her lips.

“The egg is coming out. Take it in your mouth, whore,” he said.

Monica struggled to open her quivering lips into a wide O to receive her Master’s gift. They were shaking so bad it was hard for her to control them. Finally she did.

Tom laid the tip of his cock on her bottom lip. Soon the little white egg came forth. It hung on her pink, wet lip for a brief moment, and then it slipped into her waiting mouth. She moaned as she felt it arrive. Greedily she swallowed over and over again, as if a baby on its mother’s tit. As it slide down her eager throat, into her body, her head lolled back and her eyes closed in another orgasmic pleasure.

Tom repositioned himself on top of her tied up, prostrate form. She was so slick with sweat and desire his hands and body slipped on hers as he moved.

“Now I am going to fuck you like you need, you pretty little cunt,” he rasped.

“Oh yes, do me like that,” Monica begged. His throbbing cock was jumping up and down. She looked at him with pleading eyes.

Tom took his cock and rubbed it around her puffed up pussy. It sent thrills of pleasure up and down her whole body. She wanted to do this forever.

“Are you ready, baby?” he asked.

“Oh god yesss…so fu…” she replied, staring up into his face with total rapture. “Put it in…please..put it in so deep…”

He rammed his member deep inside her wet pussy. Her body arched in response.

“Fuck yah…t..te..tear……t…th…the… fuck…up,” she mewled, almost incoherently. “Give it to me…please!”

Tom started to hammer the tied up girl relentlessly. He was so rough, so hard, and so good. She had never imagined her body could feel this good. Her hair flew back and forth with each thrust, spraying sweat on both of them. He groped, licked and kissed her inflamed nipples and boobs as he drilled into her. Then he moved his head up and began to kiss her face and lips. She responded wildly, her lips and tongue reaching out all over his face and mouth, needing his touch so very bad. Her moans kept getting longer and louder, more wanton and animalistic with every kiss of their mouths, every thrust into her wet pussy.

“You love me, don’t you slut?” Tom asked between thrusts.

“Ohhhh yeah, Tom, I love you more than anything, ever!” she gasped back. “I only need you, nothing else.” She purred loudly. “You feel sooo good baby,” she moaned, “I feel so good. Oh baby, just give me every inch!”

Finally, she could feel his dick pulse and throb harder than before. It was almost time. She braced herself for what was about to happen. When he came, it was almost too much for her. Every muscle in her body strained in abject pleasure. Her muscles strained in stark relief against her skin. Her toes curled up. Her calves, stomach, pussy, back and arms cramped up in pain and pleasure. For a brief moment, she actually thought she would break the ropes that bound her. But that could never happen. She would always be bound, for the rest of her life. That was why it was all so good. She came for what seemed like hours, just lost in a haze of perfect, mindless pleasure that her hot young, needy body was in perfect tune with. She wished it would never stop…ever.

Tom and Monica had the night of their lives. It was everything Monica had imagined for the night Tom would propose to her and more. He fucked her like he never had before, and it was even nicer because the pet was attached to his head. She never felt so sexy and so complete. It was paradise. When it was all over she curled up with Tom, kissed him on the lips and lay in his perfect, loving arms, her head on his chest.

When she woke up, Tom was laying there, the pet was gone and so was his brain. He was just an empty shell now. Just like I want to be, thought Monica and she felt her heart beat start to flutter with excitement. She looked around and her best friends Sandra and Jenny were standing in front of the mirror, fingering themselves and kissing as they stared at their wet, beautiful reflections. The pet was probably under the bed digesting its nourishment. Monica could feel thoughts inside her head, that familiar, sexy tingle of being told what to do. She looked at her naked friends. “Take this body out by Bob’s and bury it,” she said peremptorily, coldly. She took one last look at her fianc?He had been so lucky to serve the pet like he had. He had been so lucky to fuck her hot, wet, slutty body, too. She knew he had appreciated it. She knew because the pet told her he did.

As the girls started to drag Tom off the bed, she retired to the bathroom to wash the night’s sex from her body. She could never remember feeling so good, so complete, and so fucking alive.

After Tom’s burial, Monica and the two girls sat in the living room. Monica made them bacon and eggs. They laughed and talked about their jobs, their lives and boys. Monica served herself last and sat down. She gave them a wicked smile. “So how is it going with your boyfriends’?”

Sandra laughed, “Me and John are going at it hot and heavy. He’s just a little pissed that I am not spending as much time with him…but I really need to come know..,” she trailed off softly as she blinked her soft, glassy eyes. Jennifer nodded in agreement. “Same with me and Eric…”

Monica smiled at her and giggled. “Oh yeah, I know alright.” All three girls got a vacant look on their faces and quivered. Small moans escaped from their lips all at once. Monica thought their simultaneous reaction was just so sexy and hot. It showed her what control the pet was achieving over both of her friends…and more importantly, her. Feeding on Bob’s brain had made it’s mental energy so much stronger. She reached down to her twat, which was already soaking wet. She pulled her wet hand up. “Mmmmmm… smell it,” she said as she stuck her hand in Jenny’s cute face. Jenny shook and leaned forward and inhaled deeply. She moaned quietly, and took Monica’s fingers in her mouth. Jenny licked and licked while Sandra started to massage her tits through her tee shirt. “God I love how it makes me feel…this is so fun.” said Sandra softly to no one in particular. Her eyes had a far away haziness to them; a silly, easy grin split her face.

Monica shook her head to clear her thoughts. “Look, I have to go away for a while. It needs me to make it stronger, to make more of them. I am leaving in two weeks. But before that, I need both of you to start picking up guys at nightclubs and bars and bringing them here. It needs to…..u…,” Monica moaned at the word, “to get more brain food.” Monica couldn’t go on for a moment. She was breathing very hard and her nipples were extended and quivering again like they were alive. Her clit felt like it was growing with each breath. Was it actually quivering down there like her nipples or was she imagining it? So weird if it was actually happening. And it felt so nice. She hoped both her lovely friends were feeling the exact same thing. “Once it feeds four more times, then I have to go. You two will just keep going on with your normal lives till I get back. Understood?”

All three were now fingering their pussies like mad. “Yesssssss…” both Sandra and Jenny purred and all three of them came at the same time. The pet stood in the hallway and watched, glowing.

“Make sure you don’t use your boyfriends as the material. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Just go to bars or clubs and pick up random materi…um… guys to use as food. Don’t let anyone see you leave with them. Just dress all sexy, shake your cute asses and act like the little sluts you are. You can do that, right?”

As Monica was saying this, she started to sway her hips slow and sexy, run her hands over his sides, and then slapped her hard, round ass as a final demonstrative punctuation point of how they should act when picking up guys. Then she stood there saucily, with her arms akimbo, giving her friends an irresistibly sexy pout. After a moment of pausing like that, she arched her dark eyebrows and broke into a mischievous grin.

“Yes Monica,” both replied in unison through another orgasm. Soon all three girls were giggling and exploding with laughter over Monica’s play-acting and antics. They all decided to retire to Monica’s bed for a day and night of sex with each other and the pet.

Chapter 3

A couple weeks later and four more bodies in the woods by the creek, Monica was ready to go. But first she needed to get fucked…and instruction. Friday she came home from work and was trembling as she ran to her bedroom. Her shaking hands actually ripped her clothes off before she got there. She didn’t have the patience to undress. She felt like some junkie going to get her fix. But this was so much better. She was an empty slave going to get her brain and pussy filled by her master. She had simmered in a slow burn all day at work. Seeing the addictive colors on the back of her eyes, her pussy dripping all day long, her nipples getting bigger and harder than she ever thought possible. They sent bolts of pleasure right into chest. She had rubbed out seven times in the bathroom that day.

As she reached her bedroom door, a huge glob of drool fell from her mouth and hit her swaying right tit. She looked down on it. The way it dripped down her breast, all wet and shiny and naughty against her hard boob. She reached with her hand and rubbed the spit all over her tit. All of a sudden her right nipple quivered and jumped. A half second later her left one did. Half a second later it felt like her clit did the same! She spread her legs and looked at her pussy. Her clit stood out in red prominence. She looked at it closely. It looked at least twice as big as she had ever seen it. “Ahhhh… man…..fuck…..” she moaned, staring at her pussy. She marveled at how wet, needy and sensitive her pussy was these days. She couldn’t seem to remember it being like that until recently. It was so strange and new; like a cunt on steroids. She thought it was great. That realization just made her wetter. God I’m such a horny, bitch, she thought. It made her giggle lustfully.

Her head lolled back and Monica shut her eyes. She could feel her pussy, hot as a furnace, begging for touch, just as her brain was begging for instruction. The pet’s colors rolled behind her closed eyes. Ahhh..fuckin shit…. She had to get to her pet now!

Monica was in her bedroom. The pet was gripping her thin waist tightly with two appendages. The third was rammed up her tight asshole giving her a hard fuck. She was supporting herself with her arms against the mirror on her wall. The pet was so much bigger now than it had been before…and physically stronger. With every hard thrust the creature slammed Monica’s sweating breasts and face against the mirror. It was working her over with a reckless, brutal abandon it had never shown before. The mirror was soaked with perspiration. Every time the pet pulled its limb back Monica pushed her arms out again and retracted from the mirror. Her sexy arm and back muscles, toned from great genes and countless hours in the gym, flexed in stark relief with the effort. Her head lolled back and forth, her pretty neck muscles shown off by her movements. Monica would use this brief respite to look hard at her reflection. She looked so wasted and so used. Her eyes looked glazed and far away. Her mouth kept twitching involuntarily. She loved her look and it turned her on even more.

Monica thought about how much she loved what she was becoming. How great the change was in her. How much she wanted to change more and faster; to have the pet empty her out and mold and craft her into the wild, wanton sexy slave it wanted her to be.

Her head and boobs slammed into the mirror again. “Consumed”, she said softly as the pet reamed her out. How hot would it be to have my entire personality and thoughts completely consumed… she wondered idly. She came at the thought. Slam, she hit mirror again. Consumed…and then refilled with colors… bad thoughts…so I could do all kinds of bad, bad things to other people…material… She came again, harder. Or just have my brain eaten up like Tom and Bob…Mmmmm….that would feel sooo cool… She came again. That would feel so cool to have my pet physically inside my skull…..Mmmm..look so cool… Orgasm, slam! Monica took a hard breath in. She was shaking all over. She started to speak to herself as the fucking continued, “Mmmmmm…..feed on your material….feels so…fu…fuc..fuckin g…goo…good….mmmm…fuck me…feed on me…make me fuckin empty.” Monica’s voice was soft, deep and husky. Anyone who knew the cute, vivacious college grad would not even recognize her voice. She sounded like someone else entirely. Someone not so nice as Monica had always been. Monica’s eyes started to slide up and down and side to side behind her closed lids. All she could see were purple and green colors. Sweat and spit poured down her face, neck, boobs and shaking abs. “Make m… so f.f..fuck..fucking empty……the…then..fill me…up..w..wi..with colors and…f..f..f…fuc..fuckin …ba …b…bad…t..things.”

Monica knew that pet was penetrating her up the ass to deposit another piece- a tendril- in her to go along with the two hard seeds she knew were in her body. This had happened before and she loved the thought of having some of pet inside her so it could use her sexy body some more to enslave other good food material.

Monica knelt by her bed, looking at her Master. Its glow reached right into her empty mind. She was not thinking, not feeling anything except her hot body filled with pure animal, sexual euphoria. The pet’s instructions flowed easier than ever right to her brain, embedding themselves as Monica’s thoughts. It was the last that thing needed to happen before her departure.

Monica walked into the Bigger’s Pawn shop. An old white haired man sat behind the counter. Monica gave him her adorable smile and said hi. She pulled out her engagement ring and asked what she could get for it. She thought about the fuzzy feeling and the colors that seemed to be in her brain as the old man looked at Tom’s ring. She realized she should be scared of that weird feeling…but she wasn’t. Instead, she reveled in it. The thought gave her a jolt in her head. The pleasant buzz got stronger and seemed to spread down her spine to her body. She felt warm, lazy and content. Her eyes got a glassy, opaque look to them. She broke out in a goofy, high grin.

“Hello Miss!” the old man said again. Monica popped out of her reverie. She realized she had been staring off into space, enjoying her thoughts, warm feelings and the sexy colors. She blushed with embarrassment. She smiled at the man.

“This is a really nice ring,” he said, “I can give you ten grand, but to be honest, it is worth more.”

Monica’s eyes lit up! Ten grand would suit her fine. “Thanks, I appreciate that.” she smiled. “I’ll take it,” she replied.

“Where did you get this fine ring, if I may ask?”

Monica blinked slowly as though coming out of a dream she was trying to recall. “…Oh…it was from my fianc?

“Sorry it didn’t work out.”

Monica nodded her head. “Me too. I thought we would spend our lives together. I still love him very much.”

The old man shook his head. “I know it is none of my business, but maybe you are moving too fast. Perhaps you will get back together.”

Monica smiled sadly. “I really wish we could. But I don’t think so. It’s just gone too far for that to happen now. I finally realized he wasn’t the one for me.”

The old man shook his head. “A damn shame. And you are such an attractive young girl. For what it’s worth, you will find another for sure.”

Monica blushed at the compliment. She felt she would find another as well. The pet wanted her to hook up with many more men and girls. She smiled at the thought of her nice, busy future.

The old man walked back to a room down the hall.

Why did I think that? she wondered. She didn’t think of herself as some hot bitch…did she? But I am hot. The idea jumped unbidden to her mind. It made her feel sultry and sexy. I’m a hot and sexy … Monica smiled softly and her hand slowly raised up and caressed her cheek, then down her neck. I’m a hot, sexy bitch who likes to get used. I love to make others get used too… Monica’s hand touched her breasts gently. I love to do bad things…..I love to get eaten up….all eaten up…my body and my mind… The young girl gave out a soft gasp. I love to watch men get their brains eaten up by my little pet…I need to fuck a lot more guys for Master. I want to have my brains eaten up….mmmm….”

“Miss!” the old man hollered. Monica looked at him. He had been talking to her but she had not heard him in her blissful state. He was looking at her funny. She realized she had been spacing out in front of the nice, old man. She felt so stupid. He had the check in his hand. Monica thanked him profusely and walked out of the store ten thousand dollars richer and very embarrassed.

As she drove off, she couldn’t believe she had been getting turned on in the old man’s store with her kinky, strange fantasies. She had to stop doing that. She was becoming some kind of silly airhead. She thought about how selling Tom’s ring made a final cut with him.

In the last few weeks since his “disappearance”, she realized she didn’t miss him at all. She still had her awesome pet to keep her company with its pretty lights. Right now, that was all she needed. Someday, she would want to date again, to look for the right man, her Prince Charming to share a life with. Right now, just relaxing with her pet and her good friends Jenny and Sandra was all she needed. She could tell by her lack of emotion to Tom’s disappearance that he really didn’t mean anything to her. It had all been a huge mistake and waste of time on her part. She was glad he had left. He really had proved to be a big fat nothing in the end. Just some kind of…human material for her to use and…discard without care….because…because.. she was just some unfeeling, sexy, bad bitch. The thought brought back her pleasant brain buzz. She looked up in her rearview mirror, studying her perfect face framed by her black hair for a long time. She tossed her head and watched her shiny hair bounce. It looked so hot. She looked so hot.
Monica shot a glance at the large suitcase in the passenger seat. Her pet was in it. She just had to take it with her to see Tina. She would be totally lost without it. She knew that. She reached out and stroked the case with care.

Her hand withdrew from the suitcase and went up her skirt. Her thighs and the car seat were already soaked. She could smell humid, open pussy in the car. Her pussy. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and took a deep breath. She drenched her hand in her pussy then brought it up to her nose and inhaled. She licked the fingers off and immediately them returned to her wet twat. She looked back up in the mirror. She noticed her eyes were half closed and looked glazed and dull. She kept staring at her pretty face. She loved when she looked like that; so out of it, so sexy. C’mon Monica, she thought, her intelligence fighting to regain control, “snap out of this kinky daydream before you wreck the fucking car.” She took a deep breath to clear her head; but it only smelled like more available pussy. She looked back up in the mirror, bunched up her bow shaped, pouty lips and blew herself a long, slow kiss, then grinned at herself. “Mmm, sexy baby,” she breathed, “you were born to get used up so hard that you won’t even remember who you are..” That idea was too much for the pretty young girl. Her pussy spasmed and she came hard.

She continued to have these kinky, sexy thoughts invade her brain on the rest of her ride to Tina’s. She kept playing with herself too. By the time she got to her sister’s house, Monica knew she was a very bad, naughty girl, almost capable of doing anything to anyone. She also realized that her previous life of thinking was very overrated. She didn’t want to think anymore. She just wanted to feel good and do all the fun, naughty, sexy bad things that popped into her head. Fun, bad things that turned her on. She smiled at that idea. It seemed all so new and exciting to her. She couldn’t wait to see Tina!

Monica had driven east to see her sister. Tina was only 18 and a first year college student. Like Monica, she was majoring in graphic arts. She had plans for perhaps working with her sister someday. They were very close and always had been. Tina very much resembled her sister: Long, muscular legs that wouldn’t quit; firm, cut tummy; thin waist; graceful long neck; cute, sexy face with an upturned nose. Round tight ass and curvy, pretty arms. She was tanned all over her flawless skin. Pouty, pink, full lips over a stunning smile. Also like Monica, she had hard, firm C cups that looked very big on a petite frame. The only difference was that Tina was blonde and blue eyed, taking after their mother where Monica had her dad’s color.

Tina lived in her own rented house that her parents had gotten for her. Mom and dad were very successful and rich college graduates. Mom was the head of triage nursing at a large hospital and their father was a high priced lawyer. He did a lot of pro bono work because he had a social conscience. They had imbued both girls with a strong will to succeed and achieve as well as a sense of responsibility for their fellow man. They were truly their parent’s children.

After Monica’s long drive, they decided to stay in at Tina’s place and order a pizza and some wine. They talked for hours, about their lives, their plans, their dreams and caught up on what old friends were doing. Tina carefully did not bring up Tom’s strange disappearance. She did not want to bring back any unhappy memories for her sister. The conversation turned to Tina’s schooling.

“How are classes coming?” asked Monica, curious if Tina’s academic excellence had carried over from high school.

Tina beamed. “Great, I’m carrying two Bs and five As this semester. But boy were you right about this. No more teachers coddling and it’s up to you to put in the work and keep up.”

Monica was happy about this. But she knew her intelligent sister would do well. The only drawback possible would have been her engaging in too much social life given her new freedom from home. But Tina was too smart and grounded to fall into the trap.

“But boy I can tell you, no social life for me yet. The work load is too hard.”

Both girls laughed. “Hey, you’re the one who wanted to take 21 credits your first semester,” admonished Monica in a teasing way.

“I can do it,” said Tina proudly. “You taught me how to work hard back in high school. Those lessons are paying off for me now. You did it every year, genius! That’s why you graduated a year early. I’m just following your lead. I owe everything to you.”

Monica blushed at the praise. She was so proud of the smart, independent woman Tina was fast becoming. She realized as well that she indeed had set a great example for her.

“So the grades are good, now what about your love life?” asked Monica with a smile.

Tina blushed a little and giggled. “Well, I have met someone, Robert, he’s going to be an engineer.”

“Ohh, Robert the engineer, huh?” replied Monica, laughing teasingly. “How serious is it?”

“Wellllll…..” Tina batted her pretty blue eyes and both girls broke out laughing.

“Is he hot?” inquired Monica.

“He’s not Brad Pitt, but he doesn’t have to be. I think he’s cute and I just love his personality.”

Monica got more curious. Just how much of a young woman was her sister now? She knew Tina had left high school a virgin, just as Monica had. Had she also followed Monica by losing her cherry in her freshman college year?

Monica arched her eyebrows. “Sooooooo, have you two……. ummmm,” she batted her pretty brown eyes back at her sister, playing the game, and gave Tina an adorable grin.

Tina burst out in a giggle at Monica’s antics and nodded coyly. “Yes, we have……ummmmm.” The sisters rocked with laughter.

Monica knew her sister really was a woman. “Is he good?’ she pressed, amazed that the little girl she used to jump rope and play dolls with and bake with was talking about sex with her boyfriend. Time just flew by.

Tina’s golden, tanned face blushed a little. “Well it’s not like I have anything to compare it to, but for me he’s great. Gentle, caring, considerate, slow……and thorough.” She emphasized the last word. Again the girls laughed.

“Ohh, now that sounds like a good college education,” joked Monica.

Suddenly Tina blanched. Monica noticed. “What’s wrong honey?” she asked.

“Oh, I um, just feel a little uncomfortable talking about my love life, you know…with what happened with Tom and all.”

Monica smiled and shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not a problem. I am so over Tom you have no idea.”

Tina looked surprised. For years Monica had told her how much she was deeply in love with Tom and how much she wanted a life with him. Monica’s flippant attitude of dismissal shocked her. “You are?”

Monica nodded. “Oh yah, I sure am. He left and that’s that. I have such a full and rewarding life right now I don’t even think of him.”

“Wow,” responded Tina, finding this hard to believe from her sister. Monica was one of the most caring persons she had ever known. Why did she just assume Tom had left? How did she know something bad had not happened to him? This attitude of her sister’s intrigued her. “Have you heard anything about his disappearance?”

Monica shook her head. “Nope, not a word. You know, there was a guy who worked at my office, his name was Bob, he disappeared too. Well, that kind of made me look bad, you know, a co worker and my fianc?oth just vanishing.”

“Oh my god!” said Tina. “Were you a suspect?”

Monica nodded. “Yes, the police were all over me. But everyone at work knows me and told them no way I could be involved. Also, they told them me and Bob were very good friends. You can’t blame them, though. I was the one link between the two.”

“What happened?”

“Well, they questioned me for hours. They followed me. The questioned me again. Finally I asked to take a lie detector test.”

“Oh my god, Monica! That’s horrible! Were you scared?”

“No, not at all. I knew I would pass. After I was done they told me it was the cleanest test they had ever seen. Not even a hint of nerves or deception. After that, they started to leave me alone. It was all just such a hassle for me.”

“Wow, I am so glad that’s over for you. I can’t believe all this happened to you! I feel so bad about it…and about Tom.”

Monica put her hand on her sisters. “Oh baby, please, don’t worry about me. I am happier now than I ever have been in my entire life. The world seems so open for me now.”

“But you and Tom were like…so close forever. Don’t you miss him?”

Monica looked at her sister and blinked slowly several times, as though trying to remember something. When she spoke her words were soft and slow. “Oh no. I don’t miss him at all. You know, a hot, sexy bitch like me won’t have any problem at all finding more material to use…”

Tina looked at her sister in shock. Was she making a bad joke? She was talking about men like they were….material? A hot, sexy bitch? Monica had never thought about herself in that way. What was up with that? She didn’t know whether to laugh or take her seriously. She looked at Monica. Her sister was staring off serenely, looking right through Tina. She had a silly, empty grin on her face and her eyes looked far off.

“Monica, are you ok?”

Monica blinked again then seemed to come back to earth. She blushed. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired from the drive and the wine I guess…”

Ok,” said Tina, a little worried. “Hey, let’s get some sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow and I want you at your full super girl powers!” Both girls laughed.

“What’s on the eyüp escort agenda?”

“Well, I thought we could go to the pool first and work our outrageous tans! Then, a little shopping at the mall. Later we can meet Robert and go eat, maybe a movie.”

Monica smiled. “That sounds like a perfect day. Can’t wait to start. I’m going to change into something a bit more comfy for sleep, ok?”

“Sure. I will clean up a bit while you do.”

Monica stood up and started to walk to her guest room. Suddenly her brain had a little pleasant tingle. She stopped. A new thought popped into her head. She smiled and turned around.

“Tina, before we go to bed, there is something I want to show you, ok?

Tina smiled back at her sister. “A surprise?”

Monica smiled back. “Yep, you’re going to love it.”

Tina laughed. “Great, I love surprises. What is it?”

Monica shook her head. “No, not now. You will see!”

“Wow, now I am intrigued. This better be good!”

“It is. It’s just the best.” Monica turned and walked off grinning, leaving Tina full of wonder.

Monica walked into her room and shut the door. She made a beeline to the big closet and took out one of her suitcases. She placed it on the bed and popped it open. Inside, the pet was waiting. Monica gently picked it up and put it on her double bed. She leaned down and stroked its body, then sat down and kissed it. “Hey lover, how are you? I missed you so much! I kept thinking of you all night. It was all I could do to sit with Tina and not run in here and see you…”

The pet started to glow softly showing it’s purples and greens. Monica’s eyes widened. Her brain and body began to warm; that same old great feeling suffusing her every nerve and muscle, every synapse of her soft mind. “Let me change into something else and then we can….talk….” she mumbled. Slowly as though in a pleasant dream, Monica got up and drifted to the closet. She let her sweatpants drop, then her panties. She took off her tee shirt. She ran her hands softly over her naked body. Then she reached into the closet and took out a thin, soft chemise and put it on. When she was finished, she walked languorously back to the bed, hip and ass swaying and sat down again, looking at the pet.

“I’m here baby,” she murmured and started stroking it again with her hand. One of the pet’s limbs reached out and started to caress her cheek. Monica stiffened and moaned. The pretty, hypnotic lights grew brighter. Suddenly Monica began to have nice thoughts she hadn’t realized were there before.

“Mmmm…yes, my sister is right outside….mmm…yes, I know you want to meet her. I want you to meet her too…that would be ever sooo….nice..”

Suddenly Monica felt fear. Did she really want Tina to meet the pet? She thought about her younger, sweet, innocent sister. All the good times they had shared as kids. All the secrets they had kept for each other, all the fun and adventures in high school. A life time of memories accumulated by growing up together and being so close to each other. She thought about her sister’s future and the hopes she had for her; a career, maybe even working together at Monica’s firm as they both discussed so much; a true, great boyfriend, perhaps Robert?

Her face broke out in a sweat. Did she want Tina to end up like her? And just what kind of future do I really have, she wondered to herself? Suddenly all those things she had always envisioned for herself seemed so far away, like some unattainable dream meant for some other girl… but not for her. Never for her.

Did she want Tina to end up like some mindless slave, a tool to be used and fed from like some piece of meat, some expendable resource, some material? When had she started to think of herself that same way? Had it happened when she met her pet? Was the pet really her friend or something else entirely? Was she wrong about it? Were their little games not so innocent and harmless like she had been led to believe? Where were these alien thoughts coming from? Was the pet doing something to her she was unaware of? Her recent ideas and desires didn’t seem like her at all. She realized now they seemed so foreign and twisted. She thought about Tom and her eyes watered up. The love of her life! What had she done to him? It seemed so right at the time, such a hot, sexy thing to do to him, but now it seemed kind of wrong. She stared off, trying to put things in some kind of normal perspective.

She looked back at the pet. “No. I don’t want you to meet Tina. She’s my only sister and I love her more than anything. You got me, you got Jenny and Sarah, but you can’t have her,” Monica said sharply. “I want her to have a real life. Not end up a tool for you…like I am. That is not going to happen. Do you understand?”

The pet just glowed. It reached up again and stroked Monica’s cheek, then slowly lowered its limb over her neck, and rubbed on Monica’s proud, pert breasts. Her nipples immediately sprang to attention like sentries, engorged and started to quiver. Her clit did the same. “Oh god, baby, that feels so fucking good…do me the fuck up,” she moaned.

She continued to stare at the light as she got her tit massage. “Yes baby. I do trust you,” she mumbled. “Yes I do love my sister so much. Mmmm…yes, I do want her to feel good, just like I do. No, I know you would never hurt her or use her like you do to me. I know you love her too….”

Monica’s body shivered as the bug kept sending her new ideas in its lights while physically arousing her. Monica’s sexy body began to writhe slowly and lewdly under the stimulating influence of the pretty light and the slow, expert ministrations of her tits.

Monica now spoke with the husky, slow, sultry slurred voice of a girl very high or drunk. “Mmmm..yes lover, you always know what’s best for me. I know I’m just a silly girl…yes….yesssssss….I do need you to think for meeeee…” The entranced girl’s glazed, saucer eyes begin to flutter rhythmically. “Uh..huh…I could never live without you…I would do anything you want….” A stronger light blast left the creature and Monica could feel her humid, moist pussy respond on command, just like it was supposed to. Monica came with a quivering start.

The bed was wet with her juice, her eyes shut for a moment, and then she opened them again and kept looking at her pet. Suddenly she realized she had a great idea. She loved Tina sooo much. She knew she should let her little sister look at the pet. It would make her feel so good. She would just have to make sure that the pet would not make her a slave. But she loved her sister so she knew that it would be unfair not to share this great, hazy, warm feeling the pet could give her. It would be such a shame to not let Tina feel something so nice. If she loved her sister, she would never deny her that chance. And she did love her so much. Just for the week while she was there. Then she would leave, take the pet and all would be normal for her sister…just a little harmless fun while they were together. She really should let Tina have just a little taste. What harm could come from it? Kind of like smoking some pot during the week. Monica smiled. Yes! Just like that. Nothing dangerous for Tina at all! Just two sisters getting high together and having some innocent fun. Only they would get high on the bug instead. Nothing more than that. Monica was amazed at how clearly she could solve problems when relaxing with the pet. She leaned over and kissed it again. Licked it where the colors were glowing. Her pussy and thighs clenched and she came again, harder.

Monica emerged from the bedroom back to the living room. Tina was sitting there waiting. She too was ready for bed, having changed into a cute little pink nightie that hugged her sexy curves.

She jumped up off the sofa. “Ok sis, let’s see this big surprise of yours. I can’t wait!”

Monica walked over and grabbed Tina’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Inside it was dark. Monica had turned off the light and shut the window curtain.

“Hey, what’s with the black motif?” questioned Tina.

Monica giggled. “It’s ok. Just trust me.” She led Tina by the hand to a chair she had set near the bed. Monica sat in another right next to it. She held her sisters hand in her own.

“What’s that on your bed?” asked Tina with curiosity. She could make out what looked like some kind of triangular stool there.

“Ok,” said Monica, with excitement in her voice. “Just sit tight and you will see in a second.”

Sure enough, a light purple and green glow began to emanate from the object. It began to get brighter. Tina gasped. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. If life was in 3D, this seemed like 4 or 5D. This light didn’t just shine, but it seemed to penetrate into her head and bounce around her skull and eyes. The effect was incredible.

“Oh my god, what the hell is doing that?” Tina gasped in amazement.

Monica laughed. “Well, remember my bug collection?” she said, squeezing Tina’s hand.

“Yes, I bet you still have it!” Tina said, not taking her eyes off the pretty glow.

“Yes I do,” Monica laughed. “This is part of it. I found this bad boy down by the creek one day. It started to glow just like this.”

Tina sat quiet for a moment, unable to think of a response. She felt sluggish and kind of nice. Finally she said, “Is it yours?”

Monica giggled. “Well, it was. But I like it so much I almost think I belong to it now…” she giggled again. Tina giggled at her sister’s silly response to her question.

Tina sat quiet, not saying a word; just taking in the gorgeous colors, absorbing them, letting them light up her brain. Monica could feel her sister’s hand quiver for a second, then break out into a sweat. Monica’s pussy started to heat up to a slow bake. The pretty lights were making her sister feel nice. The thought made Monica very happy… and horny too. Why was that, she wondered?

“Man,” said Tina sluggishly. “That thing is the shit. Can’t believe this…I think I could sit here all night. So….fucking…pretty…feels…good..”

Monica smiled. Tina was getting high on the light; getting her little taste of it. She loved her sister so much and was glad she could get her off on the pet’s lights.

“You can, baby. Do you want to sit tonight and just get high and watch it?”

“Uh huh,” mumbled Tina, not really caring what Monica said.

Suddenly Monica had a great idea. She got up and kissed her sisters cheek. “Sis, I am going to go out to the living room. If you want me just come out. If you want to stay here, just sit and watch, ok?”

“Um..think… imma just sit here for a….bit….k?”

“Sure,” said Monica. “Just relax and enjoy. I will check on you if I get bored.”

“K…Monic….” Tina’s response trailed off.

Monica carefully walked out of the room. She knew the pet wanted to be alone with Tina. That was so nice that it cared about her sister. Just like it cared about her. That made Monica very happy.

Monica reclined on the couch. She noticed she was sweating and trembling slightly. She felt aroused and giddy knowing Tina was all alone with the pet…and a little jealous too. But it was what Master had wanted so Monica knew it was the right thing to do.

Slowly her hand made it down to her pussy and started to rub. It felt so good. She loved that Tina was getting her first taste of pet, getting her mind fucked for the first time. Kind of like losing your cherry, she thought with a laugh. Her pussy clenched. It was so good that Tina was getting off right now, like a new…piece of material… Why had she thought of her sister like that she wondered? And why did that idea seem to make her feel all hot and bothered. God I am so totally fucked up these days, thought Monica, as she rubbed her pussy faster. She thought about pretty, innocent Tina. Suddenly she began to cry, tears steaming down her face. If it was a good thing for Tina to be with the pet, why did she suddenly feel so awful and bad about doing it to her? Her cunt spasmed. She moaned. As she rubbed herself furiously, Monica alternated between wracked, broken sobs of emotional agony and hollow bursts of empty, evil laughter.

Three hours later, Monica entered the bedroom again. The pet had told her to come. She went in slowly, almost scared at what she would find. The pet was glowing like mad. Monica turned on the lights.

Tina was on the bed. Her head and torso on the backboard. Her ass and legs were on the mattress. Her legs were spread obscenely wide. The pet was on her. Two of its limbs firmly gripped her thin waist and ass, while the third was plunging into her wet, dripping pussy, feeding on her pussy juice. Monica walked up to her sister and sat on the bed. Tina was staring into a big nowhere with a beautiful smile plastered on her sweating face. Her lips and body would jerk and shake ever few seconds. Monica felt her heart and breathing increase. She started to drip between her legs, too. Tina looked like a goddess all mind fucked out. It was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. She never loved Tina more than at this moment in time, nor the pet as well. She smiled at them even as one last tear ran down her face.

She reached out and gently started to brush Tina’s hair back. “Hey baby, how you doin?” she asked sweetly.

Tina glanced away from the pet’s lights for a moment and looked at her sister. “Ahh.. fuck Monica…I feel like I’m on top of the fuckin world…feel…,” she drawled slowly. Quickly, nervously, she looked back at the lights as though scared they would leave if she did not keep staring at them.

“Do you like it?” Monica prodded, watching Tina’s softened face and big blue eyes bath in the intoxicating glow of the pet framed by her shiny, wet blonde hair. Monica thought her little sister never looked so spacey or beautiful in her life.

“Umm…fuck yah…love this…shit, sis.”

“Does it make you feel good?” asked Monica. She reached down and started kneading Tina’s swollen, sweaty boob.

“So good…betta than eva….” Tina mumbled.

“Would you like to do this some more while I am here?”

“Mmmm…fuck ya…all day…every day…foreva…” the young girl moaned through a drunken, silly grin.

The whole time the pet kept fucking her, but gentle, not like it had done Monica the last time.

A new idea entered Monica’ head. She climbed up on the bed and straddled her sister, putting her legs around her warm, wet, and firm tummy. She leaned in and started kissing her. Tina blinked a couple times then responded with a slow, wet kiss, pushing her tongue in Monica’s mouth.

The pet adjusted itself and one of it’s limbs detached from Tina’s waist, pulling out of her pussy. It slowly climbed up and dug into Monica’s wet pussy. Monica came immediately, her cunt and body on fire. The force of her orgasm made her lurch forward meeting Tina’s hungry mouth again. They locked lips in ecstasy. The kissed passionately, each sister wrapping the other in their warm arms and running needy, searching hands along their bodies, both girl’s bodies wet and smelling of desperate sex. After a while, Monica could feel something climb up her esophagus. This had happened before and she knew what to expect. The small part of the pet made it up her throat and into her mouth. As it did so, Monica’s cunt vibrated like a jackhammer. Her eyes started to roll back in her head. The tendril entered her mouth, over her tongue and in just an instant made the move into Tina’s mouth. For a moment the tendril connected both girls’ sexy, soft mouths. Then it slowly exited Monica’s mouth and into Tina’s mouth entirely. Monica pulled back to watch. Watching this made her even hotter as the pet slammed her pussy even harder as a reward.

The little green tip wiggled into the wide O of her little sister’s mouth and began to disappear down her throat. Monica could feel Tina’s body jump and jerk like mad. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she started to moan like nothing Monica had ever heard before. It was all just too hot. Her little sis looked so desirable, so sexy, so controlled. Monica lifted up one of her own tits and started to lick it.

For the next five days, the two girls left the bedroom only to eat. Robert called once but Tina had told him she wanted to spend the week with her sister only. He understood.

They just stared at the perfect, pretty lights, fucked each other and let the pet fuck them. They had never been so happy in all their lives. It was like they had found out after all these years just who they really were and what they really enjoyed doing.

For Tina, it was sweet introduction to the pleasures of the pet. She couldn’t get enough of the pretty lights or being fucked by its appendages…or her sweet sister. Monica knew the feeling all too well. Her sister had become addicted to them, just as she had months ago. Her sister would put on a sad, adorable pout whenever Monica made them go eat to keep their strength up. It was sexy as all hell to watch it happen. Whenever they went back to the room to be with the pet, Tina’s face would light up with a huge smile like a little girl at Christmas getting the best present ever.

For Monica, it was much different. Much further along in the absorption process, the pet now could bring it’s increased power to bear in further shaping and molding its slaves’ ever softening and open brain. The pet knew now was the perfect time to fortify all the thoughts it had been sliding into it’s slaves’ brain over the last weeks and to introduce new ones in that she would eagerly absorb as her own. During the endless hours and days of staring into the welcoming light and being mind fucked, many new strong, pretty thoughts and plans invaded Monica’s willing and receptive brain, sticking there like some warm, intractable tar. Her slicked brain craved the pet’s thoughts now like a junkie needs the needle. As she lie in bed and let her brain stew and marinate in that addictive glow, new, fluffy, welcomed ideas began to come to her faster and faster.

She realized exactly what she was meant for, what her purpose for living was. She saw her future, and Tina’s; all those who fell under a pet’s beautiful spell of control. As Monica enjoyed the slick wet, empty feeling the lights wired her brain with; she began to take stock of her young life so far. She thought of her many friends who were around her age and she considered herself far luckier than any of them. The reason why was that she had attained an introspective wisdom in the last few weeks that it usually took years to attain.

Her many relaxing sessions absorbing the pets lights had opened her increasingly receptive and eager brain to understand truths that had previously escaped her; she now realized much what she had always thought and believed about herself were lies.

Her previous life long obsessing with academics, getting good grades, achieving goals had been ridiculous. She was no brain. Not a thinker in anyway. She realized now that there was a much stronger, better mind that needed to do her thinking for her. She was just a body; a perfect, firm, warm, curvaceous, silky, needful, sexy body. That was her only asset. Not her weak, silly mind. Hers was a body built for sin. Nicely toned, sexually sensitive bodies like hers were made only so they could submit to other’s desires. To be taken and used for pleasure – hard and often.

Because she was truly a vain slut who lived for pleasure, she knew for the rest of her life she would be having many, many sexual partners-men and women- who would gladly use her up. Her body was so needy. Every orifice, her ass, her mouth, her cunt seemed to always be in a state of constant arousal and in need of sexual use. It was what she wanted. She would be bringing so many people home to use her… and meet her pet too. It was all so very exciting to think about. And Monica thought about it a lot.

She also had now begun to finally understand her fa?e of caring, friendship and family was just another big empty construct designed to fool the people around her. Her charity work, her giving of time to other less fortunate, the fund drives she always pushed in high school, college and beyond, her constant efforts to befriend sick or disabled or shy people in her life, were all just a huge hoax. Deep down, the only thing she cared about was her fantastic looks, magnificent body and how it could be used up as a tool to get her and others off. The only thing in life she loved was the pet; because it was the gently addictive engine that knew how to redline her overheated and sexed up body up to maximum and to turn her soft brain off like a switch.

All these lovely revelations made Monica realize once again just how far she had come in life, thanks to her pet. She now knew who she really was and what she had been made for as well as the direction her life would head from now on. As she lay in the darkness next to her, nude, pretty sister; the soft, alluring persuasive colors bathing her and highlighting her naked form as it poured into her slicked mind, her soft, plush lips slowly moved as she kept repeating the new realties that she was taking in as her own ideas. She smiled the happy smile of girl who knew she had the world by the balls.

On the last day of her visit, Monica and Tina lay in bed. Both were stark naked, as always, staring at the pets glow as it sat on the table in the room. Both girls felt soft, lazy and sexy. They had their arms around each other, all blissed out. Monica looked over at her beautiful young sister. She spread her legs wide.

“Tina, I have something for you,” she said; spreading her smooth legs and pointing down to her shaved, pink pussy.

Tina looked at her, then down to her pussy with blank eyes. Monica pushed and moaned; some strange, green juice emptied from her twat. Then some more. When she could feel the egg, Monica inserted her hand into her cunt. She moaned. She braced herself and then slid her whole hand inside up to her wrist. Her soaking cunt seemed to welcome and pull her hand inside her. Monica gasped and shook as her hand fished around, feeling for the egg inside her. Finally, with a gasp of pleasure, she pulled the two eggs out.

“What is that fuckin shit?” Tina slurred before she started to giggle.

“They are eggs, baby. You will need them to create two more pets. One to control you, then later to give to one of your college friends to take home.”

“Mmmmmm…” replied Tina. “That’s fuckin sexy…”

“Remember our first night together. When we were making out, a little part of the pet passed from my mouth to yours?”

Tina nodded absently.

“You will do the same to some other girl. It will make her do what you say. It won’t last forever, a few weeks, but long enough to do what you need.”

“What’s that?” murmured Tina.

“Find some girl. Not from here. It wants you to go to a strip club. Find some girl nobody will care about when she goes missing. Bring her back to an apartment. Not here. You will rent one. I will give you the money I got from selling my engagement ring so you can rent another place. When you make it with her, let the piece go from your mouth to hers. Once she is sedated then take one of these little eggs and put it up her cunt. It will start to grow very fast. Just a couple weeks and a new pet will come out of her.”

“Ahh man, that sounds really nice.” Said Tina softly.

“It is, it’s the best,” said Monica as she kissed her sister on the cheek.

Tina blinked and looked at her sister. “What will happen to the girl?”

“She won’t make it. The pet will use too much of her mind in growing inside her. She will end up brain dead.”

“Brain dead, Mmmmmm…like I feel…” Tina giggled, her pretty blue eyes rolled up for a second

Monica smiled at her pretty sister. The little giggle turned her on. Tina was just the cutest thing.

“Yah. When it comes out, pick it up and put it on the girl’s head. It will cut in and crawl inside her brain and digest it.” Tina just stared at the pet’s lights, smiling away.

“Once it is done with her, it will be much stronger mentally and more powerful than mine was. Brains really make them rock.”

“K” answered Tina, lost in space.

“Then, it will fuck you up the ass and give you another little tendril part to pass onto another girl. You will bring her to the pet and she will become your sister slave.”

“That sounds…great. A..a..nother s…sl..slave..”

“Then you two will find another girl to plant the other egg in. Once it hatches, you will make another slave, give her the new pet and let her take it home with her. Make sure it is a friend of yours from some other state. We need to spread these things as wide as possible so they can keep taking over more girls. Now, I want you to spread your legs so I can put them inside you.”

Tina blanched. “But won’t it hatch in me and make me brain dead, kill me?”

Monica laughed at Tina’s naivet?“Oh no, silly! It has other uses for you. At least for now.” Tina looked unconvinced. “Look Tina, didn’t I have them in my body? The pet won’t hurt you for now. Don’t you believe me?”

Tina looked back at the incessantly calling glow and nodded gently.

“And besides, if the day ever comes when a pet wants you to hatch an egg in your body, you will want to do it more than anything else in the world. See, so there is never anything to be frightened of. Ok then, spread you nice legs nice and wide, and let me get at that pretty, pink pussy of yours.”

Tina complied. Monica bent over and took one of the eggs. She reached in and gently started to run her hand up Tina’s very tight pussy. Her pussy was raging hot, the warmth bathing Monica’s hand. It was soaked too. Monica giggled a bit at how turned on her baby sister was by the pet.

Tina’s eyes opened wide as Monica’s fingers, then her whole hand disappeared between her legs, up her cunt. She gasped and came. Monica could feel her sister’s walls clenching on her hand so very hard.

Tina gasped slightly. “Mmmm, that kinda feels nice,” she panted staring numbly at her own twat.

Finally, Monica let go of the egg and gently removed her hand.

“Yeah, I know it does. Hey, why don’t you put the other in yourself, show our pet what a good, obedient girl you can be?”

Tina grinned sweetly. “Ok, let me try it.” Tina maneuvered herself and gently, stretching her muscular, tanned legs so very wide, slowly placed the other egg on her wet pussy. It seemed to almost grab at it and suck it right in. Tina pushed in with her hand, slowly filling herself with it just as Monica had done a moment before. Her body shook all over, slightly, gently. She kept her hand in her cunt for several minutes, just staring at her full pussy, quivering and sweating like a river. Finally, as though she remembered something she forgot, she slowly withdrew her now empty hand.

Tina moaned this time, harder than before. She immediately turned her attention back to the pet. “Wow, that felt fuckin great,” she whispered.

Monica nodded, proud of her beloved, sweet sister, “Yeah, everything it does to us feels fucking great. You’re going to find that out honey. Now when the right time comes, you will know when to take one them out; it will be the same with the last one.”

Tina looked at her sister again. “Monica, what will eventually happen to you? To all of us?”

Monica leaned forward and kissed Tina softly on the lips. “How do you feel right now?”

Tina blinked a few times. “Fuckin ….great…and so empty… as fuck..” she giggled again like a high school girl thinking about a cute boy she needed fucked by.

Monica giggled too. “Yep, that’s what it does to us. It empties us out slowly. Consumes us up; all our cares, our worries, our emotions, our thoughts, our personalities, and our desires. It just absorbs everything that makes us human. Then it replaces all those things with its own, new, better ideas and personality till we can’t tell the difference anymore what we want and what it tells us to want.”

Tina’s body jerked and she panted. “Ahh fuck, sis, now that…is……totally….hot..”

“Uh huh,” agreed Monica. “But that’s not the best part. It will use us to do things…bad things.” Tina’s and Monica’s pussies both clenched in rhythm. Monica’s eyes went glassy and she stared at nothing. “It will feed on us, mind, body and soul until we are just empty, pretty, sexy shells that do what it needs of us…”

“Fuck,” moaned Tina as her pussy rocked her world. “How will it all end?”

Monica stared at the pet’s brilliant light as she answered in slow monotone. “As the years pass, when we get older, in our forties, we will become too old and used up to give it what it needs to feed.” Both girls’ hips bucked at the same time. “At that time, it may just make us do manual labor; work that needs to be done to build its new world…but eventually we won’t be any use for it. will cut into our heads, crawl our brains and absorb us completely..” Both girls hips bucked again as they stared into the light. Both mewled like animals. “At that point we will be one with them. It will just…eat….us all…up…c..con…consume us..” The girls came so hard they almost passed out. Both were panting like dogs in heat, their swollen, wet chests heaving with lust and desire.

“Mmmm…” Tina husked between pants, “That’s scary. I would never let it do that to me….but as ..just maybe…like a fantasy….that might..fee..feel so..f…fuc..fuckin cool..if.. it…like happened.”

Tina and Monica kept staring at the glowing pet; just basking in the detached, tingly numbness it gave them. Their eyes were as big as clean saucers, just as empty, and once in a while they would very slowly blink.

Even under the euphoric influence of the pet, Tina was still able to think enough to continue to be curious. “How did you find it?”

Monica sighed. “Well I found it out back in the woods by the creek. But it really found me.”

“What do you mean found you?”

“It noticed me coming through. It could have hid from me very easily there. But it didn’t take it long to sense that I was perfect material for what it needs.”

“What do you mean perfect material?”

Monica smiled euphorically, her pretty, relaxed face bathed in the glow as she answered softly, thoughtfully. “It needed a girl who craves sex constantly. A woman who has to have it all the time. A slut, really. So it could use her a lot to feed from. So it…it…is…tt..tha…that girl. The right candidate also had to have a nice, strong, fit body…just…like…I do.”

Tina could see her sister’s mind and body was completely, blissfully wired into the pulses the pet was sending out. She had conflicting thoughts about it. It looked like something that would feel amazingly good. But it scared her, too. It seemed to her that Monica was just a totally different person than the girl she had grown up with. At this moment, her usually vivacious, mentally active sister more resembled a stoned, sedentary drug addict riding her fix. It seemed like Monica, the real Monica was just disappearing. Tina could plainly see and feel the pet could not bring her yet into the totally zoned out state it could with Monica because she had not been exposed to its intoxicating influence for weeks. Would she want to end up acting like Monica? It seemed dangerous, yet also sexy and alluring. The cute, blonde 18 year old would have to think on it. Maybe like just one time…just to see what it felt like would be kinda fun. Just the once, though.

Fuck that looks so hot, Tina thought watching her fucked up sister. So hot that she couldn’t resist putting her hands down on her snatch and start to rub it out.

Monica’s head lay back and a long, slow husky moan came from her mouth. Tina noticed drool was coming down her chin onto her neck. Slowly Monica raised her head and swung it towards Tina like it was attached to a wet noodle. Her glazed brown eyes made her look lobotomized. When Monica finally managed to speak, her words were so slurred she was almost unintelligible.

Tina’s hazy mind just couldn’t understand what the hell Monica was mumbling and slurring about, with all the colors she was seeing in her head. She just couldn’t seem to get her thoughts in gear. Here brain felt so soft and slow and sluggish. This all seemed like some weird dream now. She felt fatigued just trying to figure all this weird stuff out. She decided to just watch the pet for a few minutes and relax a bit. Take a load off her confused mind.

After fifteen minutes she felt a little better and another question began to concern her.

“Monica, you have had the pet for a while. What does it do to you?”

Tina’s sister answered in a soft voice filled with adoration. While she spoke, her wide eyes never left the pet. “Oh god, Tina, I don’t know how to describe what it has given me. It is making me feel more alive than I ever thought possible.” Her eyes fluttered. “It is slowly bringing out a whole new me, and destroying the old Monica.” Her thighs flexed and hips bucked. “It is making me think what it decides I should think instead of what I want to think.” She licked her lips and rubbed her breasts. “It made me understand that I am just a beautiful body and nothing else.” Her ass cheeks spasmed. “It taught me that I was made to only have sex and to serve it ‘til it decides to throw me away.”

Monica’s chest was heaving with lust and desire, her hot breath coming in blasts through her open mouth. “It screws my brains out of my head and it is mind fucking me till I am just a docile, empty, warm, wet, sexy shell…ahhhh..ahhh..ohhhh..” Monica’s stomach and tights shook with orgasm, her back arched and her arms opened wide.

Tina watched her sister’s beautiful body. All through the orgasm, Tina saw Monica’s adoring; tranced eyes never for a second left the pet’s lights. It was turning Tina on to no end to see her sister so completely under the musical spell of the pet, to see her mind and perfect, hard, sexy, sweating body dance so willing and erotically to the tunes it put in her open and willing mind.

Tina reached out and slowly touched her sister’s sweating face. She looked at her with adoration. “What mecidiyeköy escort will happen to you when you leave here?”

Monica thought for a long moment, her eyes and face bathed in the light. “When I get home, I get a special reward.” She shivered. “My pet is now strong enough to really work my brain over like it wants. He is going to use me and tune up my mind like never before. He is going to take a small part of me out and fill it in with his ideas…the pretty, pretty colors. It will like totally mind fuck me..” Monica shivered again and her ass started to clench uncontrollably. Her cunt was leaking like a broken faucet. The whole room smelled like pussy.

“How will it do it to you?” mumbled Tina.

“It will take time. It said like 40 times. Each time it will take a little more of me out and fill more of it inside the empty spot. When it’s done, I won’t be Monica anymore. I will be all tuned up. I will just be this empty, hot shell of meat that is filled with the light and pretty ideas and thoughts.” Monica licked her lips. “That’s what it told me it’s going to do to my body and my mind. God, Tina, can you imagine it? It can’t happen fast enough for me.”

Tina blinked and looked concerned, coming out of her daze somewhat. “But won’t you know who I am anymore.”

Monica shook her head dreamily and smiled at the pet. “No baby. I won’t know you. I won’t even know who I am.” Her body quivered and she came again softly. “But the pet will have my memories and I will be able to fake it with you or anyone else I used to know. You won’t notice any difference at all when we meet…if we ever do meet…after…I…I a…am used…up.”

Tina choked up and tears came to her eyes. “Nooo. I don’t want to lose you!” She leaned in and kissed Monica. “Please don’t let that happen to you!”

Monica smiled softly, brushing her sister’s hair with her hand, never taking her eyes off the pet. “But I want it to happen. I need it so very much. I want to be empty…I want to be just a piece of hot flesh without my own thoughts. I realized this week that I have always wanted to be just like that…my whole life. Even when I was just a little girl. I just want to do what it tells me, feed it, and work for it. That’s what I need to make me happy now. It’s what my life is. What I want.”

Tina releases a quiet sob. Monica now kissed her gently. “Baby, don’t you cry now! Think about it, don’t you think it’s pretty fuckin cool to be nothing? Just raw material…serving something else, thinking something else’s thoughts? Being completely consumed and used up?” Monica ran her hand up her warm, flat tummy and over her tits.

Tina looked back at the creature. “Yah…I guess it does sound…kinda…cool… kinda nice and all..”

“Do you think that someday maybe you might want to do that too?”

Tina blinked. “I don’t know. It sounds scary…maybe…I need to think on that some more.” She turned to Monica. “But I don’t want that to happen to you! I love you too much to lose you! Don’t you love me?”

Monica looked at her sister with dreamy, vacant, brown eyes. A slow, happy grin curled the corners of her lips up. She reached out and caressed Tina’s face. “No baby, I don’t love you. I don’t really feel a thing for you anymore.” She looked at the pet, it’s glowing lights reflecting and swirling in her wide, vacant eyes and then back at Tina. “It told me what you really are. You’re just like me. Just food, just material to use, tune up and be thrown away someday.” She looked back at the pet and laughed softly. “That’s the only thing I love. I love it so much I would kill for it. Do anything for it. I just want to love it and serve it. No, baby, you don’t mean a thing anymore.”

Monica looked back at Tina, who was crying softly. She leaned in and kissed her lips. Then again, “Don’t worry so much honey. Let the pet think for you. Then you won’t have to cry and get all emotional over stupid shit like this. Soon you will totally understand, Ok? Your big sister promises. I have never lied to you, have I?”

Tina nodded. “No,.. never.”

“Good, do you trust me, now?”

Tina sniffled, “Yes, I always trusted you, all our lives.”

Monica kissed her again. “There’s my good lil sis. No worries. See, it’s all good, it’s all good as long as we have the lights to stare at and help us think properly.”

Tina looked back to the lights, finding solace to her roiling emotions in their beauty. Her mind softened again. She began to realize she had overreacted to what Monica had said.

Another thought occurred to her. “What about mom and dad?”

Monica licked her lips yet again. “Yeah, I have been getting a lot of nice ideas about them the last few days. We need their money to move all this forward the way the pet wants it to. When you go home for Thanksgiving break, I will come home too. We will bring both of our pets with us. We will bring mom over to us. After we do that, we will eventually have to kill dad so mom gets everything. We will probably just let your new pet eat his brain so dad can be used up to make it stronger. He will be for your pet. That way dad can really help us out. I know Dad would want that. My pet told me already. Dad has always helped us whenever we needed it.”

Tina was lost in a daze of lights. Her brain felt a plate of steaming, warm, pleasant oatmeal being stirred with a big spoon. Kill dad? “Do we h…have…to that? Isn’t there some…other way?”

Monica rubbed her pussy. The thought of giving over her mother to the pet and killing her dad had become an incredibly erotic obsession with her the last two days she spent with the pet. She had masturbated so many times to that delicious fantasy. “Yes, baby, we really do. It wants us to….and we always have to do what it wants from us. That’s what we live for, why we’re alive. It’s not that hard to understand, silly. Even someone as silly as me can understand it.” Monica came again and she moaned loudly.

Tina groaned softly, playing with her tits. “Monica, what time are you leaving?”

“It wants me to leave in a couple more hours.” She said robotically.

“Can I ask you a favor?”

Monica nodded absently. She felt like she was flying. Her brain was just on fire and so was her body. She felt better than ever. She loved the pet so much for doing all this to her.

“I..really…really like to um….watch the pet..and get…f…fu..fucked by it. Can you maybe like leave it here with me?”

Monica slowly turned to Tina, her head and neck moving like they were underwater. Her big brown eyes were a mile wide. She had a wicked, lascivious grin on her pretty red lips. She blinked her wide eyes three times so slowly, like some wind up doll.

She spoke softly, serenely. “Tina, you will have your own pet soon enough. Just do as you have been programmed.” She leaned over and gave Tina a hard wet kiss with tongue. She pulled back and caressed her sisters soft, pretty cheek. “If you ever even think about taking my pet, ever separating us, I will fuckin tear that pretty neck of yours wide open and spill every drop of your blood. Then I will lick it up and consume it. Do you understand me?”

Tina’s eyes sprung into tears again, she nodded, frightened by Monica’s change in demeanor and her vicious words.

“Good. Now just chill the fuck out and enjoy the pet, ok? Just let it mind fuck you ‘til you feel all high. Trust it. It always knows exactly what we really desire. What is best for us. It knows us better than we know ourselves.” She kissed Tina again and held her face in her hands. Tina nodded, scared and looked back at the relaxing glow that seemed to make this nightmare disappear. Her face relaxed again as she let the colors seep deeply in.

Monica looked at her entranced sister and felt proud. She was so young, so gorgeous, and now becoming so open to control. Soon she would be just another mindless slave for another pet. Her sister would make such a sexy slave. She wished she could just eat her up, consume every luscious bit of Tina’s tanned skin and body. Hmmm…just thinking about licking Tina’s hot, slutty, horny body; biting her hard ass, her smooth tummy, her long muscled neck, her round firm tits! Maybe someday the pet would let her eat Tina’s body all up. Maybe someday, the pet could eat Tina’s brains and let her watch it happen. Maybe the pet would mind fuck her so bad that she would think it was her eating Tina’s brains! Just the thought of Tina inside her, making them as one made her cunt tremble. Where had that delicious thought come from? Monica began frigging her sopping cunt like mad, lost in her newest, sexy fantasy.

An hour later Monica, looked at her pretty sister who was all blissed out watching the bug. She whispered in her ear, “Hey baby, don’t worry about all that stuff we talked about, ok? It doesn’t really mean anything at all. You know it really is just fantasies we are having. None of it will ever really happen. It is just hot to think about it. When I leave, you won’t remember much of what happened this week or what we talked about. It won’t let you remember yet…not until it has more control on you. The week will just seem like a nice, hazy blur that you know you loved. But you will do what it programmed you for.” She kissed her sisters cheek.

Tina was so spaced out she didn’t even move. “You will feel all tingly and warm in your head and you will black out sometimes when you do what you have to. Just like what happened to me. You will love it. You will feel better than you ever have in your life. You will rub your pussy every night having these great fantasies about being a mindless puppet and get your shit off like you never thought possible. You and your boy Robert will fuck like crazy! So don’t you worry about none of this shit. Now I have to pack and get ready to leave. You can stay right here and enjoy your high, Ok, baby?”

Tina looked at her sister and smiled slightly. “….you M..M…Monica…”

“Love you too, sis.”

An hour later the girls were at Tina’s front door. Both had on cut off tee shirts and short shorts. The both laughed when they saw that they had dressed the same today. We really are so much alike thought, Tina with a warm glow.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye for now,” Tina said, sadly, a cute pout on her adorable face.

“Aww, we will see each other back at home during your Thanksgiving break,” said Monica.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just I had so….” Tina stopped and blinked. Her gaze was soft and her eyes shined with a dullness Monica had never seen before…”much fun with you.”

“I did too! This really was the best time together we have ever had!”

The girls hugged, wrapping their pretty arms around each other’s bare midriffs. They stayed like that for a long time. They pulled back, both of them flushed in the face.

Monica stepped back and admired her sister’s curvy, hard young body. Her perfect abs, her tits straining at her shirt. Her long tanned legs encased in perfect, smooth, luscious skin.

“Boy you really have grown all up.”

Tina blushed. “Thanks.”

They moved together to kiss good-bye. The first kiss was soft. They pulled their heads back a little and gazed into each other’s glassy looking eyes, gently breathing each other’s breath. They leaned forward again for another kiss, this one longer lasting. They wrapped their arms around each other’s bare midriffs again, enjoying the feel of each other’s soft, warm skin. They kissed again. Monica slid her tongue in Tina’s waiting mouth and let it play around. Both felt a nice colorful tingle in their brains that slowly spread to their boobs…then lower. They broke the kiss and both giggled with embarrassment staring at each other.

“Wow,” Tina finally said. “That was a real good bye kiss!”

Monica smiled at her. “You deserved it honey, for the great weekend you showed me. You know,” she added rubbing her sisters exposed sides with her hands, “Robert is really lucky. You look like such a sexy, little tramp.”

Tina felt a soft glow in her head from the compliment.

“After I leave, you should just fuck his brains out this week; just let him use up that hot body of yours till you can’t even think anymore.”

Tina giggled and rubbed her hands on her sister’s warm, silky sides, mirroring the affection. “You know what? I think I may do just that! You know, sis, I guess I am just trying to keep up with you. You’re such a hot, sexy, bitch.”

They leaned forward and kissed again, soft and slow and sensual. Finally Tina said, “Hey you better go now before we become lovers!” she laughed at her joke. Monica did too.

Tina went back in her house and jumped on the sofa. What a great week she said to herself reflecting back on the visit. The beach, shopping, movies…man that was just so much fun!

She thought about their extended goodbye kisses. What was up with that? It seemed almost kinky now, looking back on it. But she loved her sister so very much and she did look and feel pretty nice! She blinked slowly, staring at her hot young legs as she tried to think about the hazy, fun week she had just had with Monica. Monica had called her a hot sexy tramp! Wow, her sis had never talked like that before, at least not to her! She looked at her legs again, then up to her adorable tummy. She ran her hands over her thighs, then her stomach. But Monica was right. She did look like a sexy, little tramp. So hot and so open for use.

She had never thought of herself as a sex object before, she always respected herself more than that, but now, suddenly it seemed fun to view herself that way. She must be really growing up into a real woman, she reasoned. No longer just an innocent girl anymore. A real college girl growing into a woman. It made her feel all warm and nice.

Tina opened the buttons on her cut off jeans and slid her fingers inside. Mmmmm, I do look so hot. Like some wild bitch she thought with a wanton giggle. Her pussy jumped nicely like a trained dog on command. Tina closed her eyes and could almost see some green and purple lights running behind her eyelids. It looked really cool; she didn’t know what it was but she found she liked it…a lot. I should call Rob. Let him just fuck me silly. She moaned, softly, enjoying these great new fantasies.

She rubbed some more and thought about how hot Monica had looked today. How soft she felt, how sweet her wet lips had tasted. She couldn’t believe how fucking sexy and horny she felt kissing her with their little girlish hands rubbing each other’s waists. She wished Monica could stay another week, a month, a year. She was close to orgasm. Suddenly a new thought seemed to emerge from the pretty colors and fill her soft, pliable, buzzing mind, Or maybe I will head off to one of those strip clubs and watch one of those gorgeous, slutty, bad girl dancers strut their bodies on stage. They look so sexy.

She stuck a finger on the lips of her partially opened mouth. “And if I am a really bad little girl, take one home with me. She giggled at the audacity of her fantasy. That thought made her come hard, harder than she ever remembered. Her body, her clothes and the couch were soaked in her sweat. While she came, the colors seemed to leap out strong, filling her mind and body with sexy, electric pulses that traveled down from her brain, to her chest, her cunt and legs, baking each part slowly.

After she came down from that great orgasm, she walked languidly over to the mirror on rubbery legs, her ass and arms swaying to some hidden beat pulsing in her brain, to check herself out. As she admired herself, she broke out into a wicked, lazy, dreamy grin. Her eyes seemed glassy and stoned. She kept looking at herself, loving it all, taking it all in. The more she looked at herself, the more she realized Rob would not be the answer for tonight. She wanted to look at hot, wild girls. The strip club called to her. She had never been interested in girls in the least bit till now. She frowned at her refection. Why now all of a sudden? She stared at herself for the longest time, thinking about it. Once again, the answer came to her: It’s all a part of growing up. Becoming what every hot girl like you should be. Hot sexy, tramps hang with hot sexy tramps. She rubbed her tit and giggled. I think tonight you’re going to try something new…you sexy, bitch!”

Chapter 4

Monica broke the speed limit all the way home. She just couldn’t get her mind off the ‘reward’ her Master would bestow on her mind and body for a job well done with Tina. She was finally going to get her head tuned up for the first time ever! The pet was actually going to absorb part of her intellect and personality and replace it with the colors!! Her pussy leaked the whole trip.

Monica ran up the hallway lugging her suitcase moving like wild rushing like her life depended on it. She threw it on the bed then started to take her tee shirt off. But she was trembling so hard her arms cramped up. Frustrated she simply tore at the shirt, ripping it off her body. She then popped the button on her jean shorts and slid out of them, wiggling her ass, stumbling around. Her exertions left her panting. She approached the suitcase smiling and giggling. “Ok lover, I am ready for you! I need my reward!”

She whipped it open and looked at her Master. It immediately started to glow. Monica watched the sexy colors for a moment then slowly sat on the bed, turning her back to the creature as it commanded. It scrambled out of the suitcase, attached itself to her back and moved up to her neck. The desperate girl gasped every time a limb touched her flushed skin as it climbed aboard its very willing human ride. Her body felt electrified as the pet mounted her.

It hugged the back of her head and perched its body on her like a crown atop the shaking girl. Two of its limbs curled around her breasts and the other moved down the middle of her back and rested in her ass cleft. Monica got a new idea. She rose up and started to walk to her mirror. But her thighs and pussy kept undulating and clenching uncontrollably, her legs and abs were quivering beyond control as every beautiful muscle in her shapely body screamed for the promised tuning. She felt dizzy and warm and totally floating in disorientation. She staggered, stumbled and almost fell. She laughed drunkenly at her loss of bodily control. She couldn’t make it on her own volition. At the last moment the pet started to glow and its limb plunged into her slick ass, very deep. With the sheer force of its mental and physical control of the horny, hypnotized slave flesh, it forced the young girl’s body erect. Monica slowly, robotically continued to move towards the mirror under the pet’s auspices.

Finally she was there. The long awaited tuning was about to begin and the pleasure-addicted girl’s brain and body were begging for it.

The pet increased the tempo and brightness of the purple and green colors. All kinds of new ideas flooded Monica’s pleasure over loaded brain. She knew she was about to get her first, luscious taste of total subjugation. It would be the first of many times she would literally have pieces of her mind, her personality permanently absorbed and removed by her lover and then replaced by a part of it’s own desires and influences. Over time and many such tunings, the old Monica would cease to exist and a new, better one would emerge to replace her. She would become just a husk, an empty flesh shell that would exist only to feed the pet and think it’s thoughts. She would become an extension of the pet. It was just too good to be true. The controlled slave knew she would savor every single mind fuck her lover had in store. She wished this was her hundredth brain tuning, not the first.

Monica gazed longingly at her perfect, tanned sweating body and the pet on her head giving off the light that she had come to understand was the essence of what she was. Familiar, erotic, very sexy thoughts once again saturated her gooey brain. How much she desired to be some empty shell to be fucked, used, consumed and eventually destroyed. Ever since she was just a little girl playing with dolls, she had wanted to be raw material to be controlled and victimized: A wet, mindless, beautiful, sexy body to be fucked and manipulated; just a huge, wet, human cunt with no desires but to serve. And now, today, her perfect lover, her Master, the best thing that ever happened to her, was going to take the first glorious step in granting her that wish. Monica’s whole body jolted like it had never done before. It felt like her muscles were going to explode out of her skin. Lightning bolts of green and purple exploded in her mind. She mewled incoherently like a brainless animal.

The pet’s appendage slowly moved under her ass, between her thighs and closer to her pussy. Her pussy began to burn up like fire. It was a strange, weird kind of heat she had never felt before. A cold fire. It felt glorious. Her gaze looked down the mirror to see what was going on with her cunt. What she saw was so very sexy. Like they had a vulgar, dirty mind of their own, her pussy lips literally opened up; slowly, slickly peeling back like a flower seeking morning sun! And Monica could feel them actually peel back on their own. The sensation was incredible. It felt so very good. She realized the soft lips on her pretty pussy where just like the rest her: changed, not her own. Now, just very horny and ready; controlled, needful flesh, so available to the commands and desires of her user. Her mind so fucked, so weak that another stronger, better, superior mind ran her body for her.

Her breasts heaved and lurched with each husky out of control breath that blew through her slack mouth. Incredibly, even they seemed to swell; all swollen and thick with lust and blood. Her nipples were growing before her eyes, like living tumors determined to expand. A full inch and a half they peaked. Monica watched them in the mirror as they throbbed and quivered in delight. Then she felt it happen down below. Her clit just seemed to explode in warmth. Monica’s empty eyes traveled down her beautiful body ever so slowly to see what the pet was doing to her pussy now. When she saw it, she giggled and panted uncontrollably. Her lips and the muscles in her neck twitched and jolted. She had been right! Her clit was expanding like a balloon! It was now at least 5 times the size she had ever seen it, engorged in her hot blood and taking in even more as she watched. It was actually pulsating! Writhing and dancing lewdly like some bloated, sex-starved worm; jumping around like Tom’s cock used to when she played with it.

Monica had a fun, sluggish sexy thought and giggled dirtily. A..aaaa f..after a f…fe..few more..t…t..tunings..m…my…cl..clit..will b…be bigger..than..a…c…c..c…cock. It was so full of blood, so heated up, so excited to have the pet’s limb just an inch away; it was lurching wildly out of control. It seemed to be straining, reaching for the pets’ limb, quivering and shaking with desire, sucking up more blood in an attempt to reach its Master. For Monica, watching her clit, so engorged, so hungry and warped out of its normal shape, so desperate for the pet’s touch, it was the hottest, sexiest thing she had ever seen in her life. Juice poured out of her controlled cunt like a faucet. She couldn’t believe she could produce so much. It was running down her legs in streams just soaking her legs. Her clit and quivering nipples looked so hot, like they had minds of their own…and they wanted to be used. Ahhh fuck thought the dazed, hypnotized girl, It even tells my fucking dirty cunt and b..b..boobs what to do… just ….r…runs..a…eve..every..p…part of …

The pet now had Monica’s body and mind primed and ready for more pleasure. Her first tuning now continued with even more force.

Her head lolled back and forth like she was some rag doll being turned from side to side. She got a strong command to open her eyes and look at her self again. She gazed into the mirror at herself, her eyes as big and empty as a sparkling clean dinner plate. Suddenly the pet exploded with light, at the same time, the tip of the appendage moved that last inch and nuzzled her throbbing, puffed clitoris. Her pussy exploded on her. It was the feel of a million orgasms stuffed in her swollen nub. The orgasm was like a needle prick in her pussy, the needle prick of an atomic bomb of pure exploding pleasure. Soon the power of that blast oozed out of her pussy, then down her thighs, to her heaving stomach, then up her spine and back to her chest, finally entering her brain at the same time the light poured into her eyes completing the circuit of pleasure. She fell against the mirror, her face up close, just an inch away. She watched her pupils expand to almost the size of her eye, then contract to a pinpoint. Then they kept doing it again and again with the cadence of blasts of color exuding from the pet and the rapturous spasms of every muscle in her body. As this happened, the creature reared back its appendage and held it for a moment. Monica whimpered in lusty anticipation of what was about to happen to her. Then it plunged it deep and hard into Monica’s soaking pussy. It plunged in like a sword through butter. Monica’s mind and body melted in orgiastic ecstasy. The long, hard, rough fucking of the enthralled girl’s pussy had begun.

Monica felt sensations like she could not imagine. It felt like purple and green lava was pulsating from her brain through every nerve and vein in her body, and along the way, everything it touched set off a fire of perfect orgasm in every molecule of her body. She could feel the pet absorbing and eating a small part of her mind. Taking for itself a part of her will, her personality, and her memories, everything that made her Monica. And she could feel it replace that small, missing piece with the pretty purple and green colors she adored and lived for. She could feel this happen with every powerful, sensual thrust of the pet’s limb into her needy, begging cunt. It was now hammering her pussy like some living pneumatic drill, over and over, harder and harder with tremendous power and force. Her cunt felt like a wet, hot well being dug into her shaking body.

Her brain felt numb, like a piece of wet, sticky hot gum as it was molded to the image the pet desired. The beginning steps for a new, better Monica. For the slave the sensation was pure bliss and heaven, the reward better than she ever could have prayed for. She was sacrificing her mind for her master. Her face fell forward again against the mirror, drool was pouring down her mouth onto her neck and breast, mixing with her hot sweat. Her pupils kept up their contractions and dilations, moving faster and faster, her brain sizzled like it was cooking up in an oven of precious colors. She could almost smell her personality burning up in the fire her brain had become. The creature suddenly pulled back, her arms swaying limply at her sides, her long corded neck rocking side to side with her head, her back arched and chest thrust out. The pet wanted her to stand just like this. As she stared numbly at her adorable self, she could see flashes of purple and green actually inside her pupils during their expansions. With her last bit of awareness, she marveled at how perfect she looked at this moment. How cool and sexy and controlled she looked. Like a soft, curvy, gorgeous, pretty meat puppet, so strong of body, so weak of mind, moving to the invisible, implacable, mental strings of her stern, cold, uncaring owner. No thought, no consciousness, just hot, sweaty, horny flesh moving so perfectly graceful and lustful on the strings that commanded her body. How used, dirty, cheap and worthless she felt, how totally fucked, fried and burnt her mind was. She wanted to look like this and feel like this always. She could feel another jolt coming on fast as the appendage kept tearing her pussy up, harder and faster with each hungry thrust. Her clit and nipples danced their sexy moves again, then the next, huge orgasm hit and she could think no more at all.

She laid in bed, nude, her beautiful lover cradled gently in her arms. It glowed softly for her, intimately, the light reflecting off her pretty, blank face and her serene, placid brown eyes. One appendage was slowly, softly, rhythmically plunging completely into her ravenous pussy. One was up her ass, working it over. As the one in her cunt pulled back, the other would bury itself in her stretched anus. The two appendages worked Monica’s two holes in perfect, synchronized harmony. The third was nuzzling at her round breasts. Her clit and nipples were still engorged and extended by inches, quivering and dancing, responding perfectly to the pet’s dirty, lusty, hypnotic tunes.

As Monica lay in bed, hot, dirty, delicious thoughts flowed into her baking brain with each alternate thrust up her ass or pussy. She so worshipped the pet. More than she ever imagined since it drained and filled a part of her mind earlier that evening. Everything about the creature was perfect. Just completely perfect. That fact gave her mind and body a huge sexual thrill that would never subside. She loved how it tricked and used her mind and body ‘til she was helpless in its grasp. She adored it’s duplicity and how it made her kill Bob, destroy the man she loved (what was his name?) and set Tina on the road to complete servitude. And what made her needy, young body hornier than anything, what sent her brain into warm, wet, tingly heights of ecstasy was the knowledge that the pet held her in complete disregard. That it cared not one single bit about her. It never really had. It had lied to her the whole time it was taking her over. It had lied and used her like the meaningless object she was. That It would control and use up her mind and strong, beautiful body over the coming years and then get rid of her like piece of garbage as soon as she was no longer of any use. It was that single fact she loved about the pet more than anything else. It was that last, so totally erotic, desired and lusted after end to her useful service to the pet that Monica knew from now on would fire endless bouts of masturbation or sex with Jenny, Sandra and her Master. That lovely thought of the day it would dispose of her like the big, fat nothing she was turned her on like nothing in her life had ever had before.

She loved how her pussy lips now actually peeled themselves back to let her huge clit spring free to throb and swell. It looked like some possessed, lusty worm that needed constant stroking and stimulation. So did the ever-quivering nipples on her tits. They looked so gorgeous in their desire and obedience to the pet. It made her feel so fucking owned and sexy. Like the dirty, useless bitch she knew she was. Her nipples and pussy were so out of control now, just needing to be near pet. She adored how helplessly responsive they were to the pet. How hopelessly responsive her whole body and mind were. She hoped someday, someday soon, when enough of her was used up and gone, when she was filled with more of the addictive, sweet colors, her clit and nipples would always stay like that: like permanent living, trembling, swollen flesh tattoos of obedience to the pet. She couldn’t get the new thought or image out her fevered mind. How cool and slutty and controlled it would make her feel to strut and sashay around all day and night naked or in tight clothes, her pussy lips jacked wide open on their own, her clit forever huge, inflamed, pulsing and throbbing, dancing in dirty pleasure, her nipples extended out like fleshy rockets, hard as stone with blood and quivering and writhing 24 hours a day.

Maybe someday, when she was even more tuned to the influence of the pet, perhaps all her pussy and entire tits would move and shake on their own in sexual homage to their Master.

Her huge, unblinking, eyes, making unending love to the pets intoxicating light sparked with purple and green flashes, her abs, hard thighs and muscular stomach contracted, her clit and nipples wiggled and quivered and she came again and again as she savored her brand new desire. In her post orgasmic daze, her baked, happy mind slowly decided that one day, her pet would give her that present: her entire boobs and pussy quivering in their own in lust. Could anything be sexier? She wondered.

She loved the pet so much. She wished it had a name, a real name. Suddenly, as if on cue, a name just seeped out of her programmed mind and came to her. She had the perfect name for a lover she needed as much as the pet! She would call it Tom! For some reason she just loved that name, though she didn’t know why. It just sounded nice. She felt as though she could marry Tom and spend her whole life fucking, feeding and serving him. Build a perfect, blissful life with it by sacrificing all she was to him. At the thought, an innocent, sweet smile creased her lips on her relaxed, face: the smile of a happy bride. The empty, crooked, drunken smile slowly began to etch across the zoned out slave’s face. The pretty young girl was so lost, so completely engulfed in her pet controlled, wet dream world that it took over five minutes for the smile to reach its final width.

Welcomed, strong thoughts filled her relaxed brain with increasing rapidity: beautiful, sexy, naughty, wetly erotic thoughts of submission and being used. Thoughts of what she was becoming and what she would become under her lover’s gentle guidance, patience and caring. How perfect she would end up. Someday soon, she would just be a part of it. Just the blank fuck machine slave programmed to serve and feed. She thought of all the bad things she would do to herself; that it would do to her. That it would force her soft, empty mind to do. She imagined what a bad, sexy, evil bitch she would be. And even more exciting, more sexually stimulating than anything else, she dreamt of all the bad, sexy evil things she would do to other people who had come to be in her young life and would in the years ahead.

As those thoughts poured into her eager, parched brain like fresh, life saving water, as her body twitched and jumped, as she moaned again and again, her lips kept forming pleasurable pink, moist Os, she whispered, “Mmmm….fuck me…use me…waste me….” as the wet stain on her bed sheet grew bigger and bigger from her pussy juice and sweat. Monica came for another of the hundred times she would through the long, perfect, dreamy night with Tom, the love of her life.

The End.

Note: This story is a sequel of the graphic novel “Bedroom Pet”.

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