Becoming Mindy Ch. 02


Thank you for the positive feedback from my first story. As I recall things I wrote about in my diary, I am not going to be writing on all of them. Just the ones that are important to my story and/or just some memorable events (i.e. the first time I..). I hope I am able to write them in a way that you find as enjoyable reading as I had living them. I have several more to write to get caught up to current day. If transsexual stories are not your cup of tea, then please move one and save your trolling. Who has got time for that?


After my first sissy experience, I was hooked.

On that Sunday after my FWB left, I got online and made profiles on some online sites.

On Monday, I went to work and wore a pair of thong panties under my suit. When I got home, I checked my profile and had a dozen messages waiting for me. A couple of them I ignored, but found myself intrigued by at least six of them and replied.

I changed into a pair of yoga pants and a tank top as I began to order more clothes, panties and shoes online.

I was going all-in.

To save some time and not bore you with the details, but over the course of the next year, I had developed a FWB relationship with about a dozen guys, which doesn’t include the other dozen or so that were just one-and-done hookups.

All of my FWBs became very generous with giving me gifts, especially the married ones, of lingerie, clothes, gift cards, cash, etc. They were generous enough that I didn’t mind rushing home from work, taking a bath, putting on makeup, getting dressed and having them use my ass for 30 minutes before heading home to their wives. Of course, I often came as well, which mean all was well.

Of course, with all of the gifts, I was amassing a fairly decent collection of heels, lingerie, dresses and other girly stuff. I was seriously wanting to wear it all of the time, but couldn’t because of work. However, I usually wore panties and a tank top under my suit and would often wear stockings as well. No one was the wiser.

I still played every once and awhile as a guy with another guy or a woman (I had also begun to enjoy some bisexual MMF stuff as well), but most of my fun was as a sissy.

And then I met Steve and this is where I will start to chronicle some of my adventures with more detail.

At first, after I met him online, it started like all of the others. However, after a couple of hookups at my place, he wanted me to dress at my place and drive to his place. He told me he had a surprise for me.

I was nervous, but the excitement overtook me and I agreed.

I took a bath, made sure I was super smooth, put on makeup, which I was really good at by now, put on a sexy top, skirt, leggings and heels, and headed out.

I had never been out of my apartment dressed, let alone drive and my nerves were high. I drove carefully because I didn’t want to get pulled over and explain myself.

I got to his place safely astalavista porno and walked to his door with as much confidence as I could.

I rang the bell and he answered the door. He let me in and gave me a kiss.

He led me into his house and whispered in my ear if I was ready for my surprise. I nodded yes and when we entered the room, there were three other guys there.

“Guys, this is Mindy,” he said to the room. “The horny sissy slut I was telling you about. Mindy, why don’t you introduce yourself to each of the guys personally with a kiss.”

I was mesmerized, but found myself walking to the group and each one of them stood.

The first guy, whose name was Mike, reached out his hand, which I took, and he pulled me into him. In my heels, I was the same size as him and his hand left mine as our mouths met and caressed my ass through the skirt. Our tongues met and I felt myself melt into his body.

That kiss ended and I moved to Kevin who kissed just as passionately and his hands worked under my skirt to squeeze my bare ass for the other to see. I was then passed to Phil who kissed me and played with my ass the same way.

My mind was whirling as I found myself now in the arms of Steve who sat back on the couch and pulled me onto his lap.

“You told me how much you wanted to have several guys at the same time and these guys eagerly agreed to help me once I told them how much of a sissy slut faggot you are,” he told me. “Are you okay with this?”

“There’s only one problem,” I said as I began to caress his cock through his jeans. “I don’t see any cocks out yet.”

With that, the three other guys immediately dropped their pants and surrounded me with their cocks. I grabbed two of them with my hands and started to suck on the one in front of me.

I felt Steve move me to the side slightly as he freed his cock, put some lube on his cock, pull my panties to the side and slide into my ass. I was riding him reverse cowgirl and bareback as I took turns sucking on each of the cocks in front of me.

One of the guys reached down and pulled my hard cock out of my panties and with two quick strokes, I squirted cum all over the floor.

“I told you this little slut loves to be fucked,” Steve said. “Wait to you see cum squirt out from not even touching. Hell, she cums without ejaculating.”

“She is one hell of a sexy sissy slut. I can’t wait to be in her ass.”

“Go ahead then,” Steve said.

I was pulled off Steve’s cock and put on the floor on all fours. I felt another cock enter me from behind, also bareback, which I realized was going to be the norm of the day, and one of the cocks was in my mouth.

I was being split roasted and fucked hard at both ends. Soon the guys switched places and another cock entered my mouth and ass at the same time.

They took turns doing this over and over. I came again, which started a run of mini-firework asyalı porno displays throughout my body as I was thrust into. At one point, I stripped out of all my clothes except for my heels, wig and bra.

Finally, they moved me onto the floor on my knees and surrounded me with their cocks, which they were stroking.

Steve announced it was time to cum and to cum all over my face. Once the first one started squirting, it set off the other guys and all four of them exploded over my face and body at the same time.

By the time they were done, I was covered, but I made sure to suck the last bit of cum out of each cock. Once I was finished, Steve took me to the bathroom to clean up.

“Once you get cleaned up and some new makeup on,” he said. “I have a little outfit for you in my room. Put it on and join us back in the living room.”

I got cleaned up and reapplied my makeup. I went to Steve’s room and I saw the outfit. It was a pair of black boot shorts, a pink bra and a fishnet top. I put the shorts on and tucked my cock underneath to hide it. After I put on the bra and top, I saw a pair of black platform stilettos that had a close to a two-inch platform and a six-inch heel.

There was also sexy belly chain that I put on before heading back to the living room where I found the guys drinking beer and watching baseball. I knew my evening was just beginning and I got excited.

I found a spot on the couch between Steve and Kevin. Steve put his arm around me and Kevin’s hand began to explore my thigh.

“We’re almost out of beer in here,” Steve said to me. “Be a good sissy slut and get us some new ones out of the refrigerator.”

I obeyed and could feel four sets of eyes on me as I walked out. I knew the booty shorts had ridden up a little and my cheeks were slipping out, which only added to their viewing pleasure.

I returned with the beers and handed them out. When I went to sit on the couch again, Steve stopped me.

“Why don’t you sit on Phil’s lap for awhile,” he said and I obeyed.

As I sat on Phil’s lap, I could feel he was hard again and I began to move my hips against his hardness.

“Let’s make a bet on the game,” Steve said.

They agreed and each of them made a prediction about the upcoming half inning. The winner got to take me to the room and have some alone time to fuck me.

I didn’t care who won the bet, I just wanted to the half-inning to finish as fast as possible.

When the half-inning was over, Phil won the bet. I stood up and he stood next to me as I reached to take his hand, but he slapped it away.

“Sissy whores need to crawl to the bedroom,” he commanded me and I obeyed.

As I crawled to the bedroom, he made sure to smack my ass a few times, which only served to heighten my arousal.

“Stand up and bend over the bed,” he commanded once we got to the bedroom.

Once I was bent over, he pulled my hot duş porno pants down, dropped his own pants and slid into my already gaping asshole.

He was rough and spanked my ass repeatedly as he pounded away. My pleasure was of no concern to him. He was just using my ass for his pleasure.

At one point, I turned to look back at him and saw Kevin, naked and kneeling in front of Mike, sucking Mike’s dick.

Now I was turned on and began to feel my own cock starting to harden. However, before anything pleasure could develop for me, I felt pumping his cum into my ass.

Once Phil removed himself from my ass, Mike got on the floor and told me to ride his cock.

I did as directed and began to ride Mike’s cock with my ass. Kevin moved in front of me and kneeled down above Mike’s head so I could suck his cock.

We got into a good rhythm and I had Kevin’s cock hard as he began to fuck my mouth as Mike was filling my ass below me.

It was then when I felt someone from behind me grab my arms and pin them to my back. While I assumed it was Steve, Kevin grabbed my head and forced me to keep my mouth on his cock. I felt Mike grab my hips and force me down on my cock in a way that I couldn’t move.

A second cock began to push into my ass. It took a few tries, but my ass opened up and allowed entry. I tried to scream in pain, but my sounds were muffled by the cock in my mouth.

They stayed still for a little bit to allow me to fully open and then began to slowly fuck me. I had two cocks in my ass and one in my mouth and once things began to normalize, the pain was replaced by pleasure.

It wasn’t long, of course maybe it was because I lost track of time, before Kevin filled my mouth with his cum. At the same time, I felt both cocks pump cum into my ass simultaneously.

Once all of the cocks were out of me, I simply collapsed in exhaustion on the floor. I remember thinking that although I was tired and sore, I missed the feeling of having my ass full. Before I passed out asleep, I felt someone wipe my ass of the cum dripping out and being helped to the bed.

I still had on my heels, fishnet top and bra, but was too tired to care. I fell asleep.

I have no idea how long I slept, but I woke up as I felt a cock slide into my ass. I turned and saw it was Steve. I smiled at him.

“Did you like being a little sissy whore serving four cocks,” he said as he began to thrust in my ass.

“It was amazing,” I said back to him as I realized my cock was hard. “Did I do a good job for your friends?”

“They loved fucking you,” he replied as picked up the pace in my ass. “They want to fuck you again sometime. I’m sure all of my friends would like that.”

“It’s a good thing I am a sissy whore then,” I said. “Now just fuck me.”

He did, as hard as he could until he came again in my ass, which caused me to spurt cum from my own cock.

“Let’s get some sleep,” he said as collapsed next to me and cuddled me in a spoon position.

I was lying in the wet spot I had caused, but didn’t care.

Sleep came quickly for both us, but before I fell asleep I knew I was smiling at what I had done and wanted to do in the future.

I was now pretty much an obsessed sissy.

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