Becoming Alice Edwards slave Ch. 02


I sat in my office with more nervous excitement than I could remember. In two days time so much had suddenly changed. I had begged Alice Edwards on my knees for a chance to avoid being fired. I had kissed her feet in my office. She had agreed to give me a chance in return for her strict supervision and my compliance with her professional and personal direction. And I had learned that our education dept. head Sandy Haslem was under her mentoring as well both personally and professionally.

I had been in my office early as ordered when the desk phone rang. On the other end of the line was none other than Sandy Haslem. “Good morning. Alice has me checking in with you this morning to make sure you continue to follow her directions. I’ll be in the office shortly a little early myself. I have some things from Alice for you to look over. And we have so much to talk about. I’m more excited to get to the office than I have been in a long time. It will be just you and me in today. Some schedules have been changed. I hope you’ll like my shoes today and my new pedicure. See you soon. Bye.” Sandy teased with an usually pleasant voice.

Again my head was spinning as I flashed back to the things I had learned and done over the past two days. I was wondering what was going to happen today with what Sandy had learned and been told. And what Alice would have her doing with me. I was ordered to fully respect her and consider her words as having come from Alice.

Sandy was usually friendly and professional in our past interaction but reserved. But I had never heard her voice quite like it had been this morning. Her voice was usually her weakness. She sounded at times like a little girl. And the voice could sound squeaky. She was 5’9″ and had a lean and athletic body. She was fit and had colored her hair blond recently. She was not unattractive but certainly not considered beautiful. I had hired her 2 years ago. She did her job well. And she had become a favorite of Alice Edwards. I learned yesterday why she was. And now she knew about my situation and what Alice had me do.

I heard the door to the office open and my heart jumped. Sandy was here. I heard the outside door lock behind her which was not usually the case. I heard her footsteps come down the hall and I aimed my gaze at the door to the office. She entered my office with her blond hair pulled back and a short summer dress on. She rarely wore dresses in the office. She pulled out a chair across from my desk and lifted a tanned leg up on the chair revealing a pair of comfortable leather sandals and beautiful bare feet.

“What do you think? Like what you see?” Sandy taunted as she stared at me with a slight gap toothed smile. This type of office behavior had been completely out of character for her until this morning.

“They are beautiful.” I could not muster anything more as I stared at her leg and foot.

“The shoes or my feet?” Sandy continued her taunting.

“Both.” I answered.

“Good answer. I heard you licked some toes and soles yesterday. Alice said you really got into it and did exactly what she directed. Now the real question is are my feet more beautiful than Alice’s?” Sandy questioned. Her eyes pierced me and the smile made me even more nervous.

“They are both very beautiful.” I said as I tried to evade the question.

“Nice try. And I understand your evasion of the question under the circumstances. But you are going to pick a pair as more beautiful. So I am going to make this a bit harder for you.” Sandy teased. Her foot left the chair. The chair was pulled next to mine. The sandals were slipped off her feet. She put them right on my desk. I peeked a quick glance at the sandals. They were size 10. I didn’t think her feet looked that big. I would soon see them up close and personal.

She sat in the chair and lifted her feet up on the edge of my desk. “Maybe if you get on your knees and massage my feet with your nose it will make you decide whose feet you think are more beautiful.” Sandy declared.

I got down on my knees and pressed my nose to her toes. I slowly and lightly massaged her right toes with my nose. Her beautiful soles were like a sculpture. Slender and smooth with a perfect shape. Her toes had a fresh scent and the sandals she had removed had no toe prints. They were likely new. She had her toes painted a light blue. Her tanned toes wiggled slightly as I massaged them. I began working my way slowly down her soles. She had high arches and smooth heels despite her regular exercise.

“I could get used to this early in the morning and probably will. So some business items to discuss while you pleasure my soles and toes. It will be you and I here as Alice is finding our secretary another site to work. The money we save will be budgeted as education subsidies for my continued study and if you get through the probation you’ll enroll in classes to finish your Master’s degree. You and I will handle the paperwork the secretary did. We’ll be here a lot bursa otele gelen escort to handle the phones. The community development position will not be filled. You’ll do it as well.”

“Alice and I will take the keys you had made for us to your apartment. Some of the personal tasks we’ll perform together and for Alice are not office appropriate. And since you live so close to the office we can go there anytime. Now do the other foot.” Sandy said as if it were as natural as any other day.

I moved my attention to her left foot. Again I started at her slender toes. I wanted so badly to taste them. They were even more attractive up close and it was difficult to restrain my interest in kissing and licking them. I guessed that was part of the plan. I moved slowly down the sole and left no area unattended. Sandy seemed pleased and pulled her foot away.

“More teasing as I tell you more. Sit back in your chair.” Sandy ordered.

I did as I was told. Sandy pulled her chair closer and lifted her feet into my lap. She looked at me like I had never seen her do before. She lifted her left foot and put it in my face. She rubbed her toes over my lips. I wanted to lick but had no permission to do so. Her other foot tested my groin.

“You seem a bit excited. Actually more than a bit excited you are hard as a rock.” Sandy taunted. “This a better than I imagined.”

Sandy continued. “So Alice has taught me more than I could have asked for professionally, personally and sexually. I am amazed at what she knows about behaviors. Her husband Ron has been great as well. Hold my foot up and rub it on your face. I feel like a different woman since she started working with me. And now she is going to have me help with your development.”

I was slowly rubbing her smooth sole over my face. I felt a lot of precum on my cock and hoped it hadn’t spotted my trousers. But I felt dampness as Sandy’s foot rubbed my cock.

Sandy continued educating me. ” I have an agreement with me that Alice expects you to sign. It’s a personal services agreement. I signed one. It allows your training to be implemented personally, professionally and sexually. It has done wonders for me. I recommend you sign it. You get to read it over this morning while I am out getting some things for your apartment. Alice has some bed restraints that will be part of your training. And if needed some discipline implements. Other things will be added as your training progresses. Imagine what my toes would be like in your mouth. And if the agreement is signed when I get back you could be on your way to sucking my toes.”

“As you read the agreement understand that I think you’ll get more out of it than you can begin to understand right now. Alice had done a lot of research on things for her PHD. She has a strong belief that a persons sex life rules their regular life. I agree with her after what I have learned. And you and I working in the same office with your apartment a block away will make this so much simpler.”

“But you do have to understand as well that you’ll be challenged. You’ll work harder than ever. And you’ll do things sexually that will expand your horizons. It won’t just be fetish stuff you crave. You will humble yourself. I have made my boyfriend Dave my cuckold sub. But I serve Alice and Ron.”

“You’d be my kink partner to expand my knowledge and experiences as well as yours. All under Alice’s direction. You’d have to be willing to serve every inch of every body you are ordered to pleasure. Starting with mine. Female or male!” Sandy shared with authority.

Sandy continued. “Alice will find what motivates you and what punishes you. She will test your ability to hold to the agreement. I had only one bi experience before my training. I don’t like eating pussy. I probably never will. But I have learned to eat it with enthusiasm. Suck a clit like a lesbian trained bitch. Because I have to humble myself to learn. You will learn to do what you are told. You get rewards if you succeed and punishments if you fail. Like everything in life.”

I continued to rub her sole over my face and take in her words. She and Alice knew my weakness for beautiful feet. It was being used to motivate me. Without even reading the agreement I knew I would sign it. I imagine both Alice and Sandy did to.

Sandy shifted her feet and put her other foot in my face. “You spotted your pants with the precum that I got out of you. If I let you cum on my foot I would smear it on your face just like I am doing now. And you would accept it. And when I put cum covered toes in your mouth you’d clean them. Then you’d thank me for the training.” Sandy shared.

The casual way Sandy shared these things was shocking to me. She had been learning for a year but I was three days into being exposed to this. I wanted her foot so badly and now I wanted to please her. However I had to I humble myself seemed worth it suddenly.

Sandy pulled her bare foot away kestel escort from my face. “It’s time for your answer. I want to hear it. Are my feet more beautiful to you than Alice’s?” Sandy inquired.

She put her bare foot on the desk and wiggled her toes as she awaited my answer.

“Yours are more beautiful to me.” I admitted. “But Alice’s are really nice and sexy. Just for my tastes yours are just too beautiful. Slender and shaped the way I prefer. And the high arches and long toes are so tempting. And you keep them so nice.”

Sandy responded. “I appreciate the compliments. Alice even agrees with you. I never expected my feet would be sexual. Or a source of power. Alice knew once she learned of your fetish that you had craved my feet secretly. So you’ll have to earn them to get to kiss and lick them.” Sandy took the sandals off my desk and slipped them on her feet.

“I am going out for awhile. Read over the agreement. When you get a call from me you’ll join Alice and I in your apartment. Bring the agreement. If it is signed you are in for a hell of an experience. If you don’t we are still going to use you while you are on staff probation but you won’t get any pleasure from it.”

“I hope you’ll want to learn with me. I am excited about the possibilities. And the things you might get to do with our bare feet!!” Sandy teased and walked out of the office.

I looked over the agreement and in fact read it several times. I admit it excited me to think of myself under such control and direction. And my admiration for Alice Edwards increased from reading it. She was so smart and thorough. The wording was professional and subtle but having experienced what I did in the last couple days the implications were clear. I would be under strict and demanding control in all aspects of my behavior. Every aspect of my life would be under her strong influence. The agreement was for a year. Alice could end it earlier but I needed her express permission to end the agreement. To gain a chance for the type of attention she provided the terms were tough. But having licked her toes and looked into her eyes I wanted more. Having Sandy involved only made it more appealing. I knew somehow I need this.

Despite what I was surrendering I never felt more motivated, excited and ready. I spent time at the office doing regular duties but anxiously awaited the call from Sandy. Knowing they would be in my apartment made me wonder what would come next. I signed the agreement and placed it in the envelope. The wait seemed endless and I tried my best to busy myself and was partly successful. I wanted to work for Alice. However she wanted and as long as she’d choose to control me.

At long last the phone rang. It was Sandy. “Has the spot on your trousers dried yet?” Sandy taunted. I had not looked but when I did I saw the spot where my precum had escaped during Sandy’s wicked teasing with her terrific bare feet. “Alice and I expect you to join us. So lock up the office and get up here. Alice has some things planned to initiate you to a brand new future! Bring the agreement. You’ll be presenting it to Alice. The rest you’ll learn real soon.” Sandy teased.

I locked up the office quickly and walked the block to my apartment. Up the stairs to the second floor and in the unlocked door. “Lock the door behind you.” I heard Alice order. I did as I was told. When I entered the living room I was surprised to see Sandy curled up on the floor at Alice’s feet. They were both in bra and panties. Alice was applying lotion to Alice’s bare feet.

“Do you have the agreement for me to review?” Alice asked curtly. “Get into your bedroom and strip naked. Get to your knees and crawl to me with the agreement in your mouth.”

Hearing this in the manner in which it was delivered caused me to feel my cock respond. I walked into the bedroom, stripped and got on my knees. I put the agreement in my mouth. And I crawled like a trained slave into the living room and beside Sandy at Alice’s feet. Sandy continued to lotion Alice’s feet and did not even look at me.

Alice took the agreement from my mouth. She opened the document to see I had signed it. A slight smile formed on her face. “I have a new slave to join is. And you helped procure him Sandy. That will bode well for you. But not before I use you for a special demonstration today and a lesson for our new slave. Get into the bedroom and lie on your back. We’ll be joining you in a few minutes .Lie spreadeagled and put on the leather blindfold.” Alice ordered.

Sandy immediately crawled into the bedroom. Alice began to school me. “Today I have an important lesson for you. You’ll kneel and watch unless I order you to participate as I instruct. Part of your training is about what motivates performance. Professionally, personally and sexually. Some things like your foot fetish motivate through your craving that gives you pleasure if fulfilled. Other types of motivations are avoidance of things that make mudanya escort us vulnerable, hurt us or we simply want to avoid for a multitude of reasons. We’ll explore your motivators in detail during your training.”

“They will be used to improve your performance and develop you. Sandy is extremely ticklish. Today she will submit to an extreme tickling session. It makes her totally vulnerable and the bondage and submission will excite her. And today she can not plead to make it end. It takes all control away from her and stimulates her nerve endings so strongly that it can be very hard for her to endure it.. It can’t hurt her in any way. But it reduces her to a squirming, writhing bitch for me. And to make it end she will perform for me.”

“Your cock is hard just from listening to me. So it will be another motivator for you. I see precum. Take it on your finger and eat it.” Sandy ordered. I did as I was told. “Now crawl into the bedroom behind me and kneel at the foot of the bed.”

I entered the bedroom on my knees. Sandy looked so enticing laying spreadeagled on my bed with her fit body exposed and the blindfold on her face. Alice had placed bed restraints to secure Sandy’s ankles and wrists. It took only moments for her to put Sandy in bondage. I was so excited at seeing this I felt like I was shaking. My cock stood at attention. With me kneeling between Sandy’s legs at the foot of my bed the lesson began. Alice started with Sandy’s soles. Her fingertips and fingernails began to torment Sandy’s smooth soles. Sandy squirmed strongly in her bonds and moaned submissively.

Her feet convulsed and her pedicured toes curled. The torment of Alice’s fingers was relentless. When she concentrated her tickling between Sandy’s toes the bound beauty squealed. She was helpless and the blindfold prevented her from seeing where Alice might attack next.

“I have made her endure this type of treatment for as long as it amused me. She only let you massage her feet with your nose because her feet are so ticklish. She didn’t know this would happen today until just before you got to the apartment. She is not allowed to plead for mercy today but I usually let her do that. I like hearing it and make her offer herself sexually for any mercy. I know what she wants and what she wants to avoid. You will undergo the same type of full body examination.” Sandy looked into my eyes as she instructed me.

“Now I’ll increase her torment with your assistance. I am going to tickle her underarms and you’ll nibble her soles. Make sure you do the arches because that drives her wild. She has to endure it to please me. Now get to work.” Sandy ordered.

Sandy was moaning through this short break in the tickling. The squealing was immediate as Alice attacked her underarms. I bent to the task of nibbling her fantastic soles. Sandy was thrashing in her bondage but the restraints held her firmly in place. Her foot was dancing wildly as I nibbled at it. Sandy was trying desperately to avoid both of our tickling attacks on her helpless body.

“Make sure you alternate between soles. And nibble her sensitive toe pads as well.” Alice ordered. I could simply not believe what i was seeing and doing. And in my apartment and my bed. My cock was dripping precum. When I nibbled the toe pads Sandy’s foot jerked violently. Since I was not ticklish I felt sorry for her. She was in total torment.

Alice ended her underarm tickling and ordered me to cease the sole torment. Then she moved between Sandy’s legs and massaged her pussy through the panties.

“Quite a wet bondage slut!!” Alice taunted as Sandy moaned and squirmed against Alice’s fingers. Then Alice pinched Sandy’s clit. Sandy squealed with her high pitched voice. Alice pulled down her panties. Sandy was shaved and her pussy was beautiful. Alice inserted a finger deep into Sandy’s pussy and then fed the finger to Sandy. The bound blond sucked the juices from the finger while moaning.

My stimulation was so intense at this point I felt more excited than I had ever been sexually in my life. Alice looked me in the eye and schooled me further.

“Sandy’s clit is just as sensitive as her ticklish body. And you have seen how responsive she was to the extreme tickling. She can have multiple orgasms and I think she has earned some. And I worked to provide your lesson so I deserve some orgasms as well. I am going to slip off these panties and mount Sandy’s face. You are going to lick and suck Sandy’s clit. If she does not cum violently from your attention you’ll regret it. Get to work.” Sandy commanded strongly.

With that she mounted Sandy’s captured face and lowered her pussy onto Sandy’s mouth. I could hear the lapping from Sandy as I knelt between her legs and started slowly sucking her wet clit. Sandy’s response was instant as she moaned as she worked on Alice’s pussy. Alice was grinding her pussy on Sandy’s face. I increased my licking and sucking of Sandy’s helpless clit. Sandy erupted first with a convulsive orgasm. She shook violently. I was glad for her and me.

“Good work slave keep it up.” Alice complimented me. I did as I was told and could feel my tongue working even harder. I took the liberty of slightly biting Sandy’s clit. She squealed and in moments another deep shaking orgasm escaped her.

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