Becoming a single mom


Becoming a Single Mom

I was getting really excited. This was going to be our third date but the first date Greg and I would be alone. Our first two dates we had gone to the movies with a group of friends. I was only 14 and Greg was 16 and very handsome. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that he had asked me out. I was only a freshman and he was a junior. Tonight he was going to pick me up in his dads truck and take me to the fireworks. I was putting on a nice blouse and skirt when mom stuck her head in to tell me dad, my brother and her were headed to where they would be watching the fireworks. I told her I would meet up with them later.

Greg was going to be there soon and I was getting a little wet. I was sure I was going to get my first kiss by a boy. I kept going through my mind how he might do it. I jumped when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and smiled. He smiled back and asked if I was ready and I told him yes and pulled the door closed as I left the house. We walked me over and opened the truck door for me to get in before going around and getting in the driver’s seat.

We drove to the far side of the town where there were farmers’ fields. He backed the truck into one of the fields with the truck bed facing where the fireworks were going to be set off. He came around and helped me out and then up into the truck bed. When he lowered the truck’s back gate I notice he had a mattress şişli escort and some big pillows so we could lean against the back cab while we watched. He came up beside me and pushed the pillows against the cab and helped me sit down and lean back against them. It was so comfortable. We started talking about the fireworks and how nice of a day it was to be watching them. And he kept edging closer as he talked and leaning toward me. I leaned toward him. My whole body was aflame with passion and my pussy even a little wet knowing I was going to get my first kiss!

And then it happened! He kissed me! It was gentle and sweet and everything I hoped it would be. Then he leaned toward me again and closed my eyes and kissed him. I felt his hand come up and caress my face and his other hand reached and pulled me closer to him. I was lost in that kiss as in a dream. I had a real boyfriend not just one my friends and I made stories about. I thought about how jealous my best friend would be when I called her that night to tell her how romantic my first kiss was, how perfect.

Then I felt his hand again, the one that had drawn me closer but this time it was sliding across my blouse onto my breast. I reached up and gently moved it down and away and quietly said “no” and went back to kissing him. I felt the hand come back up and grab my breast. I grabbed it and pushed it hard away and loudly said “NO” to make sure he had heard me. He looked back and me and smiled this crazed smile. He grabbed both my arms and pushed me down flat on the mattress.

Before I knew what was happening he had grabbed the bottom of my blouse and pulled it up over my head grabbing my bra along the way and bringing it up with my blouse. I tried pushing him away but I was 5’3” and 108 lbs and he was almost 6’ and who know how much. He reached under my skirt and tore off my panties. I don’t remember him getting his cock out but I do remember feeling it against my leg. That’s when I knew what was going to happen.

I couldn’t keep him from getting between my leg and because I had gotten wet from my romantic ideas and because he used all his weight he forced himself all the way into me with one push. I felt like he split me in two and let out a scream. His smile just broadened from my scream like he enjoyed it and he started thrusting in and out of me so hard forcing a scream with each push. He would squeeze my breasts bite my neck never stopping his pounding into me. And then it was like he was trying to stand up on his cock putting all his weight into driving it deep into my pussy. I felt him throb and fill me with his cum. It felt like forever that he kept filling me with cum but finally he collapsed on me and after a minute rolled off of me leaving me sobbing.

I scooted out of the truck bed and started to walk away. I had no idea where I was heading but it didn’t matter anyway. Before I got 3 steps he was there. My blouse and bra that was around my neck he grabbed and threw to the ground. He pulled off my skirt leaving me only in my shoes and socks and he turned me around and bent me over the tailgate and pushed into me once again. He grabbed my hair and used it to pull me back onto his cock to increase the force of each thrust. Each thrust would dig the tailgate into my hips. Every once in a while he would let go with one hand to spank me or reach around to squeeze my breast till he filled me a second time.

He rested then pulled me off the tailgate and pushed me down onto the ground. He got on top of me and entered me for the third time. He took a long time this time calling me a slut and cunt. Then the fireworks stared. I lay there watching the fireworks while being raped and trying to pretend I wasn’t. After he came in me that third time he got up threw my blouse, bra and skirt at me and told me to get into the cab. I did putting on my cloths as best as I could and he drove me home.

When we got to my house he pushed me out, told me how much “I” had enjoyed him and left. I went into the house and took a shower, crawled into bed and cried. When my parents got home they found me in bed. I told them I wasn’t feeling well and they said they were sorry not feeling well had spoiled my date with Greg. I didn’t tell for a month and a half what had happened but then I had to, I was pregnant.

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