Becca and Me Ch. 02


Hi Becca daddy wants to take his baby girl shopping so I can buy you some nice sexy underwear, and while we are there daddy can slip into the changing room with you, I will stand behind you stroking your hard nipples, kissing the back of your neck, slowly move my hands down your body slipping my hand into the top of your new lace panties. My fingers will find your wet pussy lips and will slowly move inside you, you will let out a soft moan. I will whisper in your ear “ssssshhhhh baby no one can here” you bite your bottom lip as my fingers find your aching clit. I start to gently rub your bud. You push your ass back against my hard cock, which is still trapped in my trousers.

“Please daddy take your cock out,” You whisper

I unzip and release my throbbing aching cock. You reach round and wrap your fingers round its girth.

“Daddy I want it now. I need it please,” you beg.

I push your head forward, and pull the new panties to one side; you turn your head and look in the changing room mirror watching as my cock enters your opening. I push forward and I fill your hole to the hilt in one movement. But I don’t move, I hold my cock there feeling you clenching your cunt muscles around me.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck your baby hard,” you whisper as you look into my eyes through the reflection in the mirror.

We stare at each other as I start to thrust in and out of you; our eyes never leave one another.

I can feel my seed rising, I want to splash the inside of my baby’s womb with my cum.

You watch your tits bouncing, as I pound in and out of you, trying not to let our bodies meet so the outside world cant tell that daddy is fucking his little girl.

I feel my legs start to shake; I place my hand over your mouth as I force my cock even harder and further into you.

You let out a squeal has you feel my cum, spraying into you, you start to tremble as your orgasm takes over, I hold my hand firm trying to hide your moans.

As the moment subsides, we are still staring at one another in the mirror. I pull my cock out and sit down watching my cum drip out of your open cunt. I remove the new panties you have been wearing and use them to wipe my cock.

“I think well get a new pair of these from rail” I say

Once we are dressed we turn to see the sales girl staring through a crack in the curtain. We look at each other and smile.

You beckon the girl to come in. she enters closing the curtain behind her. You lean forward and kiss the girl passionately on the lips and at the same time place the soiled panties in her hand.

You break the kiss and open the curtains, we walk out arm in arm leaving the poor girl standing there, staring at the cum soaked panties.

As we leave the shop you see the girl cum out of the changing room, her face is a bit flushed, she had obviously been tending to her own needs, she sees you and smiles, you walk over to her and say something, when you return I ask what you said.

“You will find out later” You reply

After what seems like hours we are finally finished shopping, you ask if we could go for a drink and some food.

We go to a nice restaurant that you have chosen and you ask for a table inside a booth. After we have ordered drinks you excuse yourself and go to the ladies room. After a short time you come back to the table smiling.

“Well daddy you may need to order another drink, our little friend has just arrived” You say.

I turn round to see the shop assistant walking towards us. You greet her with a little peck on the cheek and tell her to sit next to me but on the inside of the booth.

We order food and the conversation turns to Cindy – our waitress friend

She is 18 years old and lives with her mom and dad, she doesn’t have a boyfriend has her parents wont allow it. I look into Cindy’s eyes she seems sad.

“So not happy at home hey.” I ask

Cindy explains how strict her parents are and that she is saving her money to move out of her house, so she can start living a little.

“So you enjoyed our little show today” Becca asked

“Oh god yes, that was awesome” Cindy replied.

“Did it turn you on” I asked

“God yes, I was so wet, you see I’ve always been attracted to older guys, I’m so jealous of Becca finding herself an older boyfriend” Cindy said.

Becca and I looked at each other; she shook her head slightly, letting me know not to say anything.

“So you can share my man if you want but only just for tonight” Becca said

Cindy seemed excited then shook her head.

“I cant my parents will expect me back by 7.30” she said

” I know I could ring them pretending to be your area manager and tell them we have a problem in the shop and that Giresun Escort I need you to work late ” I replied.

Cindy got really excited, so I left the pair to talk and rang Cindy’s parents giving them some bullshit about a major stock take having to take place and that she may be here very late, but not to worry I would pay for a taxi to ensure she got home safe. Her dad bought the story and couldn’t thank me enough for letting him know, saying what a good company we had. Dickhead.

I returned to the table and sat next to Cindy.

“Well” She asked

“Don’t worry tonight might just get a bit better” I said as I leaned over and kissed Cindy.

We finished our food and drinks and decided to book a room in the local Etap Hotel.

Once in the room Cindy & Becca went into the bathroom to freshen up, whilst I switched the TV on and lay on the bed.

They both came into the room still fully dressed.

“Well Daddy, what would you like to do” Cindy asked

I smiled, had Becca told her that I was in fact her dad; Becca could see the confusion on my face.

“Its ok daddy, I told Cindy about our little game and how I like to call you daddy and have you call me your baby girl” Becca said.

“Ok then, so I have two baby girls to look after now” I replied.

I beckoned them round to the side of the bed where there was more room.

“Now kiss,” I said

They turned and faced each other and slowly moved there faces towards each other, I watched as their lips met, I seen Becca’s tongue flick out and go into Cindy’s mouth, I could here the familiar sound of lips meeting lips and both were letting out small groans. Becca’s hand moved down to Cindy’s ass.

“Did I tell you to do that” I said.

Becca looked at me she could see I was serious.

“Sorry daddy I thought………

” I didn’t tell you to think, I told you to kiss” I cut in. ” Now Kiss.”

Becca turned to Cindy and they started to kiss again, I left them kissing for a few minutes, then told Becca to stand behind Cindy and for both of them to face me. They did as they were told,

“Kiss the back of her neck,” I told Becca.

She started to kiss and lick Cindy’s neck; I watched Cindy’s eyes close as she enjoyed the feeling of Becca’s mouth.

“Now unbutton her blouse” I demanded

Becca’s hand s moved to the front of Cindy and slowly began to undo the buttons; she started with the bottom button and worked her way up revealing a little piece of Cindy’s body as she did. I looked on intently as the blouse fell to the floor, Cindy had smallish tits, they were covered in a very nice white lace bra, I could see her nipples were erect, I was staring into Cindy’s eyes.

“Take her bra off,” I said.

Becca hands went to Cindy’s back and I heard the snap of the bra clasp.

“Slowly,” I whispered

Becca slowly removed the straps from Cindy’s shoulders and lowered the bra revealing Cindy’s glorious small but beautiful shaped tits, her nipples were the kind that tilted upwards slightly.

“Feel her tits, and play with her nipples” I told Becca

Her hands moved round to the front of Cindy’s body and she placed a hand on each mound.

“Mmmmmmm daddy there so firm,” Becca said

I watched as she caressed the tits rolling the nipples around between her fingers and thumbs, Cindy had her eyes closed and was breathing quite heavily, I could see her pushing her tight little ass back onto Becca.

“You like that Cindy,” I asked

” Oh god yes this is so hot,” she replied

“It’s going to get hotter,” I replied

Up to this time I was still fully dressed, my hard aching cock was firmly pressed against the front of my trousers, God I wanted to jump up bend Cindy over and fuck her hard, but I also wanted to carry on playing the game.

“Now remove her skirt.” I said

Becca unfastened the skirt and slowly lowered it to the ground, as she did this she bent over at the same time licking Cindy’s back. I seen Cindy’s legs shake and I thought she was going to pass out.

“Are you ok Cindy”? I enquired

” Oh Yes, I need to cum so badly,” She answered

“Oh you will baby, you will” I replied

The white lace panties that Cindy seamed familiar, I had seen them earlier that day, they were the same as the ones Becca was wearing when I fucked her in the changing room of the shop.

” I see you have the same taste as Becca, when it comes to underwear”. I said

“Not really these are the ones that Becca placed in my hand earlier, I just had to put them on and feel yours and Becca’s juices against my cunt”. She replied

“Mmmmmmm Becca take the panties off.” I said

Becca knelt behind Cindy and Giresun Escort Bayan hooked her fingers into the waistband of the panties and very slowly lowered them down. I watched as Cindy’s pussy came into view, she was trimmed and shaven to the extent that their was just a very small strip of pubis hair. Cindy stepped out of the panties and stood there with her legs slightly apart.

“Well does daddy like.” She asked

“Daddy likes a lot.” I replied

I ordered Becca to stand behind Cindy and to play with her pussy, I watched as Becca stroked Cindy’s body moving her hands down towards her pussy, Becca’s fingers pressed into her mound and I seen them hook round into the V shaped gap. Cindy let out a moan as Becca’s fingers entered her.

“Christ daddy she so tight down there” Becca said

“That’s because I’m a virgin” Cindy responded.

“Oh daddy, how lucky you are, you get to pop a cherry today” Becca said laughing.

Becca moved her two fingers in and out of Cindy’s virginal pussy; Cindy was pushing down hoping to get the fingers deeper inside her, her breathing was getting laboured, and she was moaning with each thrust of Becca’s hand. I could see that Cindy was ready to orgasm and I waited until I was sure she was right on the edge.

“STOP” I almost, shouted.

Becca stopped and pulled her wet fingers out of Cindy’s very wet cunt, Cindy fell forward so she was kneeling at the side of the bed her head resting on the mattress.

“Noooooo, please let me cum” Cindy begged.

“Not yet baby not yet.” I replied.

I beckoned Cindy to get on the bed with me, she lay next to me on her side, I lay behind her and pressed my body against hers, she could feel my erect cock against her ass, and she pushed back against it.

I told Becca to put the music channel on the TV, she found a channel with a slow song being played, and I ordered her to perform a strip tease.

Becca started slowly dancing to the music, staring at the two of us lying on the bed, she slowly removed her top revealing her large wonderful mounds, she then removed her bra, she stroked her nipples making them stand out proud,

I whispered into Cindy’s ear.

” You’re going to have them in your mouth soon, biting on them, sucking on them”

Cindy moaned and pushed her ass harder against my cock.

Becca removed her skirt letting it drop to the floor, she kicked it away, she then turned slowly so she had her back to us, we both watched as she swayed her ass to the music. She slowly lowered her panties and again kicked them aside. She then bent over and placed her hands on the work surface, we both watched hypnotised by the tight succulent ass in front of us, Becca moved her round and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and spread herself for us to see.

“Look daddy, look how wet I am” she said.

Cindy was almost dry humping my pulsing cock. As yet I had not touched Cindy so I stroked her back lightly as I whispered into her ear.

“Look Cindy, see how wet you have made Becca you naughty girl, I think I will make you lick those juices from her pussy”

Becca again moaned ” Yes Daddy, that would be nice”.

Becca straightened up and turned to face us revealing her shaven pussy. Cindy let out a long groan as she seen this.

“Now Cindy if you are to become daddy’s new fuck toy I want you to shave the same as Becca.” I said

“Yes daddy anything.” She replied

I told Becca to come to the bed and she joined us lying on the opposite side to Cindy.

“Now girls undress me, I ordered.

They managed between them to remove my clothes; I made them stand at the foot of the bed to pull my trousers off, then my boxer shorts. My cock sprang out, Cindy gasped when she seen the size, I’m only average length but I do have a good girth. Becca smiled and licked her lips.

“Does daddy want us both to suck his cock?” She asked

“That’s right girls both of you” I responded

I lay back and closed my eyes as both girls started licking either side of my shaft, I heard Becca say to Cindy to take my knob into her mouth and circle it with her tongue, I felt Cindy’s hot breath on me as she opened her mouth and lowered it on to cock end, when she closed her mouth and lightly sucked, I let out a loud groan. I bent my legs which was a signal for Becca to move lower and suckle my balls, her mouth sucked and licked on them, then she moved lower and licked around my ass she finally pushed her tongue against my ring. Again I groaned with the pleasure that I was receiving.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I sat up and moved away from the girls and made them sit opposite each other, I positioned them so their legs were entwined and their wet Escort Giresun pussy’s were against each other.

“Fuck each other, press them pussy’s together.” I told them.

The girls started kissing and moving their hips so their cunts were sliding against one another, they must have found the right position, Cindy’s head flew back and she started to thrust her hip hard against Becca.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” She said

I watched as their movements got quicker and quicker, both girls moving their hips in tandem, both trying to make the other one cum.

Oh that’s it I’m cum……………. Cindy let out a scream as the first throws of an orgasm hit her; her body shook as she panted loudly.

“That’s it bitch cum for daddy, show him how you cum hard” Becca said

“Oh Yes, Oh Yes” Cindy screamed as the orgasm hit her, seeing this bought Becca’s orgasm on, both girls lay back grinding there pelvises together, both were sweating and shaking, Cindy’s eyes were closed as spasms went through her body, Becca stared intently at her with a big smile on her face. Becca was satisfied. But I wasn’t yet.

As the orgasm finished both girls lay their stroking one another’s legs, both looking at me awaiting further instructions.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked Cindy

“Oh yes, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had” She said.

“So would you like to feel daddy’s cock inside you now.” I asked her.

“Yes please sir” She replied

I told Becca that I thought Cindy might need a little help. I lay on my back and motioned for Cindy to straddle me, she did this but with her knees flat on the bed, Becca made her get up on her feet so she was squatting over me, Becca knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed with her face only inches away from Cindy’s ass. I looked down as Becca took my cock and stroked it against Cindy’s wet slit, I then seen Becca move forward and start licking Cindy from her cunt lips down to her little puckered hole, Cindy jumped a little when she felt the tongue on her ring, but was soon moving her hips backwards and forwards, the forward motion pressing against my cock the backwards against Becca’s tongue.

Becca positioned my cock so it was against Cindy’s opening and instructed her tom lower down onto my cock. Cindy gasped as my cock entered her. She lowered down but stopped.

“It’s too big.” She stammered

“Don’t worry, you will stretch I promise.” Becca answered.

Cindy lowered a little further, holding her breath, I felt my cock head press against her hymen.

“Stop a second.” I told Cindy

“It’s time to make you a women, you will feel a sharp pain but that will stop after a few seconds, now I want you to bounce up and down a little and get used to daddy’s fat cock inside you” I said.

Cindy relaxed a little and started to move up and down with very slow movements, I could here the lapping of Becca as she rimmed her and Cindy started to breath a bit deeper as the pleasures of both my cock and Becca’s tongue moved through her.

“Now daddy now” Becca said.

On Cindy’s next down motion, I thrust upwards hard, I felt my cock touch the skin wall blocking its path, then I felt it give way and my cock entered her fully. Cindy screamed loudly.

“Please stop it hurts, it’s burning.” She cried

” Ssshhhhh baby it will start to feel better soon” I replied

I carried on moving in and out of Cindy, after a little while she started to move up and down a bit more vigorously again her breathing becoming deep and her pants becoming louder.

“Oh that’s good daddy, it feels so good now” She whispered

She started to really slam down hard on my cock and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I would fill her young tight cunt full of my man juice. I looked down and could see her juices on my cock, then I seen a trickle of blood, this set me off I told her I would be cumming soon. This only encouraged her to start going faster. She turned her head sideways and looked at Becca

“That’s it, push a finger inside me, push it in my ass,” she said

I seen Becca put two fingers to her lips and soak them with spit, she looked at me and winked, then I heard a loud scream as Becca’s fingers stretched her tight hole. Cindy bounced harder against my cock. That was enough for me, my cock started to spurt man juice into her, stream after stream of sperm entered her. When Cindy felt my cum hit her womb she started to have another orgasm, she stopped bouncing and started to grind her body onto my cock, she let out a long groan and dropped forward so her head was on my shoulder, she lay there whimpering, I looked over her back to see Becca thrusting her fingers in and out of Cindy’s ass. Becca looked up at me and with her other hand held three fingers out. I smiled, Cindy continued sucking on my neck as her orgasm subsided. Becca stood up and walked to the bathroom, I heard the shower start.

I told Cindy she might want to take a shower to cool off before the real fun started.

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