Beauty and the Geek Ch. 05


PART 1 – Aftermath


“It was awful Stace, oh my god…” Miley said into her cell phone as she lay in her bedroom talking to her best friend.

“What exactly did your mom see?” came Stacy’s question.

“She saw me on my knees, holding Charlie’s big ‘thing’.”

“Oh my god… she didn’t!” Stacy said.

“It gets worse. I had his ‘stuff’ all over my face and we were both half naked.”

Stacy tried not to giggle but had little success.

“It’s not funny!” Miley said, “My mother /freaked/. Brad practically chased poor Charlie out of the house.”

“Didn’t you know they were home?” Stacy wondered.

“No.” Miley replied. “They were supposed to be going to a concert in the city after lunch, but Brad forgot the tickets so they came back home to get them.”

“Unbelievable.” Stacy said. “Have you talked to Charlie yet?”

“No. But I guess my mom called his mom. God, it’s so embarrassing.”

“What’s going to happen?”

Miley sighed, “Mom and Brad are downstairs discussing ‘my future’ right now. I have no idea.”

“Let me know if you need anything?” Stacy offered.

“I will, thanks Stace. I’ll call you tomorrow.”


John White knocked on his son’s bedroom door, “Charlie, can I come in?”

“Sure dad.” Charlie called.

John found Charlie laying on his bed staring at the ceiling. “Your mother just got off the phone with Mrs. Ryan.”

Charlie nodded but said nothing. Mrs. Ryan was Miley’s mother. She and Miley had different last names because when Miley’s mom remarried Miley kept her real father’s last name. Charlie had hoped his parents wouldn’t find out about Miley’s parents catching them having sex, but he overheard his mom talking to Miley’s mom and had been waiting for one of his parents to come knocking.

“Son…” John sighed. “I didn’t come up here to lecture you.”

Charlie glanced over at his dad, surprised.

“You’re eighteen years old. You’re a man now. But… well, you need to be more responsible. I understand that you and Miley are in a sexual relationship, and as far as I’m concerned that’s perfectly acceptable, but doing so under her parent’s roof is disrespectful to them. The same way it would be to your mother and I if the situation were reversed.”

“I know dad, I’m sorry.” Charlie said, truly apologetic.

John nodded, “Mrs. Ryan was pretty upset. Understandably so. She doesn’t want you to see Miley anymore.”

“But dad…!” Charlie sat up.

Lifting his hands, John tried to calm Charlie, “I know, I know. Your mother and I really like Miley, and we’re not going to tell you who you can or can’t spend time with, but you need to avoid going over to Miley’s house, okay?”

“Okay…” Charlie said, flopping back down on his bed.


“You’re grounded.” Miley’s mother said. “And you’re not to see that Charlie boy ever again.”

“What? You can’t do that!” Miley exclaimed. “I’m eighteen years old, you can’t ground me, and you can’t keep me from seeing Charlie. I love him!”

“I can too ground you, young lady, as long as you’re living under this roof you live by my rules.”

“Fine!” Miley nearly spat. She stalked to her closet.

“Miley, what are you doing…?”

“I’m getting out of this house!” Miley yelled, grabbing a bag.

“Miley…” her mother warned, “If you leave this house your father and I will cut you off…”

“STEP-father.” Miley scowled, stuffing clothes into her bag. “And I don’t care. I’ll go live with dad if I have to. You and Brad can both go to hell!”

“Millicent Andrews! You are /the/ most stubborn girl…”

“Stuff it mom!” Miley snapped, grabbing another bag along with more clothes. “Charlie and I love each other, and if my choice is between you and Brad, or him, I’m choosing him.” She grabbed the garment bag containing the prom dress Charlie bought her.

“Miley…” her mother urged, “You’re just upset… Miley!”

Hoisting the bags, Miley stalked for her bedroom door.


“What are we going to do John?” Olivia asked.

“Nothing. Charlie’s eighteen years old now. He needs to learn from his own mistakes. He feels bad enough, he doesn’t need us piling on..”

“But John… can you imagine if we had seen what Mrs. Ryan saw earlier today?”

John smirked.

“It’s not funny!” Olivia swatted her husband. “How is Charlie, by the way?”

“He’s depressed. I think he’s worried about Miley. He’s a good kid honey, him and Miley both. They just need to learn to be a bit more responsible about their sex life.”

Olivia let out a worried laugh, “Our son has a sex life.” She took a deep breath.

“He’s eighteen years old.” John reminded his wife, “He’s not a child anymore. Remember when we were his age?”

“I know.” Olivia said, “I just…” she was interrupted by the doorbell. “I’ll get it. Let’s hope its not another angry parent….”

John chuckled.

Olivia opened the door, surprised to see “Miley…?”

“Hi Mrs. White.” Miley said, tears decorating her cheeks . “Um… I didn’t know escort şişli where else to go… again.”

“Oh honey… it’s okay Miley, come in… come in.”

“Miley?” Charlie said, entering the living room after hearing the doorbell.

“Charlie!” Miley exclaimed when she saw him.

The two practically ran into each other’s arms, Miley clasping him tightly and nuzzling her face into his chest as Charlie wrapped her in his grasp. Neither of Charlie’s parents could deny that it was a touching scene; Olivia in particular took note of how much the two obviously cared for one another.

“They said I couldn’t see you anymore…” Miley said, sniffling against Charlie. “When I left my mother told me not to come back and that I was cut off and…”

“It’s okay, Miley.” Charlie assured, looking over Miley’s shoulder to his mother for support.

“You can stay here, Miley.” Olivia said.

“She can?” John chimed in.

Olivia elbowed her husband.

“I mean…” John corrected himself. “She can. You can stay as long as you need, Miley.”

“Really?” Miley turned, looking to Charlie’s parents.

“Of course you can, dear.” Olivia smiled, “I’ll go get the guest room ready.”


After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours, Charlie finally rolled over and glanced at his alarm clock/radio and saw that it was after 1am. He sighed, frustrated by his inability to sleep; Charlie simply had too much on his mind. He thought about Miley and wondered if she was lying awake in the guest bedroom next door.

He didn’t wonder for long.

“Charlie, are you awake?” came a whisper from the bedroom doorway.

“Miley?” Charlie whispered back.

Padding in silently, Miley pushed the door closed as quietly as possible. Charlie sat up in his bed and watched in the dark as she removed her pajamas, and then lifted his blanket so Miley could crawl in beside him.

Miley wrapped her arms around Charlie’s torso as he lay back down, resting her head against his smooth chest. “I couldn’t sleep.” she whispered.

“Me either.” Charlie replied, curling an arm around Miley. “Are you scared?”

“No.” Miley answered, “I know that as long as I have you everything will be ok.”

Charlie squeezed her, kissing Miley’s forehead.

“Charlie?” Miley asked.


“Will you make love to me?”

“Right now?” Charlie asked.

Miley nodded against his chest. “I want you inside me. I want to forget about everything except you, at least for a little while. Make me feel good, Charlie?”

Remembering what his father told him about sexual responsibility, Charlie hesitated. But only for a moment. He wasn’t very skilled at refusing Miley anything. “Okay.”

Turning over, Miley curled and squirmed as she reached under the covers to remove her panties. Charlie did the same with his pajama bottoms. Once situated, Miley lay on her side and pressed her bare backside against Charlie, urging him to spoon her.

Charlie turned to his side as well, slipping an arm around Miley’s petite frame and pressing his penis against the slit of her ass. “We have to be quiet…”

Miley nodded, twisting her head back to kiss him. They embraced this way for several long minutes, kissing and touching. Miley wiggled her bottom against Charlie’s ever-expanding length, waiting for him to become erect enough to perform.

Bending a leg upwards, Miley licked a pair of her fingers and used them to help lubricate her sex. “Go easy okay baby?” she whispered. “I don’t think I can take your whole thing in this position.”

Like a fly against a window, Charlie poked the head of his cock between her legs several times looking for Miley’s entrance. She giggled quietly and reached down to help him aim, inhaling a sharp breath when she felt his girth penetrate and stretch her vaginal opening.

Charlie grabbed Miley behind the knee of her bent leg and lifted it into the air for her, pushing his cock in as far as he dared. “You feel so incredible.” he whispered into her ear.

Miley reached behind herself, her hand going to the back of Charlie’s head. She pulled his lips towards her neck, encouraging him to kiss her there. “You too baby… you make me feel so nice… don’t pull out, okay Charlie? Don’t pull out when you cum…”

“Are you sure?” Charlie muttered, slowly working his hips back and forth.

“My birth-control pills should be working.” Miley murmured, her voice smoky with arousal. “You won’t make me pregnant.”

Charlie continued to hold Miley’s leg up, her slender ankle dangling in the air, giving him better access. He was able to fuck about three-quarters of his length in and out of her, his shaft glistening with her natural lubrication.

“I can’t live without this Charlie…” Miley whispered hotly, “I don’t ever want to be separated from you. I need your heat inside me. I need your love to fill me up.”

“I need you too.” Charlie whispered, kissing Miley’s neck and shoulder as he humped against her. “Your pussy feels so good…”

“I know baby. You like sticking escort beşiktaş your big throbby thing into my tight pussy don’t you…”

“Yes… fuck yes…”

“I can’t wait for you to cum.” Miley mewed softly, “I want to feel your love gush into me. I want your warm seeds to be in me, to swim into my womb and try to fertilize me… that’s what you want isn’t it Charlie? To fuck your stuff into my womanhood and mark me with your child…?”

“Oh Miley… that’s so hot…”

Charlie was humping against Miley swiftly, fueled by her dirty talk. He rutted into her, the noises of their union making wet slippery sounds that filled his bedroom.

Reaching back, Miley grabbed a handful of Charlie’s ass and encouraged him to fuck her deeper. “Mark me Charlie… fill me with your cum and mark me as your territory…”

Charlie humped himself against Miley’s ass with firm thrusts of his hips. “I’ve wanted to cum inside you for so long.” he whispered with a heavy breath, “To know what that feels like…”

Miley began to quiver, the beginnings of an orgasm, “Me too. Oh god Charlie… you feel so good baby… make me your woman… claim my womb…oh god…”

Charlie pushed his cock into her deeply and held it there, stifling his grunts into her shoulder as best he could. His hips bucked against Miley’s ass as his convulsing erection pushed their fluids into the depths of Miley’s sex. It was an amazing feeling to Charlie, spilling his orgasm into Miley, an indescribable sensation of pleasure and power.

Covering her mouth for fear of making too much noise, Miley shook with the power of her orgasm as she felt Charlie’s semen suddenly flood her insides. He was deep, really deep, and Miley had never felt anything like the warm wetness that coated the depths of her insides.

When it was finally over, both of them slumped against one another, wriggling and cuddling their naked bodies into a tangle.

Miley twisted her neck to kiss Charlie, “You’re stuff is deep inside me. You’re a part of me now, lover.”

Charlie held her tight against his body, returning the kiss passionately.

“Don’t leave me…” Miley murmured against Charlie’s lips, “Stay inside me.”

He did, letting his erection soften inside Miley’s vagina. They lay that way, spooned and joined, until they fell asleep.

PART 2 – Growing Up is Hard to Do


Miley padded down the hallway in her bare feet, still wearing pajamas but lured by the scent of coffee. Her cheeks were flush with thoughts of Charlie’s lovemaking only hours earlier and her dark curls were tousled and tangled from sleeping with him. Miley smiled softly to herself; it had been nice to sleep in Charlie’s arms all night. That was something she could get used to.

“Good morning Miley.” Olivia smiled, dressed in a robe and sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper. “There’s some caffeinated on the counter if you want some.”

“Thanks Mrs. White.” Miley said, moving to fetch a mug.

“Please honey, I wish you’d call me Olivia.” Setting her newspaper down, Olivia commented “You’re up early; did you have any trouble sleeping?”

“I did at first.” Miley replied, pouring herself some coffee. “But then I slept like a rock.”

“Was that before or after you snuck into my son’s room?”

Miley turned, redness filling her cheeks. “Oh my god… Olivia, I’m so sorry…” Miley covered her mouth, then explained “I couldn’t sleep. I just wanted Charlie to hold me, you know?”

“Have a seat Miley, we should talk.” Olivia said firmly, but without anger.

Biting her lower lip, Miley nodded. She placed her coffee on the table and sat, clasping herself by the elbows against the morning chill.

“Charlie adores you.” Olivia said, “I’m pretty sure he’d follow you to the ends of the Earth if you asked him to.”

Miley made a fond smile, not arguing.

“It was the same with John and me when we were your age.” Olivia continued. “He’d do anything for me, and still would. It’s a comforting feeling, knowing that your boyfriend or husband is there to support you and protect you. But you can’t abuse that, or take advantage of it, otherwise you’ll lose it. And sometimes men are not rational in their instincts to protect us or make us happy; they need someone to keep /them/ out of trouble. Do you understand?”

Miley lifted her mug of coffee, blowing steam from its surface. “Yes.” she nodded. “I totally get it.”

“My son has changed since you entered his life, Miley. He behaves more maturely, he takes pride in his appearance (always a struggle with men), he’s more confident about himself, and most importantly he’s happy. I’ve never seen him so happy.”

Miley smiled brightly.

“You’ve been a wonderful influence on Charlie. I hope that you will consider that more often while you’re staying with us.”

“I will.” Miley assured Olivia, “I promise.”

Olivia smiled fondly, “You’re quite the young lady, Miley. Charlie is lucky to have you.”

“Thanks.” Miley beamed, escort beyoğlu “For everything.”


As Miley stood in front of the bathroom mirror running a brush through her wet curls, she saw Charlie enter behind her.

“How was your shower?” he asked.

“Fine.” Miley smiled, thinking his slender bod looked cute when he was only wearing boxers.

“I wish we could have showered together.” Charlie said, slipping his arms around Miley and the towel that was wrapped around her.


Charlie kissed Miley’s neck, “Last night was really great.” he murmured, hands cupping her breasts over the cinched towel.

Miley grinned at him, “Charlie, we have to behave…”

In response, Charlie nibbled on her earlobe.

“Charlie!” Miley hissed quietly, “Your parents…”

“Just a quickie?” Charlie suggested.

“Sweetie, have you already forgotten yesterday? My mother walking in on us?”

“I know…” Charlie lamented. “You’re right.”

“Let’s go to the lake today.” Miley suggested, “It’s Sunday; we don’t have to think about school, or parents, or anything else… just the two of us?”

Charlie smiled, “That sounds great.”

“Then I suggest you get out of here and let me finish brushing my hair, mister.”

“Yes ma’am.” Charlie replied, kissing her cheek.

Miley let him get to the bathroom door before stopping him, “Charlie?”

Charlie turned, looking back to Miley’s reflection in the mirror.

“I love you baby.” Miley told him, thinking about Olivia’s words earlier that morning. “You’re my man, and I’ll always be there to take care of you.”

“Take care of me?” Charlie asked.

Miley nodded, biting her lower lip as she smiled. “Wear those leather sandals we got you? Those will be perfect for the beach.”

“Okay.” Charlie grinned, then vanished.

Miley looked back to herself in the mirror. She no longer saw a teenaged high school student in the reflection. Instead, she saw a young woman responsible for her man. She loved Charlie, she could feel it in her heart. Thoughts of spending the rest of her life with him entered Miley’s thoughts for the first time.


Lake Jackson was a half hour’s drive from Charlie’s house, a large body of water situated on the northwest outskirts of Tallahassee. Miley let Charlie drive her BMW and he parked at one of the public beaches.

Charlie glanced aside at Miley in the car as he turned the key off. She looked so adorable, dressed in a pair of ‘Daisy Dukes’ and a pink bikini top that clung to her small breasts. Her curly black tendrils were tied back under a big floppy hat and she wore a pair of big movie-star sunglasses. “This was a really great idea.” he smiled.

Miley smiled back, thinking Charlie looked equally as yummy. He had a pair of baggy swim trunks and a white tee shirt on, and he looked so cute in his baseball cap. “Pop the trunk.”

Fetching a basket containing towels and lunch, the young couple walked hand in hand towards the sandy beach. It was a beautiful day and there were quite a few people already enjoying the sand and water, including one person Charlie recognized all too well.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me…” Charlie said as he and Miley walked across the sand.

“Well… if it isn’t White and his dork-loving girlfriend.” Brock said, the muscle-bound linebacker approaching from a group of other kids Charlie and Miley recognized from school. “You still going out with this loser, Miley?”

“He’s not a loser, Brock. He’s twice the man you are.” Miley frowned, then added, “Actually, he’s three times the man if what Darla told me is true about you’re little boy-pecker.”

Brock scowled, “Darla doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Ever heard of shrinkage?”

“Get lost Brock.” Charlie dared, “We’re not interested in an intellectual conversation today.”

“What’d you say, White?” Brock approached threateningly.

“You heard me.” Charlie replied.

“I should kick your ass dork!” Brock threw his arms forward, pushing Charlie backwards until he landed on his back in the sand.

“Leave him alone!” Miley yelled, trying to push Brock away.

But Brock was too big and strong; with one heave of his arm he shoved Miley aside. She fell backwards as well, landing hard in the sand and crying out with a yelp.

When Charlie saw Miley go down, rage filled his eyes. Adrenaline started pumping through his veins, an adrenaline that lent him strength. He pushed himself up and rushed towards Brock, hand balled into a fist. Charlie hit the bully square in the face, bloodying Brocks nose instantly. Charlie hit him again, across the side of Brock’s cheek, knocking the linebacker down.

Adrenaline can lend a person an almost unnatural strength in times of stress, and Charlie was filled with both as he knelt over the fallen Brock and hit him again. “Leave us alone you son of a bitch!!!”

“Charlie!” Miley screamed, getting up. She scrambled to take hold of Charlie and pull him off Brock.

“Stay away from us!!!” Charlie yelled, swinging again and grazing Brock’s chin as Miley pulled him back, her arms around Charlie’s shoulders.

Brock lay dazed in the sand, face bloody. His friends watched the scene, but none of them intervened; none of them wanted anything to do with crazed Charlie.

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