Beach Fun


You want to know all the details. I want to share some of them, and some need to remain private. At least for now…

I would be more willing to share details of a day long ago though~

It was a day that began as any other – cool breeze pushing off the waterfront. Large-grain crunchy shells that comprised this beach were heavy enough not to cause a sand squall. The blow across my tanning body tickled every tiny hair on my arms and even the baby silken hair on my bare belly.

The moisture that hung in the air was enough to keep me cool without having to go into the bay to cool off. The big bonus was feeling sun, a breeze and a nipple stiffening sensation from it all. All of it made me horny.

Knowing there would not be any on-lookers on a day like this (too windy for most, plus it was Sunday) I slid the crotch of my bathing suit aside and parted my lips. The breeze made its way immediately to my clit. As with my bare nipples, it became engorged and harder than usual. One finger played along the inside of one gate and another began the tapping you love to administer.

Unable to hold out any longer than the first ten minutes of play, one quick slip brought a finger deep inside. Pal pressed hard against my mound created more urge for more play. In a short time, my hand was entirely wet. The slickness was preventing me from feeling all the touching and I determined I needed a harder stimulus.

You felt the pressure build in your shorts as you watched me fumble in a nearby bag. Though it was not a bag you recognized, you knew inherently that there must be a toy within it someplace. Unable to hold out on approaching any longer, one leap flushed you from your hiding spot in the Zonguldak Escort seagrass. I saw your silhouette through one slitted eye and smiled at you.

With a shake of my tit at you, it was the invitation you hoped for. Without hesitation, you began to unbutton your pants and had them unzipped and falling to your ankles as you pace towards me hastened.

By listening to the crackling crunch of shells beneath each foot I could tell you were fast approaching and relief was near. The outward tit offering to you ended so my hands could act together in more pussy stimulation. Your last couple steps slowed. I peeked at you again to find that you had used the last two slow steps to exit your shorts, leaving them in a heap on the sand.

The shadow you cast over my body was immediately noticeable. I reached up to your semi-hard cock and watched as it stiffened and grew just outside of my reach. The teasing began abruptly.

You bent at the knee to a near-squat position, still dangling your balls out of my reach. I put my hand back into my bag for the toy I sought a moment ago.

Toy already vibrating as I took it to your balls, you jumped, slightly caught off guard. One touch to your sensitive boys with the tip was all it took to bring you to end your charade of the teasing act.

Squatting further, you allowed me to touch you. I was gentle. In return, you were gentle with your firm pinching grip of my breast. You knelt beside me and eventually sat back on your heels, knees parted enough to let the boys swing while your cock made its way to the sky.

Balls now supported by the palm of my hand, I pushed, or rather eased them up and back so I could test the Zonguldak Escort Bayan waters on a tap tap tap on the rear entry target. You twitched, but I think that was only a startling response. When I did it again, I left my fingertip in place for a few long seconds. You spread your cheeks for me with your heels as you did not want to change position, nor did you want to let go of my pussy or breast to part your ass for me.

“Go ahead,” you choked out in a whisper.

With a smile and a wink, my hand proceeded to satisfy you in a manner different than you’d ever let me before. The feeling you were experiencing kept you still. Your cock stayed hard in all rights, but seemed to relax a bit. Your balls danced in a rhythm similar to what I see sometimes during a long lingering orgasm. I could feel or better, see colors in you – beautiful and stimulating auras with each press within you.

From the end of my dildo, I removed a cock ring and secretly placed it in my mouth. For just one minute, I removed my finger and brought you closer to me so I might suck your cock. Inching closer while still on your knees, I put my hand around it like holding a handlebar. In you went. Slowly and at my guided pace, you were teased around the rim with the tip of my tongue. another new sensation for you as I strapped my finger and thumb around the shaft – I placed the cock ring on your hard penis with my tongue.

I did take a few pumps and glides in and out of my mouth to get the ring all the way up to the base. A fun game as it were! those balls of yours were too pleasantly plumped for me to wrangle the ring over them. It’s alright because your cock filled it plentifully just Escort Zonguldak the way it was.

You did not remain idle as the oral game progressed. My pussy was bared with help of you sliding my bathing suit bottoms off. You stared in awe – finally you were seeing my grooming handiwork in fashion of that landing strip you always pushed for. You watched my nectar drip from the gates as you traced the perimeter of my new hairline. My fingers met yours as we traced it together. When you lifted you hand away there was a bit of confusion – for a short moment – until you glided my finger back inside my own garden. At this rate, it only seemed fitting that I encourage you to grab hold of your cock and play around a bit.

Somehow this sudden mutual masturbation was a bigger turn on than we expected. You stroked with such a fervor as I admired the strength in your hand and the intensity in your expression. It was your own jerk off session but I could not resist the urges to take your sac into my mouth for you. For me. For us.

You watched the joy in my eyes as the rubbing of my hand on my clit reflected the pulsations of sucking on you. All in sync, with each suck there was a flicker of my tongue and with each stroke you administered, I thrust a finger or two to mimic the sensation of how your cock may feel so deep in the hot wet channel.

Considering I did have a bit of a lead on you as I lay there half naked (until you disrobed me fully) in the sun. It was only right that my orgasm should find its way long before yours showed.

Had you taken any more time to cum after I did, it is not very likely I’d have cum again. You always wanted to know the details, and now,you almost learned that the sight of you in a self-pleasuring moment could bring me so near. Follow that with the feel of your last hot dripping honey all across my bare tits and belly. being rubbed in.

Your cumming would make me cum…and you then have some details to make a different …for the next time.

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