Be My Guest Ch. 05: LIKE CLOCKWORK


“Wake up Tom.”

“Huh? Wha…?” Zach Pedigo jumped to attention as he found Heidi Baker kneeling over his slumbering form patting his chest. Trying to focus at the daylight from her skylight above he winces and sits up rapidly, “SHIT! What time is it?”

“Relax! I have your back Daddio. I knew you had to get up for work so I set your alarm clock to wake me up, so I could get you off to work on time. It’s only 6:30 so go shower. I’ll put on some coffee.”

“Thanks. After last night I totally went blank about no alarm.”

Claiming her cellphone from his side she notes a call, “You called Khloe from my phone?”

“Mine was in my bedroom. I didn’t wanna go back and get it. Besides you had her number I didn’t.”

“Brave man.”

“Yeah, she caught on that you recorded my video for her. Asked about it being weird, you being my daughter. I told her incest is best.” He crawled to his feet, stretching over her, his dirty cock swinging in front of her face. She flinched to avoid an impact on her cheek.

“You did not.” She smirked, “Better stop that swinging single or I might bite it off.”

“You won’t. Listen, about last night, when I…penetrated you. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“What’s done is done. You nearly had me Tom. That swinger there felt entirely too good. For the record?”

“I’m listening.”

“As much as that moment felt right, I think it’s better we just keep things simple.”

“You still gonna be naked every night when I get home?”

“I can be. I warned you I prefer being a free spirit.”

“Girls still sleeping?”

“Yeah! I hope Nasty’s mom doesn’t lock her up for not coming home last night. I’ll cover for her if she does get bent out of shape. Their culture is very reclusive.”

“Ah! Showering with me?” He casts a thumb toward the bathroom.

“Better not.” She shakes her head standing up nude in front of him. Rubbing his abdomen briskly she adds, “Wash your own pecker Buddy.”

Wiggling away without looking back Zach enjoyed the dance. Growling at his dick reacting to her tight heart shaped bottom, he shakes off his lust and heads to the shower. Starting it to let the water warm up, he brushed his teeth and rinsed. Into the shower he sealed the door and began cleansing his sexual stank. Four minutes in he heard a soft knock on the shower door. Expecting Heidi changing her mind he discovered something just as sexy. Nastiya stood outside waving at him with begging eyes.

“I got time.” He chuckled and opened the door. She stepped right in and melded into his torso hugging him. “Good morning to you too.” Lifting her chin to rest on his chest she smiles warmly.

“You may fuck me against the wall.”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Lifting her 102 pound body was child’s play. As her legs entwined his waist his dick found its target and slid in with a bit of snugness. He recalled her being tight, not for much longer. Up against the shower wall he braced her back and thrust deep. Her lips kissing his chest with desire led to faster insertions. In no time at all Nastiya Iyamahorr was crying out her innermost pleasure. The more she echoed the more ears heard her. From the kitchen Heidi Baker abandoned the percolating coffee and followed the racket. Walking into the bathroom it was evident that her friend wanted more of Zach. As she watched their passion Heidi found herself touching her own clit. Even after four orgasms a mere 5 hours prior, the scene was making her horny.

“I should have joined him first.” Her thoughts found jealousy. “Noooooooo! Stop thinking like that. Only a roommate. Only a roommate. Dammit!”

“You being nosey?” She heard her sister step in beside her rubbing her eyes of sleep.

“Telling me you aren’t? He’s tearing Nasty up.” She whispers. “He fuck you that hard last night?”

“He didn’t really fuck us. More of just put it in and let us get a feel of it.”

Hearing this Heidi felt strange. Zach had done the same to her. She was glad it happened to her but she knew Kayla wanted him, at least she thought she did, even if she was reluctant to give in so soon. Slipping by Heidi, Kayla plopped down on the toilet and peed.

Bestial snarls came from the shower as Zach nutted hard inside Nasty, her response to scream out, “AGAIN.” Her begging rewarded, he kept on pounding the Hindi beauty. More screams followed as her hands clawed at his back, an orgasm devastating her reality. “AGAIN.” She rallied as Zach chuckled and paused.

“Love your enthusiasm Nasty girl, but I gotta get dressed for work. Come by once a week and I’ll give it to you.”

“As you wish. As do I.” He lowers her to the shower floor and holds her close to him. She hugged him tightly, almost clingy. Regardless, Zach liked her commitment. On the outside Heidi observed Nasty’s attentiveness and fidgeted.

Overhearing his offer Kayla pouts and calls out, “WHAT ABOUT ME?” , just before flushing. Heidi clenched her teeth knowing the cold water was coming. Hitting the momentary lovers full on they complained loudly. Kayla Pendik Escort bulged her eyes, “SORRY.”

“WASN’T ME THIS TIME.” Heidi tried not to laugh.

Shutting the water valves down Zach pushed open the shower door to find Heidi and Kayla standing side by side leaning on the sink. Nasty had to be pried from Zach at his insistence. Taking up his towel Zach took time to first dry off Nastiya then slap her on the ass, “Go to my room.” With a start Nastiya wiggled away without even looking at the other girls. That made both Heidi and Kayla curious of her new behavior. It was almost as if she wanted to be obedient. Zach’s reaction proved to both sisters that his thoughts were of something very similar.

“Well I’m out.” Heidi pepped up, “Coffee’s ready when you are Pops.”

“Thanks.” Zach dries himself off finding Kayla less in a hurry. “You okay Bright eyes?”

“Bright but blind without my glasses.” She smirked, “I can still see you though.”

“Good to know.”

“Right! Can’t miss Hardy there.” She smiles blushing, “Can I tell you something without you thinking badly of me?”

“Go for it.”

“Last night was incredible…” She blushes even harder, “Even what Nasty and I did…together. We would never ever, ever, ever, have done that kind of thing without your influence.”

“Turning gay on me?”

“Ohhhh no! Bi maybe.” She giggles and hides her eyes.

“Close enough, you should always go with what you like.”

“I…like that.” She shyly points at his dick.

“He likes you too. As I told Nasty…come by during the week now and then, I’ll make your night.”

“Can I…be alone with you?”

“Course you can.” He sets about putting on deodorant and cologne. As she watches his every move he combs his hair before deciding he was ready to get dressed. Stepping closer to Kayla he gently lifts her chin and gives her an exceptionally tender kiss on the lips. “Just don’t fall in love.” Giggling dryly she went expressionless. In his mind Zach knew that his words were too late, both Kayla and Nasty were seeing hearts floating in the air. Heidi was a bit harder to read. Last night she seemed more open to certain things, then just that fast she seemed to revert back to being colder. Definitely a tease, but less open to all the way. He had a strong hunch he could break Heidi’s will over time. It had only been three days and look how far he had gotten. He had more pussy in three days, even under moderate conditions than he had in six months. These three girls were certainly going to keep him occupied. Add in Khloe…busy man Zach. He had no clue just how busy.

Following him to his room like a lost puppy Kayla found Nasty on her cell, still naked but listening to her Mother yelling at her, Nasty winced as if ready to cry. Zach noticed her fear and stepped closer lifting her chin as he had Kayla’s. Tenderly, he leaned in and lightly kissed her lips, then followed that by a peck to her nose. Nasty brightened up at his concern.

“Mommah? I will be home soon. Give Poppah my love.” A stealthy hang up she fell back on to his mattress and sighed, “I must find my own place. I overslept my curfew.”

“Why don’t you two get an apartment?” Zach points between the two as he puts on a pair of socks. Underwear already on.

“That requires jobs.” Kayla scowled.

“Neither of you work?”

“Her parents toss money at her all the time. She doesn’t need to work.”

“They do. Yet, if I move out they will stop. I must attend college very soon or even that will end.” Nasty pouted, sitting up and launching herself into Zach, hugging him from behind and kissing his neck. Raising his hand up into her hair he pats her head enjoying the connection.

“Calm it down. Get dressed and go on home before you get into worse trouble.” He then looks at Kayla, “You should find work. I hear you and Heidi’s mom share a place. I’m pretty certain she must want time to herself too.”

“I know she does.”

“How come you live with your step mom and not your real dad?”

“Long story. My dad’s…a drinker. Nice guy, just gets…out of hand.”

“Not even gonna guess what that means.”

“Thanks for not pushing it. I…don’t like to talk about it. Like I said he’s really cool when he’s sober.”

“Alright. Can I get dressed now?” He chuckles.

“I need to get home too. Mom probably wonders where I’ve been.”

“Presumes you’re here with Heidi I’m sure.”

“Yep. Did you see the dresser we bought Heidi?”

“I noticed, too tired last night to look it over close though.”

“Can you fix the broken drawer for her?” Kayla asks.

“I can do that. Now gather your clothes and get out of my room, both of you little hotties.”

“Little? HA!” Kayla pats her tummy watching it jiggle.

“Stop thinking of yourself as fat. Lose that forty pounds and never go back.”

“Personal trainer still?” She smiles.

“I’m usually in the gym Thursdays and Sundays. Drop by and you can ride there with me and workout. I can invite 1 person Anadolu Yakası Escort on my package for free.”

As the girls pick up their clothing Nasty hands Zach her panties. “You may keep them to remember me by.” Chuckling he sniffs it and winks. “Wait! I thought you never wore panties.” It was then he realized the size of the undies.

“I do not. Those are Kayla’s.” She giggles as Kayla drops her jaw.

“I wondered where they went.” Kayla sneers at her bestie, “Keep them Zach.”

“Only until you come back.” He puts them under his pillow for safe keeping. From there he stands up and puts on a clean pair of jeans and a Gym sponsored T-shirt. Watching the girls get dressed until ready, he guides them from his room with pats to their bottoms. Closing his door he moves into the kitchen to find a bagged lunch, using the bag from the adult toy store he had bought Heidi’s silver bullet. In the duration of his getting ready for work she had hard boiled 2 eggs and put them in a Tupperware dish with the bullet’s remote, just for laughs. Heidi herself was nowhere to be found. Laughing about it he adds bottled water and an orange that her Mom had left.

Pouring coffee into a sealed cup he sipped at it while looking through the apartment for Heidi, they determined that she must have snuck out. It was too early for her to be at either job so where was she?

“I gotta go, I hope she has her key.” Zach grabbed his lunch as Kayla texted Heidi one last time, receiving no reply. A trio of shrugs later they all headed out the door. Heidi was on her own.

Parting ways into two different parking areas the girls found Nasty’s small car and departed. Zach at the front door seemed worried. Did Heidi get upset over his giving the girls more attention this morning, than toward her? Surely not, although after last night when he penetrated the bombshell blond she did appear needy, if not opposed to sex. He merely chocked her reaction to emotions, she had just endured four orgasms over a few hours time. Any woman would likely be emotionally clingy toward the person whom gave her such sensations. At least that was his way of thinking. Obviously, he was no expert.

Eying his cellphone for the time he knew he needed to head out for work, not wanting to test the Teleki’s on being late his second day on the job. Although he was pretty certain they would not give him too much grief, they appeared to like his character, Mrs. Teleki even more after seeing his cock. He still had a good chuckle at how he walked right into a job that was so openminded. Leaving the apartment entrance he headed for his motorcycle, helmet in hand. Rounding a corner he found his Harley with an unexpected rider. Two unexpected riders even.

“There you are.” He grins at Heidi wearing only a T-shirt. One of his too boot, therefore long and loose due to their size difference. Behind her on the seat sat her new friend Khloe wearing her nursing scrubs, brunette hair pinned back. “Is that Nurse Khloe riding shotgun?” He uses swagger in his balance.

“Morning Zach. I sent a text to Heidi bright and early. She suggested I surprise you before both of us start our day.”

“Hope you don’t mind Daddy.” Heidi smirked sheepishly at referring to him as her Dad.

“Not one bit my loving daughter. Close your eyes I’m gonna say hi to Miss Khloe.” He hands Heidi his helmet, lunch, and coffee, then reaches out for Khloe’s chin lifting it to shock her with a warm welcoming kiss. Overheated Khloe fanned herself until they parted lips.

“That was unexpected. Nice but, wow! Not even a first date and your dad is making out with me.” Khloe squeezes Heidi’s shoulders realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra, not that it mattered to Khloe Vaughn, she wouldn’t wear one either if she wasn’t on the job. Hopping off the bike to stand next to Zach she sizes him up, having never officially been up close to him. “Taller than I thought.”

“6’2. You’re 5’7 maybe?”

“Right on the head.”

“That’s Saturday.” He winks, “If you’re still up for that.”

“Wouldn’t miss…IT!” She drifts her eyes down to the bulge in his jeans.

“HEY! Virgin ears on fire here.” Heidi puts Zach’s helmet on her head as if blocking her ears. It warranted laughter. In doing so she nearly lost his coffee, the lunch bag at least dangled from the handle bars.

“You have my number now. Text me anytime. Call after 5:00.” Khloe offers then moves in to hug Zach, while Heidi was hiding her emotions behind the motorcycle visor. As they hugged Zach ran both of his hands down the back of her elastic waistband, directly under her G-string straps, and squeezed her tanned ass cheeks. Shocked, she stiffens up and boldly returns the favor with her right hand on his crotch. Sighing Zach whispered, “Sexiest nursemaid I’ve ever seen.”

“Like my firm ass Zach?”

“As much as you like my hard cock Miss Khloe.”

“Very much.”

“Keep this moment on your mind.” He winks, “Just don’t get too worked up around ole’ Walter. He might think you’re fantasizing İstanbul Escort about him.”

“Don’t even go there. He gets handy enough as it is.”

“No shit. There’s always a harassment suit waiting on him, he’s loaded.”

“Not my style. Unless, he gets reeeeeeealy bad, I can handle his advances. He pays me well for what little I do.”

“Say no more. I wanna envision you, not him and you.” He laughs. Removing his hands he returns them to her chin for another kiss this time goodbye. She melted.

“IS IT SAFE TO LOOK?” Heidi grumbled through the muffle of his helmet.

This led the couple to break away from bodily contact. Zach tilted his visor up and winked at her, “Get off my bike and give Dear ole’ Dad a kiss goodbye.”

“OH HELL NO.” She climbed off, her T-shirt riding high revealed her own set of creamy white butt cheeks. Khloe caught a fleeting glimpse of those cheeks but merely smiled, as Heidi balanced his coffee cup on the seat, tripping on the shirt’s length as it toppled to her calves, Heidi lost her own balance and fell against Zach. Even in his helmet the blond was gorgeous. With Khloe watching, Zach removed his helmet from her and taunted Heidi with a pucker. She squealed and avoided his kiss at all cost. Khloe found it humorous. Bolting away lifting the shirt to enable her run she raced for the apartment.

“That’s love I swear.” Zach winked at Khloe. She stood with him as he straddled his bike and fired it up. The revving gave Khloe goosebumps. “Been on a bike before?” He called over the rumble.

“Yes. My Dad owns a Fat Boy.”

“So do I.” He pats his crotch.

“I recall. Maybe I’ll see you again before Saturday.”

“I’ll be here, every morning about this time.” He puts his helmet on and takes his lunch bag from the handle bar, tucking it in a saddle bag for safe keeping. Coffee cup a problem he just empties it out after a few drinks, tucking it in the saddle bag as well.

“May I?” She attempts one last kiss, awkward through a visor, but it was embraced. With a tug at her bottom lip, Zach lifted the kickstand and backed out. Visor down he headed to work. Khloe began smiling and dancing in circles before looking around in embarrassment. Heading into the apartments toward Walter’s she heard a loud round of cursing. It was Heidi. Climbing the single flight to reach her apartment Khloe calls out, “What’s wrong?”

“Locked out. Key and my cell are both inside.”

“I can call your Dad.”

“NO! Don’t do that. He just left and he’s running late.” Heidi panics then thinks rationally, “Does Walter have a master key?”

“I’m sure he does. Let me sneak down and look. He might charge you for unlocking it if he has to do it. I’ll be sly and swipe it.”

“You’re awesome.”

“I know. So are you.” They share a bubbly moment of shoulder lifts.

As Khloe takes off Heidi sits down in the hallway leaning against her door. Down the hall another door opened and out came Sneezy Herman. Walking toward her sniffling he stops in front of her, “Do you live here?”

“Yep. Hey Herman.”

“You know my name?”

“Sure do. I met Petra yesterday, your new roommate.”

“Ah, ok! She spoke about me?”

“Said you were really nice. Allergies?” She awaits him to sneeze three times.

“To everything, I feel cursed.”

“That’s a shame. Drink honey lemon tea. That always broke my allergies. It’s not just to beat a cold.”

“I’ll do that.” He looks down at her legs, in her seated position she had the floppy T-shirt up to her knees for comfort, not even thinking that anyone could see her pussy. He got a very good look.

“Shit! Sorry! I wasn’t even thinking.”

“I guess I should apologize for not warning you. What’s your name?”

“Me? I’m, “She couldn’t say Heidi in case he remembered her from his own room rental ad, the one she blew off when mistaking Zach’s apartment number for Herman’s. Then again, did it matter? Petra would tell him her name anyway. “I’m Heidi.”

“Heidi? Interesting! I had a potential roommate named Heidi before Petra came along. Same Heidi?”

“Nope! Not me.” She flared her eyes, “Living here with my Dad.” She pats the door.

“Mr. Pedigo has kids? I never knew that.”

“Long story. I just found him. We’re just getting to know each other.”

“I see. Are you locked out?”

“Yep! Took Daddy his coffee and lunch. I forgot my key and he locked the door on me by accident.”

“I see.”

Timed perfectly Khloe rushes back upstairs with a spare key and unlocks her door, Heidi climbing to her feet hugged her, “Thanks bestie.”

“No problem.” Khloe eyes Herman staring at Heidi’s butt and clears her throat. He stammered slightly and bid farewell, Heidi waving at him at least made his day. “Who was that?” Khloe winced.

“I call him Spermin’ Herman. He accidently saw my hoohaw while I was sitting down.” She snickers, “He lives down the hall. Strange sometimes but, he’s ok.”

“Gives me the heebeejeebees.”

“Me too. Thanks again Khloe, you’re a life saver.”

“You’re welcome. Heidi?” Khloe fidgets with a look of uncertainty, “Are you alright if I date your Dad? I mean…I’m close to your age, more than his.”

“Told you he likes younger. I’m cool. Just keep the screaming orgasms down when I’m watching Catfish.”

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