Be Here In This Moment: Chapter 3


As I lay in my bed that night I couldn’t help but replay the memories from earlier. From entering the warehouse to being introduced to the fourth floor, to what happened with Kimiko, and Teresa watching. My mind was a mess – and it was a blur. I still had a decision to make. But would it be the right one? I got up and headed to the gym. A little exercise should help ease my mind. I got through my workout with a clear head. I checked my watch and remembered I told Teresa I would return. I went home to shower and change my clothes. Cleaning up my face and head with a shave. I stared in the mirror still pondering my decision. I changed into some gray slacks and a light blue dress shirt with black shoes. Even if I did decline the offer I still wanted to be professional about it.The drive back to the warehouse seemed like driving off a cliff. My anxiety through the roof waiting to come to a decision. I arrived at 10 P.M. I parked and sat for a minute, taking a few deep breaths before reentering the building. I exited my car and approached the front door. Reaching for the buzzer again I was greeted by miss Judith’s voice again. “How can I help you?” She asked again. “Hi, I’d like to order a large coffee,” I replied. “One moment please,” she answered. A second later I heard the buzz and entered the warehouse still unsure of my decision. “Well look who’s back. You must have enjoyed yourself yesterday. You’re already dressed for the part,” Miss  Judith said. “Teresa said, you said you were coming back. She told me she would be expecting you. I’ll let her know you’re here,” She said with a smile. “Thank you miss Judith. I’ll go have a seat,” I replied. “Hello Teresa, Dorion has returned to see you. He’s waiting in the lobby,” she spoke into the speaker box shooting me a wink. “Thank you miss Judith. I’ll be out shortly,” Teresa answered. As I sat there contemplating my decision I was brought back to my experience with Kimiko. The feeling of her thick body sliding against mine. Her tight pussy gripped me like a vice. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even notice Teresa walked in and called for me. She was wearing glasses, a maroon suit with the top button open, with a red corset underneath showing off ample cleavage. “Dorion? Dorion? Let’s go to my office shall we,” She said. I shook my head snapping back into reality. I stood up and followed Teresa back towards her office. I followed behind her and sat across from her desk as she closed the door behind us. Then she walked behind her desk and sat down crossing her legs. “So Dorion, I’m glad you actually decided to return. I hope we can have the pleasure Escort elvankent of your presence here. What’s on your mind?” She asked. “Well Teresa I’m still unsure about all this. I’m still not completely comfortable with this situation,” I replied. “Okay, Dorion. Well, let’s go over your offer and see if we can’t lure you in. Take a moment and read this over,” She said with a smirk. She reached into a drawer in her desk and grabbed two stapled sheets of paper and slid them across the desk for me to read. It was an offer sheet and it read. ‘I, sign your name here ______. Agree in principle to work at the NOLA Southern Holding Company as a contractor. I agree to perform duties requested of me during office hours. And service clients as requested per instructions given from management.Starting hourly pay- $250.00 per hour including tips and commissions. Pay is negotiable based on performance and quality of service.Management will receive 20% of all booking minus tips. All tips will be given to said contractor no percentage taken.Contractors will agree to periodic STD testing every two weeks.Contractors will appear showered and groomed to company standards. Contractors will be sent home if unfit for services based on management’s discretion. Health, dental, and vision insurance will be offered after ninety days of employment. And will be deducted from base pay if selected. Please avoid appointments if feeling unwell or are unable to perform the duties requested. If terms are agreeable please sign & date below._________ There was a second page highlighting yes, no, and maybe for services. I took my time filling it out circling yes, no, and maybe for several actions. No homosexual or bisexual experiences. I have no intention to engage in those acts. Other things I’m more open to I circled maybe for future endeavors. “So Dorion are terms agreeable? ” Teresa asked me with a raised eyebrow. “I’m still not convinced Teresa, this is still a very new experience for me. I’m just not comfortable committing to this opportunity,” I replied. Teresa stood up and walked around the desk. She turned my chair facing her and placed her knee on my crotch. Rubbing it up and down. I felt myself getting aroused looking into her eyes. She smelled of sweet fruit and honey. She leaned down to my face and licked my ear, purring in my ear. “Are you sure Dorion? I want you. Kimiko wants you. And I’m sure the women we service will love to experience you,” she said seductively in my ear. I let out a soft moan and Teresa grabbed my neck and pushed my head back. “Do you want me, Dorion? emek escort Do you want to play with me?” She asked seductively. She had me so hard I wanted her so badly but I had to keep my composure. I pushed her back and stood up out of the chair. I grabbed her, picked her up, and set her on the desk. I stared into her eyes. She stared back so seductively I felt myself melting. “Is this what you want Teresa. You want me to service you?” I asked. I grabbed her neck and stroked her face. Staring into her eyes. “I want you to be who you were meant to be. I want you to become my muse, Dorion. Let me show you the ways of pleasure,” she replied. I released my grip on her neck and took a step back. She slid off of the desk. Then walked back behind her desk and sat down. She grabbed a pen and handed it to me. “So have you decided?” She asked with a serious look on her face. I grabbed the pen and signed. I placed the pen on the desk and sat back down. Teresa grabbed the papers, smiled, and put them back in the drawer. “Excellent,” she smiled. And then her energy completely changed. She became more of a business shark. A stone-cold demeanor came over her. “Now all the formalities are done. Let’s have a run-through of what’s done here. You’ve seen the floors and services we offer. But let’s talk about who we service. You will be servicing the wealthy and elite women of the New Orleans area. We service all walks of life, from doctors, businesswomen, married housewives, and socialites. Women looking for a release but are unable to casually explore their fantasies. That’s where we come in. So, discretion is of the utmost importance. You can understand that right?” She asked. “Yes ma’am, I understand,” I replied nodding my head. “Good, then we can begin your training now, follow me,” she said. We got up and left her office. We turned the corner but instead of going to the elevator, we went down the opposite hallway. The only place in the building I didn’t visit on my first tour. At the end of the hall on one side were metal double doors like the ones upstairs and a regular door on the other side. But this time there was no panel for a key card. “The other door leads to our showers and locker room for your personal items and hygiene supplies,” she mentioned.Teresa pulled out a key and unlocked the door. Inside was a room similar to the playroom in “Fifty Shades of Gray.” A large bed with several sex toys and BDSM accessories on the walls. Everything from handcuffs to vibrators, whips, canes, masks, and everything in between. I was taken aback but then  I realized I would be privy eryaman escort bayan to all these items and the pleasure they bring. “Here is where we will begin your training. Here is where you will learn to service women to ultimate satisfaction. Once I feel you are ready you will be entered into our database and will wait to be selected. From there you will service clients at your discretion. Are you ready to begin?” She asked. I shook my head yes. Thinking I would be having sex with Teresa but I was in for a surprise. My first as a new employee. With a quick turn, she knocked on a closet door, and out came a woman I didn’t see yesterday. She was older, in her late forties and she was naked. She was white with fairly pale skin, shoulder-length blonde hair, and ice-blue eyes. With a small blonde bush above her pubic area. Her nails on her hands and feet were painted red, a contrast from her pale skin. She had C-cup breasts that hung down her body. With a gold cross necklace hanging between her breasts. I couldn’t see her face as she was wearing a masquerade mask. She kneeled next to Teresa sitting back on her legs with her hands facing up resting on her thighs with her head facing down to the floor. “Dorion this is Miss M. Today you will please her and we will determine your skillset. Yesterday with Kimiko was a good preview but I would like to see you from start to finish. From there we will work on making you a proper lover and dominant capable of servicing any client no matter the request,” she said. “Miss M is a long-time member of our club and volunteered to help in this exercise. Let’s not disappoint her,” she said and patted Miss M on the head.”Dorion be a dear and underdress. Miss M is excited to see what you have to offer. Aren’t you M?” She asked. Miss M shook her head in agreement. Never looking up. I slowly started undressing staring Teresa in the eyes. Removing my clothing piece by piece until I was naked with my cock hanging between my legs. Teresa grabbed the back of Miss M’s head making her look up. Her mouth almost hit the floor when she looked at me. Especially my impressive cock. As I stood there a nervousness came over Miss M. But it was hidden by the lustful desire in her eyes. Teresa could see this and extended her hand to help Miss M stand up. “Do you see that M? That’s my gift for you today. Thank you for waiting in the closet for us. It won’t go unnoticed,” she said into her ear. Teresa then took control. She grabbed Miss M by the neck and gave her a squeeze. Pushing her hair behind her ear leaning in to talk. “Are you ready for this M? Are you ready for that black cock to be in you? I want it in you so bad. I want you fully impaled on it, taking it to the hilt. Will you be good and please that cock for me?” She asked sternly. Miss M shook her head yes in agreement. Teresa began playing with Miss M’s nipples still gripping her throat. Causing her to moan. 

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