Bavarian Holiday Ch. 2


Hanna after picking up a car rug, took Doreen by the hand and led her to a small clearing. “I think you and Peter stopped for a fuck, why dont we all fuck, I love it.”

Doreen needed no urging, the rug was placed on the grass and the two women sank to the ground, kissing with their tongues, stroking each others breasts, both women were in a mood for sex as their engorged nipples indicated.

Hanna’s were much longer than Doreen’s each growing to 2 cms long as they were pinched and kneaded by the Englishwoman. Hanna groaned and bent her head sucking one of Doreen’s nipples into her hot mouth.

Soon the two women were massaging and feeling each others pussy. Doreen was already very very wet and Hanna was following suit very quickly.

Hanna moved into the 69 position hoarely stating she wanted to suck Doreen’s long clit. As her mouth closed over it she sucked hard extending the clit to its full 4 cms. Doreen groaned, and spread the German woman’s labia enabling herself to lick and tongue the whole area. Hanna was flat on her back and Doreen gorukle escort bayan kneeling over her when she felt more than a tongue at her cunt. The head of a prick was opening her up still more. She glanced around. Peter her husband watching but Giselle had her mouth round his big dick. Then she saw Karl approaching her his dick held ready, Doreen knew what he wanted and the young man quickly slid his large prick into Doreen’s mouth. Now she knew, she was sucking the son so the father must be fucking he. Two big dicks in her whilst the mother was busy licking around her labia.

Hanna moved from underneath and Karl removed his cock from Doreen’s mouth and took her place. Now Doreen had the cock standing in front of her again, she gave it a lick then nearly came as Hanna straddled her son and lowered her wide cunt onto her sons upstanding dick.

Doreen was on the verge of cumming, Her husband was now fucking Hanna’s daughter, Hanna was fucking her own son and Hanna’s husband was up to his balls in her cunt.

“Ooooohoooh ooooh nilüfer escort bayan yes yes yes yessssssssss” Doreen was shouting as she pushed back hard on the cock, she was creaming. “I’m cummmmmmminggggggggggg.” she yelled and suddenly she felt Dieter shudder as he too emptied his balls inside her.

Hanna was also breathing hard and moaning – suddenly she shouted, “Oh ja – wunderbar – lieblings Kurt… setle dick ihr mamacunt gesetze OH — oh ja ja ja im ja Kommend aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh oh yesssssssssssss”

Doreen looked at Dieter, cum was still dripping from his big cock.

“What did she say?” Doreen asked.

“Oh she asked her darling son to fuck her cunt – to fuck her with his big dick”

Hannah and Kurt sprawled on the ground just as Peter pulled out his dick which Giselle then took in her mouth.

Afterwards as they lay on the ground Hannah asked where they had booked in for the night.

“Nowhere yet, we are hoping to get to Salzburg and meet up with Sara and her fiance” Doreen bursa otele gelen escort bayan replied.

“Perhaps you would care to stay with us for a couple of days, you would be very welcome. The house is large – we have a swimming pool, you could phone your daughter and she could join us all. It could be fun” Hannah said smiling.

“Mmm yes, if it is not too much trouble I think Peter and I would love to stay.”

“Good, in any case you haven’t fucked my son yet and I havent had your husband.” Both women laughed.

“Also you must meet Baroness Hilde von Weissern” added Hannah.

“A Baroness, yes, who is she, is she at the house?

“Oh yes, she owns the house, she is my mother aged 83 and very very spry.”

“Your mother?” Doreen gasped, ” Will she not mind having us to stay, I hope she will not realise that there is a possibility we sleep in each others beds.”

Hannah laughed. “Oh there is no need to worry about mother, and no need to wait until we go to our rooms to enjoy a good fuck – mother will certainly want to join in I assure you”

Doreen looked at peter excitement written all over her face – “Oh yes, I think the idea is fantastic, don’t you darling and Sara will certainly join in”

Peter nodded his head.

“I agree my love” and with that the two families picked up their belongings, put on some clothes and left in the cars…

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