Batteries Not Included Pt. 02


The next morning I walked into the kitchen like I had been riding a horse for a week straight; which was kind of true, but the horse was my father’s thick cock.

“You all right?” my mother asked me.

“Yeah; just sore muscles.” I told her.

Mom gave me the lecture about staying up to late, and being out at night. I half listened while I wolfed down a slice of cold pizza. Heading for the door, I grabbed my chemistry books. Turning around, I saw dad standing at the foot of the stairs.

Glancing back at the kitchen, I walked over to him. I made a point of standing with my back towards the kitchen door, that way I could shield his body.

“Tomorrow” I growled as I reached out and gripped that fat cock through his jeans.

I headed out the door and class before he could react. I had plans for that dick, big plans.

The next day was my usual morning routine for a Wednesday. The one advantage was it was my short day; that meant classes only until two. Dad wasn’t at the stairs when I headed out; I hoped he remembered I wanted him tonight. I had thought about masturbating this morning, but I didn’t want to push things. He had given me quite the pounding, and the last thing I wanted was to be sore when he did it again tonight.

Getting home that afternoon, I wandered through the house. I shoved another piece of pizza in my mouth; OK sue me I like pizza. I headed to my room and dropped my books off at my desk. I wanted to be ready for tonight, so I headed for the shower.

I am like most teenagers, most of the world just drifts by and I never notice; it’s only when it has to do with me that things register. That means I never looked in the garage, and I never noticed the door to dad’s office closed.

Standing in the shower, I let the warm water cascade down my body. My hands cupped my full breasts as I soaped up my body. At that moment the frosted glass door of the shower slid open.

“Dad!” I nearly screamed when he stepped into the shower.

Holy shit, he scared the hell out of me. I thought I had been home alone. I just stood there, my heart hammering as he stepped up behind me.

I opened my mouth to chew his ass off for scaring me, when I saw his eyes. Oh fuck, I thought. They damn near glowed with lust. Two big paws reached out and gripped my hips. Without a word, he twisted my body to face the back wall of the shower, then one hand slapped against the wet skin of my back, forcing my upper body forward.

I reached out and braced myself against the cool tile; I tried to turn my head to see what he was doing, but the water kept spraying into my face.

Suddenly my entire body lifted onto my toes, as dad jammed his face into the crack of my ass.

“SHHIITTTTTTTTT” I screamed out.

I mean screamed, I heard my voice echo against the tile walls. Did that stop him, oh hell no. That tongue came out and started at my slick pussy slips; and swiped the entire length back and over my tight asshole.

“OH fuckkkkk” I groaned as hot fire lit in my belly.

I felt those hands grip the cheeks of my ass and spread them wide. The next sensation was his tongue jamming between my swollen cunt lips. Yep, I had descended back into cunt phase.

“Eat me, oh fuck yes” I couldn’t help myself.

He sucked in one fat lip, and then the other. Then he shoved that tongue back into me. I was going fucking nuts. I had gone from demure daughter, to quaking slut in less than five seconds.

Sucking and slurping, dad slobbered all over my cunt and ass as he ate me like a pro. How the hell could my mother say no to this? I was stunned.

I could feel the knot in my gut starting. I knew what I wanted and I wanted it NOW.

“Get up here” I told him.

Dad rose to his feet standing behind me. We were close to the same height, so it put that fat dick right at the perfect position. My nails clawed at the tile as I looked over my shoulder at him.

“Fuck me” I growled back at him; and he did.

With a single, unerring lunge; he drove that fat cock right up my gaping cunt. With mom not home, it gave both of us the chance to finally cut loose.

“FUCCCKKKKK” Dad roared as he buried himself in me to the hilt.

“Naahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I heard myself screaming again.

I swore to God my walls burned they stretched so fast and so much as he plunged into me. God did it hurt…and feel good at the same time.

For those who want to know there are three ways of having sex, at least to me. One is making love, one is just having sex; and the other is down and dirty fucking.

We sped through making love, detoured around having sex; and ran straight into rutting fucking in about three strokes.

“Oh fuck…oh yes…more…” I grunted between strokes

His hands gripped my slick hips, trying to hold on; as his hips slapped against the cheeks of my ass. I think if he would have driven deeper, he might have popped out of my mouth, and I wanted even more.

“Harder daddy” I groaned. “Fuck your slut daughter” I wailed.

“Tight…fucking…cunt.” Giresun Escort Dad grunted as he hammered into me.

“Fuck that cunt…fuck that cunt…” I chanted back.

Dad’s hands slid up my wet shaking body, gripping my swinging tits. And yes, they are tits when you’re being fucked by an animal. I felt him squeeze and mold the flesh in his hands as he pounded into me.

I have been fucked in the back seat of cars; in bed; in a closet at a fraternity party; and once in a tent at summer camp. I have never been fucked standing up. Oh my GOD.

Dad rammed in hard, shoving me up. I was shocked when I felt his raw power lift me off my feet. For a second I just hung there, impaled on his cock. The concept of being an extension of his sex crazed body sent my brain into shutdown.

“ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH” my scream echoed off the walls.

I couldn’t see straight as my eyes rolled back, I felt hot cream spraying from between my thighs to join the hot water running down my legs. I wasn’t cumming, I was going into meltdown.

This supreme older man, who happened to be my father, was fucking the living shit out of me; and all I could do was babble for more.

“I’m yours…yours” I moaned as he pinned my body against the cool tiles.

I meant every word as my gut wrenched and then rolled with my orgasm. He fucking owned me in that moment; and I knew it. No teenage runt could do what he was doing right now.

“Cum on daddy’s cock” his voice rumbled behind me.

“Daddy’s cock…daddy’s cunt…” I moaned back.

“You like that slut?” his voice rasped behind me.

“Love it…oh fuck me daddy” I wailed back.

I felt his weight slam into me from behind, pinning me more to the cool tile. My tits were mashed up against the wall, as cum was running out of me like a damned river.

I felt his hand slide between our pressed bodies; what was he doing. Oh God now what? I was already racing toward a tremendous explosion, when I felt a fat finger slide into the tight opening of my ass.

No offense, I not much into anal as a general rule. Having a telephone pole shoved up your ass does not feel good, at least to me. That moment, right there in the shower, I became an anal whore.

Using his finger, I felt the stretching, but not the burning when I had tried a cock in there. I shuddered and moaned as his cock rammed into one hole, while his finger slid in and out of the other. I was being fucked in both holes at the same time, and immediately went into sensory overload.

“Fuck my ass…fuck my cunt…fuck me…fuck me” I babbled back at dad.

“You want it, don’t you” his hot gravelly voice in my ear.

“Want it…please…” I could only whimper back.

“Beg bitch” his words tearing to my core.

If any boy would have told me I would be begging for his cum; I would have ripped his dick off and called him a liar; until that moment that is.

“Cum…please…” I begged softly. “Fill me daddy…please” I whimpered.

True to his word, my father gave a huge bellow behind me, and rammed into me. Pressed against the wall I had nowhere to go, the only thing I could do was take that fat cock deep into my needy cunt.

When I felt the spongy tip bump against my cervix, I fucking lost it. No one had ever been deep enough on me before to do that; a totally alien sensation ripped through my gut as I felt the light impact.

“CUMMMMINNNNGGGGGGG” I screamed into the shower stall.

“FUUUCKKKKKKKKK” dad roared behind me.

I felt his body jerk and then the strangest sensation; I actually FELT him cum inside me. Not that heat or even that pressure of being filled. I actually felt his hot cum jet out and wash my walls.

I felt my orgasm roar back to life as wad after wad of hot cum poured into me. He was fucking drowning my cunt in his seed. Hot…virile seed…I thought darkly.

I just hung limp as he slowly eased my body down. My legs trembled when I finally used them to hold myself up. I felt his cock slowly slide out of me; my sore lips dragging along his shaft.

Once again this man had fucked me raw. A thick glob of his cum oozed out of my gaping hole; I could hear it splatter to the floor of the shower.

“Good thing you’re on the pill” I heard him husk.

“Yeah…good thing” I panted back.

I thought of that packet of small colored pills; the one I had shoved deep down into the kitchen garbage can two days ago. Yeah, good thing, I smiled against the cool tile.

For the next month I reveled in his cock. The first week or so, I had to take breaks he fucked me so raw. By the end of the month, I wanted it every fucking day.

Like I said; some people like fucking; I LOVE fucking. Or better yet, I love getting fucked. We fucked in the shower; I rode his cock in his office chair. Hell, he hammered my cunt raw in the garage one night while mom slept.

Did I feel guilty? I did a little; but then I reasoned if she had been giving him what he needed, he wouldn’t be fucking me. It just frustrated me we Giresun Escort Bayan had to keep sneaking around like two criminals

Dad was terrified mom was going to find out. Me, I didn’t really give a shit by then. Remember, I’m nineteen; that entitles me to not give a damn about anyone but me.

By the time the second month came; we had figured out a little routine. Dad would hurry home for lunch, and I would use my break between classes to run home and go horizontal with dad. Wednesday became our big day, when we would get the whole afternoon to go at it.

Once, we fucked for over two hours straight; damn near missing mom’s return home from work as he hammered my already cum filled cunt. I thought the near miss was hot, dad freaked.

I helped mom get dinner ready, while her husbands’ sticky cum dripped down my thighs. I really had become my daddy’s slut.

Dad and I had been going at it pretty hot and heavy for a couple of months now. How did we manage to keep it a secret? It wasn’t easy. We had to sneak half the time and I fucking hated that; but worse was when we simply had to wait because there wasn’t an opportunity. By then I had stretched a bit, I wasn’t getting the next day soreness, and I wanted that hard log shoved up me every day. The really fun part was that dad’s sex drive matched mine; which was a shock since I was nineteen and he was pushing forty-five.

It was a Wednesday, my short day; which meant release day. We could fuck like rabbits and scream our brains out since we had the house to ourselves.

When dad got home I was just coming out of the bathroom, stark nude. He just stood in the hall and stared at my body. I swore I could watch the rising lump in his pants. There is nothing that inflates a girls ego more than when a guy gets a raging hard on for her, believe me.

“Are you happy to see me or is that Hillshire Farms in your pants?” I smiled.

“Be a smart ass and I’ll fuck your tight little ass.” Dad growled back.

Not with that telephone pole, I thought. The finger was just fine, shove that thing in my ass and you’ll rip me apart. I turned around and wiggled my tight teenage ass at him.

“Are you…cumming?” I giggled at my hidden wording; and then all but skipped to the bedroom.

By the time I hit the bed; he had pulled his clothes off and slid on beside me. I reached down and gripped that fat dick in my small hand. That thing never seemed to stop amazing me, and I never could figure out why mom didn’t want it. Oh well, I thought, her loss is my gain and slammed my mouth down on him.

I heard him grunt as his fingers curled in my hair. He pushed my mouth deeper from the back of my head; I could hear myself softly gagging on his length.

“That’s it baby…suck daddy’s cock.” He moaned. I shivered; I loved when he called himself daddy.

I used my hands to brace myself on the bed as my head bobbed, my mouth sucking up and down. I felt my cheeks puff out as he filled my mouth; and I sucked like a hoover vacuum when he drew back.

I just gave myself to dad as his hands pushed my head further and further down. I took a deep breath as my head slid up; it was time to try this for real.

I had been practicing with my friend, shoving eight inches of rubber down my throat. I focused on relaxing the back of my throat as my mouth slid clear down his throbbing cock.

When I felt my nose bump his pubic hair, I wanted to scream with joy; except I had a huge hard dick shoved in my throat. I pursed my lips and with a loud slurp sucked my way back to the tip.

“Holy fucking helllll” dad roared.

I had done it; I had deep throated that monster. You tell me there is a guy out there that doesn’t want his cock deep throated; and I’ll call you a bald faced liar.

I locked my lips around the crowned head, and dad gave me the exact response I had been after.

“God damn fucking SLUT” my loving father screamed.

Then that fat cock jerked in my grip, and it spit a thick wad of hot cum right down my throat. I sucked for all I was worth, trying to swallow every drop while his ass rose off the bed. And I just kept sucking.

Even when he had emptied his balls in my mouth, I kept going. I wanted this thing shoved up in me, and I meant to keep it rock hard. Pulling my mouth free, I swallowed the last of his load. Rising up, I threw a leg over his waist, straddling him.

“My turn” my voice was raspy from the invasion of my throat.

“Fuck me” dad groaned.

The head of his cock popped into my cunt with an obscene noise. Yep, I was a cunt again; and damn happy about it.

“Oh fuckkkkkk” I groaned as I started sliding down on him.

I could feel his thickness stretching my walls, God dam he felt good.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” I grunted as I pushed down harder.

Dad reached up and gripped my hips, I knew what was coming; and made no effort to stop him.

“I said FUCK ME” Dad growled; then slammed me down onto his cock.

Over eight inches of steel hard dick rammed Escort Giresun up into me, it felt like he was ripping me in half. It was the most delicious pain I had ever felt.

“Dadddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy” I heard myself screaming; as my body convulsed.

I don’t know how, I mean I was on top; I should have been in control. Instead I felt myself lifted up and rammed back down again and again.

My arms flopped limp at my sides, while my tits bounced like two balloons; Jesus Christ was this fucking. I gurgled and whimpered my way through my orgasm, as juices coated his belly and pubic hair.

“Cum on my cock” Dad rumbled at me.

“Cumming…Oh God I’m cumminnggggg” I moaned.

“My slut…all mine.” Dad growled.

I looked down at him; I knew the fire had to be burning in my eyes.

“You know what daddy” I hissed.

He looked up at me, but his hips never stopped moving; that fat cock kept slamming up into my cunt even as the knot grew in my belly. Now was the time.

“I’m…pregnant” I grunted between strokes. “You…bred…me.” I panted out.

“Holy shit” dad groaned.

I felt his hips slowing, I knew it was from the shock; but it was the last thing I wanted. I wanted him to fuck me even harder. I leaned down, gripping his chest, staring into his eyes.

“That’s right” I told him. “You bred your own daughter.” I saw his eyes grow huge. “Now fucking do it again.” I growled.

I squealed when I felt my body being lifted like a rag doll. Dad spun us over, my body driving into the mattress on my back. Dad towered over me; his hands gripping my ankles, and opening me wider.

This was it; this was by far one of my favorite positions. There I was, the innocent teenage girl; while a perverted older man pummeled my juicy cunt. I fucking loved it.

“Fuck me daddy…fuck me” I hollered. He was the perfect father, he did just that.

His pelvis slapped into mine as he pounded down, my whole body was being shoved into the mattress with each stroke. My hands flopped useless, my head rolled from side to side as spit dribbled out of the corner of my mouth. I could feel my tits wobbling on my chest every time that fat cock rammed home.

Through it all, he just kept fucking…and fucking…and fucking…God it was divine. He was like a machine as he took my body.

“Fucking pregnant SLUT” Dad roared.

I felt a sudden burst of heat filling my belly. Oh my God he was cumming; and yet he never stopped fucking me. I would never run low on batteries again; he could outlast the ever ready bunny.

Both of us collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air. I lay on my parent’s bed, in a puddle of my own juice; and God help me I thought of my mother. Not because of envy or hate or anything; but more about how was I going to tell her I was pregnant? Telling daddy had been fun; telling her was going to be a pain in my ass.

By the time I entered the kitchen later than evening, mom was standing at the stove stirring dinner. I sat at the small table and looked at her. In a way I felt kind of sad. At one time she had to love sex; I mean how else can you explain me. But, apparently, things had changed somewhere. I sighed, might as well get this over with, I figured.

“Ummmm…mom” I almost shook.

“Mmmmhmmmm” mom didn’t even turn around.

“There’s something I need to tell you” I opened with my rehearsed words.

I had practiced this all afternoon. First admit you’re pregnant; then claim it was a party and alcohol. I figured mom already saw me as promiscuous, so it kind of fed right into it.

“You’re pregnant” mom cut me off.

I just sat there mute. The words had been calm, soft; no anger no ranting about how or where. She already fucking knew; my brain went fuzzy with confusion.

“How did you know?” I couldn’t believe her.

“For one, I figured it was only a matter of time” mom waved her hand. “For another you haven’t asked for any tampons in over a month.”

Mom turned and looked at me; God her eyes were so calm. I was in a state of confusion, she knew; she wasn’t pissed; what the fuck was going on? Everything I had rehearsed just went down the toilet in one flush.

“Have you told your father?” mom asked as she looked at me.

“Uhhhh yeah” I couldn’t even speak, I felt like I was stuttering. Then all hell broke loose.

“Before or after he fucked you.” Her soft voice drove into my brain.

I damn near shit; pissed myself; choked on my own saliva; and nearly convulsed as her words slammed home. One thing about being nineteen; you tend to use that fight and flight a hell of a lot. I’ve never been one to run away, you can imagine my response.

“Actually he was dumping a load in me as I told him” I spit back.

Mom’s eyes got a fraction wider, but her gaze never wavered from mine. I couldn’t believe I had just said that; and I waited for mom to go nuclear. Instead she sent another bomb straight at me.

“And did you tell him he was the father?” she asked quietly.

Holy fucking hell, there isn’t much you can say back to THAT kind of comment. I just sat at the table stunned, watching mom.

“Why don’t you set the table for dinner” shit she changed gears in like a heartbeat.

“Then let your father know dinner will be in a half an hour” she said turning back to the stove.

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