I had a bad day, it was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. I had dinner on the stove waiting for you to come home. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing when I noticed something was burning. I ran into the kitchen and took a pot holder and grabbed the burning pot and set it into the sink. I turn on the exhaust fan to get the burnt smell out of the kitchen.

“Damnit!” I exclaimed, running water into the pot. “Well there goes dinner right down the drain…” I say pouring the spaghetti sauce into the garbage disposal. I go and check the freezer and see if there is anything else I can cook that won’t take all night. I didn’t even hear you pull into the driveway. “Damn! Damn! Damn!” I say out loud to myself.

“Hi babe…” you say walking into the kitchen. I shut the freezer and just lean aginstead the door.

“Hey, are you okay???” you ask walking over to me.

“No…..” I answer feeling miserable.

“My poor baby…what happened…?” you ask taking me into your arms as you glance around the kitchen.

“I’ve just had a really bad day…..” I say putting my arms around you and feeling you holding me tight. I love being in your arms, I don’t want to bother you with my problems.

“Tough day baby???” you say leading me into the living room, we sit on the sofa, you pull me close. “Tell me all about it…”

“Well…first thing this morning after you left for work I went to get dressed and while I was gone

the neighbor’s dogs got loose and got into our trash cans.” I say remembering how mad I was at having to go out in the cold and pick up the trash. I told the neighbors about it and suggested they come and clean it up since it was their dogs.

“So what did Mister Wonderful say about his dogs?” you asked me.

“He said “I don’t have to pick up your trash….” and he shut the door in my face.”

“I’ll have a talk with him…” you say hugging me.

“No…it won’t do any good anyway…I cleaned it up.”

I tell you about the rest of my day, how no matter what I did it just didn’t turn out right.

“And then I burned the spaghetti sauce, and it’ll take forever to thaw anything else out for dinner…” I say leaning my head on your shoulder.

“Wait right here…” you tell me getting up and walking toward the bedroom. I have to wonder what you are up too. You’re back in a few minutes, “Come on…” you say taking me by the hand and leading me through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

“What are you up too?” I ask stopping in my tracks. You’ve started bathwater, dimmed the lights, lit my favorite candles and I can smell Jasmine bath beads. “Oh this is so sweet honey…” I tell you as you start to unbutton my shirt.

“Just take a nice long soak in the tub” you mobil porno say as you continue to undress me, bending down and kissing me.

“Now….you just take a nice relaxing bath, take your time….” you say helping me into the tub. “I’ll take care of dinner….” you reach for a bottle of bubble bath and pour it into the tub.

“You are so good to me…” I say sinking down into the hot water, oh it feels so good. I love a bubble bath.

“Just lay back and relax….” you tell me as you walk out of the bathroom. I lay there just soaking in the hot water, when I hear music from our bedroom, our favorite song. I can’t help but smile at how you take care of me. I should be taking care of you after your long, hard day at work.

I soap up a wash cloth and run it up my arms, across my shoulders, feeling the suds running down my chest, across my tits. “This feels so good” I moan, it feels so good to just lay back and relax.

I rub the suds over my nipples, feeling them getting hard. Feels good, wish you were here with me.

I close my eyes and just play with my nipples, starting to get hot and horny. I continue to rub my nipples. After a few minutes the tub is almost full I reach up and turn the water off, the bathroom is steamy and hot.

“Nice….” I look up and you’re standing in the door way. You walk over to the tub and kneel next to the tub, taking the wash cloth from me. You get the rag soapy and gently soap my shoulders.

“Sit up a bit honey…” I sit up straight, as you gently wash my back, your hands feel so good baby.

“Lean back…” you tell me. I lay back again, watching every move you make. “Oh no!i” you say as you “accidentily” drop the soap into the tub.

I reach down to find the soap. “Let me…” you say searching for the soap. You rub your hand, up and down both of my legs. “Nope…no soap here…” you say bending down and kissing me gently.

“Maybe it’s here….” you say barely touching my shaved pussy….”Nope not there either…”

you say as you spread my legs.

“Yes” I moan, wanting you to touch me there.

I’m getting very horny, wanting you right now. I reach up and undo your jeans, reaching for your cock. “Oh look what I found….” I say pulling your shorts down, finding your hardening cock. I pull you to me and lick the head of your cock, barely touching you.

“Yeah….” you moan as I tease you. I take your cock into my mouth, gently sucking you.

I hold onto you with one hand as I continue to lick and nibble the head of your cock, reaching for your balls at the same time. “Some little girl is horny tonight…” you tell me as you slip a finger into my slit.

“Oh….yes…” I moan as you finger me slowly. Love the way you make me feel baby.

The more alman porno you finger my pussy the more I suck your cock, flicking my tongue across your cock,licking my way down to your balls. “Suck em’ baby…” I take your balls into my mouth one at a time and suck them gently. ” Yeah…just like that…” you moan as I suck you gently.

After a few minutes you reach up and hold my head, pulling my mouth back to your cock.

I take your cock back into my mouth, loving the way your hard cock feels. The more I suck and lick your cock the hornier I get. I take your cock as deep as I can, sucking you. We continue like this for awhile, licking and sucking your cock as you hold me there. Gently fucking my mouth.

I stroke your balls again, I love making love with you honey. You’re playing with my tits, pinching my nipples, making them so hard. “Is there room for two in there?” you ask me. I look up at you,letting your cock slip out of my mouth.

“Sure…” I say as you quickly get undressed and join me in the tub.You kneel in the tub pulling me up to you, kissing me. “Oh look! I found the soap….” I say soaping the rag, and I wash you off, taking my time, stroking your cock. “yeah….” you say as I rinse the soap off of you. You stand up and pull me to my knees. “Suck me…” you tell me. I reach for your cock again, taking the tip of your cock into my mouth. I look up at you, knowing your watching me. Flicking my tongue across the underside of your cock. “Yeah….” you moan as I tease you. “take it baby girl…” you say pushing your cock into my mouth deeper, fucking my mouth. I love sucking your cock baby, feeling it hard in my mouth, wanting you to give me your cum. You hold my head as you fuck my mouth, faster and deeper. I reach down and rub my pussy slipping two fingers inside. I am so wet and hot baby. I need you so bad. “Suck it…..yes…just like that baby…” you tell me giving me your cock. “Rub your Pussy baby…yeah that’s it…” you tell me as I rub myself.

I want to make you cum, feel you giving me your cum. “Turn around…” you tell me, I do as you ask. You get down behind me “Grab the towel bar…” I grab it as I feel you slip your hand under to my pussy, rubbing my slit. “Yes baby…” I moan as you finger me, I’m so wet.

“That pussy is nice and wet…” you say kissing the back of my neck. “I’m going to fuck you…” you tell me as you rub the head of your cock across my pussy lips.

“Tell me you want it…” I hear you whisper in my ear. “Beg me to fuck you…”

“Please baby….I want your cock….” I say, wanting you inside of me. “Fuck me…please…”

“Like this???” you ask putting the head of your cock inside of me, then pulling out.

“Yes….” I moan wanting more.

“Tell alexis texas porno me…” you say.

“Fuck me, give me your cock….” I beg you, wanting to feel you fucking me.

You reach around and grab my tits, pulling my nipples, getting a little rough. I like it rough once in awhile, makes me so hot and wet.

“What am I going to do with a bad little girl, she burns dinner….and now I’m going to fuck her…” you say ramming your cock all the way inside of me. I gasp at the feelings of you filling my pussy. You fuck me slow and hard, taking your time, letting go of my tits and grabbing my waist.

“Yes….fuck me baby…” I beg you.

“Not so fast……..” you tell me.

I love when you fuck me from behind baby, going so deep inside of me.

“Oh fuck….yeah take my cock….”

You tell me pounding me a bit faster and harder. Feels so good feeling your cock pounding me, deep and hard.

“yes….oh yes….fuck my pussy honey…” I beg you, wanting to make you cum. I’m getting so close to cumming.

“yeah baby….love when you tighten your pussy around my cock….love fucking you…” you tell me, holding me tighter.

Oh it feels so good when you give me your cock, makes me shake and tremble when you pound my pussy baby. “Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me….” I say over and over, feeling my climax almost there.

“Oh yeah….cum for me baby…..cum all over my cock….” you say pounding me faster and harder.

“yes…yes…yes….cumming baby….aww fuck….” I say loudly holding onto the towel bar as I cum all over your cock. “Cumming…cumming…cumming…” I moan, you pull out of me and turn me around and give me your cock. I stroke your balls as I take your cock and suck you as deep as I can. You grab my head and fuck my mouth.

“Yeah….take it….that’s my good little girl…..suck my cock…” you tell me as I fuck your cock with my mouth, wanting you to fill my mouth with your cum, wanting to taste it. I can feel your cock getting harder, ready to cum.

“take it…take my cum….fuck baby!!!!!!!!!!!!” You hold me tight as your cock fills my mouth with cum, I love the taste of your cum honey, I swallow as much as I can but some drips out of the side of my mouth and I take it on my fingers and lick it all up. Taste so good baby.

“Are you alright honey?” You ask me as you try and catch your breath.

“yes, I’m fine ….oh my god that was so good baby….” I say taking a deep breath.

We regain our composure and get out of the tub, dry off and put on our night clothes.

“Dinner should be here any time now…” you tell me glancing at the bedside clock.

“What is for dinner?” I ask wondering what you did.

“Pizza if that’s okay….I told them not to deliver for about an hour and a half, and they should be here any time.

“Gee maybe I should burn dinner more often…” I say as I kiss you, you look at me and smile.

“What am I going to do with you baby girl???”

“Love me forever….” Is all I can say….

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