Bathhouse Temptations


The hot weather had only recently broken, tempting me into making the first trip to the bathhouse in several weeks. Arriving a bit later than usual, having first enjoyed some organic smoke, it was good to see several other visitors already there.

The quickly finished cold beer added its own note to my growing anticipation. Downstairs, the whirlpool water was cool, and neither man in it seemed to have any interest in playing. Upstairs, I discovered that a new darkroom had been created, while the old one was blocked off for renovation. Such changes have happened before, when the smaller middle floor steamroom had been replaced by a much larger basement one.

The new padded platform was smaller, with a left corner door sized opening to the dead-end corridor that ran parallel to the platform’s wall. The space was empty during my very hesitant initial exploration of the extremely dim room, making it easier to get a feel for its dimensions.

Leaving slowly, eyes still not adapted to the blackness, I wandered around upstairs before entering the porn theater area just as another man left. Turning at the end of the wall to look at the benches, I saw a second man, who picked up his towel and went past me, straight into the booth opposite the porn room’s entrance.

A booth with a still opened door. Leading me to approach it, then stand at the entrance, only marginally more interested in the porn playing there than in the theater. But it quickly became apparent neither he nor I were interested in porn when there was the chance to have easy sex with a stranger.

He unwrapped his towel and began to touch himself. My right hand drifted down to my towel, allowing the opportunity for fingers to slide underneath the cloth, signalling my own desire – and increasing it. Both growing harder, he moved back on the platform, prompting me to step inside and remove my towel.

Gasping when he touched my cock, standing at the platform’s edge, the door was still open as we began to get intimately involved. Privacy means little to me at the baths, where public sex is part of the attraction. And where essentially all the visitors are there to have straightforward sex with other men. That reality can become extremely addictive, as it is a very rare bathhouse visit that does not lead to satisfying man on man encounters. Much like this one was becoming, the bowl I’d smoked and the beer merging perfectly into the sensations flowing into and from my now exposed cock.

Reaching down a bit to fondle his cock with my left hand, after a wonderful interval of mutual jerking off, I moved into the room, laying out my towel behind Çankaya Escort him, getting the poppers bottle and condoms out of my bag. Stretching out on the towel, we embraced, hands sliding over nipples and cocks and balls, tongues tasting the other’s skin.

We began kissing, cocks stiff, getting ever more turned on, unconcerned that anyone walking by could see what we were doing. Leaning against the wall as his tongue found my nipple while he kept stroking my stiff length, a man walked by. Knowing that my raised and spread legs offered a public view of my cock being jacked off by another man, horniness growing to the point of moaning.

The man beyond the door moved away, returned, but he never joined in, leaving after a few moments. Shifting positions, I closed the door, grabbing and then opening a condom. Going down on him, unrolling the condom as he moaned, his hands found my head. And were unable to do anything but rest, fingers spread, the passage of my downward sliding mouth entrancing him completely.

Soon, using all the skill I’ve acquired over the years of visiting male only saunas and gloryholes, he quickly turned into a total slut. Just as I had in all my recent visits here, too many of them having passed without giving head to a horny stranger. This lack of recent opportunity to suck cock, of having my mouth filled with a man’s sexy length, led to a sexy greediness. Stroking myself the entire time, again reminded of how giving head is one of the more surprising turn ons when having sex with another man. Something discovered years – and many cocks – ago.

“Go slower” he panted, “go slower.”

“OK” I said, fully sympathetic to such pleading to not cum, but to stretch the pleasure out. Sympathetic is not the same as not taking advantage of him, having my mouth move as slowly as possible from the base of his cock to just over his flared cockhead, before returning just as slowly.

After doing this several times, feeling him shudder and gasp each time my lips reached his cockhead, I asked “Slow enough?,” knowing that he’d just been tortured in the most satisfying way imaginable. He was apparently unable to form words, leading me to return to my earlier rhythm, confident that he would not cum too quickly after getting so aroused.

Following some long interval, including a stretch where he deliciously played with my nipple, we shifted positions. My back returned to pressing against the wall, fist sliding over my length, letting him play with a nipple or lightly stroke under my balls and along my ass crack. This remains one of my most Keçiören Escort passionate weaknesses, being a total slut for nipple play. Especially when in such a turned on state, organic smoke and beer enhancing the experience of male sex in wonderful combination.

When he began to suck a nipple, the sensations were so good that getting the poppers bottle out was the only distraction which came to mind. A distraction that would be temporary, lasting only until the bottle had been opened.

His finger on my now slick nipple was heavenly, making me moan “I love sex with men .. male sex .. hot cock sex” and similar words, starting to twist the ridged top off.

Pressing one side of my nose closed, I took a single deep hit, closing the bottle tightly as the first effects began to spread, a now free right hand quickly finding my horny cock. The feeling was so good, I almost moaned, only barely remembering to not breathe out as his tongue began to flick my nipple, his hand lightly running over my bush.

The rush started to inexorably spread throughout my body, an entrancing wave washing over cock and nipple equally. Still holding my breath, time stretching as wetness spread over my aroused nipple, sinking into a perfect sexual haze at the touch of circled finger and thumb just under my cock ridge.

At some point, breath being released slowly, words began to form in the sexual haze surrounding my being. “Oh fuck yes .. fuck yes fucking good .. sex with men .. I love sex with men .. hot cock sex.” I approached orgasm with those first words, a necessary condition when talking to an unknown male lover about how good getting off with a stranger is.

Even in the baths, a place filled with men looking to have sex with other men, it is difficult to say such things to another person, except when really turned on. Something as true in bed with my wife when watching group gay porn as she strokes my nipple after doing a hit of poppers, as in a private booth with a horny man I’m having hot sex with, gay porn playing on the monitor. Though neither of us were paying any attention to it.

My nipple and cock had merged into a perfect sexual zone, where orgasm danced over the nipple, just distant enough from my rigid length’s own sensations to keep my balls from emptying in a glorious rush of hot cum. Keeping my cock riding the very edge of ecstasy even as orgasm flowed through me from my nipples, something understood by all nipple sluts, likely because it is what makes one such a slut for nipple play.

As any user of poppers is aware, getting really turned Etimesgut Escort on is the entire point of taking a hit from that special brown bottle. Especially when it is just another substance enhancing a purely male sexual encounter. I’d been holding my cock stiffly, not allowing any motion to create irresistible temptation, when his fingers began to enclose my own, moving them. Just as his lips closed over my erect nipple, creating sensations of primal pleasure.

Starting to helplessly jack off under his knowing encouragement, the sensations grew wonderfully intense as his mouth moved to my other nipple, finger rubbing the now wettened one. “Fuck yes .. make me a nipple slut .. sexy cock slut .. don’t stop.” Apart from a desire not to cum yet, I was completely under his control, much like he’d been under mine when I sucked him off.

Time stretched, each touch seeming to last forever before being replaced by an even more desirable sensation. After decades of experience with poppers, it was possible to remain just enough in control to not cum from my cock, while remaining utterly entranced at the sheer ecstasy flowing from my licked and rubbed nipples.

His skill created a helpless reaction of lust, adding to the completely addictive experience of having sex with a man while under the powerful sexual spell created by poppers. I held the bottle under his nose, and he took a couple of hits before returning his horny attention to my nipples. By this point, his hand had stopped moving, allowing my full concentration to return to indulging in the utter bliss he was creating by caressing and sucking my nipples.

He had brought me beyond orgasm, something that rarely happens with anyone but my wife. I did another hit, making sure sure to close the bottle tightly. Surrendering completely to his touch, hand returning to my wanting cock as he sucked my nipple. His hand went underneath my balls, lightly stroking my sack and between my thighs. Opening my legs in encouragement, holding the hit in until feeling his finger touch my ass.

“Fuck yes .. fuck yes .. fuck yes” I groaned while breathing out, feeling my anal ring pulse against his fingertip, inviting it deeper. He shifted his mouth to the other side, body pressed against mine, gliding his finger over the now thoroughly wet, just sucked nipple. His lips rubbed against sensitive skin, raising the nipple into his waiting mouth, tongue swirling over its tip.

Words kept pouring out – “I love .. love .. sex .. man sex .. love cock sex .. hard cock .. sex with men.” Orgasm rose with the words, his finger just inside my hole, moving in time with my stroking and his nipple sucking. Opening my legs more, crooning “Oh yeah .. sexy man .. cock lover .. don’t stop .. sauna slut .. fuck yes” as the cum began to pulse through my tightly held shaft.

Knowing that such wonderful orgasms are the reason to have sex with strangers at the baths, a truth shared by all the men who visit one more than once.

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