Barbie’s Service Ch. 01


I looked at the letter in my hand, and read it again. “Dear Mr. Wu, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for training for the Marine Corps. However, taking into account your desire to serve, we offer you the opportunity to train at the Prissy Boot Camp, following which, you will be posted depending on your aptitude. Contact Maj. Shirley at…”

I was orphaned when I was a boy. I was of Asian origin, living in an alien Slavic country. I grew up in an orphanage there, dreaming of going off to sea, of sailing the world. The day I turned 18, I signed up to join the Navy. I wrote the test, attended the interviews, and just when I thought I had made it, this letter arrived, shattering all my dreams. But there was still Major Shirley.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number at the bottom of the rejection letter.


“Major Shirley?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“I’m Han Wu, and – “

“Oh yes, I know. You were selected for the special camp. Do you accept?”

“I’d be delighted!” I felt a strange jubilation. Maybe I could still see the world.

“Good. Report to this address at 8am Friday morning. It’s Polnik Estate…” She gave me an address, and directions.

“Thank you Major”

“No, Thank you Han.” And she hung up.


I reached Polnik Estate a few minutes before 8. It was huge, surrounded by a fifteen-foot stonewall, miles away from the nearest village. A wrought iron gate seemed to be the only way in. I entered, and walked down the mud path for a short distance, and I reached a small log cabin. I entered, and saw a well-built, muscular woman in fatigues sitting behind a desk.

She looked up at me. “Mr. Wu?”


“You’re 3 minutes late. Anyway, by the end of your training that won’t matter. Everyone else is here already. Come with me.” She got up, and walked out.

I followed her down a narrow path into the woods for a long time. Finally we reached a clearing with more log cabins around its periphery. She led me into the largest log building, which I gathered was a sort of meeting hall. There were about twenty others sitting already. I went and took the only empty seat.

“Good morning trainees,” the major addressed us. “You are all here because you could not make it through the armed forces physical examinations. But do not lose hope, because here, we will train you to serve in other ways. You are assigned cabins, two per. You may retire to your cabins and familiarize yourself with your roommates. In your cabins you will find a personalized screen with a head set. You are to watch television everyday for an hour in the morning, and an hour before you sleep to begin with. This is clocked, and those who do not obey will be severely reprimanded. You will also find a personalized beeper. You are to report here as soon as your beeper beeps. I will personally be talking to each of you today. Welcome here.”

We filed out of the room to our cabins. My roomie was a man named Brad. The cabins were nice. We had individual bedrooms with double beds, a television in each, refrigerators, and a lot of conveniences. I was wondering what kind of camp it was, where you are instructed to watch TV, and are given all possible luxuries, when my beeper beeped. I rushed to the hall, and found Major Shirley waiting for me.

“Now Han, do you know what this place is?”

“No Major.”

“I’ll give it to you straight. You were not picked into the Navy because, well, you’re only five feet tall, slim, and fair. You have such pretty eyes, a smooth complexion, silky hair… You are too beautiful to be a man. Such are the errors of birth.”

I didn’t know how to react. She described me to be feminine in such a matter of fact way.

She continued, “So this camp will help you discover yourself. Give it a week, and if you don’t like what you’re becoming, feel free to leave. We are here to make a woman out of you, dear.” She smiled warmly at me. “Now, Jon is such an ill fitting name for you. We will call you Bambi while you are here. Would you like that?” Without giving me a chance to answer, she said, “Good! Now I want you to do exactly as you are told, and you will see yourself so much differently! Go now and watch some TV.”

I walked back to my cabin in a daze. I had wanted to object to it, to tell her I was a man, not a woman, about how I hated the name Bambi, about how I didn’t want to be a woman. But there was something hypnotic in her voice that forced me to stay silent. I turned on the TV and put on the headphones.

The television screen seemed to blur, and colors began to swirl as I watched. A soft, soothing voice started repeating, “Hello Bambi. Don’t you feel so lovely and feminine today? You are such a pretty woman. Repeat after me. My name is Bambi. I live to serve. I am a beautiful woman.”

I spent more than an hour in that hypnotic daze, repeating after the voice in my head. After that, I got up, went to the bed, and fell into a deep sound sleep. sakarya escort As I slept, the voice kept repeating itself in my head.

I woke up late in the evening to sound of my beeper. Dinnertime. I made my way to the large hall, which, as I found out, also served as our meal place. I took my plate and sat down next to Brad. He looked at me and said, “Did they tell you about the camp?”

“Yes, I don’t know what to think. I’m giving it a week. And then…”


The week passed in a flash. I would spend at least two hours a day listening to the voice, watching the screen in a zombie like state. I grew more and more dissatisfied with my male body. I wanted to be more. I began to spend more time in front of the mirror each morning, imagining myself with long hair, breasts, in a dress. I began to subconsciously spend more time looking at advertisements for feminine products in magazines than I did before. And the week was over.


I sat across the desk and looked at Major Shirley.

“Now Bambi, Have you decided if you want us to help you change?”

“Yes, Major. I want you to help me.” A part of me was screaming no, but the rest of me was enchanted by the prospect.

“Good, sign here, and we’ll take care of the rest.”

I looked at the paper. It was a declaration of abandonment. It declared that I submitted completely to them, to do whatever they pleased with me. It stated that I had no rights of my own as of that day. I read it, and signed on the dotted line.

The Major took the sheet from me, and smiled at me. “Good girl! Now we can begin your real training. Do you know what we make you here? We make you fit for the navy, that very navy that rejected you. You are going to become one of those unsung heroes. You’ll see. Here. Take these pills. You will be given two of these every morning, which I want you to take regularly.” She handed me two purple pills.

I took her leave and returned to my cabin. In the bathroom, I looked at the pills for a moment, and then swallowed them. I showered, and when I entered my room to dress, I saw a woman, just like the Major, tall and muscular, waiting for me in the room.

“Hello Bambi,” she said. “I’m your personal trainer. You are my charge now, and I will be moving in with you for the duration of your training. Your friend Barbie has been relocated. Shirley was right – you are a pretty creature. You’ll be a bestseller when you’re done. Call me Andy.”

“Hi Andy,” I said shyly.

“Now, I’ve got rid of all your male underwear to start with. I’ve brought you a set of some pretty panties. Come on and take a look. Which one would you like to wear today?”

I walked with her to my wardrobe, and saw a huge stack of different kinds of underwear. I picked a modest white pair of cotton panties, with little butterflies printed on it.

“That’s nice,” Andy smiled at me. Hurry up and put them on.”

I put it on, feeling shy, and happy at my girlishness. I dressed in male clothes over it, and went to the other room, where Andy was waiting for me.

“Now that you’re committed to the program dear, we’ve got a lot of changes we need to make,” she said to me. “Let me see… We could start you onto a higher dose of hormones, than those pills. Would you like that?”

As if in a daze, I mumbled the affirmative. I was feeling woozy, probably the effect of the pills.

“But first we need to make you more receptive to our treatment. Come, lie down on the bed, and take off your pants. I was wearing a pair of tight pants. I wriggled out of them, pulled my panties down to reveal my ass, and lay down on the bed. Andy came to me, brandishing a syringe. She injected me in my bottom with some greenish liquid.

“Good. That will take care of your testosterone. You won’t be producing any of that now. Come on, let’s go watch some television.” She picked me off the bed as if I was a rag doll, and led me back to my room. In the CD player, she inserted a disc labeled Stage – 2. She settled the headphones on my head and left me.

I watched the screen. Instead of swirling colors, this time there was a movie playing. It was of a pretty woman, about 23 years old. She was dressed in revealing clothes, and she kept talking to me. She went shopping, picking out different kinds of outfits – kinky ones, slutty ones, short dresses, and costumes. She kept asking me if I liked the dresses, and if I would like to wear them. The movie went on for an hour, during which she shopped, had her hair and nails done, and went ogling at men.

When the movie was over, I went back into Andy’s room, to find her sorting some training discs. She looked up at me and smiled, “Did you enjoy the movie?”

“Oh yes, Andy. Andy, will I be as pretty as that woman?”

“You’ll be prettier darling. Don’t you worry!”

A week passed. Every morning I was given the two pills, which I dutifully swallowed. One morning, my beeper commanded me to go to the main hall. In the hall, I found samsun escort Andy sitting with the Major.

“Hello Bambi,” Andy said.

“Bambi, you are now ready for the next stage in your training. This involves making some permanent changes to your mind and body. Do you want to proceed? We will be putting you onto some strong hormone doses, and we will be feminizing your body and mind.”

“I would like that Major, if you think I am ready for it.”

“Good. Go with Andy. She will be administering your hormone shots.”

I followed Andy back to our hut. Like a dutiful girl I took off my pants and wriggled out of my panties and lay down on the bed. Andy came to me. She sat down next to me and rubbed my ass gently. “You will be ready soon, love.” Then she injected me with some clear liquid. “That was your weekly hormone dose. You’ll feel some changes in your mind and body, darling. Don’t worry about them. Now, lets do something about your awful wardrobe. Lets go to the ‘Outfit room’.

We walked out of the clearing, down path I have never been down before. Walking a while, we reached a large stone square building, with no windows, and a single door to allow entry.

“Come on,” she said, as she opened the door. “Upstairs is the fun house. You’ll see it soon. This way.” She led me to the large room across the doorway. It was basically a huge wardrobe, with clothes of every type, and size. We selected a few dozen outfits. We picked up a lot of tiny shorts, long shirts, tight T-shirts, and anything else that was feminine that I wouldn’t feel odd wearing.

We returned to our hut. “From now, I don’t want you wearing any of your horrid male things. A pretty girl should dress as one.” I changed out of my clothes. I put on a shirt. My favourite dress at home was to become a long shirt that came till my ass, and a pair of panties.

It had been ages since I had seen any of my other fellow trainees. I asked Andy one day about them.

“Oh, most of them have gone home, love. There are only four of you left. And of all of them, you are the most promising darling.”

Months went by. I was given hormone shots every week. My breasts began to develop, and I began to change mentally. My nipples became larger more sensitive. I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I had had an erection. My hair had become long and silky, and my body was developing feminine curves. I did also suffer mood swings and sudden outbursts of tears. Andy was a constant companion, and she helped me control my feelings. In time I began to be able to control my moods, and tears.

One day Andy told me, “Its time for your final training and change, Bambi.” She meant surgery. I was taken to a building in the middle of the estate, which was fit with an operating theatre. I got a modest pair of breasts implanted. My voice box was operated on, to make my voice shriller, and more feminine. My barely noticeable Adams apple was removed. My face was made more feminine with a nose job, and cheekbone surgery. All my body hair was permanently removed by electrolysis. The cosmetic makeover lasted a week. At the end of the week, when I looked at myself in a full-length mirror, I saw a short, petite, pretty eighteen-year-old Asian girl, with a small pointed nose, high cheekbones, big black eyes, bangs of curly hair that fell to her shoulder, an ample bosom, and a small, shriveled up remnant of her manhood.

Andy was so proud of me. She went on and on, all day, about how beautiful she had made my body. All that was left was preparing me for my duties, she said. I had grown to feel so feminine. I wore only the tiniest, most revealing outfits that I could find. Another trip to the Outfit Room had equipped me amply with a hundred dresses or so. I had never really thought about sex with another man, although of late, I had begun admiring men a lot.

On my nineteenth birthday, the Major and Andy gave me a large box, as a birthday gift. I opened it, and found a variety of dildoes and butt plugs. The started at four inches long, and there was one that was thirteen inches long! Andy taught me how to clean myself, and she instructed me to clean myself every hour. The box had a few kink costumes, like a nurse’s outfit, a revealing bridal dress, a few seductive sets of nightclothes, and a large number of cds.

One day, Andy told me that it was time to begin the most important part of my training. I was to undergo hypnosis therapy. She said that was the best way to train me, because I would accept my role easier that way.

The next day, after I had showered and cleaned myself, Andy gave me two pills to swallow. I swallowed them, and within half an hour, was in a trance. I don’t remember any of this, Andy told me about it later. Andy led me to the TV. The Major was on the screen, talking to me.

“Hello Bambi. Do you know your purpose here? You are a very important person. You have a mission, and an exciting one! You always dreamed of going off to sea, right? Now we are urfa escort going to make that happen. The navy, and many shipping companies do not allow women on board the ships. The sailors, on their long voyages become so sex starved that their performance is affected. We have studied that putting a girl like you on a ship, to satisfy these carnal needs, allows them to work better than they normally would. And you are technically not a woman. In fact, you don’t even exist now. Your old personality has died, and your new self is about to embark on a secret existence of service. Your job is to sexually satisfy all who come to you. Andy will prepare you for that. Have fun learning!”

After that talk, I was given various discs to watch. It started with a cock sucking tutorial. After that came other porn movies where men fucked transsexuals. I learned so many positions, and sounds. I watched at least eight movies in a day. I was kept in the hypnotic state till five in the evening. When I had slept, and come to, Andy would teach me how to apply make up in different ways. She taught me how to brush my hair, and tie it in many different ways. I watched the movies dutifully. Each movie had a voice that spoke to me, asking me how I would like to be the woman getting the action, how I would like to suck that juicy cock, and how I would like to feel the throbbing manhood inside me. Before long, the movies got me squirming in my seat, and one day, Andy handed me a dildo while I was in my state. She told me that instantly began to put it to its correct use, and I loved the way it felt inside me. When I was not under hypnosis, I spent a lot of time looking at men, in magazines, in porn movies, and everywhere else that I could find a picture. I began to wear a butt plug all the time. I started with a four inch one, and slowly moved onto a six incher. Andy was thrilled at how I was responding.

Three months passed, and my hypnosis therapy was complete. I was a perfect slut. I believed that I lived to serve, to suck cock, and to take it in my shemale pussy. Only, I hadn’t had a real cock yet. I had to satisfy myself with the rubber and plastic ones I had been given for my birthday. I complained to Andy about that. She smiled, and told me that she would see what she could do about that.

Andy was true to her word. A few days later, I woke up to find a note pinned to my pillow. “Look hot. Look slutty. You have till 11 to doll up. I’ll come then and pick you up for some fun. Andy.” That was it.

I got out of bed, and went straight to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and then thoroughly cleaned my shemale pussy. I looked at the clock. I still had an hour and a half. I decided to indulge in a luxurious bath. I turned the hot water on in the tub, and added different foaming agents, and perfumes. I finished my bath, smelling of roses, my skin softer than a baby’s. I gently dried myself, and let myself into my wardrobe, wondering what to wear.

I decided to put on a tight pink T-shirt that showed off a fair bit of my cleavage, and was cut so high, that it revealed most of my belly. It had WHORE printed in big silver letters across my breast. I decided not to wear a bra, because the note instructed me to look slutty, and I thought a hint of nipples outlined through the tee would add to that effect. To go with it, I chose a pair of white satin panties, and a short denim mini skirt, which just about showed the bottom of my ass. I then picked out a pair of 6″ high-heeled sandals, whose straps came up to my knees. I put them on, and tied the straps around my calves. I strutted to my dresser, and sat down to doll my face up. I brushed my hair straight down my back. I applied foundation, and blush, after which I painted my lips glossy pink, and put shiny pink eye shadow. I then painted my nails pink.

I hopped off my stool and posed in front of the mirror, admiring myself. I looked like a perfect tart, someone who would do anything to get laid! Who would have thought that I would become this… thing? I didn’t care. I was feeling so eager for the “fun” Andy had promised me.

At exactly 11 o’ clock, Andy knocked on my door. “My, my… you look so fuckable today! Now, a very special friend has come today, and he wants a treat. So we’re taking you to the funhouse, to ‘entertain’ him. Remember all that you have learnt baby, and surrender to your instincts, alright?”

I nodded quietly, and then Andy led me outside, to where a jeep was waiting. “We aren’t going to make our star walk, are we?” She said, as we sat in the back. We drove quietly till we reached the outfit room/funhouse. Andy led me upstairs, to a small room with mirrors on all four walls, and on the ceiling. There was a big bed against one wall, with an ornate silver headboard, and two large armchairs in one side of the room. Andy left me here, and locked the mirrored door behind her. I noticed that the door had no knob or handle, and could only be opened from outside.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I crossed one leg over the other, and gently moved it. I twirled my hair in impatience. Suddenly the door opened, and a big black man entered. The door shut behind him as well. He came up to me and said, “Lets play, Barbie darling!”

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