Bar Tricks


Rick and Kate checked into the hotel and adjourned to the bar to have a drink before going up to their room for the night. Since he first met Kate she had a habit of looking around at others in a bar or restaurant, absentmindedly people watching. It was disconcerting when they first started dating when he thought he should have her undivided attention. But after 12 years together, he was used to it and just ignored it. She probably didn’t even listen half the time, but he didn’t mind. Rick reached past her to show the guy next to her one of his many bar tricks.

The bartender came over, “Hey, I’ve seen a lot of those, but that was cool.”

“It’s easy. I’ll teach you…watch closely.”

As Rick entertained the bartender, Kate’s eyes once again wandered over the crowd. The bartender left to tend to a customer and Rick looked over to see Kate tracking someone across the room. He looked around and spotted the object of her interest taking a seat at the far end of the bar.

“You like what you see, don’t you?”

“Your silly bar trick? I’ve seen it a million times,” she said still looking out over the bar.

“I mean him,” Rick made a subtle gesture towards a man.

“What? No…I mean, I was just looking. You look at women all the time.”

“That isn’t what I said. I said, you like him, don’t you?”

She just rolled her eyes in dismissal.

“How would you like to fuck him?” he asked uncharacteristically, but calmly.

“You’re nuts. What are you doing?”

“Nothing. Just a game, Kate. Imagine, I’m out of the picture. Say, you’re single. Here alone. And you see him. Would you want to fuck him?”

“No…I don’t know. I never hopped into bed with just anyone.”

“I know. But you really like what you see. I can tell. He isn’t ‘just anyone’, is he? You’re still stealing glances over at him.” He kissed her on the cheek to show he wasn’t angry or being argumentative. “If you were single, he’d be a candidate wouldn’t he?”

“I guess. Where are you going with this?”

“I told you. It’s just a game. Like those adventure games we used to play. We had to be honest, play by the rules and act consistently or the game wouldn’t work. Play along with me for awhile.”


“Let’s change things a little…a new game level. I’m back in the picture, but I’m not right here. Maybe I’m off to a trade show for several days while you’re here. And he’s here. Nobody we know is here. Nobody would know except you and Greg, the guy over there you are interested in.”

“How do you know his name?”

“I don’t. It’s part of the game. I will never find out about him. Would you fuck him?”


“Why not? Nobody would know.”

“I’ll know. You said it’s like an adventure game. We killed people in those games. Would you kill someone if you knew you could get away with it? Nobody would ever know?”

“Good point, Kate. No I wouldn’t.”

“Doing something behind your back with…Greg…would bother me even if it didn’t bother anyone else.”

“I like this game. I haven’t learned anything new yet, but I’ve confirmed some things about you I already knew.”

“When do I get to quiz you?”

“It’s not a quiz; it’s a game.” He continued to gently touch her, move stray locks of hair off her forehead, kiss her reassuringly.

“OK, another level. You’re here, grup escort Greg is here and I’m here. You and I are in conversation. Greg is at the bar watching us. Occasionally, your eyes lock. Just an instant. Just long enough to establish a tiny connection, but not an invitation or a creepy staring contest.”

“Sort of where we stand right now for real.”

“Possibly. Without us noticing, Greg gets up and walks over to us. Suddenly, he says, ‘I noticed you two aren’t dancing. Would you mind if I danced with your wife?’ I have two sets of eyes on me, yours and Greg’s, awaiting my answer.”

“And what do you say?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“I guess you should say yes. You never dance with me.”

“OK, OK…the answer is yes. Greg reaches out for your hand and takes you onto the dance floor. You dance a couple of fast songs, just short of any kind of dirty dancing. He is fun, inventive and in no time you are both laughing and caught up in the music.” Kate is listening intently now. Rick kissed her, brushed her upper arm, then let his hand brush down her breast. She swallowed hard, a far off look in her eye as she followed his story.

“A slow dance starts. You look over to me for approval, but I’m looking the other way showing someone a bar trick. You remain on the dance floor…with Greg.”

Standing next to her barstool, Rick kissed her softly and pushed his erection against her hip. “Greg has been mostly a gentleman, but you’ve felt his erection against your belly, and his thigh has brushed your mound several times. He’s leading you further towards the other side of the dance floor from our table.”

Kate’s eyes slowly closed and opened again. Another hard swallow. Her eyes searched her husband’s, but she might have been seeing Greg by then.

“Then what happens?” she croaked.

“Greg brings you back to our table. I whisper to you to go up to our room, and one of us, myself or Greg, will follow in a few minutes.”

“It’s a game, right?”

“It’s a game, but you have to act honestly and consistently with your character in a game. What do you want to happen? What will you do?”

“Oh God, Rick. I can’t stand this. I can’t decide without worrying about what you are going to think of me. I want to go, but I don’t. It’s just a game, right? OK, I’ll go. What happens?” Kate was almost in tears with increasing turmoil.

“OK, you go up to the room. I put our key card on the bar between Greg and I. I tell him it’s the key to Room 1123. I tell him Kate is expecting one of us to go up to the room. He tells me he would like to be that one. I tell him he has two hours. At midnight he has to return here. If he doesn’t, I call his wife.”

“What wife? He’s married? How do you know?”

“I don’t. It’s a game, right? Even in a game, I don’t want him staying all night.” Kate smirked at him.

“Greg might walk through the door and you are going to spend two hours having sex with him. You haven’t had another man as long as we have been married and this man is available, he’s gorgeous and I’m willing to let it happen.”

“Oh God, Oh God!” After 12 years, he knew that look and that voice. Kate was having a little orgasm as we sat at that bar. He wasn’t touching her. She wasn’t touching herself. But it was unmistakable.

“It’s only a game, eskort bayan istanbul Kate.”

“Jesus. I have to go to the restroom. I’ll be right back.” She was a wreck, shaking and barely able to gather up her purse. She kissed him and ran off.

Rick used the opportunity to go over to “Greg” and explain what was going on. The man he had dubbed “Greg” introduced himself as “Dave”. He confessed that he had been watching Rick’s wife all evening. Rick told him if he played along he MIGHT get lucky. “But Kate is in charge and you can only do what Kate allows.” Dave quickly agreed and Rick explained what he wanted him to do.

When Kate returned Rick hugged her. He’d ordered another drink for them, and they sat at the bar looking at one another quietly.

“Excuse me. My name is Dave. I noticed you and your wife were not dancing. I’m here alone on business and wondered if she might enjoy a dance.”

“Hi, Dave. I’m Rick and this is my wife, Kate. I have no objection, but it’s up to her, of course.”

Kate looked wide-eyed between her husband and Dave. Both were calm, waiting for her to respond.

“Uhh…OK, I guess that…OK.” Kate took Dave’s hand and stepped off the stool to follow him to the dance floor. She quickly looked over her shoulder at Rick and frowned at him.

They danced a fast song and Kate was soon in heaven. Dave was a very good dancer and she rarely got a chance to dance. Rick hated dancing. After that first song, Dave asked her to stay for another. She looked over at Rick and saw him give her a thumbs up and a brush of his hand indicating she should stay and dance.

Dave and Kate danced two more fast songs. Both were laughing and breathing hard from the exertion.

“I can’t take any more. I need to rest,” Kate panted waving her hand at her face to cool off. The band started up with a slow song and Dave suggested they could rest with a slow dance. Kate looked over to where Rick was for approval, but he was turned away showing the bartender another bar trick.

“I’m really having a great time, Kate.”

“Me too. I never get a chance to dance.” Dave curled his left hand in holding Kate’s hand close to his chest. Kate laid her head on his chest and followed his lead where ever he took her. During the second slow dance, Dave’s hands were on her hips and hers were around his neck.

Dave knew he had Rick’s approval to seduce her so things moved along fast, but nothing too blatant for a public place. Dave’s gentle seduction complemented Rick’s use of the game to prime her. By the end of the second slow dance, Kate was subtly but deliberately moving against Dave’s prominent erection and feeling herself getting very wet and flushed.

At the end of the dance, Dave walked her back to Rick at the bar.

“You looked like you were having fun, Kate. You guys move good together.”

“My pleasure, Rick. Kate’s a wonderful dancer. I hope we can do more.”

“Well, I wish I could move like that, Dave, but I’m sure Kate appreciates the chance with you. Let’s find a booth.” Rick led the way holding Kate’s hand. He helped her into the booth, then took a seat on the opposite side, forcing Dave to sit next to Kate. They got another round, then at the first slow song, Rick suggested they dance again.

Dave picked up his seduction as soon as they hit the dance oral escort floor. He slowly maneuvered her into an area just out of Rick’s sight. He wasn’t worried about Rick. He just hoped Kate would loosen up a little more knowing Rick couldn’t see her. He lifted her chin gently with his finger and kissed her lightly. She kissed back, but quickly broke it. Dave persisted and she gave in shaking slightly with anxiety and anticipation. She knew things were progressing like the game Rick had outlined to her before Dave came up to them. She suspected Rick was making this happen and she knew how it ended.

After three dances, Dave brought Kate back to the booth. Before Dave could seat her, Rick stood pulling her into his arms and Dave sat down. Rick kissed her, then whispered into her ear. She leaned her head back and looked intently into his eyes while tears from the stress began to form in hers. Rick broke the embrace and Kate walked nervously out of the bar.

Rick sat down in the booth opposite Dave. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little envelope with a key card inside. He held it up for Dave to see, then placed it between them, holding it in place with two fingers.

“This is the key to our room. Room 1123. I sent Kate up to the room to wait. She’s expecting the door to open within the next 15 minutes. She doesn’t know who it will be.”

Dave looked at him and swallowed hard.

“It’s between you and me to decide who that is. We could arm wrestle for it, but you’re obviously a bigger guy. Kate told me ‘much bigger’.” Dave smiled.

“Anyway, I’m suggesting a coin toss. That OK?”

Dave looked a little disappointed. He had assumed it was a done deal and said as much.

“If you remember when I approached you, I said, you might get lucky. You passed Kate’s test–she’s very hot for you. But you have to pass mine—a simple game of chance to make it interesting.”

“OK,” said Dave fishing in his pocket for a quarter. “Heads or tails?”

“Tails, but just to make it fair, you toss the coin and I’ll catch it and slam it down on the table. One toss will be binding. Agreed?”

Dave flipped the coin. Even in the semi-darkness, Rick snatched the coin out of the air with precision and slammed it on the table. Dave checked the coin, then looked up at Rick. Rick held his gaze.

Kate lay in the darkened room listening for the door wondering how in the hell she ever got to this point. When she first lay down, she was about to scream with lust and quickly satisfied herself. She jumped up quickly to freshen up, then jumped back into bed again.

When she heard the key card lock click, she about jumped out of her skin and flushed from head to toe with prickly heat. She strained to see who it was, then cursed her modesty for making the room too damn dark.

“Oh Greg, honey…I mean, Dave. I…Rick!” she screamed in exasperation.

“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s only me.” Rick began removing his clothes as he approached the bed.

“I thought…what happened?”

“We flipped for the key card and I won…I think…you don’t sound glad to see me.”

“You bastard,” she laughed. “You got me all worked up then you tricked him, didn’t you?”

Rick held his palms out. “It was only a game, but I play to win and sometimes I cheat.”

“You and your goddam bar tricks,” she laughed. “I should have known. God, it was exciting thinking about another man coming through that door…but I’m so glad it was you. You had no intention of letting him up here, did you?”

“Not even for a second. He can find his own girl. Now I’m going to enjoy my best bar trick ever.”

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