Bang Baby Bang Ch. 03


Ok sorry for the long delay but life gets in the way sometimes and that’s exactly what has happened in my case. I have appreciated the comments both critical and supportive (Although I suppose even the critical ones are supportive if seen through the right lens). For those of you who write you may or may not feel the same as I do but sequels can be quite difficult to write. Sometimes characters take on a life of their own and don’t go where you initially intend other times stories fall flat and the ebb and flow of things just don’t work as they initially did. Hats off to Ahabscribe he can write sequels and keep stories interesting. The other guy to read for sequels is frozenhero1 as he has kept his character going for a year (Happy B-Day Charlie & Miley). Oh yeah Kindred_Kravings now there was a good set of sequels.

Well enough for now on with the story: As always none of this is true, all characters are 18 years or older… yada, yada, yada.

This story contains explicit sex scenes between to consenting adults who happen to be related so if that’s not your cup of tea don’t read any further. On top of which this is fantasy however ‘sick and wrong’ it maybe so… The author in no way condones, accepts, argues for or encourages this type of activity in real life. And because it’s fiction all the other potential consequences of real life don’t apply… so always practice safe sex!!

Feedback is sought after on anything I write, after all how else do you improve. And I will try to write back, haven’t always been good at that in the past so forgive me. Voting is good but if you’re just going to complain about morality I think you’re on the wrong website.

Oh and looking for an editor, if you’re out there let me know.

Chapter 7

The Talk

Rachel was in the kitchen putting dishes away when Michael walked in. They had both showered and dressed, if you could call it that. Rachel was wearing one of Michael’s sports jerseys and a pair of white cotton panties and Michael had on a T-shirt and a pair of boxers. For a summer day it was quite mild, with the promise of warming up later on that afternoon, so neither of them felt a need to wear more than was necessary. They had showered separately; Rachel felt that it would be the only way that either of them would get out of the shower with any hot water left. Showering together maybe romantic and very sensual but it didn’t really lend itself to the practicalities of getting clean. So once dressed they each began to move through their morning routines like any other day.

Upon walking into the kitchen he immediately saw that his mom had set the table and the spot where he normally sat had a place setting with a plate with a sandwich on it. As she busied herself putting away the silverware, Michael couldn’t help but notice the smell of her shampoo and the scent of her clean fresh skin which filled the kitchen, it gave him a warm contented feeling deep inside that he hadn’t really noticed before. Her smells were everywhere throughout the house, the kitchen, the living room, her bedroom, he knew which rooms she frequented simply by the smell. Her hair was still wet and hung in dark curls across her shoulders and down her back. Although she had dried herself before getting dressed the jersey, his jersey, clung to her in all the right places accentuating the shape of her breast, the curve of her waist and the flare of her thigh. The jersey was barely long enough to cover her panties which peek through just below the hem. There was something remarkably sexy about this look, provocative yet understated. Her long shapely legs stood out even more and the fact that she was bare foot drove Michael instantly crazy as he openly stared at her.

“Sit down and eat, you’ll need your strength.” The inference was blatant and deliberate and caused Michael to startle before he spoke.

“Thanks for lunch,” he said as he sat down at the kitchen table. Rachel had prepared a nice roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and mayo on a Kaiser roll, with a slice of mozzarella cheese. He had always been the envy of the other kids at school when he came with lunches like these. On occasion he actually sold or traded his lunch to kids for things of considerable value, CD’s, Play Station or Xbox games you name he’d gotten it for a simple bagged lunch. ‘Fuck people are crazy’ he thought.

“You’re welcome baby,” she replied as she continued putting away dishes. “There’s more if you want it.”

Michael nodded his thanks as he began to stuff his mouth full of the roast beef sandwich. Rachel continued cleaning up the kitchen, wiping down the counter top and putting the utensils in the dishwasher. She went to the cupboard and took out two glasses and walked over to the fridge. Opening the door she took out the milk and poured herself and her son a glass which she promptly placed on the table for him. A routine she had done over and over again throughout Gümüşhane Escort Michael’s life, she loved taking care of him, sometimes to the point of doting over him. The only difference this time was how provocatively she was dressed or more to the point undressed. As she placed his glass on the table her breast firmly rubbed up against his back, her hair dangle on his shoulder lightly touching his face, her hand held his shoulder firmly yet with a gentle loving pressure, these gestures were definitely different than before in their meaning and intent. She returned to the counter, placed her glass down and turning around promptly hopped up on the counter facing Michael. She didn’t bother to cross her legs as personal modesty seemed a little silly now. Her legs were open, knees bent, gorgeous calves dangling in front of her; she definitely was at her best. This pose served to reveal her panty-clad sex, accent the flare of her hips, her tampering waist and full breast again she was hot and she knew the effect it was producing, God she was gorgeous. It was at that point that Michael realized that the very nature of his relationship with his mom was in fact changing. Here she was doing all the same things she had historically done but in a vastly different way. Now she was dressed in his jersey, wearing only a pair of white cotton panties, she was touching him, caressing him so much so that if he didn’t quit focusing on her, he was going to have another erection to deal with. This was a significantly different turn.

He was her son and yet he felt different toward her. Sure some of the same feelings were there, he loved her but somehow it was different. He had mixed emotions. At some point he began to feel possessive, of course her ecstatic cries of joy and her emphatic statements that she was his, didn’t dissuade him from this kind of thinking. If anything it drove him to be more possessive. And yet he knew there were boundaries in place, limits, things he could and could not do. Finally there was his father. He could not forget his father, he actually liked his dad, loved his dad and yet he was now competing with him over the same women, god this was twisted. So much so there was a part of him that was determined not to lose the competition.

“Mom?” Michael’s voice was tentative as he spoke. There was an edgy nervousness to his tone. He sounded almost apprehensive.

“Yes,” Rachel answered sensing the underlying nervousness in her son’s voice.

“Have things changed between us?” he asked, his emotion mixed as he spoke. Part of him didn’t want to hear the answer to this question. Part of him wanted things to be as they were and yet his heart wanted more.

“How do you mean?” She said not giving him a direct answer, wanting to see where he was going with this line of questioning.

Things of course had changed and would forever be different between them but just exactly how only these next few moments would tell. Of course she was his mom and as such she took care of him without thought, it was truly selfless. She made his lunch, washed his clothes, sometimes putting them away and frequently she picked up after him so that his father wouldn’t be driven mad by the mess he left about. She was his mom, he had never really regarded her differently, not that he deliberately took advantage of her attending to him but the expectation was there, unwritten but there. A social code different from other social codes, she didn’t take care of his father in the same way. With his father there was more give and take and less servitude, less obligation to mother. There were times when she certainly held his father to a different standard. Sure she may have loved him but she didn’t mother him, far from it. So here is where Michael began to worry and not strictly from a selfish place, he knew he should do more and in fact he would do more, but he didn’t want to lose the mother/son relationship he cherished and so dearly loved and appreciated.

They were at a crossroads for sure but the paths they were looking to travel down were not as simple as just going left, right or straight ahead and there was certainly no going back. They had said and done things that made everything different now, she had done things, said things and although she knew they did not fit social norms, she was too deeply affected by them to simply change her mind and pretend they had never happened. That line of thinking was too juvenile, too pedestrian. So he pondered her question, how did he mean exactly?

“I don’t know? Have they changed, are we so different now?” he paused not knowing where to go. “Well I know we’re still mother and son but we certainly are doing a few non-mother and son things don’t you think?”

“Yes we are,” she replied. “Michael, are you ok with what’s happened between us?”

Rachel turned to face Michael; she knew this conversation was bound to happen sooner or later she had just thought that it would Gümüşhane Escort Bayan be a little later than this. For her part she really hadn’t put together much in the way of analysing where their relationship was headed. In her heart she knew Michael would go off to school, find a girl, get married, create a life of his own, but in her fantasy, her rapid fire adrenalized sex talk, she was everything from seductress to sex slave and in that there seemed to be no thought of him not being there. She was his, he was hers on whatever level he deemed fit.

The next statement out of his mouth took Michael an enormous amount of personal strength to say. He didn’t want to ruin what he had just experienced, he rather enjoyed it but at the same time he didn’t want to lose what they had. He just didn’t know how they could live with the duality of their relationship and his young mind couldn’t put into words the complex set of emotions associated with that thought.

“Yes mom I am but what has happened between us does make things different, I feel different about you.”

“Ok, how so?”

“I don’t know just different, kinda possessive I guess. I don’t want to lose you, I’m not sure I want to share you. I’m not sure about a lot of things.”

“Baby how do you eat an elephant?”

“Not funny mom.” That had been one of his mother’s favourite sayings all through his life. How do you eat an elephant? As stupid as it sounded the answer was relatively simple, one bite at a time. In other words slow down you’re getting way ahead of yourself. Take your time don’t go so fast. It was her answer for the impatience of youth.

“Wow babe you’re getting way ahead of yourself here. Where are you?” The concern in her voice now mimicking the look on her face as she began to feel real distress for her son and his current predicament, one she was partially responsible for.

“I don’t know mom confused I guess.” The more Michael thought about their relationship, the more he tried to put some perspective on it and the more overwhelmed he became. He had no frame of reference for what they were currently experiencing, two days ago she was his mom, plain and simple and his only goal was to see if he could get her to let him stay out later than he should or not have her catch on to the fact that he hadn’t made his bed or taken out the garbage. Crazy fantasies were one thing but reality is a whole other set of circumstances.

“Ok then, do you want to stop?” The words were out before she knew she had said them. They sounded abrupt to her and almost gave away the pain she felt as she said them. Again it was her nurturing nature coming forward, wanting to protect her son from harm putting his concern ahead of hers. She knew what they were doing was frowned upon, some might say wrong or immoral but she couldn’t help how she felt.

Michael felt panic hit him fast and hard, his stomach tightened and he froze. He didn’t even contemplate stopping or ending what was going on between them he just wasn’t sure what it meant or how to deal with it. Were he and his dad going to duke it out on the front lawn over his mother, were they going to share her, was his mother going to leave his father. Better yet, how did his mother feel toward him or about his dad now? It was a lot to process but the answer to her question was an emphatic, “No!”

No god help him he didn’t want to stop, if anything he wanted more. He wanted it all. He wanted his mom the women who took care of him selflessly without thought. He wanted the nurturer, the supporter, the caregiver. And more importantly he wanted the desperate, wanton women who rock his world and brought him more unadulterated pleasure than he had ever imagined was possible. He wanted the nasty, slutty women who knew how to fuck, take cock, and give back as good as she got if not better.

“Alright then, neither do I,” she said as simple as that. “Come here.”

It was less of a command and more of a request but still Michael wasn’t going to disregard it. He got up from the table and approached his mother. She was still sitting across from him on the counter. Her legs spread wider as he approached and her arms were opening to receive him in a hug.

“Look baby things have changed between us. They are going to be different. You can’t enter into a sexual relationship with someone and expect things not to change.”

Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him in close and draped her arms over his neck. She smiled as she spoke, “Do you love me?”


“Good cause I love you too,” she said in return. Her eyes stared deep into his as they spoke. Her nose and mouth mere fractions away from his face and lips, he could feel her warm breath on his face, smell her sweet scent, and she was intoxicating. He was relieved to hear her words, immensely relieved. Of all the emotions running through him that one was the strongest was his sense of relief.

“Are there other Escort Gümüşhane girls in your life?” She looked him square in the eye as she spoke, “Be honest.”

The question threw him at first but he answered it anyway, “Yes.”

“Well there is another man in mine too.” She said, “And we both know who he is.”

“I know that.”

“Well, he’s not going away any time soon.” She said matter-of-factly.

“I know that too,” he said. “And to be honest I don’t want him to.”

“Good.” She continued to hold him not breaking eye contact as she spoke, “Do you find me sexy?”

“Oh god mom you don’t know how much.”

“Good cause I definitely find you sexy too,” and with that she pulled him closer. Her panty-clad sex began to rub against his ever present bulge. They could both feel the heat generated from where their bodies touched. Her eyes stared into his, they were wide and open and unbelievably beautiful. Their lips and mouths almost touching as they spoke.

“Mom?” he said his voice beginning to shake.

“Yes baby?” her voice becoming seductive and her tone soft and deep as she spoke. Her lips caressed his in all but a kiss. He wanted to taste her mouth with his, press his lips to hers, touch her tongue with his tongue in a kiss that would make time stop.

“I’m getting horny.” Michael turned red as he spoke, “I don’t mean to but you’re just…”

“Well,” Rachel paused briefly before she next spoke. “That’s because we’ve become lovers.”

Her mouth opened as it came into contact with his. Their lips softly touched and then their tongues. Quickly what started as a gentle kiss became more forceful and deliberate. Rachel pulled him into her with a fluidity and sensuality that singled only one thing, her need to fuck.

Michael’s body became rigid, a foundation upon which she could move and undulate against. Her hips began to writhe against his causing his cock to harden further and become even more erect, if that was possible. The bulge in his underwear was massive, threatening to rip through his boxers. Her breasts heaved upon her chest as she mashed them into his torso, her hard nipples poking him signalling her arousal. With her left hand she held the back of his head while her right slid between them in an attempt to excavate his cock from its cloth prison.

Breaking there kiss in a heavy breath she spoke, “Come here baby, come let me see it.”

She immediately grabbed a hold of his raging weapon and pulled it free from its constraints. As soon as her hand came in contact with the head she felt the copious amount of precum emphasizing his arousal. This coupled with her own anticipation caused her to become wet and wanting. Gripping the shaft firmly she began to stroke his rigid member, rubbing her thumb across the dark purple mushroom head smearing his precum causing Michael to groan loudly.

With both hands Michael pulled his boxer’s down over his hips and let them fall to the ground, fully releasing his sex. His hands wrapped around her hips pulling her close. He was fully locked in another kiss and didn’t want it to end. Not only did his body ache at this moment but so did his heart. He wanted this women fully and completely, body and soul. “Fuck I want you.”

Having been drawn him closer Rachel began to stroke his cock much more deliberately. The head wet with precum skin stretched and taut looked menacingly bigger than ever. The young virulent cock threatening to rip her apart as it pressed into her, wanting entry into that most forbidden of places. It felt like steel in her hands covered in soft velvet, smooth and soft to the touch yet unbreakable and rock hard. Their lips locked together in a passionate kiss, tongues deeply exploring each other’s mouths. It took everything she had to pull her mouth away from his. “Do you want to fuck those other girls?”

“Not right now.”

“At least you’re honest,” she smiled as she spoke.

“I’m not supposed to lie to my mother.”

“No baby, no you’re not.” Again another smile came across her face as she placed her forehead to his and breathed in deep. The air around them now seemed electrically charged. The both exuded a sexual tension that threaten ignite the room if it wasn’t soon quenched.

“I’m not supposed to fuck my mother either.”

“No baby you’re not supposed to fuck your mother, but you’re going to.” She smiled a devious smile now as she spoke, “Oh by god you’re going to.”

They continued to kiss and suck each other’s mouths like ravenous wolves devouring their prey. Wet deep kisses of passion, like lovers who had been lost to each other for years and were only recently found.

“Oh and baby one of those times when you decide you’re going to fuck one of those other girls” She paused to look deep in his eyes as she spoke so he knew she meant what she was saying. “I get to watch.”

His excitement and arousal soared at hearing her words. He wasn’t sure he had heard them right and his face was a mask of bewilderment.

“That’s right baby I get to watch,” she said as she continued to stroke his engorged penis, smearing his precum over the head and down the shaft. “I get to watch you fuck them with this big hard cock and stretch their tiny little pussy like you do mine.”

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