Bailey’s Blog Ch. 03: One the Dancer


Everyone appearing in this piece of fiction is over 18 years old.

“Gooooooooooood Morning Mia-” My usual radio station was cut off by the sound of skin slapping against skin. We had been fucking all night. Melony was a mess of sweat and cum, bent over my bed with her back arched to meet my every thrust. I was working towards my 3rd load of the night and this one was gonna be big. With my hands firmly gripping her waist and her plump rear jiggling with every thrust, I knew she could feel my cock swell before it erupted inside of her. Filling her insides with a sticky coating of my seed had become a morning ritual for us.

It had been six months since she gave me the ring. Six full months of learning how to live again and I was getting used to it. With my chosen profession, my size wasn’t much of a concern considering I would rarely meet a publisher before submitting any freelance journalism work for them. Of course I’d get odd looks when out in the streets, especially when I chose to wear something that couldn’t hide the very clear form of a cock beneath it. Some would look at me with genuine confusion while others would be more curious, those ones I rather enjoyed meeting. Usually they would flirt and after a while get a first hand look at what they were so curious about, At least that’s how women responded.

During my six months of living my life as a 6’6 Amazon with a python between her legs I have not once slept with a man, not for lack of trying it’s just when they discover they are going to be the bottom they usually run for the hills. Truthfully it’s become kind’ve a goal of mine to find a guy I could treat like Melony, call whenever I need a fuck or just hang around my place and seduce me when I get home. Maybe it’ll come at some point but for now, I’ll stick with filling Melony’s tight cunt whenever I can. In these six months we have fucked wherever and whenever we can. Once she couldnt wait til we got home so she gave me a titjob in the backseat of a taxi, the driver was even nice enough to pull over so I could fuck her properly while he watched.

Now she spends most of her time at my place, she is a programmer for some porn game and she is paid really well so she rarely leaves. Recently we had discussed looking for a place together, something larger that would be more comfortable for me and more space for the two of us. Between the both of us we could afford it, easily but she had brought up wanting to define our relationship past the copious amount of sex we were having. She wanted something more.

As I watched her slowly push herself up and flip over, clearly exhausted and stuffed full of cum. The Woman smiled weakly. “Bailey, your cock is amazing….” Was all she managed to say before falling asleep.

“Yeah….I know” Usually I’d sit back and revel in my handiwork, I loved watching Her chest rise and fall while she slept or my cum leak out of her but now something was different. I liked Melony, I really liked fucking her but did I want a life with her? I had never thought about it. “Fuck I need a shower…” I really did, I smelled like sex and cum.

I could hear my phone go off while I was in the shower. It was odd for someone to be calling so early in the morning but I let it go to voicemail. My shower was far too relaxing to leave, the warm water soaking my sore muscles and spent cock was delightful, I could take my time there was no rush. I needed time to think…I didnt want anything to change between Melony and I but I knew that she wanted us to be something other than fuck buddies, I didnt know what I wanted. I knew I didn’t want to hurt her or lose her….I needed to clear my head.

Fresh out of the shower with a towel over my shoulder, there was no need to cover myself, Melony was still passed out in a heap of sweat and cum on the bed.

“Two missed calls” I had only heard one, Both were from my Mother.

“Hey sweety!…Mmf It’s been so long since we’ve heard from you, I hope you’ll make it for your brother’s tryout!….unh Call me back. Love you!” Fuck, Preston’s tryout was next week, I had forgotten about it in the storm of sex and passion Melony had pulled me into.

Which meant It was time to introduce the new me to my family….I still haven’t wrapped my head around how to explain her 22 years old daughter grew over a foot and put on 60 pounds in muscle but I would have to come up with something,I hit her second message. After a few seconds I realized that she had butt dialed me by accident for the second time.

“F……f-uck…” I heard her voice tremble and then the message ended. I could feel my cheeks turn red when I realized what was happening, she had called me while she was getting laid….that’s why she was up this early. “Like Mother, Like Daughter” I giggled as I looked at Melony.

It made perfect sense for her to be sexually active still, she was 42 and a smoke show. 5’8 with an hourglass figure, Of course she had spent a lot of time at Şerifali Escort the gym ensuring her thighs and butt were her best features. Black hair with a pair of sparkling green eyes, I had always been jealous I didn’t get them. Kristy, my younger sister, was nearly identical to our mother.

I haven’t seen them since this happened to me, my life had completely changed and now I had to explain to them what had happened….and hope they believe me. I sat next to Melony and let sleep slowly take me, I knew what was next for me.

The next day Melony and I sat down, I explained to her I wanted to clear my head and the best way for me to do that is to go home for a couple weeks. Of course she thought I was trying to avoid her and the situation but I insisted it was just to clear my thoughts and decide what I really wanted from this. “Just…..text me when you’re ready okay?” Was her last words to me before she left my apartment, for the first time in months. It would be the first and only night I would spend alone for the rest of my life.

The next day I got on a plane and headed home, during the six hour flight I was going over what my mothers reaction would be in my head as soon as she saw me. Panic, confusion, shock, anger, maybe envy? I know she always wanted to put on more muscle. The thought of my 42 year old mother, those sparkling green eyes staring up at me….her firm, fit body pressing against mine. Grinding her plump ass into my crotch. “Oh sweety, Be a Good Girl and fuck your Mommy” I shot upright in my seat, a gasp of air as the lewd dream clung in my minds eye for a few moments. That was a strange dream, I’d never thought of my mother in that way before but the idea of sleeping with her didn’t gross me out like I knew it should. There was something oddly erotic about the idea.

“Ahem” A stewardess caught my attention, she was standing in the aisle with a full view of my erection pressing against the front of my yoga pants, throbbing through the fabric. Her cheeks were bright red. “Please prepare for the landing….thank you for flying with us today” She managed to stutter through her customary phrase at the end of a flight. I giggled as her eyes kept wandering to my crotch with every twitch of my shaft. I knew she was curious to find out if it was real or not but I had other things to do.

Why did that dream occur? I had never thought of my mother in that way before, I was aware that for her age she was incredibly beautiful and obviously sexually active but before this ring changed me, She was just another woman to me. Now the thought of her on her knees had a shiver running up my spine, did I want to sleep with my mother? It was a question I never knew I needed an answer to.

Stepping off the Plane I found myself back in Nowheresville, New york. Population: Not enough. A small town where rumors could kill you, while at one point it had seen a lot of traffic because a celebrity had moved here, once that celebrity fell from grace the town fell along with them. In truth it was a quiet town,cozy in some regards but there is little to do once you graduate High School; You’re better off heading to the city. Walking through the airport to claim my bag, I had the unfortunate realization that I would likely encounter some people I’d rather never meet again. Namely my ex, my first ex. Brad Richards or as everyone in Highschool called him B. Dick. He was charming and very good looking. He had persuaded me to give him my v-card and after 30 seconds he blew and nearly got me pregnant.

Sure enough, when I claimed my bag I recognized the clerk. She was in one of my classes in High School, I can’t remember which one but I know she was popular; everyone thought she would be a movie star or a model because of her looks. I giggled as I realized she had never left. Now she was handing strangers their luggage at the airport….I felt kinda bad for her.

I walked from the Airport to my home. It wasn’t a long walk as everything in this town was fairly close to the Airport. Nothing had changed, In the four years I had been gone Everything had stayed exactly the same. There was only one restaurant in town and it was only open during the night, Pollys had the best shakes in the state.

There it was, my childhood home. It looked so small now, the two story home needed a fresh coat of paint and the lawn needed trimming but it still looked good. Since my father ditched my mother fifteen years back I had taken a lot of responsibility in the house, mostly dealing with anything that needed to be fixed. Since leaving I would assume Preston would have stepped up but judging by the look of the connected garage, He hasn’t. It was a mess, the tools were rusted and covered in dust. The brushes were hard as a rock and unusable, My little brother had neglected everything I had taught him since I left. That was going to change. Stepping to the door I made sure my clothes were neat and tidy, While my black yoga pants İstanbul Escort hugged my muscled physique and curves rather well it also left little to the imagination when it came to my crotch. Untucking my shirt, I made sure to cover it as that would be the hardest thing to explain. I knew I looked good, but I was still nervous. My knuckle rapped on the door, from inside I could hear movement and then the door opened.

Standing in the doorway was my mother. Her 5’8 skinny stature staring up at me, a low cut red business top gave a good window to the top of her cleavage while a black skirt that hugged her Hips and legs really did wonders for her bubble butt. From behind a pair of cateye glasses I saw the inquisitive look in her emerald eyes, Her flowing raven hair was tucked behind her ears. “B-Bailey?” She asked in shock.

With a Nod I confirmed who I was and her jaw dropped, She spent at least 40 seconds just looking at me up and down. “W-what happened to you?” Her voice came out in an exasperated question, as she attempted to put two and two together, after all when I left I was smaller than her, Now I towered over her.

“It’s….a Long story Mom” I smiled down at her as she came in for a hug, wrapping her arms around my lower back and pressing her ample chest into my abdomen and lower stomach. I returned the hug and we walked inside. The House had changed, everything was packed up. There were dozens of boxes within the single hall and up the set of stairs I could see more boxes piled high. “W-what’s going on?” I asked as I thought about what my room must look like now.

“Oh, Well with everyone graduated and moved out….The house is just too big for me so I’m selling it and moving!” My Mom announced proudly, I was in shock; She was moving and this was the first I was hearing of it.

“Moving? Where” I followed behind her, watching her hips sway from side to side as she strutted through the house. Even at her age her body was to die for, A slender waist leading to a set of wide hips and pillowy, heart shaped ass. Her backside was larger than mine and I wasn’t jealous, more envious of not having seen it before. I was looking at women differently than I had before all this, I still had a great deal of respect for my mother but a part of me wondered if she would dare cross a line neither of us knew existed?

“Oh I haven’t decided yet, somewhere tropical where I can sip cool drinks and look at chiseled abs” She chuckled from my expression changing into one of embarrassment. “MOM” I giggled as we entered the living room. Everything was in boxes, the tv with all the DvD’s and Blurays were snugly packed away and set on the single couch in the room. “How long have you been packing?”

“A few days now, Kris helps a lot.” Truthfully I was more than a little sad at the idea of someone else moving into the house I was raised in, raising their family while mine scattered to different parts of the country. “So, How long are you here for?” she sat on the arm of the couch, instantly I was jealous of the arm. “I was hoping for a couple weeks, I need to think about some things and could use some advice.”

“Oh sweety stay as long as you like, this is your home.” She took my hand into hers, looking up at me with a Motherly calm in her emerald eyes. “I’ll help however I can, you know that.” For the briefest of moments, I could swear I saw her eyes flash towards my crotch but I brushed it off as she noticing the small stain I had on the hem of my shirt. “Well I need to get to work” She broke the silence that followed by abruptly standing, her chest rubbing against my abdomen before I had the chance to take a step back.

“Kristy will be by in about an hour, you two should catch up!” She wormed past me and out into the hallway, grabbing her handbag gave me a decent view of her bubble butt as she bent over. I felt a stir in my nether region at the sight, I knew what I would be doing as soon as she left.

“Preston is busy with practice so he won’t be able to make it but I’ll let him know your in town, Its so great to have you home sweety!” She gave me another hug before leaving for work, She lingered for a moment in the embrace before pulling away. “See you later” Just like that she was out the door.

I was alone, In the house I was raised in. I lingered in the living room, looking over the walls as memories of my younger days in this room played out in my mind. I could see myself standing next to a freshly painted wall, with a small brush in hand. I covered it in drawings and paintings of flowers while the twins played behind me….those were good memories. My chest heaved as I let out a held breath. It would be hard to say goodbye to this place but….It did make sense.

With no one left in the nest, Momma bird wanted to flap her wings and fly. She deserved to get out and see the world while she still could, after My father left her she worked two jobs for 11 years just to keep the house. Of Ümraniye Escort course that meant I had to grow up fast to help her as much as I could. It was rough on her when I decided to move to Miami, I was the only person she could rely on.

Walking through the small home I slowly made my way up the stairs to the second floor which had a very low ceiling, I had to hunch to keep myself from dragging my head against the fresh paint. First came my room. Freshly painted white, boxes piled high in the middle of the room. Stuff Mom wanted to keep, trophies and drawings from when I was little. You know the things parents adore but we think are insignificant, those things. I went a door down to Kristys room first, entering in I was immediately met by the smell of cherry. Her room was the smallest in the house, a single bed with a nightstand and a long dresser with an attached vanity mirror. Everything was neat and tidy, just like Kristy to keep her room in order. Right across the hall was Mom’s room, barely touched which made sense. Her double bed was messy, the red silk sheets thrown to one side as the woman likely overslept. Clothes were everywhere, I got the feeling she was going through what she wanted to keep and what she wanted to give away.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I looked at the end of her bed, a lace thong had been thrown as she searched for something more fitting to wear to work. “What am I doing?” Muttering to myself as I stepped into her room, the smell of her perfume still clung to the air. The low light within the room caused by the curtains gave a certain erotic feel to the atmosphere, what light did enter threw the window was shaded red. My heart was beating a mile a minute, it felt like it might explode from my chest at any second. It felt like I was doing something wrong, something I knew I shouldn’t be doing but did it anyway. I hooked the underwear in my hand and slowly held it up in front of me, they were clean, that much was certain and not recently worn. Yet an image was now in my head, one that was causing my cock to twitch to life beneath the fabric of my yoga pants. It throbbed to life against my abdomen with a dull pulse, My free hand softly rubbing it threw the fabric.

I could see her, My Mother. Bent over with nothing but these on, Her soft and plentiful cheeks swallowed the fabric. My cock trembled at the image, at this fantasy playing out in my mind. Her hips swayed, taunting me with the picture of perfection. Her soft cheeks jiggling with every movement as she teased me with her ass, I could see a mess of raven hair peeking over her shoulder. A Flash of Emerald as her gaze caught mine, “Fuck Me” Her voice trembled as any hint of resistance or trepidation was long overcome by lust.

My legs trembled as a stream of white, hot cum erupted from my engorged cock. Soaking the fabric it was imprisoned by and slowly leaking thru, my abdomen was covered in a coating of my desire. I stood there in my Mothers room, taking heavy gulps of air as the vivid fantasy had brought me to the edge. I let her underwear fall to the floor and covered my face with my hands, wiping the sweat from my brow and pushing my messy hair from my field of vision. Taking a moment to gather myself, I looked down to my abdomen and lifted the hem of my shirt. Sure enough the front of my pants were completely soaked in cum, I needed a shower and a change of clothes before Kristy got here.

I took a step out of her room and heard a Yelp to my left, turning I saw my little sister. Her pale, round face was bright red in embarrassment, Her hand was stuffed down her jeans where her fingers were furiously working her clit. The embarrassment slowly became a horrified expression as she took a step away from me, pulling her hand from beneath her pants. I could see her juices glisten on her fingers. “B-Bailey….I can explain.” Her soft voice trembled

I was mortified, I had just caught my little sister getting off to me….getting off to our mother. I brushed past her and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me. “FUCK” I bellowed out as I looked at myself in the mirror, tears were welling in the corners of my eyes. I looked like a fucking mess, Cum stained pants with makeup running down my cheeks. “FUCK FUCK FUCK” I pounded my fist against the counter, causing the mirror to rattle. I had fucked up so bad, sooooooo fucking bad.

How the fuck was I going to explain this? Her 6’6 sister who had grown a foot was rubbing her cock as she fantasized about our mother in her room? Kristy would have so many questions and she would for sure tell Mom. My mind was racing, I was trying to find a way to explain all of this. I couldn’t think of anything, There was nothing I could say where I didnt look like a pervert, nothing where my family would ever speak to me again.

“Bailey?…..” I heard Kristy’ soft voice threw the door followed by a gentle tap on the wood. “….Can we talk?”

Talk about how you just caught me jerking off a cock I didn’t have before I left? Talk about me getting off in our mom’s room? What the fuck was there to talk about, It was over. Just like that, I had let my urges get the better of me and now my relationship with my family was finished.

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