Bagging Groceries


I found out I wasn’t going to college when I wanted to. My parents said they were saving up money but there wasn’t enough to get me started. They suggested I get a job for a year in order to help myself out. Needless to say I was pissed and disappointed. I would now be at least a year behind all my friends. What could I do? I looked for a job not too far from home.

I managed to get a job at a local grocery store. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do but the store was just a few blocks from where I lived. Luckily I was able to work the day shift there and have my evenings free. My job was stocking shelves and bagging groceries. Some days things got so tedious and mind numbing I just wanted to quit. There was one nice thing about working there. Her name was Jan.

Jan worked in the deli department and I got to talk with her quite often. The deli was right next to the door to the stockroom. I would pass by and Jan would always have something to say to me. I have to tell you that Jan was older than me. I have a hard time figuring out how old people are. I guessed that Jan was in her early forties. I wasn’t sure.

One thing I did know was that Jan was hot looking and she had big boobs. Her bra barely contained her tits from what I could see and I wanted to see a whole lot more. One day at the end of my shift Jan was leaving as well. She asked me if I could help load a bunch of boxes into her vehicle and then come home with her to offload them into her house. I figured what the hell, I could at least see where she lived.

Jan lived a few miles away from work. We pulled up and I carried in the boxes to her small house. I wondered şişli escort why she needed me to help her. The boxes weren’t really that heavy. I got everything brought in and Jan offered me something to drink. I was only eighteen but Jan handed me a beer. I didn’t refuse it. I was looking Jan over the whole time. I hope she didn’t see me gazing at her big tits. We stood in the kitchen and talked. It looked like she was ready to drive me back home. Jan then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

Jan pulled back and we looked at each other for a moment. I don’t know how it all happened, Jan and I began to kiss each others mouth. What can I say? I reached up and put my hands on each of those tits. Jan moaned as I was squeezing the outside of her top. I knew I had to go further. I lifted up her top and pulled it up over her head. Jan saved me the trouble and she undid her bra.

Those tits came tumbling out. To be honest, I had never saw ones that big before. Her breasts were resting on her chest. It all went crazy from there. I started to undress and Jan took off the rest of her clothes. So this is what a mature woman looked like, I said to myself. Her pussy had brown hair surrounding her opening. I know my dick was already getting hard. Jan led me over to the couch nearby and Jan got onto her back. I joined her and I was on top kissing her hard nipples.

My dick was pressed against her mound. I was sliding my dick up and down her wet slit. Oh yes, Jan was sopping wet from excitement. Jan soon reached down and took hold of my cock. She positioned the head right at her opening. I couldn’t waste another second. I slid my erect kağıthane escort cock into Jan. I had only been with one other girl before this. I hadn’t fucked her without using a rubber. It felt so good as my cock slid deep into Jan’s pussy and she didn’t say a thing about protection.

I just kept telling myself to go slow. I didn’t want to cum prematurely. Jan was making it hard on me. Her muscles had me in a tight grip. It was like she was massaging me with her hand. Some minutes later I picked up speed. I wanted to take her harder and Jan seemed to need that from me. Jan pulled her legs up and I was able to stretch out on the couch. I was giving Jan all seven inches of my rod. I knew that because I was completely inside Jan’s pussy. My balls were hitting against her cheeks. I could hear that slapping noise as I fed Jan with everything I had.

“Your cock is so big Craig,” she told me.

I thought I was going to pop as she milked my hardness with her pussy. I guess I managed to hold out for a half hour or so. I wanted to go longer but my balls were pinching. Jan hadn’t said anything about pulling out. I wanted to cum inside her so badly. That is exactly what I did. I grunted and then I let go. I shot my sticky load deep into Jan’s belly. Her eyes went wide when she felt my hot cum hitting her insides.

Her muscles got tighter if that was possible. It was like she needed to get every drop of my seed out of my body. I kept pumping my dick into Jan and then I lowered my mouth once again and found each tit. I just had to taste each nipple. I bit on them and then I sucked them into my mouth. I think that really taksim escort got to Jan. Her pussy was pulsating as we continued fucking. I know I shot ropes of cum into her body for a good ten minutes. I was full that day.

Unfortunately I started to go soft. I stayed inside Jan for as long as possible but my cock eventually slipped out. I looked down to see Jan’s body shaking beneath me. She took me in her arms and held on until she finally calmed down some. Jan told me to get off and she got up and walked down to the bathroom. When she came back she had a warm cloth and she wiped the love juices from my cock.

I was able to find out that Jan was divorced now. She had this small house to her name and little else. She was having a hard time making a go of it working at the grocery store.

“You have to make this our secret,” she told me.

I didn’t want to fuck up a good thing so I said I wouldn’t tell a soul. I did find out that Jan was thirty-nine years old. I sort of felt like little kid when she told me her age. Jan said she would like to keep seeing me. That is just what happened. In the evening I would sneak over to her place and we would fuck. Jan did show me different lovemaking positions. Her favorite was being on top.

Jan would use her mouth to get me hard. Once I was erect Jan would mount me and then slide down onto my dick. I liked this position as well. I was able to reach up and fondle those big titties. Jan would get vocal and tell me to ram her hard with my cock. Thankfully Jan was on birth control. I could continue fucking her with my bare cock and shoot my cum into her pussy.

I am starting to wonder about going to college. I haven’t said a word to Jan about my plans. I am afraid she would get upset and maybe drop me for some other guy. Until I get closer to the time I have to decide on school, I plan to have Jan’s body as many times as I can muster.

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