Bad Kitty Ch. 04


Kat was dressed, ready and waiting when I knocked on her door, looking warm and sexy in a pair of form fitting leggings and a body hugging ivory cable-knit sweater that ready showed off her exquisite breasts, especially with her bright red hair hanging over her shoulder and down over the left one in a ponytail. Making me think how hot it would look wrapped around my hand, as I got in behind her and…

Giving my head a shake to clear it of all the smutty thoughts I was having, I slipped my arm around her as she locked up her apartment, and told her, “So, I checked out a few sex shops, and lucky for you, the one with the most selection is in walking distance of here.”

Looking up at me, she flashed me a dimpled grin that lit up her incredible blue eyes, as she said, “Good. And I can hardly wait to have a look.” Damn, she was gorgeous. Times like these made realize how lucky I was to have her all for myself.

But of course, hearing how eager she was, all I did was roll my own eyes, not entirely sure what I was getting myself into, releasing this naughty little minx in a sex shop. But I imagined it would be better if I went with her than if she went on her own. As everyone knows, curiosity killed the cat, and I was going to make damn sure that nothing happened to my sexy little kitten, no matter how curious she was.

I have to say, I loved the feel of having her hand in mine as we strolled together along the street, and when she looked up into my eyes, and coyly smiled, something inside me warmed like you wouldn’t believe. Realizing more and more every day that this was what it felt like to actually be in love with someone, I knew that Kat was it for me and that I’d never want another — providing I could actually have her, and I wouldn’t lose her to that boring old creep her father had hand-picked for her to marry.

But of course that was something I still had to work on, making her realize how good we were together.

And the fact that she had the sex drive of three women combined, I imagined was just a bonus in helping me with my plan.

I decided the moment we walked up to it that the shop was on the classy side, as indicated by its name: Boutique Erotique. And in the front window instead of having the usual hard core sex equipment on display, there was a sexy cartoonish looking oversized black and white cat mannequin, its paw covering its mouth appearing to be shocked by the big cartoon Rooster coming up behind it, about to give it’s ass a good spanking with a big old paddle. Kat of course, couldn’t stop staring at the window display, since she’d probably never even seen a paddle with her own eyes before, much less ever been spanked with one.

Although I’d never been much into toys, preferring to use my hands, mouth and cock to the get job done, if Kat wanted to explore her kinky side, I figured the least I could do was help guide her into getting a few things that would be a little on the tamer side. Not really picturing her getting into things like having her nipples clamped, or being spread over a spanking bench. But just my luck, once we got inside, before I could even steer her toward the handcuffs, blindfolds, and gels, we were informed by a young, heavily tatted dark-haired guy in body-hugging black T-shirt and faded jeans that they were just about to have a live sex toy demo in the basement. Kat’s mouth actually fell open in surprise the moment she heard that and she instantly dragged me right behind her down the stairs, desperate to have a look. As eager as a kid in a candy shop, her eyes were so big and round as she scanned the posters and display cases as we passed them, all chocked full of various sexual devices, that I had to fight pretty hard not to laugh.

She was just so unbelievably innocent, that this type of place was almost too much for her to conceive. After the strict religious upbringing she’d had, it was like landing on another planet, where people did all kinds of kinky things to each other that she’d never even heard of, much less experienced for herself.

Downstairs, there were a few benches set up for spectators, and the man and lady doing the demo were both clad in black dressing gowns at the front the room on a little stage, with strategically pointed lighting directed at them, I noticed. And once they disrobed, and the pair of them stood looking out at us naked, Kat actually gasped and reached for my hand, clutching it in hers like a lifeline. And it occurred to me then that the dude on stage was only the second man she’d ever seen without his clothes on, with me being the first. The guy was tall and fairly well hung, looked to be about thirty with short dark hair and a goatee, and the girl was probably somewhere in her twenties with long a blonde ponytail, a pretty big rack and a clean shaven pussy.

Then everyone watched silently as the blonde sat up on the table as another guy dressed in slacks and a black polo shirt, off to the side, appeared to be conducting the demo. He held out a few packages Van Escort for us to see the different types of dildos the shop sold, as well as pointing out some butt plugs and various containers of lubes and lotions on a table, explaining that everything they would be using in the demonstration was available to be purchased upstairs after the show. And as he began to explain the uses of the various toys, the woman on the table, quietly got settled onto her back and then proceeded to spread her legs, giving us all quite an eyeful of her pussy. Even for me, it seemed a little crazy to be sitting here with Kat’s hand in mine and staring at another woman’s gaping snatch.

I watched Kat swallow hard and felt her squeeze my hand even tighter as the man with the goatee held up a pretty impressive looking hot pink dildo, reached for the lube and began to slick it up, as the commentator explained that plenty of lube should always be used whenever trying anything that might be uncomfortable, especially for the first time.

And then even my mouth fell open when the bearded guy pushed the girl’s legs open a little wider and began to work the long thick toy past her pussy lips and right into her hole. Fuck, this was not what I had intended when I agreed to take Kat to a sex shop to help satisfy her curiosity. And as the woman on the stage began to let us know with soft little moans and gasps how much she was enjoying being fucked by the toy, I felt Kat’s nails dig into my hand, and looking over at her I noticed how her chest was beginning to heave, making me realize that she was getting aroused. Smirking to myself, I imagined a dildo would be one of the first things she’d be adding to her kinky little shopping basket, along with some lube of course. And noticing how erect the dude sliding the thing in and out of her was getting, I just hoped I’d be the one getting to use it on her, since he seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as the girl on her back getting her pussy worked over.

And naturally my cock began to twitch in my pants, just thinking about how hot Kat would look like that, naked with her legs spread wide, while I worked her into a toy induced orgasm, well, at least before I took over and finished what the toy had started, with my very own pussy stimulator, fucking her silly.

Then lordy, if that wasn’t enough, after working the dildo in and out of her, the guy held up a fair sized butt plug and lubed that up too, as the commentator reminded everyone that any form of anal play always required plenty of lube, since, unlike a vagina, rectums don’t naturally produce any form of lubrication. Kat by now was teetering on the edge of her seat utterly spellbound, still clutching my hand in a death grip as the bearded dude parted the woman’s ass cheeks and began to work the plug in and out of her back passage.

Holy fucking shit. Talk about a baptism by fire. Kat’s mind had to be blown watching as the guy began to use both his hands to slide the two toys in and out of her pussy and ass at once. Really getting the girl moaning as even the guy explaining the demo stopped to get a look at the pretty blonde getting off for a moment. Before he cleared his throat and explained that double penetration if done right, could be highly satisfying, as evidenced by the woman on the table who was seriously beginning to writhe, with one hand on her breast, tugging roughly on her distended nipple while she slipped her other hand between her thighs to give her clit a little work over, really beginning to make some noise.

And I have to say watching her come, and seeing her whole body visibly trembling, was pretty fucking arousing for both of us, and then Kat looked up at me beseechingly and licked her lips, and all I could think of was how much hotter it would be if Kat was the one I was watching fall to pieces as I toyed with her body till she was moaning and writhing every bit as hard as the woman on the stage.

Checking out the action up front again, the man with the goatee was still busy working the devices in and out of her, until the girl was desperately crying out and shivering from head to toe. And everyone watching appeared hypnotized by the eroticism of what we were witnessing. I honestly had no idea that a sex shop would offer this type of live demo, or if it was even legal. And I’m not going to lie, it was probably something I’d never forget, especially since I’d experienced it with Kat, my own curious little kitten who it seemed had an appetite for erotic pleasures that even surprised me.

And once they were done, we all politely clapped, looking around at each other a little awkwardly after witnessing something as unusual, and slightly disturbing as that.

Looking as curious as she was amazed, Kat, sounding giddy as shit, instantly wrapped her arms around my upper arm, and fiercely whispered against my ear, “Wow, I can’t believe what I just saw!”

Neither could I. If you’d asked me what I planned to do with my Saturday morning, never in a million Van Escort Bayan years would I have said, “Oh, probably just take my lady to a live double-penetration sex show, and get ourselves primed for a wild weekend that we’ll probably never forget.”

And once we made our way back upstairs, Kat really into this place now, looked like she was on a treasure hunt, closely examining almost every sexual device the store had. In the end I did manage to talk her into just settling on a pair of faux fur lined handcuffs, a blind fold and some lube. But then she insisted on getting a dildo, too. But she pulled a face when she stopped to take a look at the various sizes of butt plugs, tugging my head down to whisper into my ear, “Why are there so many different sizes of those things?”

I whispered back, “So you can stretch yourself to gradually take on more and train your ass.”

Her eyes went big and she swallowed so hard, looking more stunned than I’d ever seen her, that I actually laughed. “Maybe we’ll leave those for now,” she said, her eyes widening with alarm on a trainer set of anal plugs, actually shuddering a little, I guess as she wondered what she was meant to be training her ass to do exactly. Seems my little kitten wasn’t quite as adventurous as she’d thought, since the idea of training her ass to get filled up with cock, didn’t seem to be something she was curious enough to want to try. But I was cool with that, since what we already had was plenty for me, since our sex life was pretty much off the charts as it was.

Before we left, we stopped to take a look at an electronic fucking machine — that even had a video of a woman being fucked with it, which I also left me a little stunned. But since Kat had me to take care of that particular activity, I knew she’d never need anything like that, and told her so. She just laughed and squeezed my hand a little tighter, and we walked on.

Then I noticed she looked intrigued staring at the display of a mannequin, bound by her hands with her feet spread, bent over a counter at the waist so that her openings were on full display, ready for her master to use at his will, no doubt. Leaning close, I told her that some of the things were designed for people into stuff like BDSM, and although she nodded thoughtfully, I wondered if she’d go home later and google it to find out exactly what it meant.

Biting into her lip, she looked worried when we came across another dummy beside the first one in a crate, that seemed more suitable for a dog, and the dummy was even collared, and wearing a leash. Never really into that lifestyle, I could tell Kat was now in way over her head. She was definitely never going to be into being caged or collared, and nor would I ever be interested in doing anything like that with her.

So, once we left that area, and she continued to browse around the rest of the store wide-eyed, I took a minute to pick up some uber sexy sheer red cut-out lingerie, without letting her see what I’d chosen, along with some edible gels and undies and even some chocolate body paint, imaging the hours of kinky fun we could have with those. It might be a little tame, but I figured it would still be fairly adventurous for someone like Kat, who was still pretty new to carnal pleasures.

After we left the store, we decided to have a bite to eat at a nearby bistro, and Kat was chattier and more animated than I’d ever seen her. She was just so wound up after her little foray into the wild-side that all I could do was listen to her talk and smile, deciding she was absolutely adorable. In fact if we weren’t in a restaurant filled with other people I’d want to tug her into my lap and kiss her pretty face off, she was just so unbelievably sweet.

Whispering over the table, so only I could hear her, she said, “I never knew you could fill both holes like that.” When I just nodded that I knew that, she went on, “At first I could hardly believe the size of that enormous pink dildo he was using on her. Then, holy smokes, when he put the other thing up her bum, and began to work them both in and out of her, I honestly could hardly wrap my mind around what I was seeing. And you’d think that would hurt wouldn’t you, to have those two big things pushed into you like that, but from what I could tell, she sure looked like she was enjoying it.”

Leaning closer, I took her hand in mine, and explained, “It’s called double penetration Kat, and lots of people not only enjoy, but get off on it, too.”

Her eyes went big as moons when I told her that. “Really? Wow.” Then she looked off into space as she said, more or less to herself, “I guess I really have led a sheltered life then, haven’t I? I never knew it was even possible to do something like that, much less enjoy it.”

Yeah, she’d been sheltered alright. Her parents had practically kept her under lock and key until she moved across the hall from me last year after her mother passed away. And then once we’d finally hooked up at the Halloween Escort Van party, and I discovered that I was her first, I was still hoping like hell to be her last. But despite the sheltered life she’d led, Kat was a fast learner, and did enjoy the kinky games we’d played, at least so far. But I was pretty sure she wasn’t quite ready to try something like being DP’d, even just with sex toys, no matter how curious she was. Although, it did occur to me that she might just enjoy the feel of my pinky finger giving her a little goose while we fucked. And that gave me something to think about, and my dick too, by the way it was starting to twitch.

I have to say, a huge part of Kat’s allure for me was her innocence. I actually loved that about her, and there was no way I wanted her to become jaded about sex, like so many other women I’d known. Even just seeing how starry-eyed she’d look whenever all we did was kiss, reminded me that I had to go slow with her, so she’d never lose the charm of her naiveté.

So, as we finished our lunch with a cup of coffee, I tipped my head and smiled at her. “So… what would you like to do now?” I was already thinking that maybe we could catch a movie, and try and find something funny to enjoy especially after that crazy show we’d just seen, that was anything but.

But once again she surprised me when she grinned back at me, looking hopeful as she suggested, “Um, maybe go home and try out my new toys?”

Despite my groan, she didn’t have to twist my arm. Just thinking about experimenting with her new toys had me pretty stoked. And my cock was already twitching pretty hard just imagining what Kat would look like naked and tied to my bed, while I played with her. But of course, I would leave what we were going to do up to her. And I’d let her take things just as far as she was willing to take them.

Flashing me a pretty dimpled smile, she reached for my hand across the table and gave it squeeze. “Thanks for coming out with me today, Ethan. That would have been so much weirder if I’d been on my own seeing all that stuff, especially that live demo. And I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.”

Neither would I. It would be something I’d always remember, the time Kat and I walked into a sex shop and watched a girl being double penetrated right before our eyes, while we were still just dating — which got me wondering where I expected us to be down the road. And for the first time in my life, the idea of getting married, especially to my sweet little Kat actually seemed like something I really wanted to do. Before her, it had never entered my mind to want to settle down and commit myself to one woman for the rest of my life, especially with my former penchant for one night stands. But knowing her as I did now, I honestly couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. And if she wanted the big white wedding with all the trimmings, I would definitely be on board with it, especially if once it was all over, I got to whisk her off to some exotic destination for a wild raunchy honeymoon — I already knew we’d both enjoy the hell out of. Already imagining her naked with a flower in her hair as I fucked on every surface on whatever little island we’d find ourselves in, enjoying each other like there’d be no tomorrow. It kind of had me tempted to pop the question on the spot just thinking about how incredibly hot it would be to have her as my blushing bride.

But of course, even if I wanted to, there was still the little issue of her intended — William — the asshole.

Since her father had basically promised her to this guy in her church when she was still in her teens, I knew that she had to be the one to tell her father that she was not going wind up with him — because she wanted me. Which of course meant I had to do my level best to try and convince her that I was the right choice for her, and the only man she’d ever want or need.

Then I heard her say, “Ready?” And my head snapped up, and I nodded, realizing I still had some work to do before we found ourselves fucking like bunnies off on some remote island in the Pacific as man and wife. But at least for now, we could still dig into her kinky little bag of tricks and have some fun together.

And as we walked back to our building hand in hand, I had a feeling she already knew she wanted the life I could give her. We were just so good together, and she also had to know that only I knew how to make her come, and come hard.

Once we got into my apartment, I’d barely gotten the door closed and locked when Kat pushed up on her toes and began to seduce me with her sexy mouth, slipping her tongue between my lips and making me moan and clutch her ass. Jesus, she really knew how to kiss and how to get me hard as a brick in no time flat. Already tugging her sweater over her head, as I filled my hands with her breasts, all I could think of was how good she felt — ever last inch of her, so soft and silky.

Before I even had a chance to catch my breath, or react to her advances, Kat had my fly down and my jeans and boxers down around my ankles with my dick in her hand, her thumb already stroking back and forth over the top, making me even harder. Seems she was on a mission. And she wanted to play — dirty, naughty games.

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