Backgammon Games


Her knock gave him a jump-start and he stopped the dinner preparations to open the door of his apartment. She stood there shifting her body slightly from side to side. He smiled at the sight.

‘Hey! I hope I am not too early.’ she grinned back.

‘No, I am almost finished in the kitchen. Um, come in please. Here, let me take your coat.’ He moved behind her and slipped the jacket off her shoulders. They were bare except for a thin lace strap, which circled her neck until it disappeared under her long hair.

‘Please, sit. Can I get you a glass of wine?’ He asked. ‘Dinner will be ready in a minute or so.’

She nodded and he watched her walk across the floor. He smiled; she was barefoot. She reclined on the sofa as he went to get the wine. A moment later he was in front of her with a glass for her and one for himself. He sat close to her and he touched her arm, then raised his glass and tilted it slightly towards hers. She smiled and did the same to his in reply. Silently, the first step in their dance had taken place.

It was the first time she had ever done anything like this and coming over tonight excited her. Secretly, she hoped to be staying the whole night with her new friend and lover, though they still had yet to act on the mutual sexual energy that flared between them. Still, a touch of his hand made her crazy, and the kiss they’d shared the afternoon before was long, soft and wondrous.

She’d wanted to go home with him right then and there, but felt nervous and backed away fearing she would come across as too easy. Instead, she’d played him at arms length to see where things would go on their own. He’d suggested dinner at his place tonight and a game or two of backgammon with some good wine and music. Innocent and seductive enough to catch her interest and she’d said yes.

He held out a hand to help her up from the overly comfortable sofa, which had a reputation for capturing unsuspecting guests. A dangerous sofa.

He served her dinner and sat across from her and they shared a meal. It was good and so was the conversation, which ran from flirting to politics and sometime all in the same sentence. She felt comfortable in his presence and he felt it too. Talking for over an hour at the table without knowledge of time passing proved them both right.

‘Here let me help do the dishes, only fair. You cooked and it was surprisingly tasty!’ She grinned.

‘Nope, leave them to me; actually the dishwasher can do them in the morning. You’re surprised a single bloke like me can cook something that doesn’t start with a can opener or boiling water, huh?’ He wiggled his eyebrows. ‘I can sew too but I won’t do windows, not for you or anyone!’

He laughed and took the plate from her hand. He noticed her fingers, how soft and tapered they looked. He smiled a little smile to her and went to the kitchen.

‘Okay, let me refill your glass and I’ll dig out kırgız escort the backgammon set. Are ya still up for a game?’ He asked and turned to her as he opened the chest in the corner of the room.

‘Oh yes! And I plan to beat you into dust, my friend. I’m awesome at that game.’ She winked.

‘Can I change the music?’ She asked, putting her glass on the coffee table and eyeing the dangerous sofa once again. She pulled two pillows off the chair and put one on either side of the table.

‘Yeah, anything you want. The CD’s are in that case over there.’

As she selected the right music for a long session of games, he sat on his knees at the table. He sipped some wine and opened the board and set up the pieces.

She returned and slowly adjusted her dress as she lowered to the floor and leaned up against the sofa, one elbow taking her body’s weight. She looked amazing. Her full breasts begged to be free from the restraints of the satin material. He could barely make out the slightest hint of her nipples under pressure as she settled into position before him.

‘Alright, highest roll goes first,’ she said, and took the dice in her hands, blowing hot breath on the cube before setting it free on the tabletop.

‘Five, beat it if you can sweetie!’

He took the dice and rolled a pathetic two. Like a pair of eyes staring up at him.

That’s something you will have to get used to tonight, losing that is.’ She winked and took her beginning roll and moved her pieces.

He did the same and in a few minutes she did indeed have him on the ropes. Four of his pieces out of play and she with only a few left to get home. The game ended soon after and he tipped his glass to her and asked for a rematch. The next game went in his favor but only by the skin of his teeth did he pull it off.

Refilling the wineglasses once more he had a thought and smiled a devilish grin to her.

‘What?’ she asked sipping her glass.

‘Want to up the stakes a little bit?’ He said.

‘Hmmm, what do you have in mind?’

‘Loser takes of a piece of clothing,’ he grinned to her.

‘But look at me sweetie; I am barely dressed as it is. You have the advantage how fair is that.’ She protested on form.

‘Well you will have more incentive to win is all won’t ya! Are you in?’ He drank.

She sat back and took a little sip of wine and let the question dangle for a time in the air. ‘Alright then, I will take those odds,’ she said, and started setting up the next game, which ended in minutes with him taking off his socks.

‘Great, what a prize for me!’ She laughed as he held them up in the air and tossed them aside.

The next game went to him. She slowly stood up and wiggled out of her stockings and dropped them in a pile, then settled back down. After an hour of games she had lost her hair tie and her bra and panties, but eskort istanbul still had her dress. Her nipples he couldn’t help but see were more prominent and large against the fabric.

He was now only wearing a shirt and his underwear. It was getting down to serious business and she felt that she knew exactly how to win this tournament. In one slow game she managed to win his briefs leaving him in a shirt. His cock was free, but unseen under the table. Still, he felt red-faced as he set up the game that would be the end of all this and him if he wasn’t careful.

He placed the last piece and rolled his dice. He felt a soft light stroking against his thigh as her soft, small foot traveled up his inner leg. He looked up to see a big smile on her face.

‘So is it my turn then, Hun, good,’ she smirked and rolled a high number and moved several pieces into place.

As he attempted to move his pieces her foot became much more exploratory and found the tip of his cock and just lightly caressed over it with her toes. ‘Oh come on, that isn’t fair!’ He said, but the pleasure was too much to bear and he couldn’t fight the inevitable erection.

She took her turn and again moved several more pieces leaving him with only one place to go on the board and knowing if he did she would land there on her next move and removing them from play for a long time.

He did the only thing he could and played dirty as well. His foot moved under the table and ran up her inner thigh and stroked her there.

She closed her eyes and let out a gasping sigh. ‘Mmmm, now who’s not playing fair?’ She made a decision and whispered it out in a husky voice. ‘Let’s forget this game and play something else.’

She smiled and sat up onto the sofa and lay back. From where he sat he had a perfect view of her sex and the moistness there. He moved around the table on his knees and moved up with her, cupping her face in his hands and kissing her softly and for a long time. Her mouth was warm on his and the taste of her lips was overwhelming and good. Of woman and wine.

He stroked soft one finger on her nipple and felt the hardness of it. She unbuttoned his shirt and as her hands reached the bottom one, she opened it and revealed the thickness of his cock. She groaned and ran her fingers slowly over the shaft and he sighed and kissed her once more. She slipped the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms trapping him in his garment and she laid him back on the sofa.

His hands under his back and she caressed his nipples and pinched them smiling as she did and lowering herself to take one and kiss it and suck on it, flicking her tongue back and forth, fast and hard. Her hair fell around her face hiding her antics from his sight and she took the nipple in her teeth and nibbled a little on him, then moving to his neck, she kissed him there and on up to his mouth.

She straddled him genç escort and lifted the hem of her dress up and over her head, finally revealing her body to him. She felt the stiffness of his cock against her ass and moved on it a little, teasing him with her body before going down on his legs and pinning him there while both hands stroked and caressed his shaft from top to base. His balls played loosely in her open fingertips, then she caressed up the tip from the underside and cupped her palm over him, then down again. Long, slow strokes and she watched him receiving her pleasures even as he struggled to get his hands free.

She brushed her hair back on her face and smiled down on him, then lay so she could kiss his cock and licked him down one side and up the other before holding him just in her lips by the head, sucking and washing him underneath with her warm velvet tongue. His eyes closed as she again stroked him with her fingers and reached under him finding his hole and fingering him there with a wet index finger. He groaned and wiggled under her and she sucked down on him once again.

She felt that wonderful tingle begin in her body and touched herself so he could watch. She was up on her knees in full view of him and her forefinger disappeared up inside her as she rubbed herself to full arousal and thumbed her clit. The expression on his face told her he was enjoying this scene and she moved her index finger in as well and felt the fullness against her inner walls as they moved faster and harder, as she started to reach orgasm. He wanted to speak to her, but nothing left his mouth as she started to shake into her own pleasures.

‘Mmmm I want you inside me!’ she moaned and moved onto him lowering over his cock and pushed him inside her as his hips rose instinctively to take her. She rose up and fell hard on him, and then again and she fell down on his body wrapping her arms around the top of his head and letting her round breasts fall to his lips.

‘Suck me, please….’ she panted and moved up on him and held his cock for only a moment of sheer pleasure then down again taking him deeper.

He licked and sucked at one nipple. Feeling the hard thick nub in his lips and against his teeth, he nibbled and kissed her hard. She moaned steadily and started to pump on his body faster still as he enjoyed her breasts against his face. Her body was hot and her face was as red as the dress she took off as she took him and herself to someplace else for a moment and she felt her orgasm hit his.

The kissing that followed was sweet and warm, and she let his hands free so they could stroke her face and hair as he kissed her neck and lips for hours. In a tangle of arms and legs and well trapped in the dangerous sofa.

He looked over at the unfinished backgammon game and flicked the pieces she had taken from him into the tray as she kissed his nipple and fingered the other.

He looked at her and smiled, ‘I like your game better, everyone wins!’

He laughed and held her tightly her back against the back of the sofa as he covered her in his body and kissed her deeply before making love to her again. This time her hands would be out of the game.

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