Backdoor Man Ch. 09


Carly and I had been quite busy that wild, drunken night, as between naps, we screwed in virtually every position conceivable. This was a fitting choice of words, given our intention to get her pregnant by me. The saucy brunette knew just how to keep me eager to bone her, too, as we coupled all night long and fell asleep sometime around dawn in each other’s arms for a few hours straight at last.

“Wake up, stud. You, too, cutie. You guys fell asleep on the sofa in your own cum, I see. Nice work on the horizontal mambo, folks. I love the smell of sweat and sex, but you’ll both probably feel better and cleaner if you shower. Especially right before breakfast, which Armin and I are making together. By the way, he was great in bed, but I am still very eager to sample you. How was he, Sis?” Natalie announced her presence.

“Sis, he was so much fun! He was delicious! I love him! I want more of him!” Carly told her as we got up and prepared to shower.

“Well, it’s eight hours into the twenty-four, so you have sixteen hours left of serving Donald. I dare say that you’ll have a lot more fun in that time,” Natalie laughed as she copped a feel of my ass on the way to the shower.

“Sis, I saw that, and if I were a jealous girl, I’d say something else,” Carly said, before running her hand over my groin.

“I saw that, too. Now, you guys clean up and join us, please, because we have one hell of a breakfast planned. Then we can perhaps relate some of our experiences from last night and any thoughts that we have about our experiment, if that’s okay with you, my dear stud. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a handsome sex slave downstairs in the kitchen and he’s likely to start missing me,” Natalie winked at us as we prepared to shower.

“I think that she’s very fond of you, Master. I can’t blame her. I’m even more attached to you, but then I’ve slept with you. I can only imagine how she’ll feel when she’s had a taste of what she craves, namely your body. Mind you, I’m sure that Armin is nice in bed, but she’s not as dominant or aggressive as she lets on. I know my sister. She might like to boss a man around now and then, but she also needs a man to take her, good and hard. Especially from behind. It’s part of why she enjoys Giovanni and Trent, both of them. Giovanni is a more aggressive, dominant guy, while Trent is more passive and submissive. Both of them turn her on, I think,” Carly explained to me as we washed each other off and felt each other up, too.

“So, my appeal is more like Giovanni’s for her and Armin’s is more like Trent’s. You like having it with Trent, I take it. Would you enjoy Armin as well?” I asked her out of curiosity.

“Yes, for sure. It’s a nice break now and then to have a man who worships me, but it’s not something for 24/7. I’m not like that. Hell, not even Sherry is like that, I can tell. One can only be a goddess for a short, wonderful time. The rest of the time, I want to be used, ravaged, taken, that sort of thing, by a man who knows how to make it pleasurable for me. Giovanni does, but so do you. If Trent or Armin or Sanjay tried it, I think that I’d be too busy laughing to enjoy it, as it would be so absurd. I don’t buy them as dominant, not in the least,” Carly admitted to me while kissing my neck and fondling my butt in the shower.

“Well, now, it has occurred to me that, provided that you don’t get jealous of me and my others, I would want a more permanent deal with you. Would you be opposed to a collaring or contract or something of that nature, where you signed on as my plaything for much longer, after this weekend, of course? Or is the jury still out on that?” I teased her a little, as she stroked my balls and I caressed her bottom.

“Theoretically, it’s undecided, but it’s looking better and better to me from my end of things. I only hoped that you would want more of what I had to offer. Glad that you do. In fact, if it’s not too forward, I hope to become Mrs. Donald Abramowitz someday, maybe soon. What do you think? I could be your slave-wife. A lot more fun than other wives.

“Your slave-wife wouldn’t object to your bachelor party, would probably find the kind of strippers for it that would turn tricks for extra pay. Hell, being rich, your slave-wife would pay that difference to get you some strange that night! Your slave-wife would invite her sister along for the wedding night and the honeymoon, so that you could take us both.

“Your slave-wife certainly wouldn’t complain about your other slaves, such as Rich and Brit. They’re our friends and I adore them, anyway. Your slave-wife would work with them to serve you even better,” Carly assured me, making it plain that she wanted marriage AND bondage to me … for life.

“My slave-wife wouldn’t mind if my cock smelled of strange pussy or ass under my tux while we took our vows, would she?” I carried this even further, noticing how Carly sighed and squirmed as I helped her out of the shower and began drying her off.

“Oh, God, Giresun Escort no! Hell, if you wished it, your slave-wife could be leaking loads of other men’s cum under her bridal gown, but only if you desired it. Your slave-wife would have other men if you permitted it, but never neglect hubby’s needs. She would also help you seduce those other men into bed as well, so you could fuck them in the ass while they fucked or licked her. Your slave-wife would do anything for you. Anything at all. She would worship the ground on which you stand and would kiss your feet for the pleasure and privilege of being yours. She would eat your cum out of another woman’s pussy or ass, or just plain eat another woman out if it pleased you … Master,” Carly declared as she dried me off now.

“Wow, you really mean this stuff, don’t you? You really want to be my ‘slave-wife, ‘ as you put it, don’t you?” I asked her outright.

“Oh, God, yes! I would help enlist and recruit other slaves for you, too. Whomever and whatever and whenever and however you please. I would love to see you fuck my brother and sister as well, enslave them, make them yours. They would both so enjoy that life, I think. Natalie’s a switch, but you bring out the sub in her perfectly. Giovanni does it almost as good, and perhaps you wouldn’t mind if he married her or dated her or something. I think that she would love to serve both of you, but especially you, while other men served her,” Carly declared, perhaps too loudly, as we walked over to the dining room for breakfast.

“Wait, did you say that I’m a switch? Yes, I think so, too. I love to dominate men like Armin here and Trent over there, but when it comes to men like Donald or Giovanni, it’s true that I love to submit to them, have them use me for their own gratification. For now, though, let’s continue this discussion over breakfast,” Natalie said as she began serving us a wonderful breakfast of Eggs Benedict with hashbrowns, mouthing that she was glad that I wasn’t kosher, either.

“So, you were saying that you’re a switch?” Giovanni continued the topic, winking at Natalie.

“I am indeed, I think. I would love to submit regularly to you, to Donald, to Gustavo, to Sherry, to Devi, perhaps, if she wanted it, and maybe even to Rajiv. I would add Giorgio, but I’m not sure what he would do with a woman if he had her. No offense, he’s just strikingly gay. But, yes, I’m a switch, so I would also love to dominate Armin, Trent, Arnold, if he’d let me, Sanjay, Rich, Brittany, Becky, and yes, Carly, too. Yes, on a regular basis. I know that much from just the short time that I spent as a Domme last night.

“Perhaps with Becky, we can trade off the Domme/sub roles, perhaps the same with Devi and Sherry, too. I’m not sure about that. You three might well be switches. Not as sure about Carly. Maybe she might have some little bit of Domme in her, but it’s mostly sub with her, I think. Brittany is pure sub, I can tell,” Natalie clarified while licking her lips.

“Very much so and I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I only hope that Gustavo enjoyed dominating me as much as I enjoyed submitting to him. Let’s just say that if I wasn’t pregnant before, I should be after what he did to me … what we did together. He hasn’t even started on the kinkier stuff, but I’m sure that there is plenty of time for that. While I’m still very much Rich’s wife and Donald’s happy slave, I won’t object if Master lends me out again to Gustavo from time to time. He’s damn good in bed,” Brit confessed to all of us, making Gustavo grin a bit from ear to ear.

“Note that she didn’t say my name in terms of lending her out, and she’s right not to do so. I gave up the right to decide such things when I became Master’s plaything, too. Gladly. I have no say in who she serves, though Master has been very good not to deprive me of my conjugal rights to my wife, as she is still my wife. Of course, Master also loves to lend me out to Sherry, and that’s fun for sure.

“As for Giorgio, well, it’s an adjustment, but I definitely took it well, I think. It didn’t hurt that Giorgio has a very fine cock and he knows what to do with it, both in my mouth and my ass. One thing is sure … my asshole is very well used to dick now. I love how much of a Top he is, I can tell you that. I’m such a bottom, but you can probably tell that,” Rich blushed a little as his cock stiffened again.

“It was a nice, yummy ass, I must say,” Giorgio grinned a bit.

“That’s how I feel about Brit’s bottom, frankly,” Gustavo agreed, “It’s very delectable.”

“Well, I enjoyed Sanjay, too. He was very good at bending over for me, nice and smooth, too, almost as sleek as a woman back there. I still don’t go for men, but it’s not a bad experiment and I don’t regret trying one at least for this 24 hour period. He certainly didn’t resist or do anything to cause me any trouble. He spread his cheeks enthusiastically and pushed his hips back at me whenever I wished it. I Giresun Escort Bayan don’t know if I’ll do this again or not, but I definitely had fun with him. He also rimmed me a bit and I wouldn’t mind more of that, or of the way that he sucked my cock,” Giovanni announced, prompting Sherry to plant a very sweet kiss on both men.

“This lad is going to be so rewarded for this when I get the chance to do that for him. He’s been a very good boy. And thank you for being so sweet to him. I’ll be sure to thank you, properly, too. I am a switch, after all. As for me, Becky was quite enjoyable, too. She did a damn good job of pleasing me. I certainly had fun fucking her with a strap-on, just as I did eating her cunny and her arse, plus having her lick my fanny and bum, too. I wouldn’t mind being with her again in the future, given the chance. Maybe we can even flip roles next time and let her be in charge, in case she’s interested,” Sherry suggested, while Becky gazed at her with undisguised lust.

“Well, I had somewhat limited experience with lesbian sex in the past, but all of it had been pretty positive. I’m definitely bisexual, that much I’m sure. Sherry was, is, a very sexy woman with a rather juicy and sweet pussy, and don’t get me started on her ass! It’s quite delicious!” Becky confessed to all of us present while we ate.

“Trent was rather delightful, too. Especially the way that he ate me out so much. Pussy, ass, taint … He even sucked my tits and fingered me as I liked it! He rubbed me down, too, from head to toe, and he really did a good job of rubbing my feet. Of course, he also kissed them often. Does he have a foot fetish?” Devi smiled at Trent, her fingers running gently through his hair.

“Yes, really does. Rather charming in a way. He also likes to serve as furniture now and then. Especially as my chair. He loves that, trust me!” Natalie blurted.

“Well, I get to eat you out the whole time. How does that feel when I’m doing that while you’re sitting on my face?” Trent winked at her.

“Like I’m in a massage chair, but more powerful. Like I’m an ice cream sundae, too, being licked and melted slowly away until all of my aches and pains are gone away, for what feels like an eternity. There are moments when I’m unable to tell where my bottom ends and his head begins. They just seem to fade into each other. I love that feeling. A cloud of sheer ecstasy, all of my troubles gone for several moments, at least until he starts needing air. That’s the only downside. No matter how much you’re relaxed and in the moment, you can’t stay there at the expense of his survival, so it ends abruptly at times when he starts fighting to breathe. Human instincts of self-preservation win out at that point. Still, it’s fantastic while it lasts!” Natalie blew Trent a kiss.

“And what am I, chopped liver?” Armin teased her.

“Watch it, slave!” Natalie playfully scolded him, but then caressed his face lovingly, “No, you’re my future husband. I’ve already decided that I want to marry Armin. He was that fucking good in bed and that attentive to my needs. He even let me ride him like a horse! My Kraut. Just think what Hitler would say, one of his ‘Aryan master race’ marrying a Jewess like me … and loving it! Don’t even try to tell me that you won’t enjoy marriage to me, because I can tell that you will.

“Relax, I have no interest in monogamy. Just marriage. I have no intention of giving up Trent or Giovanni, and I still haven’t sampled Donald, Rich, Gustavo, Rajiv, or Sanjay. You can bet your sweet German ass that I would never ask you to give up Sherry, not to mention that you still haven’t tasted the pleasures of my lovely sister Carly, or the swarthy charms of Devi, nor have you awakened in the bosom of Becky, or tasted the delights of Brittany.

“But a nice, submissive husband like you … that would be the icing on the cake. I can see why Sherry wants Sanjay. Same idea. I hope that she doesn’t mind me marrying one of her pegging partners. And sweetie, you have no idea what treats await you as my husband … no idea! True, you’ll have to share me with so many men and women, but as I said, I’ll share you right back. Sure, I’ll be a dominant wife, but I won’t make a cuckold out of you.

“And no offense intended to you, Trent, but we both know that your heart belongs first to dear Giorgio, as it should. You should really marry him. It’s legal now between two men, you know, as it should be. It’s really hot to watch you two together, just as it’s sexy to see him do my brother up the butt, too. I love it! I want to try having you fuck me some time while you’re being sodomized by Giorgio or someone else. Does that sound like fun?”

“Yes, it does, actually. And you’re right. In fact, how about it, Giorgio? Want to take the plunge with me? Become official? We’ve been partners forever. Why not formalize it, partners for life? True, I will always want pussy, too, and yes, female ass, but you will always want more Escort Giresun cock and more male ass than one man can provide. We’re never going to be monogamous and I’m cool with that. You’ll always need Arnie here, at least. I know that and I’m cool with it … and you know that I’ll always need and want Natalie and Carly, too. What do you say, Giorgio, my Italian studmuffin? Will you marry me?” Trent got on one knee in front of his partner, who smiled and pulled him up for a French kiss.

“Si! Si! Yes, I will marry you, silly American boy! You and Arnold are always my favorite bottoms, but the difference is that you’re my partner in everything! I know that! My submissive partner, my bottom bitch, yes, but my partner and companion in business and at home! But don’t forget, until 24 hours are up, you’re Devi’s. Treat her like the goddess that she is, si? I know that you’re a subbie with men or women, both sexes! I know that you love to worship, to service your partners orally, to do whatever they ask of you, so do it! Put your heart and your tongue and your back into it!

“But, yes, there will soon be a day when you and I take vows and we swear to be together for life. So what if we’re not exclusive? We’re bound to each other for life and that is a real, permanent deal. True, unconditional love should never require fidelity, because that sets a condition on the love! If you love someone unconditionally, you should be willing to share him and he should return the favor!” Giorgio reassured Trent, before turning to Rajiv and Arnold.

“How was it, guys?” he asked the obvious question.

“Well, Arnold was really good at what he does, no question of that! It’s an adjustment to be with men, for sure, but when Arnold sucks your dick, you just feel pleasure. He’s very good at making you not care what sex is on the other end of your cock. When he bends over, you discover just how smooth he keeps it, too. Whose idea was that, because it was genius! His ass was a lot like Sanjay’s that way. Nice and sleek. He keeps it clean, too. Made it a lot easier to do him.

“I still prefer women, but I now know that I can handle the occasional gay sex. He knew how to rim me pretty well, and while I couldn’t bring myself to rim him, I did give him a handjob while buggering him. I also learned that he is definitely a total bottom. He showed zero interest in topping me at all,” Rajiv chuckled a little.

“Hey, I like to be taken like the slutty bitch that I am, folks. I was born to bottom. Admittedly, I can be at times something of a power bottom, if you know what that means, but not always. I don’t always have to be ‘queen bee, ‘ as it happens. Giorgio can attest to that. That’s one thing that if women wanted to do it to me, I’d probably put up with it and just pretend that it’s a man back there, even if I know better. There’s more where that came from for the rest of the day … Master!” Arnold assured Rajiv, half teasing him, half inviting him as well.

“And Carly and I are already agreed that we love what we have together, so I’m going to marry her and keep her as a ‘slave-wife, ‘ in addition to my current full-time slaves Rich and Brit, plus my part-time slut Sherry and her own bitch boi Sanjay here. Naturally, I am very much open to the idea of Natalie as an occasional plaything of mine, too. If she’s anything like her sister at all, and anything close to as wild and kinky as she keeps implying, I think that I will enjoy her very much,” I smiled at both Weinstein sisters.

“Oh, you will, dear Master, you will! And you won’t regret taking me as your slave-wife, I swear!” Carly replied, while Natalie ran her tongue along her lips in an obvious suggestion of her own desires.

“What she said!” Natalie finally stated with a wink, making Carly blush.

“I wouldn’t mind submitting to my sister, too, especially if I’m also serving Donald … to be topped by both of them at once … sexy!” Carly confessed at last, making me very stiff indeed.

“Well, I certainly enjoyed being with Brit, that much is clear,” Gustavo declared, “I would do that again any time.”

“And the feeling is mutual. Just remember, we still have most of the day left for you to make use of me, so please do so. I love to be used and taken that way!” Brit assured him.

“Yeah, I loved serving Giorgio for sure. I’d do that anytime that Master lent me out to him. Master is still my favorite Dom, though. As for Brit, she’s my wife and my soulmate and that will never change, either, no matter how many men and women use our bodies,” Rich swore.

“Oh, sweetie, thank you!” Brit gave him a very sweet lover’s kiss.

“Mistress Sherry is a lot of fun, though, I must confess,” Rich added, as Sherry teased him by making sexual gestures, which Brit joined in doing.

“I should hope so! Part of the fun in being a Domme is knowing how much the subbies love it, deep down!!” Sherry stated for the record.

“My sentiments exactly!” Natalie chimed in.

“I do enjoy licking her twat and her ass, too,” Brit told us all, causing Sherry to lick her lips.

“Right back at ya, sweet cheeks! Your pale bum is very delicious!” Sherry told her in front of us.

“Oh, yes, Brit has a very sweet tush for sure!” Sanjay agreed quickly.

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