Back in Service Ch. 1


“So when’s the big day?” Ali asked.

“Today, but Ed’s working late, so our first time will be tomorrow.” Tanya replied. The two girls sat in Tanya’s living room enjoying some wine together. Ali was 28 years old, a brunette with shoulder length hair, about 130#, athletic, and gay. Ever since Ali moved into the apartment next door to Tanya, Tanya knew she was gay, but it was never an issue with the two of them. They hit it off instantly and were now very close friends.

At age 22, Tanya had delivered her first child 8 weeks ago. Her extra weight from the pregnancy was starting to fade away, and she was beginning to feel sexy again. Ali loved the way her blonde hair had a slight strawberry tint to it in the light.

If she weren’t married to Ed, Ali thought to herself, I’d definitely be with this girl.

As it happens sometimes, the conversation turned to sex. Ali had no children and had asked Tanya when she was able to have sex again after the pregnancy.

Ali smiled at Tanya “I don’t know if I’d be able to wait that long before doing it. I love sex. Eight weeks!” They laughed together.

“It isn’t really all that hard. I didn’t feel pretty, or sexy enough to do it until now. The time really went fast.” Tanya said, a serious look in her eye told Ali that it was a sore subject. Tanya was proud of her body, and the extra weight was hard for her to shed.

Ali touched Tanya’s hand as she got up to get more wine. “Baby, you were sexy even with a few extra pounds!”

“Ali, your just a horny little dyke!” The two of them laughed. Tanya was glad that her parents had taken the baby for the night so she and Ed could be together, but since Ed called to say he was working late, a night with Ali was a least relaxing and fun.
Ali returned with two full glasses, and sat next to Tanya. “Now all I need to feel 100% again is to lose these!” Tanya hoisted her milk-swollen boobs up through her blouse.

“Well girlfriend, I’m sure Ed will like those just how they are.” Ali said and playfully lifted Tanya’s breasts, mocking what Tanya had just done.

The simple act of being touched by someone else made her let out a quiet moan. “Ali, I know it’s been a while since I’m gotten any now. You’re giving me tingles.”

“Tanya, I’d give you anything.” Ali said and kissed Tanya’s shirt right Bostancı Escort over her left nipples.

“Ali, stop!” Tanya said laughing. Ali was making her wet and she could see where this was leading. Ali had made advances on her a few times, usually when the two were drinking together. Usually it would lead to an affectionate make-out session and end there. Tanya always wondered what it would be like to go further with her.

“Why, Honey? Am I making you wet?” “Actually you are.” Tanya said blushing. Ali, smiled and kissed Tanya full on the lips.” Let me feel.”

Ali had never made this strong of an advance before and Tanya didn’t know how, or even if she wanted to stop her. Ali had started rubbing Tanya through her sweatpants, and Tanya didn’t want her to stop. It had been so long since she was touched by anyone and she missed it.

Ali could sense that at least for now Tanya was going to go with it and she wanted to waste no time on this great opportunity. Ali began to kiss Tanya on the neck and around her ears. Tanya was shivering in what appeared to be the start of an intense orgasm.

“Ali, Don’t stop…” Tanya whispered. She had begun to return Ali’s kisses. The two women’s tongues were dancing together.

Ali slowly lifted Tanya’s shirt to reveal her swollen breasts. Ali began to rub at the nipples and kissed her way down to them. Ali began lactating as Tanya sucked and tugged gently at her breasts. Tanya had not experienced anything like this since suckling on her own mother’s breasts in infancy, but found it highly exciting. She continued rubbing on the now damp spot over Tanya’s hole.

“Tanya, does everything from you taste this wonderful?” She asked playfully as she slid a hand into Ali’s sweatpants. Tanya lifted her pelvis and slid the pants completely off. Ali wasted no time on this prime opportunity and began kissing her way form Tanya’s breasts down to her pussy.

Tanya just lay there enjoying Ali’s attention. She had never been with a woman before and seemed like forever since she had been with anyone for that matter. Ali’s touches felt like magic, but she was married. Was she cheating technically? Would Ed understand or approve. As her mind raced, her emotions won over and she decided to just go with it. She grinned as she thought, Bostancı Escort Bayan “Ed would probably be excited, and he’d pay to see this!”

Ali had worked her tongue down to Tanya’s clit. She began rubbing it with the tip of her tongue and sucking Tanya’s clit gently into her mouth. Tanya rubbed on Ali’s shoulders prodding her to continue, but Ali wanted to take the next step.

Ali slid a finger into Tanya’s hole and worked it in and out a few times then withdrew it. Ali lifted the juice soaked finger to Tanya’s mouth and pushed it between her lips. Tanya sucked the juice off and Ali could see Tanya’s eyes light up as if the love juice had been adrenaline.

“Now mine…” Ali whispered in Tanya’s ear as she began to turn. Ali placed herself in a “69” position on top of Ali hoping it wasn’t too much too fast for her. Ali immediately sank her tongue deeply into Ali’s wet hole. Ali was taken completely by surprise and started to cum instantly. Ali returned the favor and the two worked their tongues into each other and came together violently. Ali slid her finger back into Tanya’s hole and turned her tongue’s attention to her clit. Ali followed her lead and started to do likewise. After enjoying this for a minute or two, Ali stood up.

“Tanya honey, I know what you need. Get on your knees and bend over the couch.” Ali instructed. As Tanya assumed the position Ali worked her way in behind her and slid a finger back into her cunt. Tanya rocked gently with Ali’s finger pumping into her. Ali then worked a second finger into her hole. Tanya moaned and Ali knew she was headed in the right direction. Ali slid a third finger into Tanya. Again Tanya moaned as if asking for more. Ali attempted to slide a fourth finger into Tanya but it would not fit. She continued to apply pressure with fourth finger as she worked the other three in and out of her.

Tanya was going crazy. Ali loved it because she knew how bad Tanya needed this release. She was determined to make Tanya explode like she never had before. Ali began kissing Tanya’s ass cheeks.

Tanya let out a whimper that sounded like a small animal begging. Ali kissed her way right into Tanya’s beautiful rosebud and slid her tongue in. As Ali began tongue fucking Tanya’s asshole, Ali could feel her cunt loosening. Escort Bostancı Ali slid the persistent fourth finger into her.

Tanya was seeing spots. She had never felt anything like this. It was incredible. She felt so full, and the orgasms were spreading through her like she had never experienced before. Just as she thought it couldn’t feel better she was proven wrong.

Ali decided Tanya was ready for more and attempted to work her thumb into Tanya. Tanya felt so full that she was sure she was going to rip apart, to be torn to shreds by Ali’s efforts, but Ali pressed on. Ali exerted steady pressure with her thumb and eventually forced it in.

Tanya screamed out and Ali thought it was out of pain and started to withdraw her hand from inside of Tanya. Tanya instantly pressed back against Ali’s wrist and took ever more of Ali’s hand inside of her and forced Ali’s tongue deep into her anus. Tanya had orgasm after orgasm like this until she could barely breathe.

“No more, Ali” Tanya said as she slid off of Ali’s hand. Tanya did not know what to do next, she just had the best sex of her life and it was with her best friend, not her husband.

“Ali, I feel incredible, and I want to make you feel special now too.” She said getting her second wind. She turned to face Ali and kissed her deeply. “You turn to bend over the couch!” Tanya demanded.

Ali liked where this was going and happily got on her knees over the edge of the couch. Tanya slid a finger into Ali. Ali responded with heavier breathing and began rocking on Tanya’s finger, pushing it deeper with every sway. Tanya withdrew the finger and tasted it. Ali’s juice tasted like gummi peach candies and Tanya had to have more. Tanya laid on her back under Ali and began to lick her first pussy. Ali moaned and ground her pelvis into Tanya’s mouth and chin. Tanya grabbed Ali’s asscheeks and squeezed them hard. Ali cried out in pleasure. Tanya slid her hands closer to Ali’s crack and squeezed again. Ali cried out louder. Tanya licked a finger and inserted it into Ali’s ass, Ali screamed, came, and released a flood of her sweet juice into Tanya’s mouth.

Tanya continued her assault by putting another finger in Ali’s ass and Ali immediately came again with more volume and cum than the first finger produced.

Tanya hungrily swallowed all that flowed down to her and continued ramming Ali’s asshole with her tow fingers, when there was a noise.

“What the hell is going on here?” It was Tanya’s husband Ed, with a look of shock on his face and a raging hard-on in his pants. Neither girl knew how long he had been standing in the doorway.

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