Back in Black


It was a balmy June night. I was lying back on a set of concrete stairs that led from one street to the one above. There was a streetlight almost directly above me and I was watching the bugs swarming around it.

I wish I could claim that I was having philosophical thoughts but actually I was wondering if bugs had emotions, if they got angry with each other and fought, if there were bug wars.

I had been released from the hospital 12 hours before and unlike the years before my hospital stay; I wasn’t craving a drink or jonesing for drugs. The only thing I was craving was a double cheeseburger with extra tartar sauce and some hot French fries. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

The shiny black Lincoln town car had passed by me a few minutes ago, now it was back, going much slower this time. When it was past, I sat up and looked at my body. The hospital had supplied me with a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt when I was released but I’d skipped the used underwear. My cock and balls were hanging pretty heavy and low in the soft pants. That explained the gawker.

Maybe I’d get lucky and he’d come back. I’d let guys suck my dick before for drug money, I didn’t see anything wrong with getting blown for a burger and fries.

I went back to watching the insects overhead and then I heard footsteps approaching me. When I looked in that direction, a large black man almost as dark as the night appeared in the lamplight. He had on one of those caps that press hair, a shiny black fabric, and a white tank top. The large muscles in his arms and chest looked like sculpture. There was something large and sculpted in the crotch of his jeans, too.

“Are you looking for something?” I asked.

“If I was, I’d probably be in the right place since you’ve almost got a “For Sale” sign hanging in those pants.” he replied.

“Not for sale but maybe for rent, depending on the market.” I said.

“The market depends on what’s for sale; I can’t tell if that’s meat or all potatoes. A good hustler shows what he’s got.”

I stood up and pushed the sweatpants down around my knees. My cock, which even I knew was bigger than most, flopped out and hung in front of me.

“Definitely meat then.” the black guy said. “Uncircumcised, too. Extra points for that.”

He wrapped his hand around my cock shaft and squeezed while pulling the foreskin back over my cock head.

“How big does it get?” he asked.

“Keep playing with it and you’re about to find out.” I replied.

With his other hand, he cupped my big balls and stroked them at the same time that he stroked my cock. In less than a minute, my dick was standing straight up and swollen.

“How many inches?” he asked.

“Somewhere around 8.” It was much closer to 9 but I’m modest.

“How much are you asking?”

“You can blow me for twenty bucks.” I told him. “But, give me a meal and a bed for the night and you can play with it all you want.”

“Spoken like a true whore.” he replied.

He let go of my cock and balls and then said, “Put those away and come sit in my car. I have a proposition to discuss with you.”

“I thought that was what we were just doing.”

“A different proposition.’ he said. “One I hope you’ll find more interesting.”

What the hell? I said goodbye to my insect friends after stuffing my throbbing cock away, then followed him down the street. Even in the dark, I could see his meaty buns flexing in the faded jeans.

When I got into the car beside him he said, “I’ve seen you before.”

“I don’t remember seeing you.”

“That’s because every time I’ve seen you, you’ve been shitfaced on something or other, a total mess.”

“Yeah, well, those days are over. Meet the new me.” I said.

“You got yourself straightened out?”

“This is my 29th day clean.” I said. “Although, to be fair, I spent the first 14 of them in a coma. Then they kept me in the hospital until today just to make sure there was no permanent damage. I OD’d, and I was too fucked up to even remember what on. No one expected me to revive.”

“How long till you’re back in the same state?” he asked.

“Never. Something happened while I was out; it was like someone reset the switches or something. When I woke up, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t have a need. I couldn’t figure out at first why I felt so different, and then the next day it hit me. I not only didn’t need to get high, I really didn’t want to. Everything looked and felt and smelled so different, it was like I was permanently on. Using would just mess it up.”

“I’ve heard of people coming out of coma with a whole different personality.” he said.

“I feel like I came out with a different everything. So, what did you want to discuss?”

“Another chance for a different everything. I liked the way you answered my questions. You’re a good looking guy with a big dick. I can use a guy like you if you keep yourself straight.”

“The only thing I know for sure right now is that I’m not going to use again. The rest, I’ll deal with as it comes.”

“Okay, deal with this. Büyükesat Escort I run an agency. You could call it an escort agency, only no one escorts anyone. It’s strictly for sex. And, it’s strictly older guys who like dick. Following me?”

“You’re a pimp.” I said.

“Not to be crude about it or anything, huh?” he said with a smile. “Yeah, I’m a pimp. But not like the ones you see in movies. I provide a place for you to stay, I vet and book your appointments, I collect your cash and I protect you from being arrested. All of our calls are outcalls, mainly to hotels. I arrange your transportation there and back.”

“And what do you get for being such a nice guy?”

“I get thirty percent of your earnings.”

“And a year from now, when I’ve got a broken dick, HIV and an ass hole that will hold a bowling ball I get kicked to the curb.”

“Now you’re just being stupid and insulting.” he said. “Maybe this is a mistake.”

“Maybe. You didn’t even ask for my resume’.” I replied.

He stared at me a moment before smiling again.

“Okay, let’s go over your resume.” he said. “Any diseases I should know about?”

“They tested me for everything, probably even Ebola. They were sure I’d at least have one of the Heps but except for slight liver damage, I’m totally healthy. The doctors said if I stay clean, my liver will probably even regenerate itself.”

“I know you’ve let guys suck your dick. Ever had a guy eat your ass hole out?”

“That would cost extra, but no.”

“How about sucking a dick? Eating out an asshole?”

“No and no and that would really cost you.”

“Ever fuck a guy in the ass?”

“I’d probably do that for free if I can choose the guy.”

“Ever get fucked in the ass?”

“No, and I really doubt you could afford enough cheeseburgers to even begin to cover that bill.” I said.

“But, at the right price, you’d consider it all.”

He had me there.

“I’m looking for a stud, someone who can fuck and get sucked and make the guy paying feel like he’s getting his money’s worth. The rest is negotiable if you decide you want to earn more. You pick the number of appointments you can handle per day in a 5 day week. No side jobs, under any circumstance. And if you stop pulling your weight, you can’t make your rent or I catch you using, your ass is back out on the street. Understood?”

“I haven’t agreed to anything, yet.” I said.

“Yet. Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll give you that meal and bed for the night. I’ll probably even give you that blowjob, too. You think about it and we’ll talk in the morning. They call me Black, by the way.”

“I’m Tim.” I said as we pulled away from the curb. “Fast food is fine, there’s a place up here.”

“That shit will kill you. I’m cooking tonight.”

We didn’t really converse on the way to his place. I had too much to think about, anyway. I never even noticed where we were going.

We parked in the front lot of a high-rise condo building. I knew a bit about this place, it was medium level prices, respectable. Not at all what I had expected.

We got out of the car and I followed Black to the door where the night man buzzed us in.

“Evening, Mr. Black.” was all he said. He didn’t even look at me.

In the mirrored elevator going up, I got a good look at myself for the first time in years.

“Jesus,” I said, “I look like skid row.”

My hair was shoulder length and lank. The clothes the hospital had given me looked old and washed out. So did I. I was paler than a corpse.

“It’s all cosmetic.” Black said. “A month from now, you won’t recognize that guy. Luckily, you didn’t destroy the foundation.”

I was so embarrassed by my appearance that I shut my eyes to avoid seeing it in the mirrors.

“You’re ashamed, that’s good.” Black said. “Maybe you really are a new person.”

“Your doorman is probably already on the phone to the police warning them of a suspicious character.” I said.

“The doorman is discreet. It can get lonely on the overnight shift so sometimes I fix him up with some entertainment. And the building owner is a customer, so no problem there.”

When the elevator stopped, I hurried off to escape the mirrors. Black led the way down the hallway and opened a door, then motioned me to step inside.

Again, it wasn’t what I had expected. I’d been envisioning a pimp crib/disco palace/70’s pad. Instead, the décor was tastefully subdued and masculine, lots of wood and neutral colors and stuffed bookcases to the ceiling. Someone had very good taste.

After Black had entered I hesitated at the door.

“Why did you choose me?” I asked.

“I would have recruited you sooner if you hadn’t been such a mess. You’ve got a look and after we do a little work on you and fatten you up, you’ll look even better. You’re going to have them standing in line to swing on your big dick.”

“How do you know I’m not some kind of homicidal psycho?”

“How do you know that I’m not? No one would even miss you. I’m going to go Elvankent Escort cook.”

“Would it be alright if I took a shower?” I asked.

“Great idea.” he said. “You shower and I’ll have the food ready when you’re done.”

He led me to the bathroom and then disappeared back down the hall. Inside, I tried not to look at myself in the mirror but when I had stripped, I couldn’t resist.

My body wasn’t in terrible shape. I was too thin, as Black had said, but I still had decent musculature. I was so lean that I had a six pack. My cock looked like it was on the wrong body, it certainly didn’t appear undernourished. My pubes looked like a tumbleweed but my dick and balls weren’t hidden.

I climbed into the shower and took my times, using the different soaps and body washes. The shampoo was one I’d never heard of but it smelled like heaven. I found a disposable razor in a drawer and gave my face a thorough going over. As I dried off with one of the thick towels, I felt better about myself. There was a rubber band in the drawer so I combed my hair back and pulled it into a ponytail. I was starting to see the old me, before I went off the rails.

I didn’t want to put the clothes back on that I’d come in, there was something about the connection they had to the hospital that creeped me out. I just wrapped the towel around my waist and went back out.

As soon as I opened the bathroom door, I could smell food. My mouth started running just from the aroma.

I walked down the hallway to where I assumed the kitchen was. Black was standing at the stove, his back to me. While I’d been showering he had stripped down to a pair of tight black briefs that only accentuated his lush ass. He’d taken off the headscarf, too, and I was surprised to see that there was just the shortest growth of hair on his head. The rest of his flesh was hairless. His entire body was beautiful.

“I bet I can guess what you’re staring at.” he said without turning around.

“Sorry, if nothing else at least I’m obvious.” I said.

He turned around to face me and I couldn’t help checking out his crotch. The stretchy material cradling his cock and balls made them look even bigger.

“Not bad at all.” Black said, running his eyes over me. “A lot better than I expected. Nice chest, good stomach, strong shoulders. Drop the towel and let me see the rest of what I’ve got to work with.”

I loosened the towel and let it fall to the floor. Looking at Black’s body had had a noticeable effect on me and my half hard cock was standing out from my body.

“I already knew you had an outstanding cock. Great looking legs, too. Turn around and let me see from the back.”

I did as instructed and as I stood there, I suddenly felt his breath on my back.

“Still plenty of meat on this little ass.” he said and I felt his hand cup my ass cheek. “If I didn’t have other plans for this, I’d be trying to crack it open myself tonight.”

So, now my cock was entirely hard and standing straight up. I swiveled back around and the thick club of meat slapped against Black’s hip. He wrapped his hand around it and said, “We’ll get back to this. Sit down and eat.”

I bent down to retrieve my towel and covered myself. While doing so, I noticed that the bulge in Black’s briefs had gotten a lot more prominent.

I sat down on a tall stool at the counter and Black served me. He had made a burger that looked half the size of the plate, with tomatoes and lettuce and dripping with tartar sauce. On a separate plate was a mound of French fries.

“Holy fuck!” I said. “This is the best looking meal I’ve ever seen.”

As he poured cola into a glass of ice, Black said, “Ground sirloin, none of that mystery meat they serve as fast food. The fries I had frozen from the other night, I hope they’re alright.”

I tasted one and said, “It’s delicious.” Then, I took a sip of cola. “Wow, this is really good. What is it?”

“Just a run of the mill cola drink, can’t you tell?”

“It’s been so long since I really tasted anything. Was it always this good?”

“Yeah, if you aren’t too fucked up to tell. Now, eat.” Black said.

He handed me a stack of paper napkins and I chowed down. It was like having my very first meal, the hospital food had been gray and tasteless and I only ate it because I knew I had to. This food, however, was like the food of the gods. I was tempted to eat the plate, too.

Black sat and watched me with a half smile the whole time.

“My new addiction may be to food.” I said after scarfing down every crumb. “This time next year I’ll weigh 300 pounds.”

“That is something we definitely are not going to let happen. Had enough?”

“I’m about to burst.” I said.

I stood up and went around the counter to where Black stood. At first he looked wary but when I wrapped my arms around his body and buried my face in his neck, he relaxed. I stood that way a few minutes and then finally said, “Thank you for finding me.”

My hands had a mind of their own and soon they Beşevler Escort were roaming over the hard musculature of Black’s body. His hands were doing the same and eventually we were standing belly to belly, only a couple of layers of fabric between our hard cocks, cupping each other’s ass cheeks. He reached down and tugged at my towel at the same time that I began to lower his briefs over his hips. I could feel the stiff column of his cock beside mine as I grabbed him again.

He leaned back and looked between our bodies. My stiff dick, the head bright red, and his hard cock, the head deep black, were standing side by side. He reached between us and position our cocks so that the underside of each rested against the other, his hand holding both at the base.

“Shit, I knew your dick was bigger than 8 inches. It’s the same size as mine. Just as thick, too.” Black said.

“Yours is prettier, though.”

Black let his own cock go and wrapped his hand around my stiff shaft.

“Man, this thing is hard. Let me see what I can do about that.” he said.

Still holding my dick, he pulled me across the room to the leather sofa and sat me down, spreading my legs wide. My cock was so hard it was glued to my belly.

He got onto his knees in front of me and wrapped his hand around my stiff cock. He spent some time examining it, stroking the foreskin hood back and forth over my cock head and spreading the precum leaking out of my slit.

“Let’s see if this thing tastes as good as it looks.” he said. He pulled the skin taut around the base so that my glistening cock head was full exposed.

When his hot mouth closed around my cock head, I pushed back in my seat and tried to spread my legs even wider. I could see a grin on the mouth around my dick.

He took his time, savoring my meat. He used his hand on my shaft to push the loose skin up so that it curled around his tongue, then used the tip of his tongue to tickle my piss hole.

“Oh, fuck, that feels so good.” I said.

He pulled the skin down again and ran his smooth tongue all over the surface of the head, making me squirm.

“You really know how to make a cock feel good.” I told him.

His dark lips began to slide down my cock and I watched it vanish inch by inch. His tongue was squirming over the underside of my shaft the whole time and when my big head hit the back of his throat, I let out a grunt of appreciation. But he didn’t stop there. I felt the opening expanding around my dick as it slid into his tight throat. As I’ve said, I’ve had my cock sucked off before but I had never had anyone throat it. If being sucked felt good, this felt ten times better.

He began to flex his throat muscles, sending waves of sensation over my cock. It was almost like he was milking my dick. With his other hand, he began to play with my balls, rolling them around in their sack and tugging at them.

“You’re going to make me cum in a minute.” I said.

He backed my dick out of his throat and raised his face to me.

“I want you to try something.” he said. “See how long you can take it without cumming. Try really hard, I’ll tell you when you can shoot.”

My cock slid back into his mouth and he began giving me a conventional blowjob. The feeling wasn’t nearly as intense. I watched him slobber on my dick, his head rising and falling. While it felt damned good, I’d lost my desire to shoot.

My hands had been roaming over his bulky shoulders, feeling the smooth skin and the hard muscle underneath. As my hands worked their way down his back, he turned his body to the side. With no effort, I could feel the plush cheeks of his incredible ass. It felt like hard rubber wrapped in satin. My hand strayed into his deep ass crack and he made an “Mmm-hmm” noise. A second later, my fingers had found the tight knot of his puckered ass hole. I felt it flex and tighten as I played with it.

He worked on my meat for several minutes and then began to swallow more of it each time. His tight throat muscles sliding over my hard cock required me to practice a lot more restraint. Instead of watching him suck me, I began to think about my future.

I had flunked out of my second year of college when my use got out of control. I’d been there on a full scholarship, too. I wondered if there was a scholarship or grant program that specialized in retired dope fiends, if it would be possible to pick up where I had left off. If I decide to become a full time cock hustler, what kind of earnings could I expect? Maybe I could pay my own way and not have to rely on handouts. Even if I only went half time, I’d still be doing something.

I came back to the present when Black began to twist my balls. I glanced down at him and with the full length of my cock all the way down his throat, he nodded his head.

Another minute of watching his lips around my dick and feeling his throat massaging the rock hard shaft and my balls started to rise. It felt like my dick head was exploding as Black worked to gulp down the juice squirting out of the tip. I couldn’t help myself; I was mooing like a cow and groaning like a hyena from the sensation.

I’ve always shot large loads. This time, I hadn’t even jerked off in well over a month. The amount of cum shooting out of my balls surprised even me. Black milked my dick with his throat muscles, swallowing every drop. When my balls felt totally empty, he began to back me out of his throat again.

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