Bachelor Party: Dream Come True Ch. 02


Michael was now on cloud nine. Dani had just given him the greatest orgasm of his life. He knew that he wanted to return the favor. Upon re-entry to Earth, he rolls her over and starts kissing every inch of this gorgeous creature. He doesn’t want to miss a single spot on this lithe, young body.

Dani is in ecstasy. This man is hitting every erogenous zone she has and is finding new ones that she didn’t know existed. Her nipples are on fire as she pulls on them in response to his lips and tongue teasing and pleasuring her body. She is shocked by their size and sensitivity. No one has ever gotten her this distraught. She can hardly breathe; the feelings are so exquisite.

As Michael nears the folds of her clean-shaven pussy, he watches her face and enjoys the screams of ecstasy she emits. Her juices are copiously running down her lips, through the crease of her ass cheeks and are soaking the bed. He laps at her engorged lips, sending her to a newfound state of pleasure. Her clit is begging to be touched, but he wants to prolong her pleasure as much as possible.

He arap escort drives his tongue as deep as possible into her vagina. He cannot believe how tightly the walls squeeze his tongue. For a moment, he fears that it may be torn form his mouth. Dani is now screaming uncontrollably. They are oblivious to everything but the pleasures they are receiving from each other.

As her orgasm subsides, Dani realizes how loud she was screaming. The neighbors are banging on the wall, but she doesn’t care. All she wants at this moment is to feel Michael’s big cock slide into her pussy. She wonders how much it will stretch her or if it will fit. It is so-o wide.

Michael is lying next to Dani, watching her face as she recuperates from a tumultuous orgasm. Seeing that she is back in reality, he moves to position his cock at the entrance to her tunnel. She reaches down and guides it to her opening, telling him to go slow as she has never had a cock this big before.

He slides in the head as she moans with surprise at the feeling of her walls stretching. escort bayan istanbul Only the head is in, but it is enough to trigger another orgasm. She pleads with him to drive it all the way. Michael obliges, slowly pushing his entire 8” into the writhing woman beneath him. The feeling of her fiery, tight depths coupled with her moans of pleasure cause a second eruption to flow from his manhood.

The feeling of Michael’s explosion inside of her makes Dani know that she will want this man for the rest of her life. How can she keep him coming back for more? Unbeknownst to her, Michael is wondering if this will be his only chance at enjoying Dani’s body. He readies to leave, hoping that this is not the last time he sees her. She kisses him goodbye, wondering if he’ll be back.

As the two lovers bask in the glow of the tremendous bond they share, Dani is imagining sharing this wonderful cock with her “group”, as she calls them: the group of friends that gather twice a week for an unbridled orgy. Recalling the passion of their cum-filled kiss, zenci escort she knows Michael will be more than receptive.

Meanwhile, Michael wonders if he will be invited to the get-togethers that Jenifer told him about. Jenifer is Dani’s favorite bisexual lover who has confided in Michael all the details of the group’s sexcapades. At 5’-0” and about 95#, Jenifer is one hot little number that he would like to sample.

At the moment they both are about to bring up the group, the doorbell rings. “Shit!” Dani yells as she gets out of bed to see who has interrupted her blissful thoughts. Just as she reaches for her robe, Jenifer rounds the corner of her bedroom door.

“I thought I might find you two in here!” the little minx exclaims. “No need to cover up now, I’ve seen it all before”, she tells Dani. Turning her attention to the now excited man on the bed, “You, on the other hand, are a sight I’ve wanted to see for a long time.”

“I hope you’re not disappointed”, Michael replies.

“The only way I’ll be disappointed is if I don’t get any of what you are stroking right now.” Michael hadn’t even realized that hi cock was in his hand as he watched Jen undress. He was on the verge of exploding, imagining what was about to happen.

The two sexiest co-eds he knows are about to give him the sendoff of his dreams.

To be continued…………

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