BabySitter Is An Example


Yvonne, that’s my wife, and I had had a rare night out. We’d had dinner at a nice restaurant and then caught a movie in one of these new super-service theatres. I’d let Yvonne pick the film and had really expected it to be the sort of chick-flick that women like. I was quite surprised at what she chose to see. So, I think, was Yvonne. Not quite what she’d expected, I suspect, with some quite hot sex scenes. All in all, an enjoyable night. I expected the piece de resistance to take place after we got home

We got home around midnight. Michelle, our baby-sitter was sitting up watching TV. Yvonne and Michelle started chatting and we all finished up gravitating towards the kitchen and sitting down around the table for a cup of coffee.

I was relaxing sleepily, letting the two women talk and just listening. It was just force of habit I guess that started me stroking Yvonne’s leg, sort of a little bit of early foreplay. I wasn’t really surprised when she half-heartedly tried to push my hand away. I ignored that and just let my fingers run up and down her thigh.

Sliding my hand around her knee I slipped my hand between her legs and stroked along the inside of her thigh, moving slowly up towards her panties. She clamped her legs together and I had to withdraw my hand, but I ran it along her leg until I was softly rubbing her mons through her panties.

Now I know we had company, with Michelle there, but I was a little drowsy and probably not thinking too clearly. From her mons I pressed down slightly and waited, encouraging Yvonne to part her legs a little. She held firm for a minute or two and then shifted her seat slightly and my fingers dipped down, pressing against her soft lips through the flimsy panties. Wet and flimsy panties I noticed.

“Are you falling asleep there, Ron,” Yvonne suddenly said, and I jerked fully awake and smiled at her.

“Of course not,” I told her. “I was just listening to what you and Michelle were saying.”

That’s when it dawned on me that I may have made a slight mistake. Yvonne, my lovely wife, was sitting across the table from me. Michelle, our sweet and nubile young baby-sitter, was sitting next to me with a slight flush on her face.

And my hand resting on her pussy.

The devil made me do it. I joined in the conversation a bit more fully, discussing the film, but my hand stayed just where it was, playing and teasing.

The point came when Yvonne made a comment about the sex scenes in the film, wondering just how true to life escort mecidiyeköy they were.

“According to that film, half the women in it were prepared to just jump in bed with the first man who came along. A bit unreal, I thought.”

“Now why would you say that?” I protested. “You know that women like sex just as much as men. It’s just that they tend to hide it better. After all, you hear about men talking about their one-night stands, but for them to have a one-night stand there was a woman there who was also having a one-night stand.”

“Maybe, but they were probably hoping for more,” Yvonne claimed.

I shook my head.

“No. If the woman has decided she wants sex then she’s not really going to worry about whether it’s a one-night stand or a life-time commitment. Take Michelle here. How old are you, Michelle? Eighteen?”

“Nineteen,” she mumbled.

“Now I don’t suppose you’re a virgin, are you?”

Michelle blushed and shook her head.

“And I’ll bet you didn’t expect to marry anyone you may have had sex with. Tell you what, Yvonne. I’ll use Michelle here as an example and show you what I mean. Stand up, Michelle.”

I think Michelle was probably a little relieved to stand up. It removed her pussy from my teasing fingers. Her relief was short lived.

“Hold this,” I said, lifting her skirt high, showing off her panties.

Michelle automatically clutched at her skirt and then gasped and went red as I calmly lowered her panties. I slid my hand over her leg and up until I was cupping her pussy.

“You see,” I said to Yvonne. “Michelle knows that if I take her right now it will only be a once-off. Isn’t that right, Michelle?”

Yvonne giggled.

“Really, Michelle. Letting Ron pull down your panties like that. It’s easy for you to say you know it would only be a once-off because you don’t really expect Ron to take you, do you?”

Michelle was still blushing and holding her skirt up while I continued to caress her pussy. She shook her head at Yvonne’s question, but I was giving Yvonne a challenging look.

Yvonne has never been one to resist a challenge.

“How far will you go, I wonder?” she murmured. “Ron, stand up and show the woman what she’s risking.”

I didn’t mind. I stood up and dropped my trousers, showing that I was ready for action. Michelle’s face flushed again and she let go her skirt.

“Lift your skirt,” I told her.

She looked at me and I was just looking back, obviously istanbul eskort expecting her to do as she was instructed. Hesitantly, she lifted her skirt again.

“You see,” I told Yvonne. “I could take her right now and she’d permit it. Wouldn’t you, sweetheart?”

“She wouldn’t,” protested Yvonne. “Right in front of me?”

I nodded, quietly confident. Michelle was absolutely hypnotised by what was going on. I don’t think she had any free will at that stage.

“Show me,” snapped Yvonne.

I’d been hoping she’d say something like that. I took Michelle’s arm and led her around the table until she was standing next to Yvonne with her back to the table. Then I gently pressed her until she was leaning back against the table. She had her arms behind her, supporting her, and she was looking down at her groin, eyeing my cock dancing around next to her.

I eased forward until my cock was pressing against her slit. A gentle push and her lips yielded and the head of my cock was inside her. A glance at Yvonne showed her watching closely, still not really believing that Michelle was permitting this. Ironically, a glance at Michelle showed that she couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. She looked slightly stunned.

I stayed where I was for a moment, but when neither woman objected I started pushing in. Michelle started squealing slightly as I pressed home while Yvonne seemed to be holding her breath. Finding no resistance from Michelle and finding her passage hot and wet, I drove home vigorously.

Michelle gave a loud squeal when my groin smacked into hers, and Yvonne gave a small growl of disgust.

“I wouldn’t have believed it,” she said irritably. “Seeing you’ve started, I expect you to give it to her hard. If that’s all right by you, Michelle?” she added sweetly.

Michelle was just gasping slightly, looking down at where our bodies were joined. I drew slowly out, with Michelle making a muffle groan as I withdrew, then I drove back in hard, causing her to shriek.

With that start I got down to it. Michelle was hot and tight and her passage fit me like a glove. A wet and slippery glove, that let me slide back and forth easily and quickly.

Mind you, that sliding back and forth was not a one man affair. Michelle was doing her bit to make sure that the sliding took place, pressing herself hard against me as I drove into her. Somehow she hitched herself up a little so her bottom was on the table and her legs came up and wrapped taksim escort themselves around me, helping to pull me in deep.

Michelle was squealing excitedly as I took her, tossing her head from side to side. You could practically map the course to her coming climax by the intensity of the squeals. Yvonne was shaking her head as well, but more in disgust that Michelle would act like this. (I made a mental note to never tell Yvonne that I’d accidentally started stoking Michelle’s fires thinking I was stroking Yvonne’s leg. Yvonne would kill me.)

I was hitting Michelle harder and faster. My ears told me how close she was to climaxing and I was driving in hard, reaching for mine as well. Then with one last hard thrust I was jerking helplessly into her, letting my seed flow, while Michelle was kicking her legs free and almost screaming in her relief.

I finally disengaged, pulling back, while Michelle’s legs sank down to the floor. She was still propped against the table. I don’t think her legs would have supported her just yet. To my surprise Yvonne stepped forward and had Michelle roll over so she was leaning face first into the table.

“Go around the table and hold her hands,” Yvonne told me.

Shrugging, I did so, taking a firm hold of Michelle’s hands, effectively holding her pinned across the table. Why I didn’t know. I found out as soon as Michelle started gathering her wits together. She seemed to shake her head slightly and then tugged her hands, trying to pull them loose.

“Hold on, Michelle,” Yvonne said softly. “I have something for you.”

The next thing I knew Yvonne dropped a hard spank to Michelle’s bottom.

“You can consider this a reminder that what happened is a once-off,” said Yvonne cheerfully and set to, giving Michelle a nice spanking.

For a moment I wondered if I’d have to interfere, but I could see that Yvonne wasn’t being vicious, just determined. She delivered a nice little spanking that had Michelle squealing and protesting, then I saw Yvonne get a funny little smile on her face.

The spanking continued, but Yvonne was no longer tanning Michelle’s bottom. From the look of consternation on Michelle’s face I knew just where she was now being spanked. I also noticed that she kept her legs wide to facilitate this spanking.

Michelle’s face was flushed and she was panting and squeaking, while Yvonne’s paddling was going faster and faster. Then an odd look crossed Michelle’s face and she shrieked and seen to go into spasms as she had another climax, courtesy of a well paddled pussy.

For some reason, that was the last time Michelle ever sat for us. We still see her around and are reasonably friendly with her, but Yvonne decided a change of sitters was in order. Women get odd notions.

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