Babydoll Ch. 17


Another direct continuation of this series. Next one is well in the works. Wanted the rest of the story to be well on the way before this submission. The wrap up is coming.

Once again, I appreciate the comments and feedback of the Babydoll series. The encouragement has helped me move forward towards the end. It takes a while to write these, because I want each to have meaning – I hope that they do. There may be certain chapters you like and others you don’t. Please give the story a chance even if there may be something that doesn’t suit your fancy. Isn’t that the way all dramas work? I am trying to pull in all of your senses.

Anyway, any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental. Please read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to some. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. In no way do I condone such activity. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy.


My eyes opened to the glaring light from the sun shining brightly through the windows facing south in the room. As I came to consciousness, I awoke to the greatest feeling of contentment. I had experienced satisfaction a few times in my life, but lying here naked and cuddled up, holding my Babydoll, skin-on-skin under the warm blankets felt like a new level of liberation.

The night before had been the most wonderful experience of my young life. Ashley and I had been able to shed our inhibitions and express our love to one another in every way possible. The awareness of her body against mine brought me back to full arousal. I inhaled her sweet essence and kissed her tussled hair as I pulled her closer to me. She sighed as my hands roamed her torso until I had hold of her upper abdomen below her soft, pliable breasts. My lower body wriggled as my distended genitalia once again found its way to the crevice of my lovely’s luscious buns. There was no way to control myself. My phallus stood like an obelisk.

I wanted to show her how much I loved her as I released her and crawled down the bed ,leveraging her onto her back to where I was perfectly positioned between her legs. Ash was slowly awakening as I looked up and smiled at her opening eyes, “You’re the only thing I’ve ever needed.”

We stared intently at one another as I gently feathered her curvy torso, “You know I love ya Babe.” I could never get enough of her. I was ready for a taste as I spread her base apart, leaning in and kissing the peachy fuzz I had groomed a few days before. Her sex emitted an intoxicating aroma as our excitement grew to a fevered pitch. I opened my mouth to French kiss Ashley’s flower, which unfolded before me.

My tongue gently flowed along the inner folds of her pussy as she arched up in reaction to her sensitivity. I had to physically press her legs apart as they began to contract together. I had her squirming as I buried my tongue inside her deliciousness, swirling it before sucking in the voluminous juices.

I went after her clitty with the tip of my tongue and gently flicked it through the channel of her labial lips, treasuring her reaction as a feeling of power washed over my soul. Ash was struggling in her ecstasy under my oral manipulations. Dragging my lips up to and sucking in her vulva, I played with her vulnerable sexual buttons, bringing her to the edge and over an ethereal climax.

“Oh! Jimmy,” she writhed, frantically grabbing at the sheets. She looked to be in the throes of ultimate pleasure as she suddenly gasped for air, then fainted back into the pillows; her chest heaving as she convulsed in the waves of her erotic bliss.

I felt quite satisfied, enjoying the moment, knowing I had accomplished my goal. I grinned as I gave one last kiss to the downy fur of her mons and then lapped up the sweet juice that that covered her sex, feeling the coating of her secreted pleasure, which covered my face, “Baby, you taste so good.”

The passion consumed me as I massaged her belly, my other hand draped along her thigh. I rose up to lay beside her as she scooted over to lay her head on my chest, where she rested contentedly.

Relaxing, I had thoughts flowing through my mind I had to express, “Baby, l don’t wanna go back home. Let’s stay here.”

Ashley cooed, “Jimmy, you know we’ve gotta get back home… You know how it is. Somebody’ll be wondering where we are and how are we going to explain all of that.”

(Jim) – “I don’t care what people think.”

(Ashley) – “You say that now, but think how uncomfortable you’ll be if people find out about this.”

I grimaced, thinking about reality, “Dammit Ashley, I wanna be with you.”

(Ashley) – “I wanna be with you too, but it can’t be… We can’t make that happen… You need to be with Jill… She’s great. We’ve had this time. We’ve got to move on.”

(Jim) – I can’t move on. This is what I need… I need you… I need you every day.”

“Jimmy… please, if you love me, then you’ll listen to me for once… you’ll do this for me.”

(Jim) gorukle escort – “But…”

(Ashley) – “No Buts…”

(Jim) – “But…”

(Ashley) – “Shhh… Just hold me… We leave at dark…”

(Jim) – “Please list…”

“Nooo Jimmeee… Just hold me.”


In the illuminated room, I reached down and pulled the covers back over our nude form. The room was cool, but the blankets helped remove the draft as we settled into one another. My erection was full as I laid upon my back with Ashley draped across my chest at an angle, the top of her head resting just below my chin. We laid motionless for a long while. I couldn’t stop thinking of everything; Ashley, the beginning, the past, the night before, Jill, my mother, my family, society… at times I truly hated the world.

I knew Ash had to be thinking too, but I had no idea what about. Eventually she kissed my chest, before turning to gaze into my eyes. “I love you,” she grinned with a forlorned look.

“I love you too,” I replied with melancholy, feeling that she felt the same about the inhibitions of the outside world.

“Do you know what time it is?” she asked.

(Jim) – “I’ll have to get up to look.”

“Ohhh,” she disappointingly responded, as I began to move.

I turned to the edge of the bed and headed to the room that has the Jacuzzi. I don’t know what you would call that room. It’s like a bathroom, dressing room, Jacuzzi room all rolled into one.

As I entered the room, I took note in consternation, moving over to shut off the water jets that were still stirring from the night before. Reminiscing about what had taken place a few hours before, I retrieved my watch and phone that sat on the shelf at the entrance of the room. Looking at my phone, I was sort of shocked to see that it was 12:24pm. It was past noon and I could see that Jill had called multiple times, but I wasn’t going to call her back. All I wanted was my Babydoll… All I needed was my Babydoll.

I went back to the bedroom and saw Ash still curled up in the blankets, where she seemed to be sleeping again. I went to the windows and closed the blinds to darken the room, before heading back to bed. As I raised the covers to reenter, Ash opened her eyes, smirking. I could see what she was looking at and it made me conscious of my erection as it lopped down my leg, “There you go again. You could kill somebody with that thing.”

I rolled my eyes as I laid down facing her and brought my arms around to kiss her, “It’s nearly 12:30pm.” She responded with the same wide eyed ‘where has the time gone’ look that I had upon my own discovery.

My hand found a resting place upon her hip, as I allowed my fingers to run back over the skin of her tush. I kissed her lips softly, before pulling back, “Please… Let’s stay the night.”

“Jimmy, you know we can’t… We’ve already been over this… Someone will be wondering where I’m at… They may even go out looking for me… You know how they are… You know how they worry.”

“Come on Baby… let’s stay,” I insisted as I kissed her again.

“Jimm-eee,” she pulled back… “Don’t make this hard.”

(Jim) – “It already is Baby… It already is.”

“I can see that,” she whispered in my ear as she rubbed her cheek against my own, exhaling a frustrated sigh. She then reached up and pulled her beautifully disheveled hair back as she kissed her way down my chest.

It was more than obvious what she was doing, as I lay in impatient anticipation, waiting to be taken orally. My cock jerked against her chin as she approached it. She turned her head to look back at me with a sultry ‘do you want this?’ look. As my eyes met hers, I gave her an affirmative grin… and then she turned her head and went down on me.

Sliding the head of my cock between her soft lips, she slowly allowed the contours of her tongue to envelope the fleshy phallus. Reaching down, I gently petted the back of her head as the action tantalized my libido, when she continued taking my engorged cock further into her mouth.

As she took me all the way in, I felt a coating of saliva roll down the base of my scrotum when the crown of my glory touched the entrance of my princess’s throat. I moaned, as the sensitivity overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t help thrusting until I entered her mouth deeply causing her to gag.

The reflex caused her to pull completely off of me. As she turned to look, I worried, “I’m so sorry Baby. Are you alright?”

“I’m sorry Jimmy. I’m not good at this,” she apologized.

“Baby, you’re wrong… you’re so wrong…” returning the apology. “It was me Baby. I’ll be more careful. You overwhelmed me. You’re the best baby. Take your time. We can do something else, but that felt so wonderful.”

She smiled as she grabbed my tool with her hand and began to milk it, “You want me to continue?”

(Jim) – “If you want Baby… I’d like.”

As her hand pumped me, she pushed the steely flesh against my abdomen and altıparmak eskort bayan proceeded to lick the sack she had shaven a few days before. The next thing I knew she grabbed the base of my cock and raised my phallus at a 90 degree angle and sunk her mouth down on me, taking me deeply once again.

Ash had given me blow jobs a few times now, but this was a mind blowing deep throat! Hands free, she slurped her way back up to the tip of my cock, before leaving just the head in her lips where I could feel my frenulum sliding against the roof of her mouth. She sucked me for a few seconds before she bobbed her head a few times at a slow steady pace.

Even with this sensation of pleasure, my consciousness brought me back to Ashley. As she stretched out to my side, I gave her shapely tush a good squeeze, which triggered a moan that vibrated around my cock causing my whole body to involuntarily lurch forward to a degree that I couldn’t fully recognize.

Ashley didn’t miss a beat as she shifted up on her knees, which changed the angle of my cock and seemed to give her even more control of the situation. My head turned to the side, as I took in the sight of Ash’s bare hip.

“Baby.” I sighed as I smelled her feminine essence and tilted slightly to kiss the part of her body I had access to. It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted more,”Come over me,” I cajoled as I reached to her opposite side and pulled her towards me. She naturally accepted as the thigh nearest me rose over my chest.

I tried to remain calm from the excitement as I felt my heart beating in my chest. The delicious friction of her lithe 120lb frame straddling my torso drove me nucking futs… and now her naked pussy was pouting at me as she settled it right in front of my chin. Through all of this commotion, her sweet mouth never left my cock.

Ashley’s pussy glistened as I grabbed her hips and repositioned the pie for perfect access.. With my thumb and forefinger, I split the folds and twiddled her clitty. I felt the weight of her tummy moving against my own as she suddenly jolted, moaning harshly around my cock. Reaching both hands beneath her hips, I pulled her back and ran my tongue vertically up her slit.

Ash never stopped sucking my cock, and she now seemed to be focusing more intently than even before. When she finally pulled off, I felt her hand vigorously take hold of my shaft and pump it with long deliberate strokes. I caught my breath as the sensation of her jerking my saliva coated shaft overwhelmed me. My thighs contracted as I consciously focused on holding back my impending climax.

The sweet musky aroma of her pussy was intoxicating, as I took note of the sensation of the fine hairs of her labial lips tickling my tongue. We bucked against one another as our mouths sent us to new, overpowering heights.

Her thighs squeezed tightly around my head as her hips slid away from my mouth. As she moved back towards me, the cheeks of her ass would spread exposing her little bung hole. My playmate’s hot little pussy was melting all over my face as the downy fur of her landing strip tickled my chin when I sucked her in.

I maneuvered her hips, as I became more aroused, so that I felt I had full control over her; but in reality I wasn’t sure who had control over whom. In my mind, it felt like we were challenging one another to see who could get the other to climax first. I’d already succeeded, but I could always kick it up a notch. The next time Ash rocked back, I thrust my index finger against her puckered little asshole.

Ash immediately gasped around my cock, before she pulled off and pumped furiously. She paused and turned back looking at me with squinting eyes, “there you go being a dirty boy again,” she chided. “Why you gotta be a dirty boy.”

“I already told ya before Baby, it’s all dirty.” I smiled as I reached and pulled her hips all the way against my face. I was smothered in her feminine charms as her hot, wet sex spread open for my invading tongue. She lost it as my tongue darted into the ass.

“So dirty,” she exhaled, “So good, but so dirty. Mmmmm… Mmmm… uhhhh…” her sounds encouraged me on.

Even with her lost composure, Ash had gone back to devouring my cock. Her breathing was erratic, as she took all of me in, sucking hard while bobbing her head up and down my length, slurping when she came back up to the corona.

My sensitivity was almost to the edge as I felt the cum effervescing in my balls, but I continued probing my lovely’s sopping pussy, while hugging the small of her back. Ashley squealed one last time as I felt the frenzy of my climax overwhelm me and I began fucking her mouth in earnest. She may as well have been a porn star, the way she took me all the way in. She had won… she won… , “Ohhhh Baby… Babydoll… I’m cuh…” Fireworks burst as I surrendered falling back.

She must have known. “Mmm-hmm!” she encouraged, as the first glob of cum jetted out with a fearsome force. She choked and pulled nilüfer eskort bayan back as I spasmed and volleyed subsequent loads all over her angelic face and in her hair.

“Ohhh Ashley!” I groaned loudly, “I’m sorry,” apologizing, knowing that her face had to be covered with my sperm. I felt terrible, but in another way my Alpha Male had taken over. I couldn’t help myself as she drained me. My cock had been past the point of arousal for a while and being on the edge of exploding for what seemed like an eternity had just kicked everything into overdrive.

Ash released my deflating cock, causing it to flop to my belly. I tried to catch my breath and compose my nerves, staring dazed into space. Ash always amazed me with the heights she took me to. We were the perfect match. Could it be because we were so much alike? Because we were related. She could always bring me to a level of sexual satisfaction that no one else could. “That was fucking incredible,” I anxiously had to let her know, hoping she wouldn’t be mad that I had covered her face with my cream.

As she crawled towards me, we stared intently into one another’s eyes. One couldn’t help but notice my pearly goo drooling from her lips, dangling off her chin, and a rope that ran erratically from one of her cheeks to her forehead and up through her hair.

“Holy fuck Ash… I’m so sorry” I paused shaking my head. As I laid back spent into the mattress. She was propped up on her hands overlooking me almost as though she were stunned. I pulled her down to me, “You look so sexy,” I mused as I uncontrollably kissed her mouth.

She pulled back “Jimm-ee… Ewww… I’ve got your cum all over my face… are you crazy.”

I smiled, thinking about the salty substance I tasted and felt, “I don’t give a fuck. I’ve never loved you more… Besides, you’re all over my face too.”

We both chuckled as Ash came back for more kisses. “Well, I guess we need to go get cleaned up,” she crawled out of the bed and took my hand leading the way.

We headed nude back to the room with the Jacuzzi. As we entered, Ash ran some water in the sink and washed her face as I went over to use the bathroom. Looking at her after she had scrubbed her face and patted it dry, it was easy to see that she needed no make-up. I was lost in thought when Ash told me, I’m going to brush my teeth and I’d suggest you do the same.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I affirmed her wish. I had placed my toiletries in this room the night before, when I had gotten dressed for our date. Ashley headed back to the bedroom to get hers.


When she got back, I was finishing up brushing my teeth. “I went downstairs and got this,” she smiled as she displayed the bottle of dish soap in one hand and her toiletry bag in the other. “I figure if they say it’s good for your hands, it won’t hurt our skin. She put her bag on the cabinet and headed over to the Jacuzzi tub, turned on the water without starting the jets and poured some soap in it causing it to bubble up.

In the meantime, she came back over to the sink and brushed and rinsed her teeth before gargling some Cinnamon mouthwash. I had gotten into the tub when she came to me with the mouthwash, “Here, this is some good stuff.” I gladly listened and gargled some myself, then spit in the cup she provided me. She took it back over to the cabinet before coming back to the tub. Mind you, we had been walking around the house like a couple of naked jaybirds.

Ash entered the tub and made her way directly to me, where she knelt down and went straight to my lips. I couldn’t help but groan as our mouths came together. Leaning forward into one another our foreheads made contact.

“Mmm you feel so good.” I whispered in her ear, while wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her into me. I turned her around and pulled her to my lap. She leaned her head back on my shoulder as I ran my hands across her tummy. I bent forward and nibbled at the nape of her neck before trailing up to her ear and flicking her lobe with my tongue. She shuddered back into my torso as I jostled her swollen jugs. Breathing, “I love you… I only love you.”

“Oh Jimmy,” she sighed.

The moment brought forth excitement as my libido found new life. Something… someone so sexy, who always made me feel so alive. I had chills as I became erect once again. So many times I had felt this, no matter whom I was with. I was totally overcome by my feelings of desire for this woman. No matter what happened, it always came back to Ashley.

My whole body tensed as she touched my cock… moving down awkwardly, leaning forward, and positioning the glans with her hand. Slowly, she lowered herself down, whimpering as I slid into the entrance of her wet pussy once again. With a heavenly thrust, I went deep inside until I felt my balls resting against the spongy flesh of her soft bottom. With my hands to her sides, I began to slowly withdraw inch by inch until only the crown remained inside her labial opening.

As I began the push-push again, she pulled her legs firmly to my side. I leaned in and kissed between her shoulder blades as I wrapped my right arm around her tummy and pulled her towards my chest. She pulled to my left side and crooked her head into the nape of my neck and we kissed as we found a pleasant rhythm to this copulation.

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