Awakenings Ch. 02

Big Dick

AWAKENINGS CH 2 – Fun with (Orv’s) Dick and Jane(‘s Nipples)

All characters in this work of fiction, at least when interacting with another character in any sexual way, are over 18

[Author’s Note: I do plan to continue the titillating (don’t you love the word?) story begun in chapter 1, but it will be months in cumming [sic] to fruition – I do have a day job, and the love of my life, my 38C, is around more now, keeping me “busy!”

In the meantime, please enjoy the following chapter, which introduces a new character but is set only a few days after Chapter 1 (neglecting multiple flashbacks). While reading Chapter 1 will give you some background on why Orv is the way he is, this chapter can really stand on its own. Enjoy!]

Breasts, nipples, boobs, nips, tits, buds, jugs, areolas, mammaries, cleavage, nipples… Yes, he was repeating on nipples, but he just loved the word and the varied images it brought to mind!

In the last few days, Orville’s knowledge of, and obsession with, these most fascinating of female appendages had grown a million fold. Yes, he previously knew the words breast and nipple, and you could not escape pictures of women with great cleavage if you went into any drug store (Orv, as everyone called him, had often lingered in the magazine section just to take them in), but until just recently, breasts were no more than tantalizingly round forms perpetually hidden behind blouses, sweaters, and swim suits, and the slang terms used in reference thereto had never crossed his retina.

That had all changed on move-in day, when he’d begun bringing their belongings into the house left to them by their Uncle Milt, who had died instantly in a car crash, along with his college age daughter. While his Mom, Kath, had been working at her job at the Senior Center, Orv had stumbled onto a stash of magazine photos and erotic stories that had been covered up on Milt’s desk. And that is when the Great Mystery of what the rest of a breast looked like once you got past the central cleavage area had become clear.

Nipples – these held the greatest fascination! And the variety! Some were just bumps, surrounded by a ring of similar colored flesh called the areola, as Orv had learned from the stories. Other nipples rose sharply and seemed almost the size of the end of his little finger. Some nips, and even areolas, were contorted by crinkles, almost like they were covered by goose bumps. Some nipples were chocolate brown, others were such a light shade of strawberry that they almost faded into the flesh color of the surrounding boob.

And then, there was the bigger picture – for Orv had gotten his first views of the forbidden underside of breasts – the area never shown on the drugstore magazine covers and never exposed by girls in bathing suits. Oh, and the variety there was amazing as well! The larger tits nearly always had some sag, while others might protrude straight out from the girl’s rib cage or, for those with smaller tits, the slope might even be upward. But no matter – Orv loved them all.

And then, there was the encounter with his Mom that night. Orv, consumed by looking at the photos of naked tits and reading the erotic stories, had failed to move over his Mom’s clothes, so she’d had no choice but to wear one of his cousin’s sheer nightgowns – and without the usual protection of her sleep bra. But enough musing on the background story.

On Monday morning, as the warm shower beat on his shoulders, Orv closed his eyes and recalled the way his mother Kath’s breasts had swayed under the flimsy nightgown, the darkness of her nipples revealed as she entered the cone of light from the desk lamp. His dick longed to be stroked, and he was soon massaging his swollen tool with long, firm stokes. Oh, her tits were SO magnificent! A lot like Amber’s from the collection of photos he’s found – large, round, and soft, but still jutting out nearly horizontally from her rib cage.

And then there was the FEEL of her right boob, virtually thrust into his hand as they had both turned, startled by the door slamming across the hall, closed by a gust of wind coursing through their new house. Her nipple had been stiff even before the breeze, since he had felt it digging into his bare chest as they had hugged. Orv stroked his dick with greater intensity as he thought about the heft of her boob, which more than filled his large hand, and he recalled the nipple pulsing against his palm. With another couple of strokes, he felt a tingling in his balls, and the urge to climax was intense – but he wanted to wait, to savor the naughtiness of his plans.

With his dick still semi-hard, Orv came back to his room, moving to his Uncle Milt’s dresser. He found a pair of shorts and tried them on without putting on his underwear first. He’d read some stories in Uncle Milt’s collection of Pentup letters and felt that going “commando” might really give him a charge.

Given the erotic state of his mind, Orv’s dick was moving past semi hard even before Sivas Escort he pulled on the shorts, so it was not a fair test of whether he could pull this off; indeed, when he looked in the mirror, the tenting of his shorts was beyond noticeable. He walked around in front of the mirror, and, while he loved the way his unencumbered dick felt, it REALLY wobbled around – much, much too noticeable.

Could he really make this work? Could he get past Kath’s observant eyes? Well, it might be hard – correct that, “difficult” – but his hormones wouldn’t let him back out.

Get with the plan, he told himself, and maybe he could pull it off. Sliding the shorts off, he couldn’t resist giving his prick a few quick tugs, but then he really needed to stop and get back in control. He found a pair of Milt’s boxers and pulled them on, then finished dressing with the shorts, T shirt, etc., all the while trying to think of calculus so as to let his prick relax. It only partially worked.

Holding his breath and willing his dick to stay down (with only modest success), he walked into the kitchen and put his back pack down. While he did his best to not give his Mom, Kath, a frontal view, he was trapped into walking toward the fridge in full view of Kath with his dick, which, while not truly hard, still swaying noticeably.

Kath turned to say good morning, but the movement of his shorts caught her eye.

“Good morning, sweet … Orv, are you wearing underwear?”

“Of course, Mom! But I decided I’d try some of Uncle Milt’s boxers. Nearly all the guys at school wear them.” Orv rolled down the top of the shorts to show the boxers, which were covered with little smiley faces.

“Oh, Orv, I’m sorry! I’m still getting used to thinking of you as a grown man. I promise I won’t ask you questions about how you’re dressed anymore. Just promise me, if you will, not to pull those shorts down so everyone can see the top half of those boxers, will you?”

“No problem, Kath, I really don’t like the way that looks either.”

Phase 1 complete, thought Orv. As he sat down with his bowl of cereal, he watched Kath move around the kitchen, making her lunch and preparing to get off to her job at the Senior Center. It was a shame that she had to wear that uniform, since it really hid what a great body she had. But her gorgeous hair was down, and Orv had to smile at that, at least.

“I do like the way you’re wearing your hair now, Kath, it’s really pretty.”

“Why, thank you, Orv!” Kath said, with a slight blush coloring her cheeks, and a minor thrill contracting her nipples. “A girl always likes to hear compliments. Even an old girl like me.”

“Oh, Mom, you still look young to me,” Orv replied, remembering once again how he’d marveled at the sight of her softly swaying breasts with their stiff nipples the other evening.

With time short, Orv was off to school not much later. He enjoyed the sensation of having his dick moving around freely – but still, he DID have underwear on. The thrill was there, for sure, but not all that he was anticipating for tomorrow.

The next morning, though, was Phase 2. Orv put on another pair of Milt’s shorts, but this time without any boxers. His heart raced and his dick was begging for attention, but he had to keep his control for this to work.

“Morning, Kath,” he said on entering the kitchen. Then, preemptively, “I decided I really like wearing Uncle Milt’s boxers. The guys used to rib me about my tighty whiteys in gym class, but with the boxers, I’m a little less of a dork to them.”

“That’s fine, Orv. I know you have a hard time fitting in, so do what you want in that department.”

Today, of course, there was no gym class, so Orv could keep his little secret all day long. Although, as he rode his bike to school, his “secret” refused to stay little. Looking down as he peddled, he saw that his shorts had worked their way up and that his balls were hanging out of the left leg hole.

His first reaction was to pull his shorts down, but when he looked around, there was no one nearby, so he let his balls air out. Of course, the thrill of going commando along with this private exhibitionism caused his rod to poke out a good bit as well. Oh, this is dangerous, he thought, but exciting as hell at the same time! Plus what driver or pedestrian would be looking anywhere near my crotch?

In class now, Orv bent his head over the test, but his eyes were burrowing into the gap between the buttons of Jan’s over taxed blouse. Jan’s right tit was encased in a lacy bra that allowed a lot of her boob’s flesh tones to show through. Orv’s dick, unencumbered today by anything but his lose shorts, was rapidly making a run for the open air, forcing its way down his left pant leg.

Just then, Jan stretched, pulling the fabric tight across her boobs – surely at least C cup size. Add another inch to Orv’s dick, now nearly at the mouth of the pant leg.

When Jan settled back down, she slumped her shoulder Sivas Escort Bayan a little more than before. Nearsighted, she had removed her glasses and put her face very close to the test. This move, though, caused her blouse to fall away from her boobs, though the persistent button gap remained.

Orv had to stifle a gasp, as the very end of Jan’s right bra cup was now in sight. Though the light was dim, he could definitely see the darkness of her areola and nipple through the lacy bra cup.

Suddenly self-aware, Orv took a quick glance down and noticed that the end of his prick had indeed emerged.

He feigned a stretch as well so that he could quietly see if he was being watched.

The problem was, the maneuver was too slow – Jane, who sat behind Jan, had been watching Orv watch Jan, while also paying close attention to Orv’s pant leg. She hid her gaze when he looked around, but shortly looked up, anxious to see what would happen next.

Orv’s pencil “accidentally” fell to the floor. As he reached for it with his right hand, his left gave his dick a quick rub before pulling his shorts down enough to (barely) cover his rigid member. Having his swollen dick with just one thin covering between it and Jan’s precious boob was incredibly arousing. Orv felt some precum oozing out. Thank goodness for the scrap of tissue inside his foreskin

Jane, who was both highly sexed and a confirmed tease, was closely watching Orv’s dick push down and then raise his pant leg. She loved a hard prick as much as any girl (hell, probably a lot more!), and she found that her nipples were tightening up and that her panties were getting damp. Then she hatched a plan.

When the bell rang and the students moved to their next class, Jane pulled her friend Jennifer over to her locker.

“Have you noticed how well hung Orv is? I don’t think he’s wearing undies, and he was getting damn hard trying to get a look at Jan’s tits.”

“Really? ORV? He’s such a quiet nerd. That’s both strange and hot,” observed Jennifer.

“Hey – I’ve got a plan. I bet I can make Popcorn Boy pop in his pants during lunch.”

“No way, Jane – he’s just too thick. Uh, well, thick down there is good, if you say so, but I don’t think you can get to him. In fact, I don’t think you could even get him to talk to you at all.”

“Wanna make it an official bet?” asked Jane, her nipples tightening as she continued to work out the plan in her head.

“Fine – you get him to talk for five minutes – and not just about the weather – AND make him cum, all during lunch break, and you’ve got a deal.”

“Okay, that IS a real challenge, but I’m up for it. What are the stakes?”

“Right, they should be good. How about this – Next time my Mom’s out of town, I’ll loan you her biggest dildo.”

“Oh, that sounds good – that one is a beaut. And if I fail, you can have my Mom’s nipple clips when SHE’S away. We should both expand our horizons, right?”

“Deal.” And with a handshake, they went on to their next classes.

English was as boring ever – at least for most of the class. While Orv no longer had Jan to ogle, he definitely had the memory or her right tit, and especially the shading at the end where her nipple and areola showed through the bra, blazed into his head. That and the delightfully naughty feel of going commando kept him at least semi-hard through the class.

Jane, too, was kept in a state of sexual excitement, thinking about her plan to tease Orv. Her nipples were SO hard. She leaned forward and slowly rubbed them up and down on the edge of her desk. She stifled a moan while clenching her legs together as a mini orgasm coursed through her from the combination of mental erotics and the nipple stimulation.

With five minutes left before lunch break, Jane took her completed paper up to the teacher and quietly asked to be excused early, since it was “that time” of the month; she easily got the okay from an embarrassed Mr. Osborne. Jennifer watched her leave, intrigued. This was the third time in three separate weeks that it was “that time,” though Jane was careful to choose different classes to pull the trick.

Jane quickly made her way to the ladies room (thankfully vacant), closed the stall door, and lost no time slipping out of her light cardigan sweater as well as her thin, sleeveless sweater, which came whipping over her head. Reaching behind her, she deftly released the clasp of her bra. As her breasts were freed from their D cup restraints, Jane paused to admire her breasts and nipples. For sure, her boobs were big, but they hardly sagged at all. And god, did she love her sensitive nipples! They had been hard since she first came up with her scheme. Thankfully, she had allowed herself some play time.

Some girls stop to think about what their boyfriends had done with their tits in the past to help them get excited. Not Jane. All she did was think back to her last orgasm – just this morning, in the shower – and what Escort Sivas had gotten her off. At the time, it had been nipple pinches first, then a tongue massage and then full on sucking her nipples into her mouth. At the time, she had whispered, “Oh, thank you Jennifer, and thank you Mom for teaching me about my nipples!”

Jane had discovered that she could have nipple orgasms quite by accident. In elementary school, she’d had no problem getting boys to talk with her, since she was fun, outgoing, … and REALLY liked boys. In middle school, though, things had changed. Teenage boys being teenage boys, they spent most of their time staring at boobs and talking with their owners, but Jane was still flat as a board.

Jane’s Mom, Vickie, preached patience. Every girl gets boobs, just not all at the same time and certainly not all of the same quality. Vickie explained about how her body would change, and even borrowed a booklet from her husband’s office that explained endocrinology and how one change would trigger another. Jane learned not to panic when her first period arrived, and that that would be the sign that her boobs would soon begin to fill out.

But when nothing had happened by eighth grade, she confessed her frustration to her neighbor and best friend Jennifer as they walked home from school.

“All the other girls have breasts, and because they have boobs, they have all the boys,” she lamented, “and I still look like a third grader. When did you start to get tits, Jennifer?”

“I noticed them about a month after my first period,” Jennifer confided, “but Jan taught me a trick that may have helped the whole thing along.”

“Jan? Yeah, I noticed that she skipped right over the ‘training bra’ thing over the summer a year and a half ago. Those boobies sure got the attention of all the boys. So what’s the trick?”

“Nipple stimulation.”

“Nipple stimulation? Like having a guy suck on them? I can’t get the guys to give me the time of day, seems like.”

“Oh, neither could I. But I ‘home schooled’ my nips and it still seemed to work for me.”

“You mean you played with your own nipples? I’ve touched them before, but they never did anything.”

“Well, you’ve got to really want it, ’cause a nipple twist here and a nipple tug there isn’t going to rev up your hormones enough. Jan said that she worked her nipples for five solid minutes three or four times a day. Oh – and the web site she found said that, once your boobies start to come in, go braless as often as possible.”

“For sure, I really want it, and braless sounds fine to me – that would just mean no change from the present! So – do you still ‘stimulate your nipples’ to keep your tits growing?”

Jennifer’s face started to turn red and she looked at the ground as she spoke. “Well, maybe not so much as I might like. See, now that my nipples and boobs have gotten bigger, I find that they’re really sensitive. Whenever I touch my nips, they get really stiff really fast. And if I start thinking about boys at the same time, which is almost always, well, um, other things start to happen.”

“‘Other things?’ Come on, Jennifer, we’ve been friends forever. What ‘other things?'”

“Well, I start to get really wet, um, … I get really wet ‘down there,’ and I – well, I really like to touch myself there whenever I play with my nipples.”

“So? It always feels nice when I touch myself there, too.”

“Well,” Jennifer continued, now beet red, “something changed, and now I get REALLY wet and sometimes this intense feeling just seems to take over, my body almost goes into convulsions, and the worst thing is that Mom heard me almost scream one time when it happened. It was really embarrassing, so I have to make sure no one is around, especially my brother, when I start to play with my nipples, since it’s so hard not to keep going with, you know, the whole thing. And Jane, this feeling is WAY beyond ‘nice!'”

“Wow – I guess I haven’t had THAT experience yet.”

By now, they were almost at Jennifer’s house. “Well, good luck with getting your boobs started up, Jane. My little brother won’t be home for another half hour, and I’m thinking it’s time I work on getting these B cup tits up to a C!” And with that, Jennifer hurried up the steps to her house, closed the door and immediately pulled her blouse out and her bra up and attacked her aching nipples and sopping pussy even as she made her way to the bathroom.

Jane began her boob development program almost as fast. She had no siblings to worry about, and her parents, both doctors, would not be home for some time. If five minutes four times a day worked for Jan, then Jane’s goal was 10 minutes of nipple stimulation 5 or 6 times a day!

Or at least, that was her goal. Her nipples were so sore the morning after just two sessions that she skipped the second day altogether. But she “really wanted” it, and with time, her still small nipples adapted to the attention.

Then came the morning, two months later, when she was bleeding “down there.” She and her Mom took a sick day and got all of the supplies she would need and talked about what was to come. Jane never let on that she’d been working her nipples for some time in the hopes of reaching this first step.

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