Awake and in Need


I could feel him swelling behind me as I awoke, pressing into me and pulling me closer while he dreamt. As always, his hand was clutching my breast, twitching uncontrollably, but his steady breathing on the nape of my neck reminded me that he was asleep. Damn! The bulging nearness of his cock at the top of my thighs was driving me insane! Instinctively and hopefully, I opened up my ass cheeks to let him fall perfectly in place and began rotating my hips ever so slightly, pushing back into him and letting my obsession take control. Feeling him behind me wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy my wet throbbing pussy, I needed something inside of me to set my juices free! Spreading my legs and groping blindly, my fingers found their target, digging deeper and deeper until I could feel the familiar trembling of my pussy in uncontrollable ecstasy! Panting and wet, I faded back into his chest, completely spent.

“Mmmm,” he mumbled as he pulled me closer, squeezing my breast to the point of pain. I could feel his teeth nibbling on my shoulder while he guided my wet and sticky hand down my body, wiping orhangazi escort my freshly spewed cum all over my ass. “You are playing a dangerous game, waking me up like that!”

His warm breath and husky just-woke-up voice sent shivers down my spine. I grinned like a Cheshire cat, subconsciously holding my breath. I knew exactly what game I was playing, and I knew exactly what beast I had awoken! Suddenly, I found myself flat on my stomach, pinned face down beneath him. He attacked my back with his mouth, alternating between biting and sucking, licking and kissing. He held me down firmly, but that was completely unnecessary- I wasn’t going anywhere! His tenacious hands thrust my hips up and without warning I was on my knees with my round ass sticking up like a mountain peak high in the air. He was possessed with a gluttonous indulgence, licking every bit of cum off of the platter that was set before him. With no abandon whatsoever, he shifted his mouth’s attention, alternating between thrusting his tongue deep into my rosy asshole and biting the juicy lips nilüfer escort of my pussy. I could no longer help myself, I pushed into his mouth and began rotating my hips for a deeper satisfaction. Within seconds, I was squirting the proof of my pleasure all over his face! Hearing the splashing sounds of orgasmic relief along with his exciting slurping and gulping threw me into sexual-sensory overload! Waves upon waves of liquid ecstasy pulsated from deep inside my pussy– I was begging, pleading, crying for more– nothing would satisfy me until his cock was buried inside of me!

As if reading my mind, he climbed between my legs, gripped my ass cheeks firmly, and began caressing the lips of my pussy with his cock head, teasing me into a begging frenzy. I needed him NOW! I wanted control… I needed submission… He was relentless in his seduction of me, gleaning a sadistic joy from tantalizing me and then watching me incoherently plead and pray for his cock!

“Plee, mm, ah!” I tried to form a word, I tried to scream for what I was craving, but nothing bursa türbanlı escort intelligible could come out of my mouth. I wriggled and writhed backwards, wagging my ass like a puppy until he could stand it no more and plunged himself inside of me, making me yelp in a mixture of extreme pleasure and pain! We consumed each other with reckless abandon, pounding, squeezing, squirting, and slapping! His teeth on my shoulder and his cock bruising me deep inside broke the orgasmic dam once more! My entire body was trembling, and I nearly fainted as the waves upon waves of my juices pulsated and splashed into him! He threw me onto my back and began demolishing my pussy as I flooded down his throat!

“Whose pussy is this?” he demanded as he moved to devour my breasts, giving me the slightest chance to recover before immersing himself into me once more.

“All yours!” I exclaimed, breathless and needy.

“Yes, all mine! My pussy,” he said, thrusting hard, “my tits… my mouth… my everything!”

Grabbing his ass tight, I squeezed and shivered, massaging his cock with my pussy, kneading and milking him until his balls exploded and his cock throbbed over and over and over again, spewing his hot cum and triggering my final surge! Sweaty and breathless, we collapsed into each other, breathing only out of reflex and melting, exhausted, into the sheets to recover for round two…

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