Autumn’s Fall


This is the story of a woman named Autumn who met and married a man named Brad, who was awesome. The beginnings were primal and naughty, with her wriggling and writhing below him.

With the passage of time, they became intertwined until her whims seemed to shift with the seasons. She desired a more pleasing life. Feeling denied, she sought to restore her wounded pride when Brad’s interest in her waned.

She was invited to a rave by a close girl friend. She knew that raves meant drinking and drugs. She wasn’t oblivious to this. She needs to feel free and loved. She craved attention and affection. She accepted and went with Mia.

She wore a dazzling short dress with a daringly low cut front that showed her modest cleavage. At the age of twenty, she is the epitome of beauty and youth. They danced. They drank, and she popped X.

She also snorted cocaine. Autumn is a naturally horny woman with a voracious appetite for sex and affection. The combination of the drugs amplified these desires. Soon that evening she found herself in a coat closet, laying over a table face down with a cock in her pretty mouth and another plunging deeply into her wet horny cunt.

Mia stood guard outside of the room. She knew Autumn was a horny bitch, but she didn’t want her to let things get out of hand. The pair of men left, one after the other. Both were smiling and high-fiving each other.

Autumn came out, adjusting her short dress hem, and grabbed my beer, taking a big slug on it. She looked at Mia and said, Let’s dance. They danced like a pair of lovers as she ground against her.

We met Fawn, another horny party girl from our younger days. The three of them danced and drank. A pair of great-looking studs invited them to a private party at their place. They went. They continued to party there, snorting cocaine and drinking beer.

They made out with the guys as the guys slowly disrobed the Büyükesat Escort women and the women disrobed the men. The scene that ensued was one of asses, tits, cocks, and cunts. The girls, loving girls, the girls doing the guys. sucking and fucking until four in the morning, when they passed out from exhaustion.

Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, Brutus arrived to find everyone passed out or generally incoherent. Brutus was a bouncer at the rave. A big black man of six feet, six inches in height, and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds of mean black muscle.

However, the most impressive attribute about Brutus is the size of his male package. Brutus hung limp at a length of six inches. Limp, his cock rests against a pair of nuts that resemble jumbo eggs.

When his cock is hard, it reaches a length close to nine inches and is as big around as a small woman’s wrist. Brutis has mastered taking his time to allow the female conquest to accommodate his massive girth and length.

He has achieved full penetration in most of the women he has sunk his massive fuck meat into. Laying in front of him are three real beauties and two hairy-assed men. His eyes locked on Autumn. She was clearly the most beautiful of the three.

She was laying there on her back, legs spread, with one of the other girls upper torso laying over hers. He had to have her. He stripped himself of his clothes and moved onto the bed. He nudged Fawn, who awoke and smiled as she reached down and grabbed Brutus’s cock.

Brutus tapped the back of her head, and she lowered her head and engulfed his meat in her mouth, licking and sucking on his meat until he was hard. He slid up and centered it on Autumn’s slick cunt and eased it in. taking his time.

He kept the pressure on her cuntal opening until the head of his massive black fuck stick was securely Elvankent Escort inside her twat. He then relaxed a little so as not to startle this fine little filly. Before he was through, he would empty his nuts into her cunt and drown her cervix with his black baby batter.

Autumn felt the intense pressure in her twat and lifted her legs, wrapping them around her yet unseen male partner. As he kept sinking into her, she opened her eyes to see the handsome black Adonis looming over her with his cock wedged inside of her impossibly stretched cuntal opening.

OMG! He was huge! She used her legs to leverage herself and force her horny cunt to swallow as much of this cock as she could. Finally, she felt his pelvis against hers and knew he had bottomed out. She felt impossibly stretched and totally full.

Brad, and no other man had done this. Brutus started his rhythm of in and out strokes as he mauled her pearly white, firm tits. He used all of his carnal skills to draw her in and make her a slave to his black fuck meat.

He smiled, knowing he was going to be the first of many black cocks that would skewer her lily white twat. When he was done, most white cocks would never satisfy this cunt. Autumn used her legs to impale herself on this magical man.

No man has ever made her feel so full and satisfied. She was having climax after climax. Between the drugs she took that night and the drug of his sexual power, she was in heaven.

She felt his cock expand and jerk inside of her. She felt the warmth of his seed filling her. It was all too much. She closed her eyes as she moaned and experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

When Brutus rolled off of her, she felt the cool air on her soaked, stretched, gaping twat. She rolled over, taking his deflating cock into her hand and licking his girth. She never fucked Beşevler Escort a man with this much cock, and certainly never a black man.

She took the head of that black cock into her mouth and sucked. Brutus felt the life returning to his cock and positioned her on all fours as he got behind her to mount her like a bitch dog. She would become his bitch before he was through.

He looked over at Fawn and told her to feed Autumn some of her pussy. Fawn moved in from behind Autumn and pushed her twat into Autumn’s face. Autumn crab locked her arms around Fawn’s legs and ate her cunt with no remorse or hesitation.

Autumn is no stranger to girl-on-girl love. Brutus pushed into Autumn’s twat as she ate Fawn’s cunt and rode her hard. His brutal fucking caused her to moan, as she had never been filled so completely in her young life.

Autumn’s twat being saturated with the sperm of three men from previous fucking that night was a welcome aid in her ability to take this man’s black monster cock into her. Brad barely reached six inches when he was hard. His girth was adequate, but he could never fill her like Brutus.

And so it went: she spent the rest of the morning satisfying the massive black cock and getting satisfied by that black cock. She later dressed and returned home to her and Brad’s apartment, where she showered and slept.

Brad was out of town and would not be back for three days.

**************************************************************************************************This story is a work of fiction and may disclose various sexual and social subjects such as female-female sex, male-female sex, sexual reluctance, group sex, non-protected sex, degradation, drugs, alcohol, exhibition, nonconsent, pregnancy, voyeurism, and subrogation. The author neither condones nor condemns any or all of the acts portrayed herein.

Every story must end. Or must it? I implore you, the reader, to tell me through your feedback. Do not comment on the authenticity of any portion of this fictitious writing. Or morality. It is fiction, a fictional story. It is intended solely for entertainment purposes and not to be analyzed for accuracy in any manner. if you read it. Thank you for following and reading my story or stories.

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