Half awakeLying in bedThinking what to writeNothing in my head.~•°•~I hear dogs barkVehicles hornI’m also peckishCraving caramel popcorn.~•°•~Reaching for the switchA light in the darkI see myself layLike a tree with no bark.~•°•~I look at my feetSee pinkish solesNo socks wornUnpainted toes.~•°•~Looking higherMy hairless legsIn between themAttention it begs.~•°•~Around my hipsGone sex izle are tan linesNude sunbathing’Tis one of the signs.~•°•~Gazing at my tummyA navel that’s deepThere’s a secret in itMy lover and I keep.~•°•~My rectus abdominisWith visible contoursA goal that’s metIn flying colours.~•°•~I’m liking my curvesRight on every partCurrent favoriteA masterpiece of art.~•°•~My fransız porno hands wanderOne squeezes a breastThe other prefersWaking a nipple from rest.~•°•~Enjoying myselfNipples erectPleasure down belowI’m surely correct.~•°•~One hand caressesSlowly further belowMy fingers reachA pleasurable hello.~•°•~Wider apartMy legs spreadOpposite teen porno bowsFlat on my bed.~•°•~That hand makes contactFinds the hidden beanDo not ask what it isYou know what I mean.~•°•~They call it dirtyThe middle fingerCha-cha-cha on my slitI let it linger.~•°•~Back on the tender beanSolo Salsa danceEvery move is so sureNot missing a chance.~•°•~This self frolicMakes me feel hotBetween my legsTo deny, I cannot.~•°•~Moist builds upBody worshipAnother hand joinsUpon my censorship.~•°•~Eyes closedHands exploreBreathing deepensThoughts implore.~•°•~Not a surpriseTapping the netherA pleasured sighNo matter the weather.

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