Australian Adveventures


It was in the late 1960’s our family moved over to Australia. We went under the £10 scheme where you had to agree to stay there for 2 years. If you return to England before your 2 years, you will pay back the full fare to the Australian government.

Within a few months of living in Australia my parents bought a house in Adelaide.

The house in Australia was situated on a nice estate. The shops were a couple of minutes walk and the beach a ten-minute stroll. Within a week my sisters and I had made new friends mainly English lads and girls.

My name is Ted and I am tall good looking and well built from working out in the gym, and as I found out in school showers I am well endowed in the cock department. My dates with girls are none so I am a virgin when it comes to girls.

I have two sisters Kate who is the elder, she is tall and skinny but still has nice size breasts, she is the clever one of the family. When it comes to dating and being with lads the furthest she has been was with Lenny who dated her for three months. One night while babysitting for a neighbour. He removed Kate’s panties, but it all went wrong. She had managed to release his cock from his trousers. When he ejaculated his sperm over the neighbour’s new sofa.

My other sister is Sandra. She dresses sexier than Kate, has a nice bum and big tits. She loves showing off, and being naughty is her favourite pastime. Her dates come and go because she plays them along. They think sex is on only to find she is not doing it with just anyone. She has never been with a lad longer than a month.

When it comes to sex she will give a lad a blowjob and she will let lads into her panties if she’s bothered to put any on. She did come close one night when she was with another couple and they all were drunk one of the lads nearly took her from behind but his girlfriend intervened at the crucial moment.

One evening I went with my mate Keith who had asked me to make up a foursome. Let me tell you about Keith. He is one of those lads who has a very hairy body. He is a little on the chubby side and was slightly balding but had a beard.

I felt nervous this was my first time with a girl. We met the girls outside one of the pubs. Carol who was Keith’s girlfriend got in the front with Keith, which left me with Helen. I had not seen Carol before and thought she looked very attractive dressed in a white summer dress.

I looked at my date. She had big tits and rather a large bottom and she was not that good looking. We drove around and then parked up by the sea front. Keith had a few bottles of beer and a half a bottle of gin.

The girls moaned about having to drink the gin neat. But for all their moans they finished the bottle. It was when Keith and Carol began kissing I thought its time to make a move. So very slowly I put my arm around Helen gently resting it on her shoulder. It was Helen who kissed me, my first kiss and to be honest I loved it. Things had become very passionate in the front seat when suddenly Keith turned round and asked us both to go for a walk.

“Give us an hour,” he said, winking at me. We both got out and started to stroll down the beach. After about ten minutes we found what was a shelter so people could escape from the hot sun.

We sat on the bench and I kissed Helen. She responded and guided my hand inside her blouse; she even helped me push up her bra. Being my first time her nipples felt huge. She then guided my head down to suck on her tits.

At this point my cock was trying to break out of my trousers. I let my hand drift under her skirt slowly moving up the inside of her thigh. I almost got to her knickers when her hand gripped mine and pulled it away. She then told him she was having her period and would not have sex with me.

We strolled back to the car my cock slowly returning to normal size. We got to the car and at first we thought Keith and Carol had gone for a walk. I opened the back door and Helen opened her side and there before my eyes was Keith’s bottom.

I took a few steps back and watched his cock thrusting in and out of Carol’s pussy. They both cried out together.

Carol groaned, “Oh yes, Keith,” as I watched Keith withdraw his cock, already spurting onto Carol’s open wet hole. My cock sprang up causing a big bulge in my trousers.

Keith and Carol said they were sorry for what had happened. We took Helen home first and she gave me a goodnight kiss. Then we took Carol home but on our way Keith needed to stop for a wee. Carol said while Keith was having a wee; “I couldn’t help notice the large bulge in your trousers. Did Helen enjoy having that big cock in her?” I went bright red then said, “We never did it”. Carol giggled her face turning a shade of red.

Meanwhile my sister Kate was at Frank’s flat. The table was set out for evening dinner. It looked fantastic; everything in its proper place. You would think he was entertaining the Queen. Frank was showing his place and wealth off for Kate. It was Rize Escort their third date but the difference was they were alone for the first time.

In her long skirt with a slit up the side almost showing her panties. The top three buttons of her blouse were undone, showing off the deep valley between her breasts.

They had a lovely meal and Frank had bought a couple of bottles of expensive champagne. With their meal over they sat on the large comfy sofa in the lounge. Frank had expensive tastes; the room fitted with thick lush pile carpet. With soft romantic music playing giving that seductive feel in the room.

They chatted and laughed with the odd silence now and again. Only after their second large glass of champagne did their lips meet in a tender kiss. Kate had never experienced anything of this quality before. She could feel the drink making her head spin and could hear her own words slur in parts of the conversation.

Frank played it slowly letting things take its course not rushing Kate into sex.

Their kisses had moved from pecks to passion. It was Frank who stopped things, saying, “Lets open another bottle of champagne.”

Kate could only nod a yes and, to be honest, felt disappointed the foreplay had stopped.

Two more large glasses each and they were both nearly to the point of being drunk.

Frank went to the kitchen and brought back two shot glasses and a large bottle of expensive tequila. Frank said, “Lets play shot or drop.” Kate said, “drop what?”

“Any item of clothing,” he replied.

>They both laughed as Frank turned and pretended to drop his trousers. The lady goes first. Kate said, “drop” and took one shoe off, he did the same. It soon came to the point, did she take a shot or take her blouse off. “Shot,” she said. He said, “drop” then pulled his shirt off. It was then Kate realised what a fine well-built body he had.

She could feel the tequila hit her. It was strong.

“Drop,” she said and began undoing her blouse; his eyes watching every move.

“Drop,” he said and lowered his trousers to the floor; her eyes glued to the rather big bulge in his underwear.

Kate said, “drop,” then slipped her hands under the long skirt and slowly pulled her high cut black panties down, while doing this she watched his underwear stretch as his cock became hard.

She watched him pick up her discarded panties and raise them to his nose before throwing them to the floor. Kate had pulled her dress up around her waist and opened her legs for him. He dropped his underwear her eyes widening at the sight of his large cock.

There was no foreplay he guided himself into her pussy.

“Be gentle,” Kate whispered, “I am a virgin.”

He nodded then nibbled at her neck at the same time his cock pushed against her hymen. She gripped his bottom cheeks and pushed him further inside. She yelped as her hymen broke. As she laid on her back his cock now pounding in and out, her fourth orgasm made her whole body shake. Then she heard him cry out loud. She felt his cock suddenly feel bigger, and a warm stream splashed the walls of her cunt and deeper inside her.

They both lay panting. There was sweat where their bodies had been joined. She could feel both their body fluids leaking from her stretched hole.

Meeting Melanie

We had all met up in the local café I was sitting round the table with Gary, Percy and Terry, and they were talking about a girl who was a friend of Wayne. Now Gary was a tall skinny cockney from London who is one of those people who says what he thinks, which sometimes lands him in trouble. Being from London he was very streetwise. Percy is a troublemaker and liked fighting. His family were rich and Percy just didn’t seem to fit in with his brothers and sisters. Even I had a fight with him one day.

Terry is easy going and loves the women and the drink. Terry is from Australia he likes us British especially our girls. He says our women are harder to get into bed. Then there is Wayne> He was called up for national service, and only served six months before being discharged. I should mention that Wayne is known as donkey cock.

We all decided to go and see Melanie the next day. Then Wayne said he couldn’t go because they had called him into work, it took us a few hours to find her house. We parked the car at the end of the road where Melanie lived. Terry said, “For a slut she has a big house.”

We all went up her path and I knocked on her door. The door opened and there in front of me was an attractive blonde girl wearing a short skirt and a low cut t-shirt, her nipples showing under the flimsy material.

I asked is Melanie at home I’m Ted one of Wayne’s friends. With a grin on her face, she eyed me up and down before saying, “I’m Melanie. You all best come on inside.”

We entered a well-furnished house with wood flooring. As Melanie guided us into her living room, the first thing to catch my eye was the large TV. I sank into Rize Escort Bayan one of the armchairs, Terry in the other and Percy and Gary on the couch.

“It’s nice to see you all.”

We introduced ourselves, then Melanie said,

“So what can I help you lads with.” Without hesitation Gary said, “We want sex with you.” Melanie seemed a little shocked then took a deep breath then said, “Ok. I will ring my friend Alice to help me or I would be sore after having four of you shag me.”

We sat quietly waiting for Alice then we heard the front door open and slam shut. Then Alice walked in she looked stunning with long black hair a silky see through top and a long skirt to below her knee.

We introduced ourselves then Alice said, “Which two are you having Melanie?”

“I think I’ll take the tall and the short,” which meant Percy and myself. Gary and Terry followed Alice to her room. Then Melanie said, “you can both fuck me together or you can go individually. Oh and by the way, you only get until you cum after that you get dressed and go.”

Melanie took hold of our hands and led us into her bedroom. She had a nice king size bed with just a black sheet and black pillows.

“So what’s it to be lads? A threesome that is more fun.”

“Can I have a private word with Percy?”

I suggested to Percy that we have a threesome but as it was my first time could I go first into her pussy? Percy said, “Ok.”

Melanie sat on her king size bed while Percy and I sat either side of her. She turned to Percy first and they began to peck and kiss, their tongues fighting for space in each other’s mouth. I sat for a minute watching, then slowly moved one hand to the hem of her t-shirt The flimsy shirt covered the top of my hand as I slid it over her naked skin towards her breast. To my delight she wore no bra so the palm of my hand glided over her breast touching her erect nipple. I heard her moan as I cupped her tit and squeezed it gently.

Percy felt his trousers being undone by Melanie’s nimble fingers. She had the touch of an expert and soon had Percy’s cock exposed to the fresh air. She quickly moved her head down pushing her bottom into me shoving my body away from her; my hand no longer on her tit. She licked Percy’s bell end before engulfing him into her mouth. “Oh fuck!” I heard Percy say as her head bobbed up and down on his cock.

I moved both of my hands down to the hem of her short skirt, which had already ridden up high. With a few gentle tugs and with her lifting slightly I had her panties exposed. I could hear Percy’s moans becoming louder. I gently ran my hand over her pantie-clad bottom before taking hold and began easing them down.

I undid my trousers and took them and my underwear down. My cock stuck out like a pole. I looked at Melanie’s nice bum; her panties now on the floor. Oh shit I need the toilet. I think nerves had kicked in. I found the loo and ten minutes later I went back to the bedroom only to see Percy with his cock thrusting quickly in and out of Melanie’s cunt. Percy looked at me and whispered “Sorry!” before he cried out, gripping her hips as he flooded her with hot streams of sperm.

I thought well at least she won’t be tight and I’ll slid in easy.

When Melanie saw me standing there my cock fully erect I was focusing on Percy’s sperm leaking from her hole.

Percy was now getting dressed and had to leave the house. She took her eyes of my cock and said,”Come to me Ted lets put that big cock to use.” I told her it was my first time and would she guide me. Then suddenly there was banging on the front door. A bouncer answered the door.

“Police. May we come in? We have reason to believe that these premises are being used for prostitution.

The bedroom door flew open and two Police officers burst in. Melanie was about to guide my cock into her pussy. We looked at the officers and scrambled for our clothes.

Officer Jones said, “Stand up against the wall hands on head.”

Gary and Terry also went for a threesome with Alice. All three stood not far from her four-poster bed. It also had only a black sheet and pillows to match. Terry had started kissing Alice while Gary knelt down and lifted her skirt. Gary poked his head between her legs then looked up. She was wearing skimpy black panties, which matched her dress. Terry had opened her silky blouse exposing her black bra. Then two Police officers burst into the bedroom. Terry had been getting a blowjob while Gary was stuffing his cock deep into her pussy. Alice screamed when she saw the Police and the lads scrambled to get their clothes.

We were all led out into the living room and told to line up with hands on our heads. Then in walked a large policeman by the name of sergeant Rufus. He spoke telling us we had broke the law and the law must be obeyed. Melanie said, “they are friends we have done nothing wrong”. The sergeant Rufus told officer Potter to take the loud mouth slut and her friend Escort Rize into the bedroom behind you.

Now lads this is how we deal with offenders. I will give you five minutes for you lot to pick the one who’s taking the punishment today. If no person is chosen then one of my officers will pick. We agreed that Percy should do it and the others would give him 30$ the sergeant said “Right the rest of you fuck off.”

Percy was then handcuffed and taken to a bedroom. The sergeant said I will deal with the girls first and I do not want to be disturbed. The girls were also handcuffed but with their hands to the front. The sergeant reached into his pocket and showed the girls his Stanley knife. He went to Melanie first and gently cut her clothes off her. “I will let you watch,” he told Alice.

He opened Melanie’s legs then rammed one finger inside, her then another. “Bend over slut I want to put my fingers up your bum. Are you enjoying that?” he asked, then called officer Rimmer in the room. “Get your cock in her bum now,” he shouted at the officer. Then he moved over to Alice he pushed her onto the bed. “Open your legs,” then he cut away the clothing covering her pussy.

I have this for you my dear. He unscrewed his truncheon and pulled out a large vibrator. He began laughing as he pushed it into Alice’s pussy. He shouted for officer Jones and told him 20 minutes non-stop. He then went and joined Percy in the bedroom.

Percy also had his hands cuffed at the front. He watched as the sergeant dropped his trousers his big fat cock nearly erect. He then cutaway Percy’s trousers exposing his bum. Then Percy felt cold cream being applied to his bum hole. He then stuffed a handkerchief in Percy’s mouth. The pain was excruciating as he rammed his bum.

With sweat dripping down from Sergeant Rufus’s face, he cried out, “Oh yes”. Then Percy felt a warm gush and he knew it was over.

I asked about the girls and was told the black haired one passed out. The blond took all four officers one after another up her bum.

Meanwhile in a deserted car park behind one of the supermarkets Sandra and Justin had parked up after going the cinema to watch Emmanuelle. They began kissing when Justin whispered are you wet after watching that sexy film. Sandra giggled,

“You cheeky bastard, but I do like you. Why don’t you have a feel and tell me.”

Justin couldn’t believe his luck. Sandra said, “hey big boy take your time” as Justin hands raced up her skirt pulling excitedly on her knickers. Once her knickers had been pulled off and discarded to the car floor she opened her legs for him.

“Go easy will you; you’re hurting me,” as Justin prodded and probed uncertain where to find her pussy hole. He made her squeal as he tried tos hove his fingers in poor Sandra lost her patience and closed her legs after pulling his hand away “What the fuck are you doing? Have you never done this before?”

His head dropped and he mumbled something which Sandra took as he hadn’t done this before. “I do like you Justin, so for tonight I’ll wank you off and on another date I’ll show you what to do to me.”

It was the following week and has luck would have it I met Wayne who invited me to come with him to Melanie’s that afternoon. Even with what had happened with the police I was desperate for sex. We arrived at Melanie’s she kissed Wayne and seemed excited to see him. He also seemed excited to see her and they kissed and he even fondled her cloth-covered breast.

I sat in the armchair and watched, as their kissing grew stronger. They were now on the couch with Wayne now lifting her t-shirt, exposing her skimpy bra, which held nothing, but covered her erect nipples. My thoughts went back to last week. Would Wayne only get till he shot his load?. I glanced over at the wall clock thinking maybe I should leave the two lovers alone.

I took one more look and saw Wayne’s hand slip unhindered up her skirt. I stood and walked out the door. I was about to leave when he heard a moan come from the other bedroom. I slowly crept towards the door and eased it open. Oh what a lovely sight greeted my eyes. There lying on the bed was Alice naked as the day she was born.

My cock, which was semi hard, now became fully erect. I watched as her fingers played with her wet pussy. She had just a small tuft of pubic hair on her mound.

I didn’t think she had noticed me until she said, “Why don’t you come in and sit on the bed and watch me?” After a few minutes I asked her could I take my cock out? With the look of a girl about to orgasm she nodded a yes to me.

I stood up and dropped my trousers and undies in one movement; my cock pointing straight out. I watched how she stared at my large cock. I thought she was going to ask me to fuck her. Her body began to gyrate, her fingers working quicker and one hand had moved to her tits.

Suddenly the door flew open and Melanie stormed in, and, without a word, reached for my cock and pulled it, so I had to follow her out of the room. We walked back into the lounge. No sign of Wayne. I asked Melanie were had Wayne gone. She was near to tears as she said he had gone to fuck her friend Alice who I had been watching masturbate. Why are you so upset I thought she liked men?

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