Auntie Flo Ch. 03


Hi, we’re back with good old, raunchy Auntie Flo.

I’m trying to find a balance between my usual silliness and the all-out filth of the previous chapter. Hopefully this is moving in the right direction. Your thoughts would be much appreciated — you’re the ones I’m trying to keep interested after all!

Editing props to no1Uno as always. This chapter might as well have been written in Swahili, he’s done a pretty decent job, I think!

Everybody is over 18 here as always.


I drifted back to consciousness slowly. I felt incredibly warm, my head was resting on the softest pillow imaginable. Someone was twisting their fingers in my hair gently, massaging my scalp at the same time. I opened my eyes with a start as I remembered I was at Auntie Flo’s house. Why was I asleep? Why was I in her bed?

Then I saw her beautiful face just inches from mine and it all came back with a rush. My head was in her lap, her soft boobs kissing my forehead and it was she who was playing with my hair.

“Ah, here he is, the world’s laziest handyman!” she said. “Luckily, his other skills and those kissable lips make up for it.”

She leaned down and kissed me gently, just a soft loving peck, with the promise of more.

“Now now Mrs Gardiner, I’ve told you before, you can’t expect me to operate at peak efficiency if you keep syphoning out all my special fuel!” I said as our lips separated.

“Sorry about that love,” she said, “but I appear to have become hopelessly addicted to it and will require every drop you have for the foreseeable future.”

“Good,” I said, “I’m a shit handyman anyway!”

She urged me up and said, “I’m hungry, what would you like for tea?”

I looked at the juncture of her thighs and wiggled my eyebrows.

“No; well maybe later, for supper perhaps, but we need to get some calories on board before we have any more fun. There’s a terrific pizza parlour in town, would you like me to order something? They usually deliver within half an hour.”

“Mmm my favourite. Yes please! But there will always be a price if you withhold your sexy body from me.”

“Oh, will there indeed?” Flo asked archly. “And what sort of price does a naughty boy set for such a minor indiscretion?”

“When you order, tell the delivery boy to honk his horn ten times from the gates outside. You will walk down the drive, pay him and bring the pizza back.”

“That’s not much of a price, unless you think his car horn will annoy the neighbours,” Flo said, head cocked to one side, thinking.

“No, hopefully it will be just enough to attract their attention and get their net curtains twitching. Then the price will become clear; for you shall be naked as you walk out to collect our dinner. Your hair will be tied up so your beautiful breasts can be seen in all their glory and you’ll be wearing your tallest heels so you can’t run.”

“John, you can’t think I’m actually going to do that! What would the neighbours think?”

“I suspect most of them will be thanking you for the amazing show, especially the men. The women might feel a little jealous having a living sex goddess next door, but their husbands’ increased libidos should more than make up for that. Anyway, why would you care what they think?”

She was clearly flustered now. I’d always suspected that Flo had a hidden submissive fetish, perhaps an exhibitionist streak. Mum had hinted as much several times over the years. But Flo’s husbands had never been the type to apply the reins and direct her passion like this. They’d never tried to administer a little control, a little direction to her. I thought it would be fun to find out. Fun for me; liberating and thrilling for her. I thought maybe she just needed a little push. If I was wrong, we would laugh about it over pizza later.

“Well, I have to live here with them. They’d be talking about me.”

“What would they be saying? ‘Look at her, isn’t she gorgeous? I wish I had tits like her. Look at that toned bum, a supermodel would be proud of that.’ You’re an exquisite woman Flo and it’s no good you being cooped up in here by yourself. You’re my woman now and I’m bursting with pride at that fact. The hottest, sexiest, raunchiest woman in England is my girlfriend. I want everyone to know that! I want everyone with a pulse to be jealous of me. I want you to show me that today wasn’t just talk. That you do need me, like I need you. I’ve committed myself utterly to you, I shall do anything you need for as long as I live, and I hope you feel the same. I need you to show me your commitment is real. I need you to do this.”

She thought for a moment, then said quietly “Ok.”

“Thank you my love,” I said kissing her sumptuous lips again. “You order the pizza. I’m finally going to fix that stupid window.”


It turned out the wooden window frame just had a little rot and needed re-sealing. Everything I needed was in the garage, so it only took about twenty minutes. When I entered the kitchen, Flo was making a light Gaziantep Escort salad and had opened a bottle of red wine. I looked at her glass wondering if it was half full or half empty. She answered my question when she drained it in one swallow and refilled it almost to the top.

I sidled up behind her, my arms encircling her waist. She was wearing a jade green, silk kimono. Kissing her on the ear I asked:

“Nervous darling? Or excited?”

“I don’t know,” she quivered “the feeling is the same either way. Don’t make me do this John. I’m so old and flabby. I can’t go out naked in public.”

“Nonsense, you look like a woman half your age. That’s the second and last time you’ve said something like that today, so stop it. You’re perfect and I think that showing your neighbours that is a way to show it to yourself.

I’m not making you do anything Flo. I’m asking you, as your boyfriend, … your lover, … your life partner. I think this is something you need. Deep down it’s something you want! I know a way we can check how you’re really feeling.”

I tugged on the knotted belt of her robe and it fell open. My fingers unerringly found her womanhood; her wet, excited womanhood. I brought those fingers up to her mouth and laid the tips on her lips. After a few seconds they opened, and she drew them inside.

“I think that answers the question.”

A raucous car horn honked outside. Again. Eight more times, loud and abrasive, jarring in this quiet street.

“Well?” I said.

Auntie Flo slipped off her robe and turned to me. “Will you be watching?” she asked.

“Every step,” I replied, taking the robe from her trembling fingers.

She picked up the £20 note from the counter and moved towards the front door. Her shiny black heels must have been five inches high.

I followed her to the front door and stepped past her, opening it for her.

“Remember that with every step I shall love you more, your confidence will grow and when you come back to me a new chapter of your life will have begun.” I swatted her lightly on the behind and watched her begin her journey.

For the first ten steps she was clearly nervous, but after that her entire body underwent a transformation. As she moved out of the shadow of the house into the sunlight, she straightened her back, thrust out her chest, and held her head high.

She walked like a runway model, both feet following a single line like a tightrope walker. I’d never really watched a naked woman just walk before.

It’s at moments like these that you can see how we have evolved as bipedal animals. Every bone, every muscle, every sinew has a job. Balancing, moving, attracting.

Her walk was like the mating dance of some exuberant bird, perfectly designed to attract a mate. Her heels just added to the impression of grace and elegance, keeping her tempo slow, whilst toning her calves and thighs to look as sexy as possible.

I could see the delivery driver, a boy really, not even my age probably. He had gotten out of the car and was shaking his head as if he couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing.

Flo kept her pace steady, her face focused on the young man. She didn’t hurry, she didn’t stumble. I had moved out onto the steps at the front of the house. When she got to him, they clearly conversed and she turned, indicating me and smiled. The boy nodded and fumbled for his change. I had assumed that Flo would just tell him to keep the twenty, but she waited patiently, her tanned skin gleaming in the low sun. Finally, she was ready to head back, the pizza box held just below her breasts.

I could see her put an extra little wiggle in her hips and then she was coming back to me. Her tits bobbled hypnotically, and I realised I was staring. Her eyes never left mine as she approached. I held out her kimono and swapped it for the pizza. She looked at the robe for a second and just dropped it on the ground, moving into the house completely naked. As she passed me, I could smell her arousal, despite the pizza in my arms. She was seriously turned on. Great, cold pizza for tea. Yum!


I slid the pizza box on to the kitchen counter, immediately working at my belt and trouser fastenings. Flo just walked to the island and gripped the leading edge, legs apart, back straight. She bent forward slightly at the waist and sighed as I moved in behind her and slid my full length inside her welcoming twat.

“That was very naughty of you Johnny Boy,” she purred, “making me parade around outside like a whore.”

“No, not like a whore, like a Queen. Like my Queen,” I responded, thrusting vigorously into her. “You looked at peace, in control, utterly comfortable with who you were and what you were doing. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Will you make me do that again? Show my tits and ass to the world while you watch?” Flo asked.

It finally clicked. She wanted me to make her do this.

It may well have been mutual underneath but on the surface, she craved to submit. She needed me to be making her do this.

I Gaziantep Escort Bayan could work with that.

“Yes, I’m going to make you do that, over and over again. When we go out, you will always have to be ready. You’ll never know when I’ll suddenly tell you to strip and show yourself to me and to other people. I have all sorts of secret ideas I shall try. All sorts of delicious naked scenarios for you. Sometimes I’ll even let you ask me to do it. Sometimes your pussy will be so hot that you must show off. You can never do it without me there, without my permission. But you can always ask me if you need to get your cunt out.

That word always had an effect on Flo. Her pussy muscles tightened on my turgid prick, forcing me to thrust even harder into her.

“And we’ll always fuck afterwards. I’ll never tease, I know how hot you get out there, naked. But I’ll always be ready to quench those fires for you.”

“Now, are you going to come for me?”

“I’ve been coming since I was halfway up the drive,” she squealed!

I realised that my talking had distracted me from what was really happening. Flo was gyrating wildly, twerking on my cock like a stripper. Moaning loudly and urging me insistently to cum with her.

I wrapped her up, a plump tit in each hand, nipples piercing my palms. I let her have everything I had. That wonderful moment where you don’t have to hold off anymore. It’s just flat out to the finish line now. BANG, BANG, BANG.

I froze, my hose finally spraying her molten core, trying desperately to extinguish the white-hot flame of her arousal. She expelled a long-held breath in a scream of release, passion, and love. We both came, strongly and lovingly, exactly as nature intended.

Then we were quiet. I nibbled at an earlobe. She stirred her sloppy insides with my dick. I tweaked her nipples gently, but we were done. This was just the playful descent to base camp; we were slipping back to reality.

I gently withdrew from her magnificent body and handed her the beautiful, shimmering robe, quickly pulling up and rearranging my pants. Flo gave me a chaste kiss on the lips and moved to grab the pizza box, saying:

“I knew you were the one. How did you find all that in me in one afternoon when three husbands missed it for twenty years?”

“They had jobs, bills, lives and myriad other distractions. I have you. You receive every ounce of my attention. My every thought is about you, about what you need, about how I can make your day better from moment to moment. Today is just the culmination of a lifetime spent observing you, listening to you. I didn’t fully understand everything I’d learned until today. But now I do, the final puzzle pieces have fallen into place, I can see the full picture.”

I stopped, I’d been inspired by the lust and love I’d felt for her today and if she didn’t understand it from that, there was nothing more I could say. I couldn’t express it more simply than that.

“Yes,” she said, handing me a plate with three slices of pizza on it “I love you too darling.”

We ate with gusto, ravenous after our exertions. We talked and I managed to tease out of her what she had felt on her little stroll down the drive.

“As soon as you suggested it, I had the classic angel and devil on my shoulders,” she began.

“I was split in two, rationally I was appalled, emotionally I was on fire. I knew though, which way it would go. I’ve always known. I had already picked out my shoes, I already knew which hair clips I was going to use. I’d have crawled on my hands and knees if you’d asked, fucked the pizza boy on his car. I’d never do those things by myself, never will, but when you tell me to do something I shall do it. I might play up a little, just for fun, but I’ll never refuse.

I thought of something and interrupted reluctantly. “We need to be sensible then, if your compunction to obey, to submit to me is this strong. We need a safety word, a way to immediately stop in case things go too far.”

“No!” Flo said vehemently, then immediately calmed down. “You’re my safe word. I trust you completely. You know what I need and I know that you’ll look after me. When I’m doing things like the walk today I’m like an actress playing a role. I give myself over to the character completely, I’m not Flo any more. Like an actress I need a director to keep me between the lines, to keep me on course. That’s all I need, that’s my safety net. I promise.”

“Ok,” I said “carry on with your story. How did you feel when you stepped out the door?”

“I was so scared I peed a little bit as I walked down the steps. I started walking but each step was torture. I tried to hold my boobs steady with the insides of my arms; to somehow hide my pussy with my thighs as I walked. And then I came out into the sunlight and its warmth on my back suddenly felt so natural. I looked up and could see the pizza guy, he looked like he would come in his pants. That was a very powerful feeling. I realised that I was out there now, centre stage, right in the spotlight, might as well Escort Gaziantep play the part then.

So I did. I put on my sexiest walk, threw my shoulders back and just owned it. I focused on poor Jeremy standing by his car and funnelled all of the emotions I was feeling into him. On my back I could feel warmth and love, I think that was just knowing you were there. Suddenly I had reached him, looking at Jeremy’s name tag and talking to him about the pizza.”

“What did you say to him, I saw you talking?” I asked.

“Ooh that was fun. Jeremy said something like ‘you’re naked’ and I asked him if he liked it. He did and asked why. I turned and looked at you and told him ‘because he said so’. It was true. Then I paid and he fumbled for change, he was trying to look at everything at once, so I didn’t hide anything. Then I thanked him, told him I would always collect my pizzas like this and headed back. I gave my ass a little shimmy just for him and then I headed back to my love.”

“And you came?” I asked.

“Did I ever! On the way back it just built and built. This time I was looking at you, wondering what you would do when I came back inside. My imagination ran wild, I tried to rub my thighs together as I walked but I didn’t really need to, I just started coming, staring into your eyes.” Flo sat back, satisfied in every way.

“Good,” I said “I’ve had worse first dates!” We laughed; we’d covered some serious ground today and it was time to get back to our usual vibe.

“Did you really get the window fixed?” Flo asked out of the blue.

“Yeah, the sash was a little rotten so I replaced it with putty and then sealed it all up again.”

“Can I use it?” Flo asked.

“Better leave it until the morning, as usual you’ll spend the night waiting for my caulk to harden.”

Nothing! Crickets, a tumble weed rolled by. Then she kissed me and told me she loved me so I was ok.


The next hour was pure domestic bliss, washing dishes, changing bed linen, doing laundry. We worked well as a team and didn’t even have sex. Well, not full sex anyway!

We eventually collapsed on the couch and I rang mum to tell her I would be staying the night. Flo sucked my cock as I left a rather garbled message. Mum rarely answered the phone when she was in the zone so I wasn’t worried. I sent her a text message, then a badly spelt WhatsApp and basically gave up on an email as the last red blood cell was literally vacuumed out of my brain into my groin.

Flo jerked me hard as her writhing tongue cajoled my overworked gonads to give up another creamy load. Soon the remains of today’s production run were dribbling on to my stomach, my tanks were finally empty. Flo cleaned me up slowly with languid strokes of her lips and tongue, clearly relishing the chance for extended contact as much as me. Eventually I turned her face to me to kiss her, asking her to stop. She settled her head in my lap, her kimono carelessly draped over at least some of her delectable body.

I stared down at her, still somewhat incredulous at the day’s events. From inside the ropes it had all made sense, each step following logically from the last. To an outsider I’m sure it all sounds ridiculous, unbelievable even. I risked breaking the spell, but we really did need to talk.

“So, lucky I came over today, what with the window and everything.” Sue me, I was nervous!

“Don’t worry baby, that was the perfect day, one I’ve waited for all my life,” Flo replied, understanding innately what I meant and that we should talk.

“Go ahead and ask me anything, I’m yours.” She had intertwined the fingers of one hand with one of mine. She kissed my fingers before clutching them to her breast.

“Well, should I move in then? I want to, but it might look a bit weird and I don’t want to hurt mum. I’m not sure if she really needs me but I worry about how distracted she can get. Sometimes I think she wouldn’t eat if I wasn’t there to cook.” I’d never really talked to anyone about how concerned I was becoming. My brother and sister were too far away to do anything, and mum was usually with me when I met Flo.

“I’d like nothing more than to have you here with me. Soon we will live as man and wife, but I think you’re right about Si. The way she is now is what she was like when she found out about me and John. I think the only reason she hasn’t cut me off completely is you. We’re identical twins, she knows me as well as it’s possible to know another person. I think she knows about my feelings for you. I think she can even understand them but she’s conflicted. I don’t know if it’s maternal instinct trying to protect you or just pure jealousy.”

“Jealousy?! Of you? Because of me?” I was gobsmacked.

“Of course, honey. That maternal bond with her first son is the most powerful emotion any woman can ever know. No mother will ever admit to differentiating between their children but deep down we all know that that first male child is something special. Anything that comes between them is seen as a threat. How many mothers in law do you know get on well with their first son’s wife? Not many I’d wager. And she must know how I feel about you; I’ve not really been hiding it for a while now. I’m her biggest competition there. Her other children might as well live on Mars, and your father is gone. She must feel like she’s going to be completely on her own.”

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