Auntie Babs Farm Pt. 10


In the afterglow, with Richard’s cock still hard and buried deep inside her, keeping her tight pink walls spread apart, Abby realized how hot it must have looked with her brother’s cock buried deep inside her, jetting his load of incestuous sperm deep inside her.

Mmmmm, the idea of his incestuous sperm sent a thrill racing through Abby, they had just committed incest, Richard had plucked his very own sister’s cherry, giving her tight virgin walls their first fuck, and his hard prick had exploded inside her, while she had humped her hips up against his, eagerly wanting every drop.

So bad, so wicked, but so fucking hot, oh my god. She wondered if Auntie Babs was as much of a voyeur as she was, and one look confirmed it. Her Auntie Babs’ face was flushed, her breathing deep, she was so hot and turned on. Abby wanted to bring her Auntie Babs in and make her feel the same sizzling pleasure that Abby had just enjoyed, after all, she had planned this most wonderful party.

“Richard, I think we have to give Auntie Babs the same loving attention, don’t you?” Abby whispered, turning her head to smile at her Auntie Babs.

Richard grinned, nodded, and pulled out of Abby’s pussy. She held him up for a second, so she could take his cock into her mouth, Richard growled as he felt his sister’s soft, wet lips slide down his shaft, his prick being encased in the hot, wet mouth of his sister.

It made Abby hotter, licking the stiff hard cock that had just spit its cunt sizzling load inside of her virgin cunt. Abby bobbed her head up and down a few times, to lick up the juices smeared along his cock, then told him to sit back and watch for a minute or so.

Barbara felt a thudding jolt of excitement as she saw Abigail take the position, squatting above her, her bare, smooth pussy hovering just above her face. Barbara could see the tight pink lips, rimmed with a thick coating of Richard’s cum, her mouth watered thinking of how much thick sperm Richard’s prick had pumped into his sister’s no longer virginal pussy.

“Oh yeah, Auntie Babs, so sexy, such a wonderful birthday party. I’ve got a special treat for you too, my sweet Auntie, my pussy is full of Richard’s cum, and I’ll bet you want to lick it out of me don’t you?”

At her Auntie’s eager nod, she giggled and continued, “Oh yeah, Richard pumped so much cum into me, my pussy is so juicy and so eager for your tongue, lick me, oh yeah, lick out all the sweet cream,” Abby cooed.

Barbara could see the thick globs, just waiting for her to suck it all out. She pulled Abigail down tight against her mouth and felt a riveting bolt of pleasure as Abigail’s just fucked pussy opened up to her mouth, and Richard’s hot cream flowed into her mouth.

God, he had really filled her up, Barbara thought, as her mouth filled, she gulped it down, and her mouth refilled again. This time, she was able to savor the taste of their passionate coupling, the hot, musky taste of his semen mixing with Abigail’s light, tart juices, Ummm, so hot, so delicious. Barbara wanted Abigail to cum again, and Abigail’s own juices started to fill her mouth as Barbara moved her mouth, eager to surround Abigail’s clit.

Abby was in heaven, Mmmmm, her Auntie Babs sure knew how to lick pussy, oh god, she could feel Richard’s load sliding out of her, and into her sexy Auntie’s mouth. The idea of what had just happened in the last little while started her juices running, and she felt her Auntie Babs keeping her mouth tightly pressed against her, then the feel of her hot wet lips moving, oh yeah, she knew where she was going.

Abby let out a squeal of pleasure as Auntie Babs positioned her mouth over her pink, hard clit. Abby could feel her Auntie’s waiting tongue start licking it like candy, bringing another squeal of pleasure from her.

Barbara wrapped her tongue around Abigail’s hard, bulging clit, pulling at the stem with her tongue, tugging gently on it, letting her tongue slide along the hard, throbbing length of her niece’s straining clit. She slid two fingers up her niece’s steaming tunnel, eager for a juicy facial, her fingers found the spot, and she gave Abigail a G spot polish, she could hear Abigail’s squeals of pleasure, and she close her eyes, eager for the rush of Abigail’s girl cum.

Richard was watching closely, his cock had risen back up to a hard, throbbing pole, and Abby was happy to urge him on.

“Come, my sweet brother, your cock is so hard, bury it in our Auntie Babs, give our sweet Auntie a hot, cum filled ride, fuck her sweet cunt!” Abby cooed.

Barbara felt her legs being spread wide, and then the jarring pleasure of Richard nurdağı escort sinking his throbbing cock deep inside. She was so wet that his cock slid in with almost no resistance. Barbara growled with pleasure into the soaking pussy atop her, Richard’s grunt as he bottomed out, buried to the balls, and Abigail’s cries of pleasure joined together, as Richard pulled back, and thrust deep again, starting that rhythm going.

Oh fuck, Abby was inches from watching Richard fucking Auntie Babs. Watching Richard fuck that hot pinkness, the juicy squelch of Auntie Babs’ soaking heat being pounded by her brother’s rock-hard, rampant cock launched her.

Abby’s cries of pleasure rose to a shriek as she felt the rush of orgasm, the release of her explosion, like the dam breaking on her juices, and she realized with another racing thrill of pleasure, that she was cumming all over her Auntie Babs’ face, she could feel the juicy squirts gushing out of her.

She looked down and saw her Auntie Babs’ face a study in bliss, as she eagerly mouthed the flow splattering against her lips. Abby rode her climax, shaking and shuddering as it ran through her. She looked up again, and saw Richard driving into Auntie Babs’ steamy cunt, and that took her over the cliff, too.

Barbara howled, “Oh yes, sweet nephew, oh god, gonna make me, oh fuck, yes, yes, YESSS!”

Barbara could feel the rush, she tumbled into orgasm, her voice rising to a drawn-out hiss of pleasure, as her pussy blew, gushing her hot lava juices over Richard’s driving cock, clamping tightly at him. His cock was still building up a load, and Barbara was able to enjoy his driving thrusts, she felt another climax welling up, quickly seizing her, and her howls rose up as her body spun out the second, then a third, oh fuck, she was cumming like crazy.

Abby was watching, her lust starting to quickly roar back to life. Her voyeur streak was fully involved, watching Richard and Auntie Babs going at it was driving her lust to new heights.

Richard felt his cock jerk and swell up, he was ready to explode. He could feel the tight milking grip of her pussy, urging him on, and that took him over the edge. Their cries of orgasm filled the bedroom, as his Auntie Babs tumbled into her fourth orgasm, the rippling spasms brought on the explosion, Richard growled, grunted, his cock erupting, firing a thick volley of cum deep inside his Auntie’s eager, welcoming pussy.

They flopped down, and Abby joined them, cuddling up, forming a pile of bodies. After a few minutes, Barbara smiled and told her lovers to sit up, there were some more special presents for Abigail. Her eyes widened with excitement as Barbara handed her the first present.

She eagerly tore off the wrapping, the box said inside was a Lelo LIV Cerise Vibrator, she eagerly opened it, and was a bit puzzled at the shape. It was about 7 inches long, and it was red and white, the shape was very close to a yellow squash, slightly skinnier around the middle, with the ends flaring out just a bit more, and bending in a shape that was close to clock hands at 5 o’clock.

“You’ll love this baby, every woman should have her own personal vibrator. I have the very same model, the only difference is mine is dark blue and white.”

Barbara was happy to show her the controls, and she thought it would be fun to let Abby and Richard see what it was like.

She cooed, “How would you both like a demonstration?”

At their eager nods, she grinned, reached into her night table, and drew forth her Lelo. She lay back, spreading her legs, excited at seeing Abigail and Richard watching closely. She switched it on to a low setting, the gentle buzzes hinted at the pleasure, and she felt the thrill as she pressed it against her opening, laying it along her pink trail.

She felt the vibrations nudging against her immediately, and she let out a moan, oh, her Lelo was always so good.

Her voice husky, she cooed, “As you can see, it starts to feel good right away…”, and her voice trailed off into another moan.

Abby was burning up, she grabbed her Lelo, and squatting on the bed, next to her Auntie Babs, she started her Lelo going.

Barbara looked up, and saw Abigail’s face, alive with passion, pressing her Lelo against herself, copying what Barbara was doing. She heard Abigail take in a deep, shuddering breath, then let out a growl of pleasure.

“Oh my god, that feels so good, yes, oh yes,” she cooed.

Barbara purred, “Mmmmm, yes my sexy Abigail, I know how good it feels, nudge the vibrations higher, you’ll love it.”

Both of them nurdağı escort bayan pushed up the vibrations, and twin growls of pleasure filled the room as the vibrators started to really work them over. Abby’s pussy was full of tingles of pleasure, she could feel her clit throbbing, oh god, she was gonna cum, and cum hard.

Barbara could feel herself equally as ready, oh god, her Lelo was making her clit zing crazily.

Richard was taking it all in, his cock had quickly soared back up to its maximum dimensions, fuck, watching Abby and his Auntie Babs masturbating wantonly, both of them feeding off each other’s lust, he’d seen more sexual heat displayed in the last couple of hours, than in all his life.

Abby growled huskily, “Oh my god, I am so ready to explode, fuck it feels so good, are you ready Auntie Babs?”

Barbara purred, “Yes, oh yes my sweet niece, let’s do it, baby, let’s cum together, oh fuck, I’m gonna blow!”

Abby could feel the rush, and she howled, “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

Abby pressed her Lelo as hard against her as she could, and let the vibrations take her right over the edge, letting out a shriek as her pussy dissolved in a gush of hot, steamy juices, her body shaking and shuddering as her climax took her.

Watching Abigail wielding her Lelo like that made her pussy lurch, that took Barbara over the edge, and Barbara’s squeals of joy joined in, as she rode her wave of masturbational glory.

Abby switched off, and tumbled into her Auntie Babs’s arms, whispering, “Thank you so much, Auntie Babs, that is an awesome gift, one that I will enjoy for a long time to come!”

Barbara looked at Richard, and said, “Look how hard Richard is, let’s give him a double blow job, other than just a few moments ago, have you ever done oral sex, Abigail?”

At the shake of her head, Barbara smiled, and said, “Then let’s teach you how to do it that will keep a guy faithful for life! Lie back Richard, and let us service your stiff, hard prick!”

Richard was happy to do so, his cock was right back up to a hard, ready to service 8 inches, and his eyes were wide as he watched Abby and his Auntie Babs, their faces right down by his cock, ready to teach and learn.

Barbara said, “First off, this is a great way to start the process off right.”

She wrapped her hand around the base of his prick, her tongue came out, and she started licking at his thick cock head like it was a lollipop. Richard’s growl of pleasure let Abby know that what Auntie Babs was doing must feel awfully good.

Barbara swabbed his cock head down, then ran her tongue around the band where the foreskin was retracted. Barbara was pleased to see that her sister had decided to not circumcise Richard, in her sexual experience, men with foreskins intact were so much more sensitive, and she loved playing with them, pulling down until the cock hard popped up, ready and eager for her tongue.

Barbara would have been more than happy to swallow him right to the balls, and suck his cock wildly until he fired thick hot jets of semen right down her throat, but, mindful of this being teaching time for her sweet niece, Abigail, she released his cock, and urged Abigail on.

Barbara pulled her head back, and cooed, “Ok baby, exactly what I was doing, lick the head of your brother’s cock.”

Abby quickly took the position, grasping the base of his cock as her tongue slid out, and she did exactly as her Auntie Babs instructed. Her brother responded with a growl of pleasure, as she ran her tongue all over the cock head, then licking at the band where the foreskin was retracted, bringing another moan of pleasure.

“Mmmm, very good baby, I think you’ll be a natural at this. Sucking cock is so much fun, and when you get the rush of thick cum in your mouth, you’ll want to swallow it all. Now, follow that up with this.”

Barbara took over, and started to lick up and down his cock shaft, then encouraged Abby to do the same, with her at the same time. Richard was in a sexual Eden, as he watched his Auntie Babs and his sister both licking at the shaft of his cock, like they were friends sharing a boyfriend’s cock. Abby pulled her Auntie’s face up, and they shared a tongue-swirling kiss with the head of Richard’s cock between their mouths. Richard could feel his cock respond, oh fuck, that felt so fucking good.

Barbara purred, “Okay baby, now, purse your lips around the cock head, work up a good load of saliva, then slide your mouth down over his cock, take him in as deep as you can. If you feel the gag reflex, pull back quickly, and then you’ll escort nurdağı know how much you can fit in.”

Richard watched, his cock throbbing with lust, as Abby’s sweet sexy face smiled up at him. Then he felt the exquisite feeling of her lips around his cock head, then the hot, wet grip surrounding his prick, as she slid her mouth down. She took in 6 of his 8 inches, then pulled back up, and slid down again. Her lips gave him a tight grip, and the heat and wetness of her mouth brought growls of pleasure from Richard, oh god, his sister’s first full-on blow job, and he was the lucky recipient.

Barbara cooed, “Oh yeah baby, you’re doing excellent, listen to Richard enjoying your skill, work his cock up to a gusher, then suck out every drop of spunk.”

Abby was doing exactly that, the knowledge that he was in the grip of sexual pleasure, at her mouth, her lips, her tongue, brought a rush of empowerment. She realized that her sexuality was a very potent thing, and she understood why so many men were so easily led by their sexual urges. She worked on trying to take in a little bit more each time, she soon had 7 inches of hard, throbbing cock in her mouth.

Richard could feel his cock throbbing eagerly, he was just on the verge of losing it.

He growled out, “Oh yeah baby, keep sucking it, you’re gonna make me cum baby, oh fuck, so close!”

Barbara growled out, “Oh yeah, suck it, Abigail, taste your brother’s spunk, suck him dry!”

Abby wanted to swallow it all, she felt she could do it, and she pushed her head forward, taking in the entire eight inches, and that brought on an immediate orgasm, she barely had time to pull her mouth back, she wanted to taste his load, not have it just shot down her throat.

Richard growled out, “Oh fuck, YEAH!” and she felt 2 hot blasts splatter against the roof of her mouth, then 2 more spewing all over her tongue, followed by the squirts and dribbles. She kept him in her mouth, his cum was thick and creamy and it coated the inside of her mouth.

She had enjoyed the tremors of excitement shooting through his pulsing cock, then the feel of his passionate eruption flooding her mouth with a thick, creamy, wet spray of sperm, that wonderful rich, liquid warmth jetting into her mouth. She discovered the taste of his cum was delicious, and she eagerly drank it down, it was filling her up with such wonderful sensations. She kept him in, wanting every drop, then drew her lips back, releasing his cock with a smack of her lips.

“Ummm, that was so delicious, Richard, you have such tasty cum, I’ll want to suck you a whole lot from now on!” Abby giggled. “And, do a lot more with you, from now on!”

Barbara said softly, “Oh indeed you will. I want you and your brother to get well acquainted with each other’s bodies and each other’s sexual pleasure. Good girl Abigail, you sucked him off perfectly, wouldn’t you say, Richard?”

Richard gasped, “Oh my god, did she ever. Abby, you gave my cock the sucking of a lifetime!”

Abby glowed with pride, oh, the compliments did wonders for her.

“And now, your other present from me!” Barbara said, smiling, handing her an envelope.

Abby took it eagerly, opened it, and gasped. A 100-dollar gift card from Victoria’s Secret, my god, she thought of all the sexy, racy undies she’d seen in their ads, now, she would be able to indulge herself in those sexy, racy undies.

She grabbed her Auntie Babs, whispering, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, my 19th birthday will be a day I will never forget. You and my sweet brother have made me feel like the most special 19-year-old on Earth.”

She noticed Richard settling in, looks like his constant erection is finally taking a break, she thought with a smile.

She produced a pill and gave it to Abby, along with a glass of water.

“Take this Abigail, it’s the morning after pill, since Richard rode you bareback, we don’t want you becoming a teen Mom. This little emergency contraceptive will prevent that.”

While Abby took it, Barbara said, “Tomorrow, I will take you to Planned Parenthood, and we’ll get you started on the Pill. No more barebacking until the Pill starts working.”

She opened a drawer, took out a package, and tossed it over, saying “Richard, it’ll have to be condoms for a little while. No need to worry, it’s only about a week.”

Richard nodded, happy that his Auntie had provided for him to ride her without a condom, for her birthday.

“And, Abigail, would you like to buy some hot, racy things from Victoria’s Secret tomorrow? We’ll make it a girl’s afternoon out!”

She squealed with joy, and said, “Oh my god, I’d love it! When we get back home, could I model my hot sexy undies for you and Richard?”

The big smiles gave Abby her answer, and very soon, they lay back, in a sleepy, well-satisfied pile, Barbara smiled as she felt her body surrounded by her sexy niece and nephew. She drifted off to sleep with that big smile.

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