Aunt Sudha’s Sexcapades Ch. 01


My first sexual experience had me exhausted. I snuggled into bed next to her. My cock was limp as she tucked her arms behind her head propped up by the pillow. I turned towards her and rested my head in the crook of her arm. I felt the long dense thicket of her unshaven underarms fan my face as it billowed to the slight wind created by my breathing as well as the gust of air from the air conditioner. It had a pungent aroma a mixture of sweat and sex and I felt my cock growing hard.

I hope you don’t think I am a slut just because I fucked you,” she said smilingly. I replied in the negative by nodding my head but slyly added “ I saw earlier in the evening with those three men and how you enjoyed being fucked by those studs”. She looked a bit shocked but then she said, “You know I was never unfaithful to your Uncle. It all started when I needed some money to pay an installment for the housing loan and your Uncle was still at sea” I started licking the long strands of bushy hair in her unkempt underarms licking and tugging at the thickly haired pits. She started stroking my semi hard phallus and said, “ Since the last date was on me I went to Nisha my neighbor to borrow some money. Nisha was a widow who never seemed short of money. I rang her bell and she opened the door face flushed telling me to come later as she was busy”. I was now interested in Aunt Sudha’s story and my cock was getting erect and ready for some solid action.

“Nisha called me an hour later to her apartment and handed me the money. I told her I would pay it back soon but she said why was I so dependant on your Uncle. She told me that I must be lonely and missing sex and that I could earn some pocket money by entertaining a few friends” she said. “At first I did not understand what Nisha was saying but the more I thought about it the more attractive it seemed. I was really feeling lonely and many I night I played with myself missing your Uncle” Aunt Sudha said.

I was hard and the licking of her furry armpits did not do my throbbing member any good. I needed my cock escort bursa to be sucked and who better than the hirsute Aunt Sudha. She moved her arms from under her head and reached down and grabbed the base of my engorged prick, holding it steady. She stuck her tongue out and licked around the head, not even caring that her tongue touched some of my precum. My eyes feasted on the tufty hair, which had now bunched up under her arms and the heavy pelt of hair in her unshaven armpits seemed much longer than it looked when her arms were tucked under her head. She wanted to lick the whole thing, but was too anxious to get it in her mouth. She opened wide and swallowed the head, gagging as it hit her throat, then trying harder to swallow more.

She then took it out and licked it along the length as I watched in awe at a woman loving my oversized penis. She looked up at me and said “You know when I got married I used to shave my underarms regularly but your Uncle Suresh was turned on by underarm hair. When he saw my pubic bush for first time he was amazed at the thick forest in my pubic mound. He then pleaded with me to stop shaving my armpits. It soon grew in and I never shaved my armpits thereafter. When Nisha told me that there were men who needed sexual comfort and it was good money I first baulked at the idea but she reassured me that the men the bureau sent were all decent men. So I agreed to go along with her to meet Mihir and Sona who ran the bureau. The had a nice office and it all seemed very businesslike till Sona asked me to remove my sari just to get me checked medically by Mihir who was a Doctor by profession. When I removed my clothes they were also amazed by my hirsuteness. On seeing them staring at the excessive hair in my unshaven pits and my pubic forest I told them that I could neither shave nor trim my underarms nor the wild unruly tangle of pubic hair otherwise my husband would be upset when he came back from sea”

I was now dying for her to resume sucking my cock as she managed to swallow half my length and bursa merkez eskort looked up to see if I was enjoying it. Not only was I enjoying it but also seeing this wanton slut sucking my penis was urging to ram the rest of my member deeper into her craving throat. So I grabbed hold of her head firmly and thrust it between her red lips. As her throat gave way to my meat rod, and her tongue enveloped my slippery helmet, my head involuntarily snapped back in sheer ecstasy of the situation. After a second or two, I looked down again to see my shiny shaft slipping in and out of Aunt Sudha’s gorging mouth. I could feel the juices starting to well up in my balls. Momentarily she relaxed and she removed my sunken shaft from her warm and all encompassing mouth. She continued her story saying that “Mihir playfully pulled the heavy pelt of fur in my hairy armpits and told his wife that the men who keep asking for hairy women especially bushy armpits could be serviced by me as well and that there was a businessman who wanted two women who were extremely hairy and that I could be one of them”.

She continued to rub her fingers up and down on my throbbing prick. She moaned softly as she started licking my shaft all over, even stopping to fondle and lick my balls. But she then spread her legs for me. Her crisp full mons veneris was very inviting “Come here,” she whispered. She started to rub my dick and placed it at the entrance of her sopping wet hairy pussy. She wanted me in her hairy pussy and who was I to object. I leant forward and buried my head in her unshaven pits. The dark pit hair engulfed me as I entered her and I started fucking her She positioned herself below me and put her arms around me and said “That’s it, now just move it in and out and I will tell you what happened when I went that day to meet those men in their beautiful bungalow I wore a lovely sari and there were just two of them. The owner of the house Ashok introduced me to the other man, Kabir and I was introduced to the other woman bursa sınırsız escort Meena who I knew was from the bureau as well though I had not met her”.

We started to rock back and forth as I leaned down and started to suck on the luscious hair in the buttery armpits. It tasted heavenly as I licked the heavy pelt of hair. She then added, “ We started drinking and we went towards the pool. The men were horsing around with us and I was extremely nervous. When Ashok kissed me on the mouth he started fondling my tits. His hands were on my mounds and I think he was searching for the hair in my armpits wondering, I presume, whether I was as hairy as the bureau had told him. I think I heard him gasp as his hands encountered the excessive hair in my bushy underarms as his erection brushed against me. In my nervous excitement I kissed him full on his mouth, as it was the first man who had felt my breasts since Suresh had fucked me almost six months back. I looked across and found that Kabir had succeeded in undressing himself and the hirsute Meena. She was a barber’s delight. In the nude you could have sworn you could see only masses of jet-black hair, which hid her pussy. She was an ape woman as masses of black hair covered her pussy entrance. When she lifted her arms her armpits were covered in a thick rug of jet-black hair as well. I even noticed her eyebrows were bushy and her legs were pretty hairy Even though her arms were pressed to her sides long tufty hair poked out from the sides and as she bent forward to kiss Kabir more hair spilled out of her unshaven underarms. She held out her hand as even more tufty hair showed out of her bushy armpits. I complimented her on her bushy armpits and I told her that I have never so much hair in a woman’s or mans armpits”

I fucked Aunt Sudha with all my might as my engine roared in and out of her wet hairy pussy. It was incredible fucking my aunt. I relished the warm feeling all over my body and the sensation of her cunt muscles massaging my prick. She had another screaming orgasm screaming ” I’m so wet and I am ccccuuuuummmming!” I fucked her faster, almost violently, my balls slapping her ass. I licked he sweaty matted hair in her unshaven armpits and could hold back no longer. I started coming and flooded her hairy pussy with my jism. She was milking every drop from my cock as I emptied my load into her.

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