Aunt Shelja is Punished


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


My college exams were over. So I was free for the next month or so. I got up early and got dressed. Most of my class mates live within a radius of half a kilometer. We had decided to collect at the local Park at seven to play a game of cricket. I was ready to go when my mother called me. She gave me a strip of medicines and told me to give it to aunt Shelja. She told me to hurry as Shelja had fallen in her bathroom and had hurt her right wrist.

Aunt Shelja is my father’s elder sister. She is a spinster and lives alone in a duplex at a distance of 5 km from our house. I knew I won’t be able to reach for the game in time. But what could be done. I put the strip of medicine in my shirt pocket and started for aunt’s place on my ‘Hero’ bicycle, gifted to me by my mother on my eighteenth birthday last year. I tried to paddle as fast as I could.

Aunt Shelja is a spinster. She is a very bossy, egoistic and fussy type of woman. Nobody in the family likes her. Rather everybody hates her and she also keeps aloof and prefers to stay away from the family. My father is the only person who tolerates her somehow. She had been the cause of a lot of anxiety and tension in the family. It was said that my mother had to suffer much humiliation because of her. My other uncles and aunts abused her openly. But natural, that I was also not favorably inclined towards her.

Outwardly also she is not an attractive person. Unlike most females our family, who very beautiful and had, if not gorgeous, very lovely curvaceous bodies she was tall, thin and frail. She had a thin face with small thin lips and a sharp nose and sharp shin. It could have been lovely if she had learnt to smile and laugh. But I had never seen her smiling. She is a teacher at the government school and her students also are more afraid of her than the principal of the school. She is flat chested though her back side is not bad.

As I reached her house I found the outer door open. I went in and couldn’t find her in the front living room or the kitchen. I tip toed to another room which I had rightly assumed to be the bedroom. There she was sitting on the bed both her hands in her lap.

“What took you so long? You mother said she will send you immediately.” She growled.

The words made my blood really boil. I felt like throwing the strip of tablets in her face. I wanted to really punish this thankless woman somehow. I had come cycling as fast as I could on those busy roads. It was not my fault that she had chosen to live so far away from the rest of the family. But then tears started flowing down her skinny, hollow cheeks. Now how does one punish a woman already whimpering with pain? Suddenly my eyes fell on her right hand lying in her lap. The wrist and the back of her hand were swollen. Being a player of our city cricket team I have seen many such injuries on the playground and I knew immediately that this was not an injury which is going to heal any soon specially with these simple painkillers. I felt pity for her. Chances were that she may have fractured one or both the bones of her fore arm. I moved closer and wiped her tears. I very gingerly put one finger on the swollen wrist and she immediately winced and gave a loud yell.

“Aunt Shelja, your wrist needs proper medical attention. it is not going to heal with these medicines.” I said as softly as I could muster. I took out the strip of tablets from my pocket and placed them on the bedside table.

“I know. You just give me the tablets” she said in a rigid tone.

“You get dressed and I will take you to the hospital.” I said and went out bugged and angry. I went to the kitchen and filled a glass of water and took out an ice tray from the fridge to make a cold compress. I heard a loud noise of something falling.

“Ronnie” She yelped from the bedroom. I rushed back to the bed room anxious “what the hell?”

She was standing next to her wardrobe with a drawer lying on her feet. “I can’t lift my arm.” Tears were dripping from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.

“I know. I think there is a fracture or a dislocation.”

“How am I going to change?”

I looked at her. She was right. She was wearing a knee length nightie. Either you remove it by lifting it up above your head or you could open the back zipper and let it slid down your feet. She was unable to perform either of the two tasks.

“Let me help you” I said placing the glass and ice tray on the bed.

“I am not wearing anything underneath.” She said trying to move away from me.

“But I had already moved behind her. In a flash I got the idea how I was going to get even with her. “Stand still.” I said and undid her zipper.”

“Is there any other alternative?” I said firmly and moving my hands over her shoulders slowly peeled down her nightie until her left hand was free from it. Then I slowly took out her right hand out of it. She again winced but her hand was soon out of her nightie. I let go of the nightie and it dropped on the Gaziantep Escort floor.

She was standing in front of me totally naked. It all happened so unexpectedly and so fast that she was unable to utter a protest. She tried to hide her nakedness by cupping her crotch with her left hand, saw the futility of here action and dropped the hand back on her side. I feasted my eyes on her body taking in every detail of her back and hips and legs. She saw it all. I turned her around and ran my eyes from head to foot, taking in every detail. I wanted her to know what was happening. The front of my pants was bulging. My dick was erect and rock hard. I hoped she will notice that. There was a strong urge to feel and touch her. I took out a pair of panties and bra from the fallen drawer and started dressing her up.

I got down on my knees, my mouth close to her crotch and lifted her one leg. She immediately placed her healthy hand on my head for support. I put her foot in the one of the leg openings and repeated the same procedure with the other leg. I lifted her panties higher and let the back of my hand caress her hairy vulva. Then I helped her put on her bra again boldly letting my hand rove over her tiny boobs. Then I helped her with Salwar and Kameez not missing any chance to touch and feel her. Through whole this episode she kept her head down evading any eye contact. I knew she was feeling miserable but I wanted her to get the taste of her own medicine.

When she was completely dressed up, I took out two pills from the strip and gave her. She gulped them down with water I had brought. Then I sat her down and wrapped the ice tray in a chunni (a soft light cloth worn over the kameez) and placed it under her wrist. She sobbed and moaned a little but soon it was evident that the medicine and the cold compress were taking effect. I didn’t wait for long, made a temporary sling out of the same chunni, combed her hair wrapped them in a bun and took her to the hospital on her scooter.

It took us 4 hours at the hospital. The x rays were done. And thank God there was no fracture, only soft tissue injury. A tendon or muscle tear. Her wrist and hand were wrapped in a crape bandage and the arm was put in a sling and she was given some medicines and a tube of cream to rub on the wrist. And we were sent back to come after 5 days for follow up.

When we reached back she thanked me a lot for everything in a very formal voice. It was a signal for me to get out. But I was not going to be put off easily.

“It is already time for lunch. Shall I bring you something?”

“No, no, you have already done a lot. Moreover I am not feeling hungry.”

“Ok I will bring dinner in the evening.”

I said and moved closer to her. I started taking of the sling.

“What are you doing?”

“i think I will help you change back into your house dress before I go. You won’t be comfortable in these clothes. And I don’t think you are going anywhere in the coming few days.”

I had already removed the sling before she could protest. And my hand went under her Kameez and inside her Salwar. I purposefully fumbled a little to feel her crotch and then found the drawstring and pulled it the Salwar fell on the floor. Then I started lifting her Kameez above her head. “There is no need to remove this.” she said. But I was not listening to her. As the Kameez rose above her breasts she gave in and I slowly carefully removed it. Next I moved my hand behind her and undid the bra and removed it. She was not feeling as shy as she had felt the first time but still there was some hesitation and anxiety. I was enjoying it all the more. Then I kneeled in front of here and started peeling of her panties down. She protested but I kept on rolling them down. “What if you want to pee? You won’t be able to take them off in time or put them on back. Chances are you will pee inside them.” I told her in a scolding tone, making it clear that there was no love lost between us. Her hairy pubic mound was in front of my eyes. I could see her love lips and the slit between them clearly. The smell of her sex was strong. Maybe she was getting wet. I inhaled deeply. She saw that and again tried to hide her womanhood with her healthy hand but I took her hand in my hand and got up. I led her to the closet and chose a gown of my own choice, a front opening one. I helped her into it. She gave out a sigh of relief when her body was again fully covered again.

“I will be back at night with the dinner. You can ring up mom if you need anything else.” I said lifting her chin and looking into her eyes. She immediately averted her eyes. I patted her cheek. She just nodded her head. I entered one finger in her bun and removed the hair band her hair fell all over her shoulders. “This looks better.” I said and again patted her cheeks. She wanted to come to the door to see me off. But I told her to lie down and take it easy. I let myself out and rode back to my house happy as a lark.


I told mom the whole story as soon as she was back from her duty, naturally avoiding the dressing Gaziantep Escort Bayan and undressing episodes. My mom praised me for being such a Good Samaritan and pitied her sister in law. “Living alone, nobody to help or take care.” She said to nobody in particular. “If you want I will go in the evening to check upon her.” I said aiming to set the stage for the evening visit.

“You do that. I will send your father tomorrow.” Much pleased with my ploy, I ate a hearty lunch and went to my room to lie down for some time.

My aunt’s body kept on floating in front of my eyes again and again dressed and undressed, in her lingerie and without it. She was not as bad as she looked. Her breasts were small but firm and round and didn’t sag at all. Just imagine and she will turn fifty the next year. The areolae were small and pink, nipples small and hard. Her waist was slim and tummy flat. Her hips were big round globes and they were also firm and round.. Her legs were muscular and nicely shaped. Her aroma lingered in my nose. I found myself slowly jerking my erect cock. I stopped it and paid attention to the two most important questions – What and from where to buy something for her dinner?


I was again at her doorsteps at 7 on the dot. I choose this time so that I could stay there for an hour or two. The front door was again unlocked. I found her in the kitchen trying to cook omelet with her left hand. The crape bandage was still around her wrist and hand but she had removed the sling. I put the carry bag I was holding on the kitchen shelf and moved behind her wrapping my one arm around her waist. “You didn’t believe me that I will bring the dinner.”

“No it’s not like that.”

“Then what else? What is the use of exerting yourself unnecessarily? It will delay the healing. I scolded her openly.”

“I was just bored sitting alone doing nothing.” She replied defensively.

“How is your hand?” I inquired.

“Same as before, the excruciating pain never goes. The tablets lessen it a bit. But as soon as there effect wears off it starts hurting like before.”

“How is it present?”

“A little less than before, I took the tablets a few minutes ago.”

“Don’t take them on empty stomach. It will upset your tummy.” I instructed her and tightened my embrace and ran my free hand on her abdomen.

“I took some tea.”

“That is not enough.” I tightened my hold even further. My cock was hard and growing bigger and harder every passing moment. Every time she moved it rubbed against her back and upper part of her ass cheeks.

Before she could say something I again ran my hand around her abdomen and said “come on let’s feed you first. You must be famished. You haven’t eaten anything since morning.” By that time the omelet was also ready. I pulled the carry bag nearer and took out the first carton. It had a thick soup. I knew it will be difficult to take something liquid with the wrong hand. I took a spoon and started feeding her. “You brought it from the market. Your mother didn’t want to cook for me?” She said in a mocking tone. “She only told me to go and check if you needed something. I brought these because I knew you like it.” “She fell silent and didn’t say another word after that. She was actually very hungry so she let me feed her silently.

But I had had it. “You wretched ungrateful woman from now onwards you are going to pay for everything and very dearly.” I said to myself and dug my hard dick even more firmly into the small of her back. I took a few sips of the soup myself in between with the same spoon I was using to feed her. I asked her to open the other carton when we had finished the soup. It had chicken noodles and again I took a fork and started feeding her. In between, when she was munching the morsels the noodles, I used my hands to explore new spots on her body and succeeded in opening two of her gown’s front button. She knew what I was doing and feeling very helpless and uneasy. Her discomfort pleased me like anything. It was making me more and more horny. She was using her left hand as a support for the right so that it won’t droop. She tried to talk to me but my monosyllabic answers made any conversation impossible. She would manage to move away from me when I loosened my grip for one or other task and I would tighten the hug again and bring her back to me.

When the food was finished, I put the omelet in a big plate and covered it with the other. “We will put it in the fridge you can heat it and have it for the breakfast with toasts and cheese.” She nodded her head in affirmative. I bent my head and kissed her cheek. She turned her head towards me and I ruffled her hair. You will be hale and healthy soon.” She broke away from me to put the empty cartons in the waste bin but I again pulled her back into my embrace. This time her face turned towards me. My hard cock pressed firmly against her abdomen my one arm around her back and the other hand holding her head. I brought my mouth close to hers. She thought that I am going to kiss her. She turned her head away Escort Gaziantep from me keeping her face down and avoiding any eye to eye contact. “Shall I make a cup of tea for you? I asked her my lips brushing the lobe of her ear. She shook her head in negative and I took her face in my hands and lifted her chin. She looked at me and saw my lips reaching for hers. “No…” she started to say but my lips had already taken her upper lip into their grasp. She kept on punching my back with her healthy fist but I had again taken her in my embrace. Soon she saw the futility off her efforts and stopped trying to free herself.

I encircled her healthy arm around my neck. I left her lips and kissed her cheeks and forehead and chin she sighed deeply and I was again kissing her lips so that she won’t be able to mouth any protest or some kind of threat. But she didn’t protest this time at all. Only she kept her teeth clenched tightly as I sucked on her lips her breathing became faster. I licked her lips and her tightly clenched teeth and her healthy pink gums and she started to relax. Her mouth opened up and my tongue slid into her mouth. I kept on exploring every nook and corner of her mouth and she kept helping me by opening her mouth wider and wider. While we were busy kissing I saw the opportunity and undid the remaining buttons of her gown. I moved my hand inside and caressed her back and waist. She moved closer.

“My hand is hurting again.” She mumbled slowly in my ear. “I will make a cold compress.” I said. “That is a good idea. It gave me immense relief in the morning also. As I moved towards the fridge she started buttoning her gown back. I took hold of her hand and jerked it away and undid the button she had fastened. She didn’t try it again.

“But where is the cream they prescribed you to rub on the wrist?” I suddenly remembered.

“In the bedroom, I never applied it.”


“How was I going to undo and then wrap again this bandage back with one hand? It needs to be wrapped tight.”

“But you can use the phone with one hand. You could have called me. I am not a person to leave somebody in a lurch.” I said angrily. “I got a phone of my own. But how will you know?” I taunted her again and lifted her up in my arms. She didn’t weigh much and I easily carried into the bedroom. The Gown slid away and she was practically naked. I removed the gown and threw it away. I sat her in my lap and undid the clips of the crape bandage and removed it. There was no change. The swelling had not shrunk a bit. I opened the tube of ointment and started rubbing it on her wrist and back of hand. She moaned and sobbed in my ear and dug her nails in my shoulder but I kept on massaging until a lot of the medicine had seeped into her skin and her sobs had nearly subsided. “Feeling better?” She nodded her head vigorously. I moved in and planted my lips on hers. She gave them to me quite willingly. We kissed for a few moments then I put her on the bed and wrapped the bandage back in place. “You are not to move this arm at all and you are to keep it in an elevated position all the time if you want this swelling to go. No heroics.” I admonished her. “If you want I can stay with you for a day or two.”

She just nodded her head sheepishly. A put a pillow under her injured hand and covered it with a light comforter. She smiled at me. That was the first smile I had ever seen on her face. I bent over her and kissed her forehead and then came down to take her lips. This time I found her more than willing. I kicked my trainers away and crawled into the bed. As our kissing became vigorous my hand reached lower and took her tiny breast in my hand and gave it a little squeeze. “No, no please! She tried to turn away from me but her one arm was under me and the second was as such useless. I wrapped and my left leg around her and pinned her under me. I deliberately moved my left hand downwards caressed her pubic hair.

“No please no! Don’t go there.” She tightened he thighs. “I will complain…

“That is what you have been doing whole your life. Complaining.” I retorted back loudly and angrily. She winced at my words and stared speechless and shocked. “What wrong I am doing just making love..” I started to say but she interrupted me in between.

“This is not love.”

“It is part of it. But you won’t know. You never loved anybody and won’t let anybody love you.”

“Who said that?”

By that time my hand was back on her crotch. I moved it a little lower and slapped her thigh. “Then what is this. Open up.” She didn’t say anything. But I could feel the tension in her thigh muscles melting away. I moved my fingers between her thighs and they slid between them easily without any resistance. I caressed her inner thighs and then pulled her thigh towards me and she opened up a little. I caressed her vulva and ran my fingers through her dense foliage. My middle finger slid between her love lips and I could feel the moisture. I let the tip of my finger dip into her cunt. A sigh escaped her mouth. I brought out my finger it was soaking wet. I used it to lubricate her engorged clit. She shuddered with every caress over her button. I stood up and hurriedly took off my clothes as she watched me and my erection. I separated her thighs and she opened up wide. I teased her cunt and clit with the tip of my cock and then lowered myself into her slowly inch by inch.

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