Aunt Megan Ch. 03


I had a nice long shower until I felt that my body was somewhat under control again. After I dried myself off I noticed that the door to Megan’s room wasn’t completely shut. Was it like that before I got in the shower? I couldn’t remember. I moved a little closer to it, trying to look through without being obvious about it. I could see her bed from where I was standing but there was no one there. Seeing that Megan wasn’t in there and not hearing any movement I looked a little closer. It looked as though she had been sitting on the side of her bed but that could have been like that all day. Okay, I’m getting paranoid now.

I went back to the room and put on clean jocks, a pair of shorts that I would be sleeping in and a T-shirt. I went looking for Megan and found her watching T.V. She too was in a long T-shirt that she was wearing as a nightie and I assumed panties but I couldn’t really tell.

The rest of the evening went pretty quietly, mostly just idle chatter and watching T.V. There was one moment when Megan got up to make us each a cup of coffee though. She stood up and I couldn’t help but watch as she walked to the door. Her shirt had stuck to her back a bit on one side and as she walked past I had a glimpse of her ass. One cheek was showing beneath the hem of her shirt and it appeared that she either had no underwear on or she was wearing a G-string. Either way, the result was the same, a lovely glimpse of her bare butt cheek. Sadly, when she came back in with our drinks her shirt had corrected itself. I won’t say I wasn’t disappointed. We sat in a comfortable silence as the T.V. Played some inane reality program. I was tired from the travel and the emotional ups and downs. By the time I had finished my drink I was yawning and struggling to keep my eyes open. I looked across at Megan and she was yawning too.

“You look as tired as I feel. I think I might go to bed so we can get a good start in the morning.”

I nodded in agreement and watched as Megan stood up. She yawned widely and stretched her arms above her head. The process of stretching her arms above her head raised the hem of her shirt, my breath caught in my throat as it crept slowly upwards revealing a tantalising glimpse of her pubic hair. As though realising what she had just done, Megan brought her arms down again very quickly. I hadn’t really seen anything in detail, just a glimpse and a very brief one at that, but it was a vision that will stay burned into my mind for the rest of my life. Megan grinned at me and was actually blushing a bit. She made sure her shirt was pulled down properly then made her way to the door.

“Well, I’ll see you in the morning then, Nate. Sweet dreams.”

I was definitely going to be having sweet dreams now.

“You too, Megan. Good night.”

I waited for her to leave the room before standing up. I had another raging hard-on, no surprises there though. I turned off the T.V. And the light then made my way to the bedroom. I lay down on the bed but there was no way I was going to get any sleep any-time soon.

It seemed like hours I lay there trying to get to sleep. I couldn’t tell you when I went from musing over the day’s events to them turning into very erotic dreams but they were very sweet dreams indeed. I awoke with the sun peeking around the edges of the curtain. Something had woken me up but I couldn’t tell you what it was. I reclined back and stared up at the ceiling, still in that halfway world of not quite awake but no longer asleep. I rolled my head to the side as I heard the door between the bathroom and my room quietly open.

“Rise and shine, sleepy head.”

I looked at Megan who was smiling at me. I watched as her eyes slowly roved along the length of my body and her smile became a wicked grin.

“Well, I see you have already risen, now you just need to shine.”

I was confused for a second then realised I had an erection that was standing straight up. It must have looked like I had pitched a tent in the bed. I immediately rolled on to my side and tried to hide my offending cock. I could feel my face going bright red in response.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed, Nate, all guys your age wake up with morning wood. I’ll leave you to get dressed while I make breakfast then we’ll make a start on the painting.”


I managed to croak out. It was the weirdest feeling; I was embarrassed that Megan had seen that but there was also a part of me that really wanted her to see more.

I managed to calm things down enough so I could put a pair of shorts and a T-shirt on. I followed my nose to the delicious scent of bacon and coffee and found a delicious looking breakfast waiting for me on the table. I ate while Megan explained what we would be doing today. I had obviously chosen the right clothing as Megan was also wearing shorts and a T-shirt. It was only eight o’clock but it was already warming up.

A lot of the prep work had been done so it was basically just the painting left to do. Megan walked out of the shed and handed me my supplies.

“Here’s the Gaziantep Escort paint and here’s your brush. The ladder is over behind the shed. Let’s get to it.”

It really was warming up quickly and I had worked up a sweat in no time. I kept pulling at my T-shirt as it stuck to my body. Megan walked back out of the house carrying a couple of ice-cold drinks. I took one off her gratefully and all but drained it down. We sat in the shade of the house leaning against the unpainted part of the wall.

“It sure is warm today but it looks like we are really getting somewhere with it.”

We had managed to paint one long side of the house and were about three-quarters of the way through the smaller back end. We were working our way around the house, keeping the building between us and the sun to avoid getting burned to a crisp in the direct sunlight. Megan looked up at the house and smiled.

“We are certainly getting it done quicker than I thought we would. I would still be struggling on the first wall if I didn’t have you here. I really do appreciate it, Nate.”

“Well it’s only the first coat but yeah we will knock this over in a few days, and you’re welcome, Megan.”

Megan’s gaze dropped from the wall to me.

“Are you okay, Nate? You look really hot.”

“Well thank you.”

I was just joking but in truth, it was getting really warm.

“Haha, smart ass. Why don’t you take your shirt off you’ve gone bright red.”

I don’t know where the bravado came from but it just popped out of nowhere.

“I will if you will.”

We both laughed for a moment but then Megan got a cheeky look on her face.

“Okay then, but it will be better for me than for you, I’m wearing a bra.”

“Jokes on you, I’m wearing one too.”

We both laughed but the fact that Megan thought it would be good to see me topless had me a little excited. Before I could over-think it and become nervous I whipped my shirt off. I didn’t know if Megan had just been joking or teasing me but she gave a little “Mmmm.” of approval. I was blushing again but I wasn’t going to back down.

“Your turn.”

She smiled at me as if to say challenge accepted. She pulled her shirt up and over her head and threw it down on the ground with mine. She may have had a bra on but it was one she had chosen with painting in mind. It appeared to be quite old and had worn thin. I could easily make out her nipples through the material. Her nipples were a much darker colour than the rest of her skin and they were quite hard, protruding and pushing against the material.

Without really realising it I let out a moan. I could feel my cock swelling in my shorts and I was reminded of this mornings tent. I adjusted my cock without any thought about it at all but Megan certainly noticed. Her chest was flushed and she stared at my hand as it squeezed my cock through my shorts.

“Ohh mmm.”

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and I was more turned on than I had ever been. Megan physically shook herself then turned away. It was like a trance had been broken and she took the moment to finish the last of her drink.

“Well, we better get going if we are going to get this done by lunchtime.”

She waved her hand towards the three quarter finished wall.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

With great difficulty, I tore my eyes away from Megan’s luscious body and back to the job at hand. Progress was slower now as I spent almost as much time watching what I was painting as I did sneaking peeks at Megan. By about twelve-thirty, we had finally finished the wall and I went to clean the brushes and tidy up. Megan went inside to make us some sandwiches for lunch. When I went inside I half expected her to have put her shirt back on but I was pleasantly surprised to see she hadn’t.

We ate our sandwiches and chatted while I tried not to stare at Megan’s breasts but it was a battle I was never going to win. At one point I completely missed something she had said as I was deep into a fantasy involving her gorgeous breasts.


“Huh? What?”

As I looked up into Megan’s face she had a very smug grin.

“Are you right now, Nate? Back with us?”

I could feel myself blushing, knowing I had been thoroughly caught out.

“I’m sorry, Megan. I know I shouldn’t stare…It’s…just. Well, you know.”

My stammering just made things worse and I felt like a fool.

“Nate. Nate, look at me.”

I looked up from the crumbs of my sandwich.

“Nate, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. You are allowed to look you know. There is nothing wrong with looking at something you like. In fact, I find it flattering you would want to look at an older woman like me.”

“Yeah right. I’m just being a pervert. I’m sorry.”

“Oi! Nate, you listen to me now okay.”

Megan had become quite serious and I nodded mostly because I was afraid not to.

“If a girl is showing you something it’s because she wants you to see. It’s not like you are spying through Gaziantep Escort Bayan windows or watching someone in the shower without them knowing. You are not a pervert, that’s your mother’s bullshit. She is just trying to pass on her insecurities to you.”

Now from all of that, the main message I got was, “Your mother is nuts and I want you to look at my tits”. Could this week get any better? I mean sure I missed my mates and Naomi but damn this was quite an education I was getting.

After lunch, we continued to paint for a few more hours before Megan threw down her brush.

“That’s it, I’m done. I’m all hot and sweaty and I need a shower.”

I had to admit that I had had enough too. My arm was aching and I was tired and thirsty. I picked up Megan’s brush and took it to clean with my own. Megan joined me after putting the paint in the shed and we had it all cleaned up in a matter of minutes. Megan looked at me as though she had just had an idea and was thinking about it.

“Want to go out and have some fun tonight?”


I had no idea what that would be but who was I to knock back a night out with Megan? We went inside and the cool interior of the house was a welcome relief. Megan went straight through to her room and moments later I heard the shower running.

I went into my own room and after stripping down to my jocks I tried to work out what I would wear. I knew it wouldn’t be anywhere flashy, which was good because I didn’t have any; besides pretentious and formal is just not her style. In the end, I decided on a button-up shirt a pair of clean jeans. I heard the water go off in the shower so I got my things together for a shower and waited.

I was just waiting for her to tell me the bathroom was free, so when she asked me a question it took me by surprise.


“Uh, yeah?”

“Could you come to my room please?”

“Oh okay.”

I walked into the bathroom and placed my stuff together in a pile. I considered briefly putting my shorts back on but a small amount of bravado told me not to. I tentatively opened the door to Megan’s room and saw her standing there wrapped in a towel. Her skin still damp and red from the heat of the shower. I stood there looking at her freshly scrubbed skin and had an almost overwhelming desire to kiss every bare bit of skin I could see and then explore what I couldn’t see.

“Is everything okay, Megan?”

“Yeah, just all this painting has made the muscles in my back and shoulders very tense. Do you think you could give them a bit of a massage for me?”

Only a fool would say no but I found myself nervous nonetheless.

“I’ve never done this before but I’ll give it a go if you want me to.”

She handed me a bottle of lavender-scented massage oil then lowered the towel so that it was just around her waist. I couldn’t believe she was totally topless in front of me. All the bravado I had felt a moment ago disappeared and suddenly I was a nervous teenager again, staring at my first real pair of tits with a tent in my pants and a quaver in my voice. Megan smiled a sultry smile that made my cock throb.

“Come on, Nate, it’s not like you couldn’t see them through my bra before.”

“I know but, but, but this is different.”

“It’s not that different.”

“It is for me.”

She reached forwards and took both my hands in hers. She lifted them up and placed them directly on her breasts and smiled at me. As the initial shock wore off and instinct took over I began to knead them, marvelling at how they were both firm and soft at the same time. I could feel her nipples hardening beneath my palms and I loved the way her flesh was so warm and inviting.

“Mmmm now that’s different to just looking at them isn’t it, Nate? Mmmm yeah just like that.”

I had begun running just the tips of my thumbs gently around her nipples as I squeezed and admired her breasts. I found my head, quite of its own volition, moving closer and closer to Megan’s breasts. I was practically salivating, I wanted to taste her skin and suck on those nipples so much. I was about to remove my hands so I could get my face in there when Megan took hold of my wrists.

“Okay, Nate, stop…stop, it’s time to stop now.”

It took all of the self-control I had to release her and not to begin kissing her naked body. Her nipples were quite a bit harder and stood out further than they did earlier. My cock was so hard it was beginning to hurt. Megan stepped back from me and I noticed she was blushing from her forehead to halfway down her chest.

“Well that was very nice but perhaps you should give my back a rub now that you have done the front.”

She lay down on the bed and I watched as her breasts were squashed into the mattress. I opened the bottle of oil with shaky hands and poured a small amount into the dip in her lower back. I reached out and began coating her back with the oil. Megan directed me and I began giving her, what I thought was a reasonable back rub. Feeling her warm, slippery Escort Gaziantep flesh beneath my fingertips was as erotic as any other experience I had ever had. When she moaned in pleasure it did something to me. I could feel it through her skin like a kitten purring. It vibrated through my own skin and ears and poured into me like an elixir that sent any and all spare blood straight to my cock. I was so hard it hurt, trapping my cock in the confines of my underwear. I was leaning across her body trying to apply pressure to her shoulder but the angle wasn’t great.

“You know that would work better if you would straddle my legs.”

“Oh um is that going to be okay?”

“Of course it is, the towel is covering my bum isn’t it?”

She lifted her head up and glanced back, exposing her breasts again. I was blushing like mad as her face was level with my throbbing cock and there was no way she didn’t notice. She smiled but didn’t say anything, then wriggled a little further across into the middle of the bed.

“Come on, on you get.”

I stood up on the bed, careful to place my feet on either side of her hips. I knelt down trying to keep contact to a minimum and making sure the towel remained between us. I looked down and noticed a large wet patch of pre-cum had formed on the front of my jocks. On top of that, the angle I had to keep my legs on caused my underwear to pull tighter across my belly but had created a large gap in the leg holes. At this point, everything was still covered but it was precarious at best.

“You can put more pressure on me, I don’t mind and you aren’t heavy.”

I settled my weight a bit more on her and felt the soft flesh of her ass beneath me. It was almost as though her ass was cradling my balls. I leaned forward and began rubbing more oil into her already slippery skin. Once again she moaned and it was such an erotic sound, there was no doubt at all that she was enjoying this. I worked on her shoulders for a while until she told me she wanted something


“Go lower, do my whole back please.”

I began working my way down her back and every time I had been in one place for more than a minute she said the same thing.


Eventually, I had to scoot my hips a little lower to give my hands room to move on her lower back. As I moved back two things happened. My jocks, gripping on the material of the towel moved completely away from my leg and that allowed my cock to pop all the way out. The other thing that happened was the towel slid down, revealing her beautiful fleshy ass to me. If she noticed though she didn’t say anything. I massaged further and further down, the whole time waiting for her to say that’s far enough but all she did was moan in pleasure. By the time I was full massaging her ass, she was also gyrating her hips. The towel had slipped pretty much all the way off her ass now and was bunched at the bottom of her cheeks. I knew that if I could move it I would have a perfect view of her pussy and ass but there was no way I could move it without being very obvious.

I was trying to remain calm and steady as I massaged her ass but I was so distracted by her obvious pleasure, the gyrating of her ass and the most divine smell that had joined the smell of the lavender oil that I was losing concentration.

“Oh, Nate, that feels so good but I want you to do my shoulders again.”

I attempted to pour a little oil into my hands but because I was shaking so much I spilled some on her ass. I watched as it trickled down between her cheeks. I contemplated trying to wipe it up with my fingers but I was sure she wouldn’t be happy with that. My cock lurched as I thought about it. Instead, I reached up to Megan’s shoulders and upper arms. Because I had moved down earlier it meant that it was further to reach up to her shoulders this time. Before it really had a chance to register in my mind what was happening my bare cock came into contact with Megan’s ass, then thanks to the oil, slipped neatly between her cheeks.

The sensation was incredible and unfortunately caused me to lose control of myself. I instinctively thrust forward. My cock slid up the length of her ass crack causing us both to moan in delight.

“Oh fuck yes, Nate.”

Not that I needed any encouragement at this point but her moan of pleasure triggered something primal deep inside me. I thrust again and again, my hands on Megan’s shoulders for support were pinning her down. She was tilting her hips up and applying extra pressure against my cock as I thrust like a maniac. Within seconds I was gone, off onto planet bliss as I came with a force I had never felt before. Cum launched up from between her ass cheeks and landed between her shoulder blades. Squirt after squirt of cum landed on her back, coating her, bathing her in my cum. Megan had managed to get one arm under her body and was making very wet sounds as her fingers worked her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes. Cover me with your cum, oh god I’m going to cum toooooooo.”

Her entire body became rigid then began to shake. Her ass was squeezing my still twitching cock, draining the last few drops of cum between her cheeks. She started twitching herself then became rigid again and started making a sound that was almost a cry of pain. She then let out a long sigh and she seemed to almost deflate beneath me.

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