Aunt Jo’s Dirty Secret Ch. 01


Jack was in his second year at University, he was studying law and was getting good results. He was spending his summer holidays working in his aunt Jo’s hotel, It was Jack’s mother’s hotel too. They had inherited it when Jack’s grandfather died. Aunt Jo and her sister Sal, Jack’s mother were both doctors, Sal had her own Clinic, but Jo worked in it two days of the week although Jo ran the hotel business. Jo had never married, she was a typical spinster. Jo, like Sal, were tall and had curvy bodies though Sal wore more risqué clothes, Jo was more twinsets, skirts and pearls.

Since Jack was ten, he had worked in the hotel during his school holidays. He enjoyed it and knew the business inside out. Aunt Jo was very religious, she was at the church every day, when Jack was younger, she expected Jack to attend with her. Jack hated this, he didn’t mind going on a Sunday, but every day was not for him. He had spoken with his mother about, and she had told him that maybe because she was single, that was what made Aunt Jo so religious.

Jack had asked his mum if she ever had a boyfriend, she told him that at University, she socialised a lot and went to lots of dances but didn’t have a steady boyfriend. After she had qualified, she had a boyfriend who was older than her, and this lasted for a year, but his mum had never met him, and she thought that maybe he could have been married.

Now there was an understanding between Jack and his Aunt Jo. He would go with her to mass on a Sunday, but that was him for the week.

Jack was an excellent rugby player, he was tall and robust. He played in the First University Team. The season was now finished, but there was a seven a side tournament left which Jack was chosen to play in. There was seven on a side, and they played two halves of seven minutes. Jack got injured in the third round when an opponent head collided with Jack’s cock and balls. He had been wearing a Jockstrap which had given him some protection, but it was very sore.

He showered then made his way home. He phoned his Aunt Jo as his mother was on a Cruise holiday with her friend May, they were gone for two weeks, and Jack had no word from his mum, she had been away already for six days. He said, “Aunt Jo, I got injured today, the doctor said that I just needed rest and it would heal by itself, should I go into the hospital on the way home to get checked out?”

Aunt Jo replied, “How were you injured, where is your pain, how sore is it?”

“A guy tackled me, his head hit my penis and testicles, it feels very sore, they put ice on it, and that took a bit of the swelling out of it, but it’s still sore.”

“Jack, are your thigh muscles in your groin area sore as well when you stretch your legs?”

“I can drive, and it feels ok, after it happened, I had to be carried off the pitch as I couldn’t walk.”

Aunt Jo said, “Jack, I’ve a consulting room at home, you come home, and I’ll check you out, don’t be embarrassed, think of me as your doctor not as your aunt. I can imagine that would have been very sore, but I need to check you out. When will you be home?”

“Thanks, Aunt Jo, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Jack arrived at Aunt Jo’s, she was taking it seriously, Aunt Jo was a Urologist, she had a female examination chair which she asked Jack to strip then sit on the chair. Jack sat on the chair, he was still wearing bursa eskort a Ralph Lauren Jockstrap which gave him some support. Jack was now getting embarrassed, the Jockstrap was a tight-fitting one, Jack’s cock was flaccid but still looked massive, the guys in his team had said that Jack’s cock flaccid was more significant than most guys with a hadron. Aunt Jo said, “Jack, think of me as Dr Jo, you must remove your Jockstrap, it looks so cute, I didn’t know Ralph Lauren did Jockstraps.”

As Jack removed his Jockstrap, Aunt Jo put on a pair of surgical gloves, she said as her eyes focused on Jack’s massive cock, “Jack, I want you to relax, I need to give you a thorough examination if you feel any pain or discomfort then tell me immediately. I must check your cock and balls, but first I must check your groin. I’ll put my hand on your knee then I want you to squeeze your knees together against my hand. Squeeze as tight as you can but as soon as you feel pain stop immediately.”

Jack took his legs out of the leg supports and squeezed against Aunt Jo’s hand, he had no pain, he squeezed her hand very tightly for a couple of minutes, Aunt Jo said, “Your groin is good, your thighs are so powerful, I’m happy about that. I’ll check your cock and balls now, I want you to relax, if you want you can close your eyes as this can take a while, and I must be thorough.”

Jack kept his eyes open as Aunt Jo started her examination. She cupped his left ball and started to gently squeeze it, she covered every part of his left ball then did his right ball, Aunt Jo said, “I can feel nothing untoward, your balls are heavy and full of semen when was the last time you had an orgasm?”

“This morning.”

Aunt Jo said, “You’re very healthy. Jack, would you mind if I took off my surgical gloves when I examine your cock, the gloves are cold, and I would like to see how your cock reacts to the warmth of a hand.”

“Aunt Jo, I’m so impressed with what you’re doing, I’ve felt no pain at all, you’ve a gorgeous, gentle touch.”

Aunt Jo looked at Jack in the eye then said, “Thanks Jack, you’re the first man in my life to tell me that, if everything goes well then I’ll be a little firmer at the end of the examination. Don’t worry if you have an erection if that happens and it’s painful to tell me then I will stop immediately.”

Aunt Jo then put her warm hand against Jack’s cock, he was still flaccid, there was an inch of a gap between her thumb and her middle finger. She was gently squeezing and arousing Jack’s cock. Two minutes later Jack was erect, Aunt Jo now had a three inch gap between her thumb and middle finger, Jack could see from Aunt Jo’s eyes that she was impressed, Jack was rock hard, Aunt Jo had touched every part of his massive cock, she was now to all intents and purposes giving her nephew a hand job. A little precum appeared on the slit of Jack’s bulbous head. Aunt Jo took her index finger and took all of the precum on her fingertip, she licked her finger clean then said, “Jack, your precum is very sweet, I now want to make you cum to make sure everything is ok, I can give you a hand job or a blow job, whatever you want. I can also take my clothes off if you want to play with me as I do it to you, I want to give you so much pleasure.”

Jack then tongue kissed his aunt, it was a long tender and affectionate kiss, which lasted bursa escort bayan several minutes. It was the most sensuous kiss that Jack had ever had in his life, it was so pleasurable and passionate, Jack looked his Aunt Jo straight in the eye then said, “I love how you kiss, that was the nicest kiss I have ever had in my life.”

Aunt Jo then kissed Jack again, it was an incredible kiss which lasted several minutes, Aunt Jo’s tongue was buried in Jack’s mouth then Aunt Jo said, “I love to kiss and cuddle.”

Jack was surprised when Aunt Jo said this, Jack now thought there was a lot more to Aunt Jo than her attendance at church. Jack asked, “Aunt Jo, can I undress you, I want to touch your body when you are playing with my cock?”

Aunt Jo said, “No problem, I’ll strip for you but let’s go to my bedroom, we’ll be more comfortable there.”

Aunt Jo led Jack into her bedroom where she stripped naked, she had an incredible body, her curves were amazing, her tits were huge and didn’t sag. Her vulva was hairless, she had a long sex slit. Aunt Jo lay Jack on her bed then she went down on his massive cock, her tongue teasing the bulbous head of his erect cock, her touch was so gentle, Aunt Jo said, “I love your cock Jack, I’ve never had one so big, my cunt is dripping thinking about it. I want to take all of him in my mouth, but that might take some time.”

Jack slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy, Aunt Jo grunted with pleasure as she started to ride the two fingers Jack had inside her, Aunt Jo screamed, “That’s so fucking good, you’re going to make me cum!”

Jack was loving how Aunt Jo was sucking his cock, he then spread her legs wide open, then positioned himself so that he could go down on her, he was amazed at the size of Aunt Jo’s clitoris, it was huge, it was like a little cock, he started to suck her clit as he finger fucked her, Aunt Jo continued to suck Jack’s cock, she was now taking his full length, he could feel the head of his cock hitting the walls of Aunt Jo’s throat.

Then Aunt Jo said, “Don’t stop Jack, that’s wonderful, I’m going to cum, you’re the first man to go down on my cunt, darling, I’m cuming!!”

Jack kept sucking her clit as he felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth, it tasted so sweet, Aunt Jo was riding Jack’s mouth as Jack was lapping Aunt Jo’s very wet cunt, Aunt Jo then composed herself and said, “Jack, thank you I loved that, I’ve never cum in a man’s mouth before, was it good for you? I’d love you to do that again for me, but now I want you to love me, I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me. Jack, I love sex, but I want to be loved. I’ve done everything, I love being dirty, you can do anything you want with me, I love it in every hole. Let’s make love, I’ll tell you more about myself over dinner tonight, we can go to the Italian restaurant then we both can have the night off from the hotel.”

Jack replied, “I loved it, Aunt Jo, your cum tastes so sweet, I swallowed a lot, but I’ve still some of your cum in my mouth, let’s kiss then you can taste it.”

They kissed and Aunt Jo’s tongue was licking inside Jack’s mouth, the kiss was long and affectionate then Aunt Jo said, “That was so nice of you Jack, I’ve tasted my cum once before, a guy wanted me to play with my pussy and cum on my fingers then I’d to lick my fingers clean, I prefer görükle escort the way that we have done it.”

Jack asked, “Who was the guy that made you do that?”

“I’ll tell you later, I’ve done a lot of dirty things, but I’ve always enjoyed what I have done, I have the feeling with you that it’s going to be very special, let’s make love.”

Their lovemaking was beautiful, they both were giving the other pleasure, they were both so intimate in their kissing and touching. Jack took Aunt Jo in the missionary position, he started slowly gradually building his tempo up, Aunt Jo was terrific, she was gripping Jack’s cock at the base and head of each thrust, she had powerful cunt muscles. For forty minutes, Jack pounded into his aunt then they both climaxed within seconds of each other then they kissed passionately with Aunt Jo holding Jack’s cock inside her cunt with her strong cunt muscles. Aunt Jo said, “That was good, you made love to me, to be honest with you that’s the first time in my life that that’s happened, I’ve been fucked so many times but this is the first time that I’ve felt that the person I have been with has cared about me and how I have felt, thanks, Jack, you and I will do a lot of special things together.”

Jack asked, “Aunt Jo, who were the guys that you were seeing?”

Aunt Jo was still holding Jack’s cock inside her, she quietly said, “Jack, I lost my virginity at twenty when I was at University, my lover was my Professor, he was married and I was his plaything. He taught me so much, and I loved it. We were having sex twice a day, it was hot sex. I didn’t realise it but Sal, who’s two years older than me had an affair with him as well. One night, I was staying over with him, he got very drunk and told me that I was very similar to Val, we both enjoyed dirty sex. We both had huge clits, he could give me body shaking orgasms by stimulating my clit with his fingers, he told me Val was the same.”

“Val and I are very similar, we both have very sensitive tits, we can both cum when our tits are sucked. We both love it doggy style in both our holes. I was amazed when he told me this as Val and I have never discussed sex in our lives. He then got promoted to the Senior Professor in a University Hospital. I never saw him again, I then started going to church. Soon a priest was taking an interest in me. One thing led to another, and soon we were having sex. I graduated and was working in a Clinic, I was still staying at home, Val had got married and you were on the way, I was so happy for Val, I had the feeling that I would never have children, so I got myself sterilised as I was now seeing a lot of priests, I was the plaything for over twenty priests. I would have three and four at a time and be gang-banged, I loved it, one in my ass, one in my cunt, one in my mouth and another giving me a titty fuck.”

“The priests started to get older, a few younger priests appeared then things changed, I had to treat myself for STDs, I got pubic lice, that’s why my pussy is now hairless, this all happened four years ago. Then your father died, that was a big shock for your mum and myself. Then my father died, and I had to manage the hotel. That’s when I called it a day. You’re the first man in over four years to have me. I must tell you that I have a girlfriend, she was a nun in a teaching order, she was a wonderful Maths teacher, she was doing the same things with the priests that I was. Then her convent was sold, she was the only nun left. Her parents were wealthy, she left her order and got a senior teaching in a local authority school, I see her for sex every month. Jack, I feel so good with you, we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

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