Aunt Carla Ch. 07

Public Sex

This is part of a short story, if you haven’t read the previous chapters, I would encourage you to start with chapter 1 and read them all in order.

Ch 07

I drove back over to Stacy’s like she had commanded. When I got there I rang the bell. About 2 seconds later my cell phone rang, it was my aunt telling me to just come in the back door, and come to the bedroom. My heart started racing, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was living in a porn movie. There was Stacy and my aunt lying in bed. My aunt still had her boots on, and Stacy had on her pumps and stockings, but they were both naked otherwise.

I turned around and said “I’m sorry.” and started to leave.

“Franky, get your ass back here.” my aunt shouted.

I slowly turned around. This was so weird, seeing my aunt naked, in bed with another woman.

“Get your clothes off perv!” Stacy said. “You think your going to get to stand there and look at us, we want some fun too.”

I stripped down, completely naked, only the chastity device showing.

“Now, grab the video camera off of the dresser for me perv.” Stacy commanded.

I was nervous as hell with my aunt in the room, I had no idea what they were up to.

“Did she want you to fuck her tonight Franky?” my aunt asked referring to Amy.

I told her I might have had a chance if we weren’t worried about her roommate coming home, that and the fact that this damn thing on my cock was in the way.

My aunt laughed and Stacy glared.

“Get over here, turn around, and grab your ankles.” Stacy commanded.

I Kars Escort hesitated.

“NOW! If you know what’s good for you, you perv!” Stacy shouted.

My aunt laughed, “You better do it Franky, you don’t want to piss her off.”

“Sorry Mistress.” I said as I ran over to her side of the bed bending down and grabbing my ankles as she instructed.

She reached under the bed, and pulled out a ridding crop, without me knowing it. She brought it down hard on my ass.

I screamed out “OUCH!”

“You better thank her Franky.” my aunt said.

“Thank you Mistress!” I quickly said.

Whap! She brought down the crop on my other ass cheek. I hollered out in pain again, but this time automatically said Thank you Mistress. Stacy asked my aunt if she wanted to give me a few whacks.

My aunt replied, “Of course, I’d love to spank my Franky.” Wham, she hit me hard.

“Thank you Mistress!” I automatically yelled out without thinking. “I’m sorry, is it ok if I call you Mistress?” I said.

“MMM, I don’t know, what do you think Stacy, can we have him call us both Mistress?

“Why don’t we have him just call you Aunty, or Mistress Aunty?” Stacy replied.

“I like just aunty, is sounds so dirty in this context” My aunt replied with a smirk on her face. Whap, the crop came down on my ass really hard this time.

“Thank you Aunty!” I automatically replied.

“Good job perv, I’d knew you’d learn quickly” my aunt said.

“Now, lets get to why we really wanted you here.” Stacy said.

“Were going to Kars Escort Bayan show you how to properly satisfy a woman, so that when you do get your opportunity with Amy, you’ll make here so happy she’ll never want to leave you.” my aunt said.

I didn’t know what this meant, were they expecting me to fuck them, I wasn’t sure. I looked down at my chastity device.

“Oh no perv, you’re not going to need that yet. All you need is your tongue and a few fingers.” Stacy said. “Now, I’m going to show you how it’s done on your aunt, and we want you to tape it for us”

“Oh look, his cock it trying to get hard.” said my aunt Carla, and she was right.

The thought of these two beautiful hot ladies going at it, and me getting to tape the whole thing, was driving me crazy.

“Start rolling tape perv.” Stacy said.

“Get lots of close-ups on my pussy Franky.” my aunt said. “We don’t want you to miss a thing.”

My aunt spread her legs and Stacy started licking away. I couldn’t believe it. I had seen tons of lesbian porn up till now, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. I taped Stacy as she quickly brought my aunt to a screaming, almost crying orgasm. They both laid there for a couple of minutes.

“Now, its your turn.” Stacy said to me. “Set the camera on top of the dresser pointed at the bed. Then get your tongue to work, It’s my turn to orgasm.”

I hesitated, not believing my ears.

She reached down and picked up the riding crop, “HURRY UP PERV” she shouted, “DON’T KEEP ME WAITING”.

I set the camera on the Escort Kars dresser like she instructed, then I laid down on the bed and put my head between her legs. The smell was overpowering. I went to work on her pussy. She instructed me what to do, hitting me with the crop when I wasn’t doing it the way she was instructing. It took me longer than it did for her on my Aunt, but eventually her instructions were working, and she grabbed me by my hair, it hurt like hell,

“Don’t you stop now you son-of-a-bitch!” she yelled, so I kept going, and pretty soon she started to shake and scream and she pulled my head into her pussy so hard I thought she was going to pull out clumps of hair.

“Good job Franky.” Stacy said. And she actually motioned me up and she held me in her arms.

“When is the chastity device going to come off Mistress?” I asked, afraid of being reprimanded. But she didn’t get mad at me.

She just looked me straight in the eye. “Don’t worry; it will come off when I think you are ready Franky.”

Then my aunt chimed in, “We want your first time to be special Franky, and we really like this girl Amy, so don’t worry, we’re not trying to sabotage you. Its easy for guys, they can get off if a girl just touches your cock with a single finger, but what you just learned tonight, most guys don’t learn till their much older. Boys your age are just worried about getting their thingy wet, but now you’ll know how to please Amy, and after she lets you get your stick wet and you cum in your condom, you’re not going to get up and leave. Your going to do to her what Stacy just taught you, and she’ll never want to leave you. Understood?”

“Yes aunty.” I said. “Thank you.” and I really meant it, I knew, that even though I was in pain from the chastity device, that what I had learned that night was invaluable.

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