Big Tits

AuditionWalking through Manchester one sunny day I cut through the back streets to an Adult store I visited regularly. I’d got to know the guy who worked there, Alan; he was happy to pass on the more hardcore uncensored stuff to me. I browsed the shop but I wasn’t buying, I explained to him that I was flat broke. He offered me a leaflet off the counter.”Try out for that,” he said: “they’re auditioning for a porn film. You tell them what you’re willing to do and they pay accordingly.”The audition was in three days’ time, which gave me some thinking space. I’d taken a few shots of myself in the past, but never even considered being in a film. The line “up to £1000 a day!!” kept nagging at me – if I could earn a quarter of that just for letting someone fuck me….I went. It was only an audition. I could see what it entailed and still have time to change my mind. Either way: for or against. The idea of a guy fucking me and me being paid for it suggested prostitution. The fact that it was for a film made it more legitimate….The office was on a reasonably reputable side street and expansive and impressive. There were half a dozen guys and a couple of girls waiting so I took a questionnaire from the receptionist and sat down to fill it in, just my basic details. After maybe half an hour, when a few of the people waiting had been called through, my name was called.A woman interviewed me. A relief as I’d half been expecting a casting couch. She was professional and impassive. She worked through a long list of various sexual acts which I was able to say yes or no to. I opted for the very basic – me, one guy, straight sex, any position he wanted. I agreed to mutual oral. She asked me what experience I had (very little) Cebeci Escort and if I’d ever been filmed before (definitely not). She asked me what my fantasies were, and when I hesitated she said sometimes it helped if the guy whispered my own fantasies while he was screwing me. “Anal,” I said, “I’ve done it a couple of times but not deep. Rough sex. And more than one guy.”She made some notes. She thanked me for my time and gestured towards the door as a tall man came in.”Is that it?” I asked.”Yes, you’ll be fine.” She nodded at my breasts: “Just what we’re looking for. Frank will take you for your screen test.”Screen test…. I’d thought the interview would’ve been the end of it and they’d contact me later, but I supposed a screen test made sense.Frank led me into a small room with a bed and four cameramen ringed round it. “Just sit on the bed for a minute,” he said, flipping through the paperwork the woman had given him. He left the room so I just sat there wondering what was going to happen next. To be honest the idea of being filmed maybe playing with myself was quite titillating.The door opened. I heard the whine of film cameras starting up. A stocky man came in, followed by two more big guys. They didn’t speak, just walked up to me and started pulling at my clothes.”What are you doing?” I shouted.”What you’ve always dreamed of,” smirked the stocky man as he pulled my t-shirt over my head.They stripped me, fast and rough. I was so stunned and overwhelmed that I could barely even fight back. I was suddenly naked, being hauled up onto the centre of the bed. Fingers pinched my nipples brutally and made me shout in pain. A cock pressed into Çıtır Escort my open mouth. Someone was pressing my legs apart and licking my pussy.I was trying to push them off. The mouth left my pussy and the guy came back and secured my wrists behind my back with cable-ties. He pushed a thick finger into my pussy.The second guy bent and started sucking my stiff nipples. I could feel his tongue flicking at them, his teeth nipping, his mouth sucking them agonisingly.”She’s getting wet, Phil,” said the guy probing my pussy.Phil sucked my nipple and bit at it. His other hand cupped my tit and squeezed.”Come on, bitch – ” panted the stocky guy, “swallow it – ” He pressed his cock deeper into my mouth so that I almost choked.”You coming already, Mike?” said Phil with a short laugh.”No,” said Mike, “I just want to feel it all the way down her fucking throat.”The third guy was stroking his tongue long and deep along my wet slit. With my hands tied behind my back I was writhing towards his mouth against my will. He pressed my thighs up and apart and licked my arse, shocking me. Then he moved forward and rammed his cock hard in my pussy. I grunted involuntarily.”She likes it,” said Mike, picking up a steady rhythm in my mouth, the head of his swollen cock grazing the back of my throat.”Move over, Steve,” said Phil, his fingers twisting at my sore nipples.Steve pulled out of my pussy and Phil took his place, raising my hips up and suddenly plunging his hot cock into my arse. I yelled this time, in alarm and in true pain. He broke his way through and then buried himself in my arse, plunging deeper and deeper. Hands slapped my tits and pinched my sensitive Demetevler Escort nipples.Mike pulled out of my mouth. “Turn her over,” he said.Tied and helpless I was manhandled over so that I was astride Mike, his hand feeding his cock into my soaking pussy. I pressed down and felt him enter me. Seve moved round and started fucking my mouth.I knew what was coming. There was nothing I could do to stop it.Phil pushed me so that I was bent over Mike while Mike was still ramming up into my pussy. I felt Phil’s stiff hard hot cock nudge its blunt head against my arse. I’d never had a cock all the way in my arse before, and they were going to try double penetration? I was actually fairly sure it wouldn’t happen. That it physically coouldn’t happen. My pussy and especially my arse were really tight….Phil pressed hard so that his cock suddenly entered through my sphincter. He followed up by hammering it immediately all the way up inside me. I could feel his balls slapping my arse cheeks, could feel the two guys’ cocks working independently in my two raw holes. Steve was gripping the back of my head and fucking my mouth as if it was my pussy. Fingers pulled on my nipples so hard that I felt my pussy almost gush. My clit was swollen.Three men. Part of me was aware of the cameras out there somewhere, filming the whole thing. A palm slapped ferociously against my buttocks. I was helpless between the three cocks battering in and out of me.”I’m going to come,” one of them grunted. They all pulled out. Phil took his cock out of my arse, moved round and made me suck it. He came in my mouth as I sucked his cock clean, and as one of the other two took his place in my raw arse, grinding deep into me. Then he too moved round to come in my mouth. The third guy, the stocky one, fucked my arse so hard that I came, over and over, while they called me a cheap dirty slut. Then he puled out while the orgasm was still racking through me. I turned my face up to him and opened my mouth. He came all over my face.”Up to £1000 a day!!””And that had just been the first hour…..

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