Atlanta Underground Ch. 05


“You heard your son, little sister! Climb on in! Watch your most wonderful lover ‘deflower’ my ‘rosebud’…

“Sorry, sis. I’ve got to get ready for my presentation… It’s in an hour. And Bobby: I want you to back your penis out of your aunt’s ass very carefully and go wash it off! Let’s don’t take any chances and get germs in that sweet pussy of hers. You may be making a baby and … Oh my… Where’s your pussy hair? You’re bald! Did Bobby do that? It looks delicious, so white, so baby butt smooth, and … Damn, I’m late.”

“Bobby shaved me last night while you were fucking my husband. How was he?”

“He kept talking about Bobby and what a fine young man he was. He fell asleep before he could get it up. And this morning, I left the house before he woke up. I didn’t get much sleep thinking about you two. I wasn’t jealous. It was more like wanting to be with you and making love over and over to my son and my sister.”

“I missed you, too, sis. Oh, your husband called last night. Bobby was really funny! He pretended that you were taking a shower. He said that ‘Felix was the center of attention’ and that made him ‘rise to the occasion’ or something like that. Oh, and ‘Felix just gushed’ and that you and I were very friendly. Isn’t that a hoot?”

“Did he catch on?”

“Not at all. Bobby told him that the meeting was rescheduled for Friday morning and that you two wouldn’t be driving home until the afternoon. Bobby seems to be worried that his father might disown you two if he catches on to your affair.”

“Bobby will figure something out. It’s going to be hard to fool his father if I start showing. I’m sure there’s something that Bobby can do, isn’t there, baby? Or should I say, baby maker?”

“I’ll work on it while you’re at your meeting.”

“Oh, Bobby, as soon as I leave you’re going to start working on Helen and maybe, just maybe, if she leaves you with any ‘inspiration’ you might work something out.”

Aunt Helen said, “You’d better go, görükle escort bayan sis. We don’t want you to be late, do we?”

“You mean, ‘You’d better go’ so Bobby and I can get it on! That’s okay though, you can fuck him while we’re in town because I’m going to fuck him ’til the day we die!”


“Are you all cleany clean, Bobby?”

“Better check it out, Aunt Helen.”

“It looks so good. I love to lick it. It’s so hard… and long. Can I suck it? Just a little bit?”

“Be my guest. … That feels good. Aunt Helen, why does it feel so good making love to Mom and you? Shouldn’t I be ashamed or guilty or funny about having sex with family members?”

“mmm I can’t explain it either but I think it’s like familiarity and availability. When I was a teenager, my father gave me a box of chocolate covered cherries. My mother told me that I couldn’t have any until Lent was over — Easter Sunday. I unwrapped them and looked at them every night. Then I got to rubbing each of the pieces and sucking my fingers every night. And then the juice started getting on my finger tips and I licked that off. Needless to say, by Easter, I had eaten every one. And I didn’t feel that I had done anything wrong. How can one love chocolate and not taste it?”

“I’m beginning to see what you mean. Last summer, when you and Catherine came to Memphis for Connie’s eighteenth birthday, I started noticing that Catherine’s breasts were as large as yours and it was all I could do not to touch them. I checked out Connie’s too, but yours, Mom’s and Catherine’s had me fantasizing for weeks… I still do. And the more I’m around Connie, the better she looks. I wonder if she would like to have sex with me.”

“Bobby, this talk of your cousin and sister has you leaking all over the place. I think we’d better make love. Please make soft, cuddly love to me. And when you feel the first surge of orgasm, call me ‘Connie’ — I’d like that.”

“I’m going to call altıparmak eskort you Helen. This is going to be a warm, tingly fuck. My cock is hard but you are soft like butter. I can feel your syrupy love surrounding me. You are so warm. I would love to pump you like this for hours. Your hairless little pussy is smooth. If I back out almost all the way and slowly push in as far as I can go, it’s as if our bodies were communicating without words. If I think of you as a mother and an aunt and a wife, chills tingle up my arms and down the back of my legs and back into the center of our world — just where we are connected. I love the way your pussy throbs…”

“It’s throbbing because you have made me cum with your talking…”

“I’m going to cum at the same time…”


“Hi, Mom! It’s so good to be with you. I need this hug. And a kiss.”

… “You kiss better than anyone else, Bobby. How long has Helen been gone?”

“About two hours… She and I talked a little about incest and all of us.”

“All I know is that I’m in love with you and I don’t care what happens as long as you and I are together making love.”

“I think I’ve figured out a way that father won’t throw us out if and when he finds us out.”

“Let me change into something casual while you tell me.”

“How does this sound? If father does threaten to disown us, we’ll tell everybody about his porno web site!”

“Your father doesn’t have a porno web site, does he?”

“Not yet. But, if you let me have your lap top, I could build him one.”

“How could you do that?”

“First, I’d buy a URL for him and then get a host and then build him a site with pictures of naked women.”

“What would the URL be?”

“Well, Mom, you can help by telling me something that he really likes or brings up or even argues about… Something that smacks of dad.”

“The only thing I can think of … Remember that big to do about nilüfer escort the Dixie Chicks in London? Your father went on and on about that. He must have talked everyone’s ear off.”

“How about ‘Dixxxie-Chixxx’ dot com? And the password could be natalie…”

“That’s clever, lover. But, can’t they find out that you did it?”

“I thought that I’d use your lab top to call my computer at home and tell it to find and buy a URL. There’s a program called GoToMyPC or something like that. That way the IP address that would be on the purchase record would be for my home computer and since I’m in Atlanta and Dad is in Memphis, it would be assumed that he did it! We’d use one of his charge cards, too. And the URL would sound like something that he’d pick…”

“What about the web host?”

“There are plenty. ABCHost or something takes porno sites.”

“This makes me feel so wicked.”

“Wicked? Why are you smiling?”

“Because my lover is the smartest man in the world and I am here in a hotel room with him and I want to make love! That’s why I’m smiling… And the fact is that I feel wicked because I just love to fuck my son, too!”

“Kiss me again, Mom. Let me undress you. It seems a shame. You just changed. Your breasts are so firm. Do you want me to suck your nipples like this? or do you like me to bite them? harder? And I love the feel of your hiney… If I massage your backside and nurse on your nipples at the same time, does that feel good? Kissing your neck and your eyes and your lips… We’d better get into bed before…”

“Shut up and make love to me, my big man… Be sure to cum deep inside of me. Can you see me smiling?”


“Bobby! Wake up! I have an idea!”


“Let’s make your father’s web site more than just a porno site… Let’s make it an incest site!”

“Okay… But, how’s that …?”

“We’ll get lots of pictures of your SISTER posing nude and masturbating and …”

“How do we do that, Mom?”

“I’ll seduce her and you take the pictures! You can have pictures of your sister going down on a female — her mother — me! Now that’s something your father wouldn’t want to get around!”

“And maybe a photo of her with my cock in her mouth…”

“And her brother’s cum all over her face!”

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